Tuesday, December 30, 2008


You "guys" are AWESOME and mean so much to me!! I kept my mouth shut and I felt so much Peace last night. Reading your comments brought tears to my eyes and I am so THANKFUL to each and everyone of you. All those Prayers were heard and God answered.

So, the update on Mom is:
All test results are FINE
They will change some of her Med's to find which ones work for her blood pressure
She has a naturally slow heart beat and needs to go VERY slow when she first gets up in the morning
and tonight they will monitor her C-Cap sleep machine to see if that is set correctly and adjust as needed and she may go home tomorrow, Thursday for sure. I have the feeling that she would like to stay until Thursday, just to be sure all the meds are working. I hope her Dr will honor that.

With the New Year some my resolutions. Some I carry each to year, you know, lose a LOT weight, eat better (chocolate) just kidding:) give more to church, you have the idea. So I am thinking about my resolutions for 2009 and do hope to do the ones above and MANY more which include a better relationship with God, my family and friends and to Love the life God has Given me today. Today is what matters!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR dear Friends.
Deb :)

Monday, December 29, 2008


On Sunday afternoon my Mom was taken by ambulance to the hospital. Her blood pressure was way too high and she was shaky and sweating. The doctors kept asking her if she had any heart problems, NO...Long story short...

This morning she had an echo cardiogram this afternoon she is having a 4 hour nuclear stress test to see what is going on. Her main Dr. (which all of us girls don't LIKE and think he isn't helping Mom)ordered us out of the room yesterday to "exam" her...this didn't set well with me at ALL!!!

Mom has been having this blood pressure problem for MONTHS, with terrible side affects.

If you would like to add her to your prayer list, I would SO Appreciate it and would like you to ask for WISDOM for the Dr's to get her blood pressure in control and that she sees the RIGHT Dr for the treatment. She did see a cardio specialist today and she order the nuclear stress test.

Thank you so much my dear blogging friends. There is SO much Power in Prayer !!! There is also a little tension between us sisters and I would appreciate prayer that I would keep my mouth shut when it needs to be shut....I am very strong willed and have very strong opinions and like to voice them and that isn't always a "good thing"...Thank you. I'll be going back up after dinner.

I will update you when I know more.

Thank you so much.


Friday, December 26, 2008


Christmas morning and Kailee with one of her gifts. She is into "Hannah Montana".
Simple Christmas table waiting for the family to come for Brunch. I made the easy egg bake that you can make the night before. We also have a tea cake and that recipe was from Brook...and I realized that I didn't add enough eggs, and it was still yummy:)

My husband isn't fond of having his picture taken and we both are going to change our eating habits after seeing that pictures don't LIE about our weight....

My Little Family on Christmas morning. :)

Chopper with his gifts, trying to keep them away from the "Boys"....too cute. Chopper has to share all his toys at his house as the other dog that live there takes his toys away from him all the time and destroys them. He is the gentle one in the group. He has a kind heart for a dog. You should see him play with little Jackson Brown....Chopper just lets the little guy bug him and walks away when he is done playing. They also wrestle and no one gets hurt. Chopper lets Jackson "pin" him down. I should take a video of that:)

Kailee and I went to see Santa on Tuesday morning. She had to tell him what she would like for Christmas....she said.."craft stuff and a cooking set". She did get some craft kits, but no cooking set. She didn't seem to mind on Christmas morning that there wasn't a cooking set.
Christmas Eve we go to my husband's side and it's a little crazy for me. He has a large family. His Mom & Dad didn't make it over as FIL wasn't feeling well. We stopped by today and he is feeling much better. He had a little reaction from the meds, not the chemo, yet....we hope.
Christmas morning my kids come over and we have a little brunch, open gifts, then head over to my Mom's where my 2 sister's and their families. We have lunch and then more gifts. This year the adults payed the dice game. We each brought a gift, wrapped and then when you shake a double, you take a gift. When everyone has a gift, you show the others and set the timer and when you get a double you can take someones gift( but they get yours). I got Grinch boxers... and I'll save them for next year's game... :)
For New Year's Eve, we just stay home. My husband goes to bed early as his first job, he has to be there at 4:30AM so he is tired by 8:00 PM. It's fine as I had my "PARTY" days:)
Tomorrow I'm taking down the Christmas tree and putting away all the decorations and get the house back in order. Maybe I'll keep the mantle decorations up for a little longer. I love the white lights on the mantle.
Have a great weekend. Hope to see some of your Christmas celebrations. PEACE, LOVE and JOY.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL Below is my early Christmas gift. We heard about a company that was closing it's doors and that there items were 70-80% off. We found this 8 X 10 rug for our living room. It's a wool and silk blend. Since we have hardwood floors on the entire 1st floor, well it's cold in the winter and this should help.

