Sunday, August 10, 2008


I love vintage stationery, note paper,cards and papers. The details are wonderful. So real, true to life, Happy, pretty,they make me smile. This is just some of my "stash". I have a small dresser of them. I like to look at them. Sometimes, I use them. I also have new stationery. That usually has flowers on it. I LOVE to find old cards at garage sales/estate sales. It's a real hunt for them. Other people also collect. It's almost a race.
I also make cards. That's another hobby. It's fun and somewhat relaxing. I belong to a card swap at the local scrapbook store. We meet once a month, 8 of us ladies and exchange our cards that have a "theme" for that month. So many great ideas. :)
I have 5 pen pals. Two live in IN, one in WA, one in VA and one in IL. My IL pen pal and I have been writing to each other for 10 years, I think. The newest one from WA , we have been writing for 3 years. One of them is also a stamper and we send each other our homemade cards. She also does the ATC cards. She has great ideas. We have also met. She and her husband "Stopped" by two summers ago. It was a very nice visit. I little short, but we did manage to go to a great paper/stamping store. That was my IL pen pal. I'm thinking I'd like to visit her. It's a long drive, about 7 hours. We'll see.
Sundays are a struggle for me. I go to church alone. Husband has NO desire to go. He doesn't care if I go. It's a bit of a drive to my church. About 20 minutes. To me it's a large church. About 900+ people attend, less in the summer. It's a new building and doesn't "feel" like a church. I can find any excuse NOT to go. Sometimes I have a pity party on the way there. Oh, poor, Deb...
I was sitting in the middle, now I sit in the 2Nd row, right up front by the aisle. It feels better up there. Not as "big". I was sitting alone, once again, poor Deb. I keep telling myself, "it's about God", Not Me. Then the worship pastor starts singing and I'm SO glad I'm there. There is a nice young couple that sit next to me :) We are pew pals. They have prayed with me one Sunday when I was overwhelmed, as well as the Pastor. I am Blessed Every Sunday when I go. The music and message from the Pastor are "right-on". Today I wasn't feeling "loved". Pastor talked about how God spreads salve on our "wounds" to heal us, because He Love Us. That was for ME.
Blessing for today: GOD KNOWS MY HEART. GOD LOVES ME/YOU. It truly isn't about me and when I remember this I am Blessed.
Blessing are there, I need to be there too.
Warmly, Deb


Brook said...

Pretty cards Deb. We all have our pitty parties at times! I read the Bible when I feel lonley and it instantly lifts me up.
Have a good evening.


countrygirl3031 said...

Hi Deb...I love your cards! Wished we lived closer so we card swap. I'm just learning, but I love it!


thevintagejournal said...

Hi oh what a blessing you are to share that great story. It's all about Jesus! Blessings Denise

Glenda~Many Fond Memories said...

I love the vintage cards. My mother had a lot in the buffet. And when we cleaned out the house I spoke up for them. They are truly wonderful. I came home with six boxes of them. The ones that the cards came in.

I haven't the heart to send them to anyone.


Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

What a great post, Deb! I think we all need this remainder, that it isn't all about us! Thanks for sharing this! :)

Hugs, Rhonda

Nicol said...

I LOVE stationary and cards as well. Of course, it doesn't stay around for very long. It is a very typical item on my Christmas list for the past 16 years! That is how long I have been penpalling. I lost contact with my original penpal of 16 yrs. Mine are mostly all over Europe and Asia!

I think that it is wonderful that you attend church on your own. Growing up I attended church a lot on my own. I believe it made me stronger as a person because I had to rely on my faith and not on the faith of my parents.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Wow! You've got some adorable cards! I haven't ever found any vintage stationary though how awesome! And I love your banner! It turned out really good! I love the little girl! Doesn't it feel more crafty to make it yourself than doing it completely on the computer?
Have a good week, Lindsey

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Absolutely love old cards, postcards, stationary, etc, too. I like make copies of some so I don't ruin the originals and use them for crafts etc. Love your collection. cherry

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

I just hopped over from Donna Lynn's. I'm so glad I did ~ To find a thrifty gal who loves chocolate is a treat indeed.

I'm so glad that you were blessed today.


Tootsie said...

those cards are so pretty! I wish I could do that sort of thing. My sis does the scrapbooking photos either stay in my computer or end up in plastic sleeves in a binder! I should be ashamed she says...then I look at her plants and gardens and say...right back at ya babe! lol

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I commend your efforts to get to church even though you might not want to be going. I remember that feeling and then you're there and you are so glad you are.
I think it's great that you have pen pals. I miss written letters. It's not very personal when you can hit a 'delete' button and there goes your letter. Sometimes I print up my favorite ones, but it's just not as personal. I like the hand written ones. Have a wonderful week! Twyla

Diana Lyn said...

love the stationary, can you email me! Xo Diana Lyn

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

I am also a fan of vintage cards. I love vintage postcards myself. I think you've a neat collection there and I know I'd love to sit with you and peruse the contents of that dresser :0).
I'm happy to hear you made it to church. Often I've felt like you, but isn't it just so that once you are "there" you are glad you made it?

Joanne Kennedy said...

Love those vintage cards you have. I like them too. They are so cute and remind me of a by gone era where things were so much nicer and simple then.

I wish I lived by you. I would go to church with you. I like going alone though. That way I don't have to talk to anyone and I can go and be alone with God. When I'm with someone I feel like I have to listen to them if they talk or wonder what they are thinking about or if they are watching me.

I drive about 45 mins to get to the church I go to. I love it.


LillyB said...

Hi Deb!
I love your blog! I love to shop yard sales and find treasures. I tried to have a yard sale once, but people hurt my feelings and all of a sudden, those items weren't for sale, I took them back inside LOL (I know that was terrible!!) Second, I wanted to share about a lady I go to church with, every Sunday for over 10 years she went to church and sat a Bible on the seat next to her for her husband. The Bible had his name on it and she was believing God for him to sit there one day. Well, today He sits there and is also active in our Sunday school and social functions. See God knows the desires of our hearts and will give them to us if we continue to seek Him first. Keep believing girl!
God Bless you richly Sister!!