Saturday, August 30, 2008


This cute black purse has a unique shape. It's almost oval and I bought it yesterday at an estate sale. Only $2.00
This pretty blue one is what I am using right now. It's my summer purse.

Another unique shape black purse and it's shaped like a tootsie roll. Vintage is so sweet :)

This very darling red leather purse is also an estate sale find. Maybe it's alligator? I know it's old and another unique shape. Of course, I have a few more, these are just my favorite ones. Show me you purse(s)...A GIRL CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MANY PURSES, CAN SHE ?!!
Thanks for stopping by. Always fun reading your comments. Warmly, Deb

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


This chair was curb side, waiting for the trash, so I rescued 2 of them, sanded them and...
took off their seats and got the handy dandy Black spray paint and let the change begin...

This very pretty fabric,a garage sale find this summer is perfect, and I'm loving the staple gun...
Now I have 2 pretty chairs to sale at the booth.. :)
Look at this "MESS"'s where I am stamping cards and altered cigar boxes and note books for a craft show that I'm going to try in October. I hope I will make enough for all the customers and MORE important, I hope it all SELLS. It's my first try at a craft show.
This is a card that I'm making for a card swap that I do each month. There are 8 of us and these gals have great cards. I hope each month that mine isn't the "ugly" one....Here they are, all finished and ready to go. Oh, yes, the "theme" for September is .."FALL"
I hope you enjoyed my little projects. I'm trying to do something each day. I'm working on October's cards, which will be ....Yes, Halloween. I have a few ideas, nothing that has come together, yet. Thanks for visiting my dear blogging friends . Happy Wednesday. Warmly, Deb

Monday, August 25, 2008


I have been blessed, Twice, by this award. I have received it from both:

Michele at Country Vintage and

Twyla and Lindsey at Two Crazy Crafters

I THANK YOU GALS very much and I LOVE your Blogs too :)

So, here are the rules of this award.

1. The receiver can put the logo on their blog

2. Link the person you received your award from

3. Nominate at least 7 other bloggers.

4. Put links of those blogs on yours.

5. Leave a message on the blogs of those you mentioned.

Just so you all know, I don't always follow the rules...and since I received the Award twice, I've listed more than 7, and I'm not good at the "link" that part may not work.

One More thing..Picking is a hard thing for me, as I've mentioned before and I may not do any more "picking again". :) I do appreciate this award and Thank you Michele, Twyla and Lindsey for just makes me very uncomfortable to pick..
Bonnie from Calamity Jane's
Polly from Counting your Blessings
Joanne from My Little Cottage in the Making
Jan from Jan & Tom's Place
Lorena from Rose Chic Friends
Diana Lyn from Soycandle Lady/Heavenscent Candles
Kim from Kim's Tresures
Janiece from One Moment at a Time
Brook from The Home That Love Built
Rechelle from Walnut Haven Cottage
Sher from Old Time Me Artist
Tootsie from Tootsie Time
Congrat's Gals. I so love and enjoy your blogs. I feel like we are friends and appreciate your unique friendships. :) I also want to give the Award back to Michele and Twyla and Lindsey as you gals Rock. !!! You can use my Great Gals blogs to link to these gals, as the "linky thing" isn't my thing tonight. Thanks. HUGS to All.
Today when Kailee and I were going to the grocery store she said" Grandma is today my last day with you? (meaning, are you done doing my daycare forever) and that got me all teared up and I said "No" I will have you on Tuesday because your school starts on Wednesday. WOW, this sure had my emotions all over the place...she has been with me for 5 years, as I have mentioned before. Big changes for both of us next week. If you want to say a little prayer for us, that would be so appreciated. I'm feeling all teary, again...better go...Warmly, Deb

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Welcome to the Minnesota State Fair. Let's start with the food as that is the biggest reason we are here. First is a Corn Dog and drink. Yummy...
Then, but not pictured, we had a chocolate cream puff :) the newest item was chocolate dipped bacon which was too greasy for me and was served cold. The chocolate was okay. Cookies and milk, we split a huge burger, shared a twist cone (aka) chocolate/vanilla together, and to have later at home; salt water taffy in the flavor of black walnut, chocolate and banana and toasted cinnamon almonds....Yes we were a little piggy.

The Midway has the rides, which we didn't go on. We enjoy people watching and walking around the fair grounds. They still have the "side show" ....
We were at the fair for 6+ hours and took a few sit down breaks. There were SO many people there and it was humid and hot. I'm SURE I didn't gain any weight because of ALL the walking we did. We saw little piglets being born..cute.It was our "mini vacation".
This is my "summer mantle" above, and today while cleaning, I just HAD to get out some of my Fall decorations. Not all of them, just enough for a nice change.The big gourds on the end of the mantle, garage sale this week for 50 cents each. You can't see the middle candle very well. It has those colored plastic marble around the inside base and looks much better in person. The pictures are vintage. One is a scene of the "Harvest Moon " it's very interesting and the other is dead birds from a hunt..I know, dead birds :( but it isn't bloody and is really cool. These really cool angels are from a garage sale. 1.00 for the pair and they are awesome. They are pretty big and hang on the wall.

