Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Here it is....all ready for Halloween. Let's take a little look and see. The white pumpkins: one is crackled and the other fabric. I bought them from Martha at Vintage Truffle. They are awesome. Sorry the photo is poor. I don't have the hang of getting good pics. On the mirror is a hanging that says "Happy and below "Halloween". I know you can't see it very well. :(
This little Trick box and framed picture are from a Halloween swap and they are from Joanne at My Little Cottage in the Making...there are more, but must be saved for the post on the 8th. The pumpkin with a crow is from Home Goods. I like layering items with books:)

The photo above shows my vintage little Halloween candles. There is an Ghost,Owl, Pumpkin man and Kitten with Hat. They had sold for pennies in the "olden" days :) Now they sell for a few dollars each.The Orange paper pumpkin is OLD and is a treasure. It's a little burnt inside and I bought it at an estate sale last year for $15.00 . If it was in better shape it could be worth $35.00 or more :)

This is the other end of the mantle and this kitty in the pumpkin is a repo that I like. Again..layering:) So, that is the mantle for this Halloween. In the middle of the mantle is the black sprakle pumpkin that I "made".
Now... A Special ...THANK YOU to JUDY at BROCANTE AND ETC. who has given me the
"Super Commenter Award".... how sweet was that:) You should visit Judy. I so enjoy her blog, and as you are figuring out...I love to talk:) One of the benefits of a blog...No One Interupts me and I can talk as long as I want. Lets see your Halloween decor or Fall decor or more of your projects:) I do have more to say...so I'll be posting again this week:) Warmly, Deb

Thursday, September 25, 2008


This wreath is on my front door. **** WELCOME FALL **** WELCOME FRIENDS ****
Ooops...hey...who put this pictures of my chocolates on this blog....I'm busted. I went to my favorite candy store today and treated myself :) There is a peanut butter chocolate, a toffee piece and then a Raspberry Truffle....ohhhhhh, yessssssss a little bit of heaven on earth :)

Back to some pretty fall leaves. This is for sure, Heaven on Earth. I wonder why the leaves are so pretty, when in fact, they are dying ???

More pretty leaves

Ohhh, yes this nice picture is a Renoir, titled "On the Terrace. It's sofa size and may have to stay here for awhile

Okay, here are today's treasures. Coffee tin, FREE, old folding ruler, FREE, deers, squirrel figurine, bluebirds, amber birds, 2 shakers, couple cigar boxes to alter, white candle holder will be sprayed, fence planter, altogether under $15.00. So, it was a pretty good hunt. Read today's paper for estate sales on Saturday and a couple look pretty good. I am going to try to STAY home tomorrow and work on the cards and putz around the house. Have a great weekend .
Warmly, Deb :) Oh, yes, you probably have noticed misspelled words in other post...
...sorry...fingers faster than my brain and I forget to use the spell check. Spelling isn't my strong point...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

*********A FULL WEEK*********

Aren't these beautiful...in there own way. A bin full of gourds. These were at a road stand and I just had to take a picture. On the way to the Old Barn sale was this house built of pumpkins. How unique is that !!
Sorry these photos aren't in order. This, below is a before of a white pumpkin...

Add the famous black spray paint..........

Ta da...I also sprayed it with glitter paint and it has a nice glow about it. You can't see that in the photo. but it really looks nice and then a little ribbon and leaves...

This is the Old Barn. Isn't it cool. They have a sale once a year and I try to go. I love how they have it decorated. Lots of Halloween, Fall and Christmas treasures with some antiques. The
prices are good. It's a nice drive.

Look how pretty things are. Inside and outside. It's just a fun shop.

