Saturday, August 22, 2015

Pumpkins: Grandgirl, cards & art

 Grandgirl came over this week and we crafted...theme: Pumpkins...we used themed napkins, mini canvas and decoupage and had some fun. I love her handwriting...and Sweet Pea "helped" too!

 These are the ones I made and then yesterday I made the cards below...getting in the mood for fall...

Huge sunflower from the farmer's market that I went to this morning!! I also picked up mini cukes. They are so good and I don't get heartburn eating them!

Thank you for your kind comments about my foot...and helpful suggestions. I'm praying that it will feel better soon.  I bought slippers today with an arch support in them...who knew!

Hubby and I went to Happy Hour yesterday and enjoyed eating outside! Love that!

Happy weekend.

Monday, August 17, 2015

QuiltedTable Runner & PF, da-boot

 My baby sister has taken up quilting and made this beautiful table runner for me...even while dealing with her cancer...She is also making me a quilt for my bed in grey tones...What a trooper she is and THANK YOU BABY SISTER!!! XOXOXOX

 It is reversible too!

SO...I've been having pain in my right foot for a FEW weeks...wobbling along.  Last night I had so much pain in my right hip that I went to an ortho group today...I have plantar fasciitis and a heal spur which has caused me to limp along  to cause a  strain my a shot of cortisone, boot for 2 weeks that I take off to drive, sleep, etc....x-rays and my home exercise program...should be okay in 2 weeks....SO, no more flip-flops, sad sad face, wear "supportive shoes"...(aka...grandma shoes) very thankful nothing serious!!

Is this what 60 is all about??!?!?!?!  LOL!!!

The weather has "cooled off"...guess I could pull so weeds...nah...think I'll take a nap...

Friday, August 14, 2015

Pocket Letters & Swap Partners

This is the front above and back below of a Pocket Letter that I sent to Sandy about a month ago. We did a one on one swap...with no "theme"...I just know that  Sandy LOVES CHERRIES!!

This is the one Sandy made for me...a pretty and fun one! Thanks, friend Sandy!!! 

Okay, I hope that gives you swap partners a few ideas...however...we do have a theme: FALL

Here are the partners:

Sandy - 521 Lake Street    and    Pam  Virginia Retro

Deb   Boopnut     and  Oliva   Olivia's Creative Quest

Linda A La Carte and  Stephanie   The Enchanting Rose

Deb  Garage Sale Gal  and  Judy  20 North Ora

Deb Garage Sale Gal and Cindy  Considering it all Joy

PLEASE  visit your partner's blog and get her email   and  EMAIL YOUR PARTNER right away and exchange address!! HAVE FUN!

Be sure to use a bubble mailer and get correct postage from the PO...a number 10 envelope will get beat up in the mail

Sign the back of one of the ATC cards

I decorated both side or include another themed paper on the backside

Include a note about yourself...likes, hobbies, pets...

Include a tea bag or ice tea

Some gals include a treat, however with the HOT & HUMID weather...I will not be sending a treat

One pocket has a favorite Quote in it

Then bits & Bobs in the other pockets so that all 9 pockets are filled.



Questions, email me at


Monday, August 10, 2015

New Bluebird Plate & Finds

 Recently found a new to me bluebird platter. This one has more bluebirds on it and is now in the place on honor on my dining room wall...

Hubby and I both love the "Girl with Cherries" print. We already have one. This one is heading to a booth. Postcards were dirt "cheap"...which is amazing since most of them are REAL ANTIQUES...

A couple of years ago I had a bread bowl like this one. A friend came over and has wanted one for years, so I gave her my bowl...and then was a little sad...well...I have this one now and it will be staying with me!! It is older than the other one. It was only $2.00 ( two dollars)....I think it was a "God thing"!!! He does give us the desires of our His time :)

This week I should get stuff done around the house...not much going on, except for my duty day on Wednesday. 

I'm having a "Pocket Letter Swap" see last post if anyone is interested. If you don't know anything about them, google  or pinterest it...

I can feel the change of the season beginning...  Sister had a set back with dehydration and needed to go to the hospital a few times. Continued prays for her...this means that her re-connect surgery will be later then she hoped...Thank you for all the prayers for her and my friend with ovarian cancer!


Saturday, August 8, 2015

FALL Theme Pocket Letter Swap Sign Up

Let's have some FUN with this FALL theme Pocket Letter Swap. (I'm playing with some ideas above!)

If you don't know anything about Pocket Letters, check it out on google or pinterest...where you will find SO MANY Ideas!!!

Basic information is:
You make 9 "atc" which is 3.5 X 2.5 card with the theme that Fit into a 9 pocket card holder, like baseball cards go into. Behind the pockets you put into each one a different little bit and bob to include a tea bag, a quote, a letter about you, and then bits & bobs in the rest of the pockets...stickers, lace, buttons... little things that fit into the pocket.


You MUST have an ACTIVE BLOG which means: at least 3-4 posts a month and I will check.

US Only at this time...sorry..
You MUST POST when you receive your pocket letter. This is just good manners!!! I will also check and remind you if you need a reminder...if you don't post you won't get to swap again.

Sign up is Now thru Friday August 14th.  Leave me a comment on this post that says "YES" I want to join! Sunday the 16th, I will post partners on my blog. The pocket letter needs to be in the MAIL Sept 1st as this is an easy and fun swap!!!

Questions email

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Girlfriend weekend & Pocket Letters

It was a fun weekend with these girlfriends :)  We had "happy hour" at my home of Friday, Saturday was a birthday party with classmates at a local restaurant and Sunday was the brunch cruise on the lake! Not too bad for "60" ! LOL!! Lots of talking, a little shopping and eating! Thanks for coming "C" all the way from Colorado!!!

Have you heard of "Pocket Letter Pals"?? I recently joined that group and the swap theme was "mason jars". You take a plastic pocket holder (they hold baseball cards) and make 9 ATC cards with that theme. On the back side you include little bits & pieces, tea bag, note about yourself, and then mail it out. This is the one that I sent my partner. The idea is to make new friends.  However, I'm thinking a "Fall" theme pocket letter swap might be fun!! Anyone interested???!! Let me know and if there are a few of us, I'll make a seperate blog swap post real soon.

Off to price treasures for the booths...duty day tomorrow at Mainstreet Antiques in Hopkins!

Keep enjoying these summer days...

Monday, July 27, 2015

Bedroom Tweaked & Finds

 I've been finding more Christmas...the Christmas Tea treasures I'm keeping for the Christmas tea party at church...The teapot was only $2.00  WHAT a Deal!!! Perfect shape!

More Christmas. Sweet as can be stockings :)  I'm keeping the drinking glass, but you already knew that. LOL!!

This wall was too "naked"...and boring...

Better don't you think! The center iron piece I bought when I was with Linda & Faye. The other pieces I've been saving for just the right spot!

Worked my duty day...sold a Jiffy peanut butter jar...the rest of the week I'm getting ready for the Girlfriend 60th Birthday weekend. We will be going to a Class of '73 - 60th Birthday party that I'm helping with at a sports bar on Saturday evening. Sunday just us girlfriend's are going on a Breakfast cruise on a local lake. Friday evening is "Happy Hour" at my home. I haven't seen one of the girlfriends for 10 years!!! Throw in a little shopping, eating, and catching up!!! FUN ~ FUN ~ FUN!!!

Hasn't the month flown by...I sure think so! I hope you all have a great week!!!

p.s. Another dear friend has ovarian cancer and surgery is Friday, if anyone would hold her up in prayer, you know I would deeply appreciate it! X0 Thank you!!!