Also found some kitchen towels, another cheese ball tray to be made "shabby" and the pretty blue pillow for the guest bedroom, blue napkins for 1.00 for 4 and I don't think they were used,
cigar boxes to "alter" for a craft show that I am going to sell my cards and altered paper goods at in October.Tomorrow is Sunday and I'd better go to church...Obedience Have a blessed Sunday and thanks for visiting. It's always fun to talk with you gals. :) Warmly, Deb

Monday, August 18, 2008


This is one of 10 windows that we are putting new trim on. I do the staining and sealing. Husband does cutting and putting up. We make a pretty good team, once in awhile there is a little "miss understanding".
The view out of this, the kitchen window is of the golf course across the street. When the leaves turn color, it's so pretty. It's nice not having no neighbors across the street. We do have GOLF Balls in our yard, almost daily. That can be a hazard. :( FORE .....

Sorry this picture is dark. It's a finished window :) View of Kitchen. Small and cozy and I do like my kitchen. I did have plates on the soffet, nothing since I painted it.. weird the type just changed and I have NO idea how that happened...
The other side of the galley kitchen.The front door is next to the counter, which I truly DO NOT LIKE. The first thing you see when you come in is the that has to stay clean and clutter free, ALL THE TIME...The kitchen is a little over 9 x 7 with the eating/dining area off the kitchen. You can see the bow window in the eating area. I call my kitchen, the "ONE BUTT" kitchen. So only my butt is in it as there is NO room for another !!!
I did go to the races on Saturday night. NO Crashes....darn!!! It's so exciting when they Hit the Wall. That's it for tonight...see you soon and thanks for visiting and leaving me a note :)
Warmly, Deb

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Aren't these are cutest aprons :) Puppies, kitty's and Christmas puppies.
This Doggies Teapot is a Keeper. Just as sweet as can be. He is already on display in my home .

More puppies and kitties and a couple of dolly's.

This "April" plate was made for this gal. That's my birthday month. The little holly basket is for sale. Oh, yes, if you see anything that you'd like to buy, email me and we can work something out. Thanks.

Nice dog tin, dog hunting glasses, duck and old book with my maiden name all look like fall to me!
This was a pretty good day. I also have some hankies and another apron that might be for a Christmas, giveaway :) :) I know, first it's Halloween, Thanksgiving then...Christmas.
Going to the local stock car races tonight... LOVE IT. First pizza at my Mom's then it's...
START YOUR ENGINE ....Enjoy your weekend...Hugs, Deb

Monday, August 11, 2008


What a nice Monday I've had. I didn't have Kailee today, day off. That was nice. So, I vacuumed the house and then thought I should have lunch at my favorite Chick place..but, wait, ...the mailman was very early and look...4 PACKAGES. I had ordered from 3 of you gals and there are 4 packages. :) Happy Dance.

This cute little vase I bought from Emily at Victorian Petals. She Added, the recipe cards and my initial "D", plus a little written Thank you. Well, THANK YOU EMILY!!

Package number 2. This very sweet and cute Posie Pocket I bought from Diane at Saturday Finds. Thank you, Diane. It's just darling :)Package #3. Wasn't expecting this sweet gift from Lorena at Rose Chick Friends. It's a darling sachet with a pin on it and a little notepad. Well, dear one, Bless Your Little Heart! That was so nice and my Blessing for today. Hugs :)
Now, this darling Scottties Dog is a gift for a friend and I hope she doesn't see it! I saw this on Jans at Feather Your Nest Antiques blog. She sell them at her antique store and was kind enough to let me buy one by mail. Thank you Jan .

Another, sweet, young gal I want to Thank, is Lindsey at Two Crazy Crafters. I noticed her new banner and asked about it. She MADE it on her OWN. So, my little brain told me that I could do that too. So I asked Lindsey and she told me how. The husband helped, just a little, and now I have a NEW BANNER, that I MADE. I think I'm going to tweak it. How knew!!??

Back to Deb's Day. I went to my favorite Chick store and had myself a great lunch. It's all homemade..Yummy. I had their 3 salad sampler with a huge POPOVER with honey butter on it. I really wanted dessert, a Special K bar and those are huge too. But, I was Stuffed. So I did a little window shopping, hoping they would have the store decorated for FALL, but No. So..that means I'll have to go back. Darn :) I also stopped at the Home Goods store and found some pretty hand towels with matching guest towels. I Love Towels. Came home and Blogged, stained the trim for the kitchen window and got 1 coat of varnish on it. Needs 3 to last a long time and resist water. Husband is showing a house tonight, so I can blog some more. I'm also working on some cards. What a great day. I hope you all had a Mighty Nice Monday too.

