Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Recent Finds & Happy 4th !!!

My recent finds were Christmas ones along with the sweet rose light fixture which I plan on hanging somewhere in my home. Do you think I should paint the roses...would white be okay. I do like the red, but think another color would be better in my home.

 Deers were everywhere! LOL!!! Cute Santa too!

I don't have many things to decorate for the 4th with and made this wreath when the girls were here to craft. This will work.I could also get out my red vintage truck...hmm...maybe I'll dig around and see what I find! LOL!

Looks like I'm going to stock car races on the 4th with my daughter, SIL & grand girl. So far, hubby doesn't want to go along...

HAPPY 4th Of JULY!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Gaga Over Kitchen Glasses & Gift

I am just "gaga" over vintage kitchen drinking glasses. I found some new ones yesterday. They are the ones with the red, yellow and aqua/green on them with flowers in a basket! Do you see my lemonade glasses...perfect with ice cold lemonade in them :)  

 This is inside the entire cabinet where my everyday plates are and my growing glass collection.  It is the little things that can put the biggest smile on my face :)

Which leads perfectly into some "love mail" from my friend, Debbie Kay! I also have a collection of themed kitchen towels...so now I have some for the 4th. Magazines to look over. I already saw a couple of recipes that I want to make. Debbie also knows that I make cards and sent me these packets of cards to make.
THANK YOU, Debbie! You are a sweetie who is always thinking of others!!XO

Tomorrow is my duty day. Tuesday my Grandgirl and I are going to see the movie "Inside Out" It is the FIRST movie that I am taking her to. When she was little, she seemed afraid of going to movies. Too loud she told me as one of her parents took her when she was little...anyway...I am so looking forward to time with her!! (Blessing!)

The garage sale was poor... under $200,oh well! There is always September!!!

The kids are coming over tonight for "dads" day.  My kids are from my first marriage. However, they feel that hubby is more of a dad to them. (Blessing!) He has been the one that is there for them!!!  Ribs on the grill, coleslaw and homemade honey cornbread muffins, that I just made this afternoon with banana cream pie...hubby's favorite! We are even going to eat outside on the picnic table.

I read this today: "Choose JOY"!!


Sunday, June 14, 2015

Recent Finds & Garage Sale~Part 2

 This is the cake I made for Mom's birthday. Angle food cake, whip cream, fresh strawberries and a drizzle or 2 of chocolate...YUM!!!

 Recent finds...baby ben clocks always sell, even it they don't work! The round license my stay at my house! I'm SO bad about keeping things...

 SO, here I go again with round TWO of the garage sale. I even went through SOME of my crafting papers!

I have my duty day tomorrow and then back to loading up the garage with more treasures! This is only MY garage. Hubby's had a TWO CAR garage and it will be LOADED TOO!! We are hoping for great weather and Many sales!!!

My bluebirds left the nest and I saw one of them take off! It was so sweet to watch and today while watering the flowers, a hummingbird decided to drink right there in front of me! That was AMAZING to watch! It sat on the feeder and drank away! I'm calling that my Blessing/Gift for the day. Each day I write down something in my journal to be thankful for or a blessing! Thanks, God!!!

I hope your week has Many Blessings/Gifts and there is Always, Always, Something to be Thankful for!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Garden Flowers & Bluebird Babies

 My peonies are blooming :)   Not very many flowers this year  :(  however, I'm happy with the ones that are blooming.

 I also love my vintage iris with the deep purple and the heavenly smell!!! I had many blooms from them this year!

 Put "faux" flowers in the bike basket...LOL....and pay NO attention to all the weeds! Maybe I'll get to the weeds this week...trying to see if we can do the garage sale this Thursday..however RAIN is in the forecast!

Look at my babies...they have their eyes open. I took this photo yesterday! I SO WANT TO HOLD ONE!!! They are still as can be when we peek at them.

Went to a couple good estate sales and will show & tell soon. One of them was an antique person who died with a house & garage full. It was a  part 2 sale!  This month is going by quickly. Grandgirl had a fast pitch tourney this weekend. Games are on Mon & Wed evenings...SLOW down summer...I want to enjoy you!

I am so happy that the Internet is working! I realized I spend A LOT of time on it...maybe too much??!!

Update on sister...she is doing 2 weeks of chemo pills and after that she will see when she can schedule surgery to "reconnect". After that surgery there will be a little more chemo. I feel that is a lot of chemo...I know, not the doctor!!!

Jeanne is home and I plan on going to her home on Friday to be with her. She shouldn't be alone for now. She still has double vision, prayers appreciated. Thank you!

That all for now!

Thursday, June 4, 2015


STILL without an internet connection. At a local coffee shop to use their free WI FI and THANKFUL for that. Confession: I didn't realize that I Depend On the Internet!!!

"They" will be out on Sunday! UGH!!! It was raining on Wednesday when they were here. We guess that "they" didn't want to put a new internet line up in the rain. HOPE it doesn't rain on Sunday!

OKAY...I hope to have a new and exciting post after the weekend! Having Mom and family over on Sunday for Mom's birthday. Doing a BBQ and may have 14 to feed! Guess I should clean the house and shop for groceries!


Friday, May 29, 2015

Baby Bluebirds :) & Recent Finds

 Awww...5 tiny bluebird babies...kind of ugly right now...the mom & dad are busy bringing them little green inch worms to eat. We "look" when the parents are away from the nest box.

 While we on our day trip last week, there was a scrapbook store next to an antique mall...so I bought a few pieces of paper. I LOVE PAPER!!! The dog paper will be fun to use. PRETTY paper also calls to me!

 Recent finds between the day trip and flea market last weekend.

 More paper goodies, Lu Ray plates and little finds.

Wooden bluebirds and a sweet doggie planter...

We had our garage sale yesterday and it wasn't very good. Just over 300.00...last year it was over 1,000.00
WHAT HAPPENED! Well, we had it along with the city wide garage sales, not a good idea and last year it was before Memorial day! NOTE TO SELF for next year!!!

Tomorrow and Sunday I'll be helping at the estate sale. I hope that is successful for the family.

My yard is overgrown with weeds and the grass to tall. Anyone up for yard work next week???

My computer is acting up..so I'm going to post before I lose the post! Enjoy the weekend.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Hubby Surprised Me !

 Our 25th Wedding anniversary was this week....25 Years!!! Hubby surprised me by taking me to this B&B in Redwing!  It is called The Moondance Inn. Awww...It is a 100+ year old home and was so awesome inside...

 This is one end of the living room. I didn't want to bore you with many photos, just a few! LOL! We both love the old world charm...

 This is one side of the huge dinning room. We had breakfast here. 
 This was the room we had. They have 5 rooms to rent. The bed is so high off the ground that hubby had to help me...I could have used a step stool!!!

 When you walked into the room, this is what you see first! We did have our own bathroom too!

and hubby went the "extra" yard and had flowers, chocolates and wine in the room !! I am so blessed to have a wonderful hubby! Sure, some days aren't as "nice" or easy, but all in all, He is the One for Me!
Thank you best hubby ever!!!  Even thou he doesn't read my blog...he needs to know :)

We also went to a few antique stores and a scrapbook store. I'll show you my few finds soon!

I'm having a garage sale next week, hopefully, and I am also helping a friend with her upcoming estate sale which is next week too!!  Throw in a duty day on Tuesday and there is my week, next week

Have a great weekend!!