Monday, November 28, 2016

Christmas Decor is Up

Vignette on the coffee table

Silver, white and shinny mantle this year.

The tree has the same theme going on. 

Santa corner...ho ho ho ....

The real Reason for the Season! The Birth of the Savior, Jesus!

The Christmas luncheon at church is this Saturday and I am setting 2 tables! I will take photos and share them later. All together there will be 18 tables decorated by different women. Almost 150 ladies coming. Lot's to do for the event as I am on the committee.  We are also having a candy bar. Just like last year and that is a hit with everyone!


Monday, November 21, 2016

More Bachman's Christmas Ideas House

Sweet sign that was in the kitchen.

Beautiful dining room table setting. Love the colors!

Fun bathroom ideas...

JOY my favorite word and love the "window" pieces  :)

Pretty bedroom.

I hope you found some ideas. More of the tour to come!


Sunday, November 13, 2016

Bachman's Christmas Ideas House

On Friday my Mom and I went to the Bachman Christmas Ideas house. This is some of the outside decorating.  I didn't take photos of everything.

Sweet mitten wreath on the shed door. Love it!

One of the outside window boxes already for the holidays. Love this too!

This is the porch into the house.  So many ideas!!! My-Oh-My!

I will show you more of the house in later posts.

On Tuesday, Erica and Tammy are coming over and we are having a Christmas Craft day! Hot glue gun, here we come! I will take photos of our creations!

Tonight is my TV night. 3 good shows on the public TV station.  The Durrell's of Corfu, Poldark and Indian Summer (which is okay) Not much on the regular TV and we don't have cable, dish or satellite
 etc... Is anyone else watching these shows?

Has anyone started decorating for Christmas?? I have seen some people have on instagram! Too early for this gal! I enjoying see how they are decorating for Christmas.


Sunday, November 6, 2016

Thanksgiving Mantle & Christmas at the Booth

Here is my simple Thanksgiving mantle...turkey plates & figurines. Easy-peasy! I am very Thankful for the many blessings that God gives to me and my family!

Last week I brought in a few things for Christmas! This is my booth at Antiques on Mainstreet in Hopkins, Mn.  I will be bringing more in until December.

I did  a little rearranging too. It's always a good idea to change/move your treasures around.

We turned the clocks back last night and now it is dark too early for me! I do like having the sun up when I get up...oh well. With the weather so wonderful, it doesn't feel like I need to think about the upcoming holidays.

I think we are having soup and pie for our Thanksgiving dinner.  I have done it a few years ago.  The "kids" have other homes to go to and eat a large meal, so having soup and pie is perfect!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Enchanting Rose Teacup Swap Reveal

The very sweet and lovely, Stephanie from the Enchanting Rose has a wonderful teacup swap. I received all these fun wrapped gifts from Susan.

Susan, who doesn't have a blog sent me this peony teacup. Peonies are my favorite flowers. It is s very pretty teacup!

Susan also sent along a few extras which I have enjoyed. Teas, the seasonal potholder, teabag,  sweet mini book and a calendar for next year! THANK YOU SO MUCH, SUSAN! You are a generous lady!

You can visit Stephanie's blog tomorrow for the Reveal. Stephanie is a blessing to so many bloggers. THANK YOU, Stephanie for putting together this twice a year swap. God Bless you! XO

Happy November! The weather in Minnesota is AWESOME!!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Estate Sale Finds

Looks like Christmas finds were the finds of this sale. I tried not to buy too many Christmas treasures as I have a FEW totes already that need to be priced and off to the booths. Right after Halloween the Christmas treasures will appear in the booths.

Oops, I see this photo is a tad fuzzy! The large felt reindeer's may stay with me for awhile as I haven't seen any these before.

I thought that mini bench was cute. I may paint it before I bring it to a booth. The wood tote is cool also.

I made some pumpkin muffins today...YUM! way better than the sweet potato ones that I made a couple weeks ago.

We are going to a costume party on Saturday and I have no idea what I want to "be"!!!  Anyone else going to a party?

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Halloween Mantle & Gifts from Blogging Friend

Here is my Halloween mantle. Nothing scary, just some good old fashion fun! I don't have a big collection.

I hope that kitty doesn't get Mr Owl. Both are vintage papers.

I rec'd a fun fall package from Debbie, my blogging friend. One of these "days' we will met! We enjoy sending each other gifts during the year. Thank you, Debbie :) I have been burning the candle which smells so very good!

The leaves are at peek in my area. So beautiful! God's amazing artwork/creation! The sun is shinning and the dogs are waiting for a walk! I hope you are able to enjoy this season!