Monday, April 21, 2014

Recent finds & Project

THANK YOU ALL so MUCH for the Birthday Wishes!! It was a sweet birthday. On Friday hubby and I went to a collector's estate sale and it was pretty good! Prices, so-so, but we bought treasures. The ones in the photo above and below. I now have 3 old puppies. This one looks like Jackson Brown:)  2 old scrabble games and some fun tins!!!

Isn't that small baby shoe form darling:) Cool blue bird tins. There were some bluebird plates, but too beat up for me.  Saturday we went to a big flea market at the fair grounds. It was windy and a tad chilly! I bought a couple kids books. Things there were high. There were some very cool treasures, but not for my pocket book! Always fun to window shop!!!
 Bought these a couple weeks ago. Clocks always sell at the booths. The old grate is for my collection :)

This is my tiny dinning area that needed trim. SO, I stain & varnish the trim and hubby installs it. That is how we work on projects around here:)
Much better! I wanted to have this done before a blogging friend comes to visit me in May! Sandy, from 521 Lake Street is coming here! Having company is one way to get projects done, plus the wedding! LOL!!!

It was a very nice Easter! The weather was perfect. Lots of food and family here! God is GOOD! I hope you all had a Blessed Easter also!

Daughter tried on her wedding dress and it's a tad tight! We are getting SERIOUS about dropping a few pounds! It's 5 months away!!! This Saturday is the florist appointment. They ordered the invitations yesterday on line.

Hoping to get the yard work started soon! Always something to do :)


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Celebrating Easter & My Birthday

 HAPPY EASTER~ HE IS RISEN!!!  May the Lord Bless you and yours. I am so Thankful for what Jesus did for me and you on the cross. May you draw closer to Him. This postcard belonged to my Grandma and was sent to her in April 1922 for her 4th birthday from her Grandma! COOL, Right!

Saturday is my Birthday! I'm hoping for a wonderful spring day! It's cold this week. Crazy!I had to wear my winter coat this morning... I wish I had a pretty dress like this for my birthday this year! LOL!

It's going to be a fun and full rest of the week. Tomorrow meeting my friend, "Jeanne" for lunch and some treasure hunting. Thursday is Bible study. Friday, hubby and I are going antiquing. Saturday, not sure what the plan is and of course, Sunday is EASTER! The "kids" and my Mom will come over for lunch after church. It's going to be an AWESOME  few days. It's never too early to celebrate!
Easter Blessings to YOU ALL!!!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Bachman Ideas House

 All these photos are from the Bachman Ideas house. This is the porch table setting. It's light and refreshing. This theme for spring felt very "clean" and light. A change from other idea house themes. I do love the paint choices. Bachmans is a family run florist, garden and decorating store with a few stores in Minnesota. The main store is in Minneapolis and has a awesome restaurant!!!

Napkins for window treatments in the kitchen. Of course, HANKIES would also work!

Dinning room is very clean and refreshing.

 Fun way to organize a small bathroom!

 Master bedroom.

The "den" is cozy and I love the wicker "chair".... It is always fun to see new ideas and thoughts for decorating ones home.

Gotta run today. More later!!!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Booth Downsizing & Easter goodies

 Won this sweet bunny from Celestina Marie last year I think! She painted the bunny and eggs and they are so pretty on my table. Sorry I can't link her up as I don't have her right new blog address. See my sidebar!

 Before is above. It is a 10 X 9 space with 2 duty days....

After is 10 X 7 feet with 1 duty day. It looks much smaller as the cases aren't that narrow. Sales haven't been the best for us at this shop. Hoping for huge improvement! Time will tell.

Sweet Sandy sent a little Easter treats my way! Thank you, Sandy!!! She made the darling little birdies. They are so cute and have glitter on them.

Went to the Bachman Ideas House and will share the few photos I took there. Pretty colors and rather a "modern"  and "clean" feel to this theme.

Any Easter plans??? Since my birthday is the day before, it will be a combination celebration! I'm not sure about the meal or any other details.

Snowed on Friday and it's almost melted. ENOUGH!! Took the puppies on a walk today and then they got a bath. Dirty feet and bellies, but we all enjoyed the walk.


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Easter Cloche Swap & Card/Tag Swap


Kim K was my partner for the Easter/Spring Cloche Swap and see the Darling bunny cloche she made for me! PLUS, she made the sweet pea pot basket and the little egg! Sorry there is glare on the photo. She also sent along a few goodies/papers/cookie cutter and sweet treats! THANK YOU SO MUCH, KIM!!!  She gave me very sweet keepsakes for my Easter mantle!  :)

I was also in the "A Swap for All Seasons" swap and the theme was Mom's day in Peach! I received this darling card, tag and peach embellishments from Lorraine. She sews on her cards and tags and that makes them so special!!! THANK YOU, Lorraine. I'm pretty sure that the card and tag will stay with me :)

This little Sweet Pea will be 4 tomorrow! She was naughty today and "pooped" in the house...Bad Dog! So, she may not get any presents tomorrow....LOL!!!

Thursday I am going to the twice a year "A Gathering of Friends" sale and then to the Bachman Ideas house. A fun day with a couple of fellow dealers. Of course we will have lunch out!  I'm looking forward to the Idea house. (it might snow on Thursday!)

Saturday is my duty day at Auntie M's. We down-sized our booth so that our rent is less and have 1 duty day a month instead of 2. I'll show you the before and after soon.


Thursday, March 20, 2014

HAPPY SPRING & Easter Cards

                                This is from a plate that I have and thought it looks like SPRING!!!

Here are a few of the cards that I have made for Easter which is coming up!

Daughter's wedding is 6 months away!!! In April we have an appointment to meet with another florist. I hope this one works!

 Tomorrow is my last day working at the Vintage Cottage in Carver for Julie. She is closing her shop to work on the house that they recently bought. It's a fixer-upper. She is having a HUGE price cuts, 50% off to 90% off! I'm not sure what is left, I'll find out tomorrow. It's your last chance to visit me there!!! I'll MISS working for her! It was a "Dream" job and she is the best to work for!

Saturday we are going to collect some items to sell for a friend. She has some linens, vintage dishes that are so pretty and a few other things. I'm hoping to make more cards later that day with another friend. I need birthday cards!

HAPPY SPRING and Happy Weekend!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Easter Mantle, Sunset & Friends

 I have started to put up a few Easter decorations on the mantle. The snow is melting, but I haven't found the "spring" in my step!

I took this photo the other evening! Just a beautiful sunset outside my window! Amazing beauty.

We girls grew up in the same neighborhood and have been friends for MANY years! Sharon, the one in the middle had her birthday on Monday. She lives in a nursing home. We are all the same age. Her speech is a whisper at most and she is fed her meals. She has had health problems and now has short term memory loss. She doesn't recognize people right away. I know she loves it when we visit, which I should do more is hard to understand why certain things happen to people you care about.

The snow is MELTING!!! A LOT!!!  Hurray!!! I've seen peeks of grass!

Grandgirl is having her birthday on Saturday. The family party is on Sunday! She is tall, thin and looks way beyond her 11 years:)  Happy weekend! Think Spring!