On Saturday morning it was snowing and the road were icy....but husband said he was going to the 2nd day of an estate sale. I was thinking I wanted to stay home, relax and stay in my PJ's..right...I HAD to go with him. Below are the treasures we found and 20% off.

I'm thinking about Valentine's day and found somethings to sell at the booths:) Cute boxes. Old books and newer Valentine tins.

Above you see the cutest little purses. A sweet puppy and kitty purse. Love them:) A stack of 3 Valentine boxes and the sweetest little cookie cutters. I remember these when I was a child:)

Cute kitty puzzle. They are having a tea party. The box says it's a wooden puzzle from England. Love it:)
I'm all ready for Christmas. Kailee has "winter" break and I'll be having her here on Monday and Tuesday and maybe we'll have a little Tea Party.
A little update on my FIL. He is home and had his first chemo on Friday. That's all I know and will know more after Christmas.
Winter hugs to you all. I'll see you next Sunday.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Pretty snowfall on the evergreen tree in the back yard. I joined Jan' & Tom's Christmas Card Swap and below are the cards that I received. Each person was to send something that would fit in the envelope. I'll try to get the right name with the card.

These 2 cards above , L-R, are from Cary at A New Path For Me and Megan at Wondering DC
Fun treasures to make the holiday special.
These are from Barb at Cinnamon Girl 93, Sandy at Faerie Wysperer and Michelle at Michelle Palmer Art. Lots of fun and little treasures that I can use for my cards.

This one is from Lolly at Lolly's Nest Egg. More fun embellishments. THANK YOU GALS. I Love to send and receive mail.It was FUN. Merry Christmas.

In the above photo are some treasure we found at the estate sale last weekend. We went on the 2nd day and all these items were 1/2 off...Yippee..

I'm loving the bottles and have a few ideas for them. The autograph book was boughten awhile back and it's SO awesome. The handwriting is so beautiful. Sorry I didn't show you that. The candle stick holder will be painted white when I can spray paint again. Kinda COLD here.

Look at this beautiful gown. Handmade with a matching hat and a photo of "Phyllis" wearing it. I just can't believe no family member wanted it. This was only $4.00...

This fun Christmas Spirit is from Miss Lilly. Thank you Lilly. I am to list
5 Things I Love About Christmas.
1. It's Jesus birthday...:)
2. Christmas lights both inside and outside. So pretty.
3. Christmas cards and letters. I so love mail and am glad that I have some pen pals:)
4. Fresh snow...since we have a golf course across the street...when it snows it look so peaceful and very pretty.
5. People... they seem to be happier, smile more and have just a little more kindness in them.
What about you??? Go ahead and take this Christmas Spirit and list your favorites things.
Off the see what's going on with you. Are you all ready for Christmas?? I have all the gifts boughten and just have a couple to wrap and a couple of cards to get in the mail. Then I'm going to look at the pretty light, maybe have some hot chocolate, watch a Christmas movie and enjoy:)
Thank you Twyla and Lindsey:)
I haven't received a couple of cards from the swap and had to get this post done. If I receive them I'll post about them at some point. I hope you gals understand. This post took me 2 hours to up load the photos...again...don't like dial-up... but happy to have a computer and finally post.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


It's sooo COLD here and you should see the snow. It's so pretty outside. This is how I want to spend the next day or so....all cuddly and wrapped in a soft blanket. It's a great life for this little
Jackson Brown.
Mack in his Christmas collar

Scout in his Christmas collar

This pretty ornament is from Linda at Linda N Jake. She just sent it to me. THANK YOU LINDA!! It's on my Christmas tree and looks so nice. This is a Blessing, friends from blog land.

