Sunday, October 19, 2008


Today we went to the 2nd day of 2 estate sales.This is when the items are reduced and we found some great buys. This mantle clock it awesome. You can't see the colors very well, it has a green and black on the posts and the rest of the clock is black. We both love old clocks. Not sure if it works..but at 40%off , it's a good deal. The rest of the items were 50% off..see the cute little baby shoes :) There are also hankies, books, playing cards with a cute little Dutch girl, old tea tin and cut little girl dress patterns:)
When I was a little girl, these Jack & Jill magazines the "thing" and I found them from the early 60's, a Christmas tin, baby mittens and more.Happy Dance :) At the second sale we bought lots of paper items that were from old railroads...and a couple of pieces of furniture, which I forgot to take a picture of...a cute standing corner shelf and very sweet round parlor/piano type stool with claw feet and they were reduced also..might have to enjoy them for awhile.

These next photos are my "Set Up" at the craft show. That was interesting. I sold 60 cards, 1 baby shoe, a couple of tags and notebooks....I can now Cross this off my TO DO list. One benefit was meeting other crafters. Behind me was the sweetest older couple. Her name is Mert :) and she helped me with some embroidering. She makes lovely kitchen dish clothes and I HAD to buy a couple from her...

Below is the goodies I received from Mary at Daisy Bouquet. She started a swap in September and we will be swapping through December. I forgot to show you the Sept. goodies, but here are all the October treasures. THANK YOU MARY...stop by her blog sometime :)

She made copies of vintage Halloween postcards that are so sweet. Below are lots of goodies that I will enjoy:) She sent a beautiful piece of fall fabric that I can sew into a table I have to find the sewing machine under all the laundry:) There was candy, and crafts that I can do with Kailee..just so much fun..

Other news....Amber is all settled into her apartment and it will feel like home in no time. The craft show was a lot of work and I will not do that again. The "customers" said they liked my cards and yet I came home with many...they were only $2.00 each... and the darling baby shoes people really loved and I only sold 1. The others will go to the antique booths.

It was a wonderful fall day and we gathered all the leaves up..until the rest of them fall off the trees and now I'm catching up on blogs and marking more things for the occasional sale that starts on Thursday at How Quaint... I have to have my space all ready by Wednesday evening and I will be helping at the sale this time. Husband has a terrible headache and is in bed.
I know I had other things to tell you, and have forgotten...Have a great week and I'll come by and see what's new with you...Warmly, Deb :)


Twyla and Lindsey said...

Wow, sounds like you had a really busy weekend. Glad you had such success at the estate sale. I am proud of you for trying the craft sale. I hope you'll have better luck with How Quaint. Have a very nice week. Twyla

Sher said...

SIXTY cards? OMG! I'm not surprised you sold that many, because they are beautiful - I'm surprised you were able to make so many! ;) What a busy gal!

Neabear said...

You still sold a lot of cards. I tried craft fairs quite a few years ago, but did not do well, I had a hard time making a lot of the same things. Turned into not being fun for me. But I enjoy visiting craft fairs and I do actually buy things now and thing.:-)

Joanne Kennedy said...

I don't know where you get the time to do all you do in a day. You must be so tired at the end of they day. I know I would be.

Speaking of your darling cards, I got mine in the mail. I love it. I have it up and love looking at it. You have so much tallent.


Janiece said...

I know that for me I love Craft Fairs, but this is my first year that I have been leaving with nothing in hand, no matter HOW BAD I want it...saving every penny it seems.
I hate it when I feel this weay, afraid to spend on anything.

Chris said...

I love you cards, also love going to craft fairs.


Judy said...

I remember the Jack and Jill magazines too. Wow that seems like forever ago...ok it was wasn't it? Such a wonderful and busy weekend you had. I'm glad you had such a great time.

Brenda said...

Looks like a wonderful time. So happy to be back to see my blog friends,Brenda

LillyB said...

Fantastic!! I am so happy for you! Great finds! Come look at my $1.25 lamp on my page!!! I also found a CD set I have been looking for " The Red Tent" for $1.00 so I was so excited!
God Bless you!

Glenda said...

What a find with the old clock. I love old ones as well. I have an old Seth Thomas mantel that still works and chimes. I love hearing the chime.

I haven't been to an estate sale since we had one last year for my parents things.


Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Hi Deb, Don't get discouraged on the craft sale. Today's news has everyone on hold as far as buying. Sales are down everywhere. It will pick up after the election.
You found some treasures at the estate sales...
I'm putting you in the giveaway, for #1 I think it would be your choice, you can put it in your booth if you win. Thanks for coming by,

Victoria Lynn said...

Hi Deb,
I loved seeing the "Jack and Jill" magazines! I used to get that magazine and I remember spending hours pouring over the stories and crafts! What a fun memory...I would love to find one of those magazines. Congratulations on the craft fair and don't be too discouraged...I've done craft fairs where I only sold a couple of things! It's not you, it's this economy! :) Have a blessed week!
Victoria Lynn

Charmingdesigns said...

Thanks for coming by for my giveaway, L House on the P. is my Hubbys favorite show too!! Laurie

Diana Lyn said...

Hi , What a nice weekend for you! I think 60 cards is wonderful! Have you tried Hallmark? LOL your cards are wonderful! The goodies you found at the estate sale are wonderful , Love the clock! Thanks for my Sweet Pug Birthday card, I love it have it on my desk so I can see it every day! Pink HUgs Diana Lyn!

This simple Life said...

You sold 60 cards! That's good , isn't it? I have never done a craft show, don't know where I would get the time to make that much stuff. As it is I feel like I am working around the clock.

You also found some great stuff. Love the Jack and Jill mags.

Empty Nest Full Life said...

I enjoy estate sales. I used to help with some, and I do miss it. It is a lot of hard work though. Looks like you had a fun weekend. Jackie

Pearl said...

Hi Deb... As always, I really enjoy looking at all of the wonderful treasures you find on your "outings"... I am especially fond of your lil kittie-cat hanging on the edge of the glass, the decks of cards, and the ballerina hankie... sooo pretty! And, the Jack O'Lantern book is awesome! So sorry the craft show was not what you'd hoped for...

Thanks so much for your visits... Mocha is feeling a lil better, thankfully! It's gotten cold here, and I'm not liking that... blahhh... Hope you're having a great day... God bless...

~hugs 'n prayers~


roseylittlethings said...

You got some great goodies!!!! Craft shows are a lot of work! In order to make money I think you have to get into the big shows that cost a lot to enter, at least this was the case back in CA.

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

Talk about a busy weekend. Hopefully this week you'll be able to catch some rest.
I think it's great you went out and participated at that craft fair, and you sold a good amount of cards. You deserve a big hug for that!
I hope you have a great day!

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I hope you like them. Have a great day...m.

Somewhere In Time- Christie (yardsalequeen) said...

Hey Deb! Look at all the treasures! That clock is awesome and I love the vintage hankies and cards too. How neat. I wish you would have sold out at the craft show...your table is set up so pretty. Glad that your daughter got all settled in her new apartment....You have a great week too!

Kim's Treasures said...

Love your new treasures!!! Are more pin cushions in store with the baby shoes?

Sorry that craft fair didn't go any better in the selling department. It's fun to make new friends though! Maybe you could open an etsy or something like that.

Hope you get some rest after such a busy weekend!

countrygirl3031 said...

Hi Sis ~ I'm so sorry you didn't sell more at the craft show. I absolutely love your cards and can't understand why they didn't just fly off your tables.

You got some great treasures at your estate're always lucky at that!


Cottagecheap said...

I am so glad you are back and survived the sale.
The chaos is over, closing is done now we WAIT to move in. Saturday night we should be able to get some stuff down there.

Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

Oh what treasures you found at the estate sale !

Craft shows ARE a lot of work...which is why I don't do them any more LOL. You did quite well I think.



Hi Deb. I love that beautiful old clock! You are truly one busy lady.

I hope you enjoy the pumpkin bars. That recipe sure makes a bunch of sweet treats.

Have a lovely week! We have storms and cooler weather on the way.


Nermal and Kitty said...

My goodness, you sure do find the goodies, don't you? I'm with Joanne in that I don't know how you do all you do. My sister & I used to a subscription to Jack & jill when we were young-why didn't we keep them? ha.
Love your blog-so much to see. Nerm

Pink Slippers said...

Love the clock--40% off? Sounds good to me.

Cottage Rose said...

Love your blog, a gal after my own heart...garage saleing!! I have a clock very similar to the one you picked up, also got it at a garage sale. It sometimes amazes me how little sentimental value some people attach to things to want to sell them for a song! Lucky for us, thou, I suppose.