Monday, July 25, 2016

AWESOME Estate Sale Finds

I went to a really great estate sale on Saturday! Prices were good, and so many things to buy. Of course all the other people thought so too! I had to act fast...aka...GRAB real fast! I adore vintage Christmas cards and was very happy to find a small box of them :)

I bought these stickers on Sunday. A grocery tote FULL at $3.50 of the entire box. It took me about an hour or so to go through and decide which ones to keep!

These treasure I bought on Saturday. The little birds are Lefton and it looks like they have little holly wreaths on their heads :)

This is a" Frosty" the Snowman stuffed toy and he was only $2.00 on Sunday!  That is what they called him at the sale.  SCORE! I haven't tried to look him up on the internet.  More photos to come! More Christmas, linens, and fall!

On a sad note...the cardinal nest is empty.  Sweet Pea somehow got into the bush where the nest was. She heard the babies now there are no more baby cardinals  :(  

Keep cool...can you believe July is almost over! Don't the days fly bye!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

New Wheels & Baby Cardinals

Mama has a new set of wheels :)  we found this Jeep Liberty, 2012 that fit our "budget" and has room to haul treasures! I have the best hubby :)

Sweet Pea has been "staking" the bush outside the family room we did some snooping and found this nest of baby cardinals. I've seen the mom & dad flying around the yard and now I know why. They are a tad ugly right now. I will update you with more photos. We had baby chickadees and now cardinals! Hooray!

The heat index today was 110, pretty HOT & Humid! Not complaining, just saying :)
Happy weekend and have some summer FUN!

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Vignette for the Coffee table

This vignette is on my coffee table...the piece on the left is a flower unique and I love the green "fish" bowl. The fish vase is a recent purchase. I wish I was at the beach

Nothing too exciting going on around here...puppies need a bath tonight, so I'm off to wash the dog.


Thursday, July 7, 2016

Cards, $10.00 bag & Family photo

I was with my BFF last week and we made some cards. I really enjoy card making and next week a blogging buddy is coming over to make cards with me! I will be sure to do a post. She is a wonderful card maker :)

We went to another AWESOME estate sale this past weekend. Hubby bought a set of lawyer bookcases for his toy collection. One of these days I will show you his collection. Above is a $10.00 bag. Whatever fits in the bag goes!

 This is what I had in the $10.00 bag...the tin canisters are in tough shape. I figured I paid less than a dollar per item.

These are from the same sale, but at full price :)  The estate sale was of a former antique dealer and there were real antiques there! It was a good sale. Happy that hubby had the day off!

This is one of the photos from Mom's 80th birthday party. I won't show you my entire family as per their privacy! I might use this photo for Christmas cards. Grandgirl wore very tall shoes. She is about 5' 6" or so!

Confession: I haven't started cleaning up the family room. Today grandgirl and I cleaned out the linen closet and a couple of kitchen cabinets. The family room is over whelming for me right now

I hope you are enjoying these summer days!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

4th of July vignettes & finds

Just in time for the 4th of July...I put up a couple of vignettes today. One of the table and one in the box window. I love the little red children's rain boots.

Sorry for the poor photo. It is very hard to get a good photo. We are going to a friend's house on Sunday for a BBQ for an early 4th gathering. Maybe this year we will stay up to watch some fireworks, maybe!

I went to a good digger sale on Thursday and then back on Saturday and found the Christmas goodies in the attic. Maybe I'll find the "O" or just sell the others. Someone may need the other letters.

Also found these awesome seals in a drawer. I haven't seen letters or number seals before.

I hope you have a safe and fun 4th!

HAPPY 4th OF JULY!!  How blessed we are to live in the USA!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Recent Treasure Finds

It was a pretty good weekend finding treasures between estate sales, garage sales & the monthly shops and the thrift store.

many things were bought! The teacups are from a garage sale and the thrift store. They sell at both shops.

Aren't these mini's sweet :)  A couple of them are marked USA.

Hoping these Red Rock cola bottles will sell for the 4th of July look!

I see that "fish" items are big on instagram...I'll see how they sell at the shops.

The elephant planter is USA. Variety is always good!

Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes for Mom's 80th...we had a photographer come and take a Family photo. She wanted that for her birthday gift. Hoping to see the photos next week.

The heat & humidity are gone and it's a wonderful summer day! So thankful! I think grandgirl and I are going to see "Dory" this week. Did you see the moon last night! It was beautiful!!


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Peonies, Mom's Birthday & Treasures

Middle sister gave these beautiful peonies to Mom for her birthday. I just had to take a photo.

Her is the Birthday girl! Everyone was here, 23 of us and we had a photographer take a family photo. We also had champagne. Yes, that is a Chocolate Raspberry Diva cake with buttercream frosting! Pretty sure Mom had a good time and enjoyed her party.

A few years ago we bought over 100 vintage radios. I was digging around and found this cute little one that is staying here, for now. It is a tube radio and only gets AM.

Decided to put most of my bluebird plates on this little bookcase, for now :)

My grandgirl is coming over tomorrow and we are going to get the family room clutter free! I know that I have said that MANY times before....this is our summer project. She wanted to make some money this summer, so this works out for both of us.

I appreciate your kind, sweet comments about my new deck!