This is from one of Angie's children. I am like their adopted "Gramma". They made me some
Christmas treasures. Like others of you in blog land, special connections have been made and Blessing come from these Friendships. It's so amazing how God can use a computer :)

This is one of the gifts. When I opened the box and saw all the treasures and read the note that Angie included...well, this Gramma Deb had big tears in her eyes. What a blessing :)

There was candy in the snowman...yummy... and I did share a couple pieces. It looks like the gifts were packaged in SNOW...and the ornament are on my tree. THANK YOU ANGIE AND
GRAND KIDS !!! I LOVE THEM and YOU. (This is Angie from Sandals n Daisies)
I worked at HQ on Saturday and I'll see tomorrow how well it went when I pick up my check. People were there and buying...not so much from me:) Thursday I went to the thrift store and found items to resale. I would show you the stuff, however it has taken me 2 hours just to get these photos up loaded and I don't have the time to show you more.
My Father In Law hasn't been feeling well. He has heart problems and was to have a stint put into his heart. He has had this surgery before. The Dr's said he had too much protein in his blood and did some test and the results are.... Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma ... that is treatable, but not curable and it's a rare type that he has. He will be in the hospital for awhile while they figure out what to do. Prayer's glady appreciated for Wisdom for the Doctors as they figure out what to do.
These next few days will be busy for all of us. I truly THANK YOU all for your Friendships, gifts, prayers and love. I know that I have said this before....I NEVER knew how awesome it would be to have a blog and find new Friends like you.
I'll be posting again. I just had to let you know today, as we never know what tomorrow will bring.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


My daughter and Granddaughter went to church with me today. That is a Christmas Blessing !!! The computer isn't uploading tonight:( I want to show you something special that I rec'd this past week. But...you will have to wait until the computer is working. It will let me show you items from another file...so this is it for tonight.

I worked at HQ on Saturday, my 4 hour shift and then we went to a friends home for dinner:)
Thursday I went to the thrift store and found items to resale. Yesterday we went to 2 estate sales and you will have to wait to see what we found...nothing too exciting.

A BIG winter storm with ice is coming tonight thru tomorrow. Guess I'll stay home, safe and sound and make some treats for the cookie exchange that is tomorrow night. I'm making the turtle candy and will leave you with the recipe.

Preheat oven to 250
Spray cookie sheet with Pam
Place Square pretzels on cookie sheet
Top with Rolo
Bake for 5 minutes
Remove from oven and top Rolo with half Pecan or Cashew
Let cool ( I put them in the porch to cool) remove from cookie sheet.
Store in airtight container.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Cute Vintage Cards

YES...I have BIG HAIR:) and WAS Skinny...this was taken in l989 I think. I'm almost vintage:)

This Award is from Rechelle at Walnuthaven Cottage. She won my 101st post giveaway:)
She is a good blogging friend and I think you all should go visit her. THANK YOU RECHELLE.

I pass this Award on to you, my blogging Friends. You KNOW that I can't PICK just the required number, so I PICK YOU ALL. Thanks for being my Friend.
Sorry it's a quick post...it's that time of year and I have some things that need to get done...See you after the weekend.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Christmas J O Y ..... aren't they beautiful!!! Brook at The House That Love Built made these and I was able to purchase them from her. She is a very sweet and talented woman and friend. I just LOVE them. The photo doesn't show how lovely they are. JOY reminds me of J- Jesus O- Only
Y- You and I will keep these letters us all the time. After Christmas they will go in my china cabinet. Blessing to you Brook. We had a small gathering on Saturday evening. Friday I made a Red Velvet cake and Jackson Brown sooo wanted a taste. NO...he didn't have any.
Here is the table all ready for the party with one of the Christmas table clothes on it. We had a few couples over and all good time was had by all. Since my husband is self-employeed we don't go to any "work" Christmas parties, so I have a small one at our home.

