Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Tea Cup Swap Reveal

Stephanie from the Enchanting Rose had the annual Tea Cup swap and the lady that sent to me the pretty teacup above and below is MARTHA, from Martha's favorites

The teacup is so pretty and will be used at the spring tea at my church next month. Linens are always a favorite. She also sent a candle, teapot tin, rose plate to hold my treat, teabag holder and bookmark.  Martha has a blog Martha's favorites, and loves teacups. It is so nice to meet gals who enjoy the same things and make a new friend!

THANK YOU, Martha!

and THANK YOU , Sweet STEPHANIE for all the time & hard work you do to make this swap so awesome that over 200 gals joined in! XO


Sunday, April 9, 2017

New Looking for the Dining area

I painted the dining area and kitchen the same color of the living room & hallway. Light and bright all through the house.  I love my vintage pieces on the wall.

It's almost Easter, my favorite holiday. I will make ham, cheesy potatoes, veggie and strawberry shortcake for dessert. Eating dinner as daughter works until 6PM on Easter. Are you ready for Easter?


Sunday, April 2, 2017

Easter Mantel & a little more

Easter is coming and here is my Easter mantel. This year is super simple. I am going with less and enjoying it. I am doing the study that Bible Study Fellowship offers and it's on John this year. Thank you Jesus for dying on the cross for the sins of mankind, (me). It was a HORRIBLE death...

 I did put up my little old stuffed bunny collection. I found a couple more in my boxes after this photo.

Does anyone remember getting cottage cheese in these containers??? I DO!  I loved that as a kid. I have  purchases  these 4 over the years. Sweet memories!

My next post I will show you my dining area makeover.


Saturday, March 11, 2017

Handmade Easter Cards

Here are some of the Easter cards that I recently made.  I am slowly decorating for Easter. My mantel will be Easter-fied soon.

 I've  patched the walls in the dining room & kitchen. I was going to paint today, but that didn't happen. I'm waiting for more sunshine and warmer days.

I joined Stephanie's teacup swap. She had over 200 gals sign up! WOW~ !!! The swap is closed now.

Daylight savings starts tonight. I like having the sun up later, not a fan of losing the hour.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Starting Easter cards & Thank you

I was making Easter cards today. I'm getting an early start this time! Easter is my very favorite holiday and this year my birthday is a few days after Easter. I love that!

These cuties are from Paintin Patti. She is so thoughtful to send me some sweet Valentine luv. I am behind in THANKING her! THANK YOU, Patti!!!

I sure enjoyed the warm weather we had, now it's bad to winter.

I need an estate sale fix. Hubby works on Saturday, so we can't go first day to the sales.Lately there haven't been any GOOD sales, so I guess we aren't missing too many treasures!

Remember you can find me on instagram #debs_earthly_delights.  I still don't know how to get you there from here! LOL!

I will be painting my dining area and kitchen in March. I'm going to use the same color that I painted the living room. I will take photos of the before and after. It won't be for awhile as I haven't started painting.


Friday, February 10, 2017

Valentine Snail mail

I received Valentine snail mail from Sandy at 521 Lake Street. It is always a great day when someone sends a package with love and gifties. The felt heart is so sweet! Sandy made the glittered heart and the LOVE on the straw. I'm not sure if they have a name for that. THANK YOU, Sandy.

Sandy doesn't blog anymore. She does read blogs. We have been friends for a FEW years and met through blogging. She had been to my home for a visit. It's my plan to visit her within the next year or 2. She lives in AZ so, it will be a winter visit, at least from my end!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Valentine Mantel

Once again it's time to decorate the mantel for Valentine's Day. I have 4 sweet valentine planters, 2 old valentine card boxes and 3 vintage valentine candy boxes. I do have more candy boxes, however using these this time. I really need to get going on making my valentine cards.

Guess what, I am on instagram. It is FUN and easy! So, if you want to follow me, here is my  account name  @debsearthlydelights . Sorry, I don't know how to have you get there from my blog!

I will be posting LESS on my blog.  No pressure to follow me there.