Warmly, Deb

Sunday, August 10, 2008


I love vintage stationery, note paper,cards and papers. The details are wonderful. So real, true to life, Happy, pretty,they make me smile. This is just some of my "stash". I have a small dresser of them. I like to look at them. Sometimes, I use them. I also have new stationery. That usually has flowers on it. I LOVE to find old cards at garage sales/estate sales. It's a real hunt for them. Other people also collect. It's almost a race.
I also make cards. That's another hobby. It's fun and somewhat relaxing. I belong to a card swap at the local scrapbook store. We meet once a month, 8 of us ladies and exchange our cards that have a "theme" for that month. So many great ideas. :)
I have 5 pen pals. Two live in IN, one in WA, one in VA and one in IL. My IL pen pal and I have been writing to each other for 10 years, I think. The newest one from WA , we have been writing for 3 years. One of them is also a stamper and we send each other our homemade cards. She also does the ATC cards. She has great ideas. We have also met. She and her husband "Stopped" by two summers ago. It was a very nice visit. I little short, but we did manage to go to a great paper/stamping store. That was my IL pen pal. I'm thinking I'd like to visit her. It's a long drive, about 7 hours. We'll see.
Sundays are a struggle for me. I go to church alone. Husband has NO desire to go. He doesn't care if I go. It's a bit of a drive to my church. About 20 minutes. To me it's a large church. About 900+ people attend, less in the summer. It's a new building and doesn't "feel" like a church. I can find any excuse NOT to go. Sometimes I have a pity party on the way there. Oh, poor, Deb...
I was sitting in the middle, now I sit in the 2Nd row, right up front by the aisle. It feels better up there. Not as "big". I was sitting alone, once again, poor Deb. I keep telling myself, "it's about God", Not Me. Then the worship pastor starts singing and I'm SO glad I'm there. There is a nice young couple that sit next to me :) We are pew pals. They have prayed with me one Sunday when I was overwhelmed, as well as the Pastor. I am Blessed Every Sunday when I go. The music and message from the Pastor are "right-on". Today I wasn't feeling "loved". Pastor talked about how God spreads salve on our "wounds" to heal us, because He Love Us. That was for ME.
Blessing for today: GOD KNOWS MY HEART. GOD LOVES ME/YOU. It truly isn't about me and when I remember this I am Blessed.
Blessing are there, I need to be there too.
Warmly, Deb

Saturday, August 9, 2008


Look what I received today from the Monthly Giveaway that Sher has at" Old Time Me Artist,"
I love her altered tobacco tin and I'm so happy that I won. It says on the tin "God gives us richly all things to enjoy" I must say, Amen!! That is now in my bathroom and the colors are Perfect!Also in the box sweet smelling handmade tags :) a book mark, yummy lavender oatmeal soap, and very pretty Pink & Blue apron.

A very sweet posey cone that is made with pretty paper, music paper , lace and very sweet charm that is from a music sheet that says a"a good book" on one side and on the other "blessed Jesus. And, that cute little bee on hive.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


This chair was bought at an estate sale a few years ago. It's awesome. As you can see, the back is tilted. It is comfortable. The dog heads are very detailed. The story is: I saw one like this before we bought this one. I thought "How Cool" and that was that. The SECOND time we saw one, again at an estate sale,I said..I WANT IT. Husband said "let's leave a bid". I said, "it will be sold".

Sure enough, sold...NOT TO ME.

Third time, reading the paper to see what items were going to be at an estate had a DOG CHAIR. Well, we were up early, got good numbers, I asked before they opened the doors "where is the Dog Chair" , they said "living room". As soon as my number was called I RAN to that CHAIR and sat my BUTT down and said....MINE....SOLD.....That's my story and I'm stickin to IT. How else has a story about a treasure they wanted and waited and then received?? I guess God's timing is Best.

Just hope that when I'm dead, the "kids" don't throw it away or sell it for $10.00. I better leave them a note. :) Thanks for visiting. Thanks for letting me babble tonight. Warmly, Deb

Friday, August 1, 2008


This tea cart is in the livingroom and was 1/2 off at an estate sale !! The painted suite case is work done by a talented girlfriend. Sorry the photos aren't that good.

This clock is in the livingroom and has a darling angel on top.It doesn't keep time that well and it's chime is terrible. I love it. Gift from husband :)

This mirror is in the "hallway" and has a couple of my basket collection. The old postcards have Jack Russell's on them. SWEET.

I had this done 2 years ago. It's above the dining room table. This also could be called the informal dining area and it's right off the tiny kitchen. Story here: The kitchen is galley type, narrow, small, you can reach the stove, sink, refrig all standing in the same spot. I call it my
"ONE BUTT KITCHEN" It keeps everyone out of my space. :):) We added the bow window when we put in the new windows and it looks at the golf course across the street. Nice view and no neighbors to peak in.

View of the living room. We have 2 fireplaces. This one is wood burning. The one in the lower level is gas. The walls are a sage green and sorry, that doesn't show up in the photo. The entire first level has beautiful hardwood floors. These were the "norm" when this house was built. Then you put carpet over them. Funny how things change.

That is the tour for today. Just thought you might like to see "me" and how I decorate. I guess it's more traditional then most of you gals. Can we still be friends? LOL . I LOVE every one's style. It's who we are. Unique, talented, one of a kind, and God's Gals. Thanks for stopping by. My computer has loved me for 2 days in a row. Awesome. Hoping to post more pic tomorrow.
Warmly, Deb