The Tea cart also has a vintage cloth on it as well as the food. I made deviled eggs, shrimp tarts, meatball, Tea cakes, turtle pretzel candy and the Red Velvet cake...yummy I must say :)

Turtles and Tea Cakes....very easy to make. I made the Tea cakes with the recipe from Joanne at My Little Cottage in the Making. My recipe was a little different from hers and I must say, Her recipe is very good and I'll use that one from now on. THANK YOU Joanne :)

Below are some finds from the estate sale we went to on Friday. It was a huge home in a very la-la neighborhood. He was a Doctor and kept everything. We were number 76 and 77 to get into the home. It was a "digger's" sale and so I was a digging.

So cute Valentines, old greeting cards, hats, playing cards, old bowls and so much more. Husband found some old toys. We went back Saturday and almost everything was GONE...a couple of dealers bought out 2 WHOLE ROOMS....late on Friday. That is hardly ever done and tells us the deals were great.

Love the old little sewing box and it still has embroidering items in it:) Guess he didn't get rid of anything after his wife passed on. So, lucky me.

I can't wait to finish these kitchen towels:)


This belated Award is from Cindi at This Is My Life and I am so SORRY that I didn't THANK her in November when she gave it to me. I had forgotten :( I am to list 5 Fabulous Addictions ..
So here goes:
1. Estate sales, garage sales, thrift stores, flea markets, antique stores
2. Chocolate....
3. Decorating magazines, books and card making ideas
4. Vintage papers...Cards, Valentines, Stationery and linens
5. .....Blogging....just ask my husband:)
Now I am to give it to 5 other bloggers, and you KNOW me, so you all can have it and list your 5 Fabulous Addictions. It will be fun to read them. Again, Thank You Cindi and I am so SORRY that I forgot...
How are your Christmas plans, decorating, baking, etc coming along??? This week won't be so hectic for me, Hurray!!! Thanks for visiting me. Always love to hear from you. Blessings!!

Friday, December 5, 2008


This is my favorite Christmas gift from last year:)My two kids with Santa. They waited in line with all these little kids. I had asked them to do this for me for my gift.

The photo above is with Zach, Aaron and Amber just peeking to see what the Big Boys were doing. This is one of my favorite pictures.

This is Kailee's first visit with Santa and you can see what happened here. I'm glad we bought both photos to keep in her scrapbook. She is about 8 months old here.

Have a great weekend. I'm off to bake, clean and get ready for the party on Saturday evening.
Hey Tootsie...I can't read your blog so I can't leave a comment or visit you. I must have poor eye sight..does anyone else have that problem. I don't know what to do. Email me, please:)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Here is the Christmas tree all decorated in vintage ornaments , white lights and tinsel. I have an angel on top of my tree. I've had her for YEARS. What do you put on top of your tree?
Ornaments on the tree.

For the past 4 years, I've bought a Gingerbread house for "us" girls to decorate. Last year the house wouldn't stay together. After it was all decorated...it fell apart...so this year before we started to decorate it....I hot glued it together...YUP...Hot Glued it.

Kailee wanted to Eat the candy and frosting. She really loves sugar and would eat it out of a bowl.

Goofing around with frosting.

All done and waiting for the house to set. They will take it home tomorrow. This is a tradition that I hope we will do for years. What projects are you working on?? I joined the Christmas Card Swap That Jan started and have to get going on the cards. Sorry to say, they will not be handmade. Not enough time. I just learned I could change the text color....AMAZING, what you can do when one looks at the computer. Have a great week. Not sure when we'll "talk "as I need to get stuff done around here.