A good place to pick up on some new decorating ideas. I need to learn how to paint with a brush and start to paint things to make them pretty :)

Ohhhh...look what the mailman delivered to me this week...I just love surprises:) Look how pretty it's wrapped...what could it be.... It's A Gift from Twyla and Lindsey from Two Crazy Crafters. How very kind and super sweet of them.
Inside the box I found some vintage greeting cards, a handmade Nursery rhyme wall art by Lindsey, sage green coasters, blue & cream kitchen wash cloth, awesome House slippers in my favorite colors :) and a darling ceramic coin purse bank that I was lusting after. As I said that was very kind and I THANK YOU so much...it was a week brightener :)Big HUGS to you two!!
See how cute these house slippers are. Twyla sells them on her Esty !! So, you can have some too. NO..........my foot isn't that LONG...it's just I don't know how to change things once it's on the post....

Saturday we set up for the Junk Market nor far from the house. Thanks Ginger for letting us set up in front of your store that sell furniture and collectables.
Below is some of the things we were trying to sell at the Junk Market. Notice the bike that we think is from 1956.. pretty cool. We had lots of lookers, no buyers. We may try to sell it on Ebay.

Oops ............didn't realize that I put it in twice...a long blog and I missed that :)

Today I made some cards and didn't take any pics as this is one long post. Today's sermon was "walking in Jesus footsteps...following Him one step at a time and loving our neighbor. It was a sermon to take to heart. To love my neighbor, pray for them and engage with them. Bloggers are my neighbors, and I will try to do these for you. Have a great Monday. What did you do this weekend??? Warmly, Deb

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I am trying something new....I am renting space at a cute home that has monthly sales..HOW QUAINT is the name of the sale. This is the room that has my treasures in. It's a 4 day sale.
It was a bathroom. It has a window that I have placed aprons and have hung hankies that people can buy. This has been my "job" for the last 2 weeks, getting treasures marked and decorating my space. It will be open this Thursday-Sunday. I hope lots of items sell. A girl needs her own "pin" money and I hope this is the way I'll have mine.

Guess who lost her 1st tooth today while eating spaghetti at her Grandma's house...yes..it was Kailee. You can see the new tooth already. She's hoping the "tooth fairy" will leave her some money tonight :) Tomorrow I'm off to a great craft sale in an old, huge barn.They sell lots of unique items as well as antiques and real pumpkins. I'm looking for white ones and maybe some bittersweet if it isn't too expensive. I 'll also try to do some Christmas shopping there. It's a little drive and the leaves are turning, so maybe I'll get to take some nice photos. I'll post a little before and after soon. Just a mirror in a new color. Happy Wednesday. Warmly, Deb

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Picking her up and she had a great day. Thank you Lord !!
DQ treat after the BIG DAY..yummy.

Thank you for your prayers for Kailee and me. All went perfectly for both of us. When I went along to pick her up after school, Kailee had the biggest smile on her face. PTL!!! On to the next post. I keep forgetting how to do this so I'll just do another post. Warmly, Deb

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Welcome to part two of the 5 cent tour. This Hoosier was purchased at an estate sale, just around the corner of our home. It was the 2nd day of the sale and we bought it for under $200.00. YES, that was a "steal". We also bought a bedroom set,a very nice oriental rug and a dresser for husband. That was a Great Sale. The Hoosier is in the "Hoosier room/foyer/office/room and is to the left of the front door when you come in. The first owners used it as an informal eating area and the neighbors told us they would play cards there. We bought "Ramblewood" from the original owners :)
In the corner, by the Hoosier is part of my Longaberger collection. I have slowed down on collecting, as I'm not really "working" and they are high end baskets. I do buy the yearly Christmas basket. It's a gift my my husband !

Isn't that heart one a cute one. The iron stand that they are on, guess what, is from another estate sale. :)

Oh, My, Look who still LOVES to sleep on his back???
JACKSON BROWN, doing what he does best...when not doing naughty things. I hope you enjoyed this tour...there will be more, down the road.
This is a thought from "Our Daily Bread" which I try to read each day as a devotional, and today it spoke to me...from Deut.4:9
"Lest you forget the things your eyes seen...teach them to your children and your grandchildren."
and "If children are to find their way to God, we must point the way ."
Very powerful to me.
Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate each and every comment from you, my blogging friends. Warmly, Deb :)