Sunday, November 30, 2008


Here are a few of my vintage ornaments. Can you see the snowman ?? I'll show you more later.I received my Vintage Christmas Swap box from Emily at Livin' Vintage. She is a sweet collage gal. Look at all the fun treasures she sent. Just LOVE the Treasures Emily. THANK YOU!
Vintage cards, new ribbon and card stock to made cards with.

A sweet apron with a rooster on it. Look at the Pink Pin....Emily made it. I LOVE IT. Also notice the book mark. It has a FROG on it and her Mom made it for me. THANK YOU SO MUCH..!!

Oops...put the same picture in twice.....been a long weekend.

This is the bow window in the dining area. It looks at the golf course and it's all set for Christmas. I'm using the traditional Red, Green, White and Silver.

This is the mantle, also in the traditional colors.

Side view of the mantle. Kind of a fun picture. We went out and chopped down our Christmas tree today and I decorated it tonight. I'll take photos and post them later this week. I'm not finished decorating the tree. I have to put the tinsel on it.
We had our Thanksgiving on Saturday and I had 6 adults and 3 children. My son brought his girlfriend and she has two little boys so Kailee had someone to play with. Just love the turkey leftovers.
Daughter and I went shopping on Friday. I just bought what was on the list. We were done with our shopping in a couple of hours. I still have a couple of items to buy. I am almost done:)
What did you gals do??? We are having a small gathering on Saturday. I'll try to visit you all this week. I have baking to do, cleaning and a little more decorating before Saturday. Have a great week. Christmas Cheer.....Deb

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


This is a poinsettia plant that I bought at the local grocery store. It's the small one and I love the color. Deep red, just right for Christmas. This frog is in my lavender bathroom. This is a vintage ornament in his basket. It says: Merry Christmas!! He is cute.
I WON Miss Rhea's 100th Post Give Away. She is a talented pastry maker. Her beautiful treats look REAL....and they are not.

Miss Rhea was very generous and sent 3 cupcakes, 3 petite fours and 2 little sugar cubes with a flower on top. I didn't take a photo of those, sorry. She also gave me some pretty vintage wall paper to use in a craft.

Don't you just want to lick the frosting??!! I do :)

They are in my china cabinet and look so pretty. I will be using them for Tea parties as lovely decorations. THANK YOU SO MUCH RHEA......I LOVE THEM!!!
I did get the mantle decorated and will post again after Thanksgiving. Are you going shopping on Friday??? I think I might. We will be getting the Christmas tree on Sunday. We go and chop one at the tree farm. I love the smell of fresh cuts trees. I always put white lights on the tree. What color light do you put on???

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Yes, Jackson Brown looks as sweet as can be. He is such a funny little boy. Today while I was trying to up load photos on the computer...evil enter his body....
This WAS a very pretty pillow that a friend gave me. It belong to her Mom who recently passed away. She gave it to me as a little memento...

ALL of the stuffing ended up on the floor. The photos don't show the complete mess he made. When he isn't getting enough attention....this is what he does...Rips, shreds, destroys...

Very, very Bad Dog he can be.

Here is the after of the before that ended up 2 post before. I didn't want to make another before so you will have to go to that post after the Christmas Puppies post.
Tomorrow there are a couple of estate sales to go to. Saturday I'll be working my 4 hour shift at the monthly sale shop. I hope you all have a great weekend. I also think I may put up a little more Christmas decorations. It will be here before we know it. God Bless. Deb

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I wanted to post about a gift I received today in the mail...however I can't up load the photos. The computer will "let" me up load a photo from my banner file, so this is what you get today.
I will try to post my gift before this weekend. Enjoy this little vintage card. I must say THANK YOU to Sharon from My Vintage Studio who sent me the gift, for no reason...more about that this week.

I will do a little "THANKFUL THURSDAY". I am very Thankful for a warm home. I have no idea what life is like for the homeless. My mind doesn't want to go there. In Minnesota we have LONG and COLD winters. The shelters sometimes have to turn people away in the winter as they are full. Can you image that??? We do have a "rule" that your gas can't be turned off during the winter months if you get behind in paying your heating bill. Sometimes I say a prayer for the homeless...and I really hope that it helps. I know that God is in control and SEES everything and I wonder if He is sad when He sees the homeless.

Stay warm, continue to be Thankful and help when you can in anyway that you can. God Bless.


I have been reading a new blog, to me, called The Vintage Studio. It belongs to a very nice gal named Sharon. She does altered paper items and post vintage postcards and things that you can use to make crafts with.
She visited me one day and asked for my address as she wanted to send me something...for NO REASON...of course I sent her my address. Who doesn't want a gift??!! This week my gift arrived:) wrapped in pretty papers and with a note.

Will you just LOOK at these so very sweet baby shoes...LOVE THEM and I have plans for them. She also sent a Sun Bonnet towel with matching potholders in pretty blue that are in my kitchen.
THANK YOU SHARON. I so love them and can't believe how kind and sweet that was of you:)
So gals, you just NEVER know when someone will Brighten Your Day and Bless You with Friendship. I've added Sharon's blog to my Blogging Friends, so hop over and visit her.BIG HUG SHARON:)

Okay, this computer IS NOT MY FRIEND...this is a before and I now LOST the after. I don't know what the %#@@$$&* -- I just did...just bums me OUT...SO I'll be back with the rest of the post later this weekend. WHY does this Happen????
Bye for now. Keep's pretty COLD here. I have on 2 tops and I'm still cold...
Warmly (wish I was warm) guess I need to change my sign off...I'll have to think of a new one:)
Deb :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Isn't this a sweet photo!!!I think this was taken at the big Sears store not far from where we lived. I'm guessing I'm 5 or 6 my middle sister is 18 months younger than me and the baby sister is 5 years younger and looks about 1-ish in the photo. I'm trying to find more. My Dad took slide photos and the baby sister has them. Dad was into taking LOTS of photos/slides. I hope I made some good memories for my kids. I went through my divorce when they were 8 and 10 years old. The first Christmas as a single Mom wasn't fun for me. Of course I tried to make it FUN for them...One can only do her best during the hard times. I'm hoping to see some of your "OLD" photos SOON. Warmly,

Monday, November 10, 2008


I am 10 years old here. This was taken at my Grandparents home. My Grandma's name is Zetta, like the flower. Her sister's names are Pansy and Daisy. Isn't that sweet!! My Grandparents have passed on. They took us on great summer vacations, they had a huge garden and the freezer always had treats to eat. Grandpa would always eat the burnt marshmallows when we made them over the fire. He took us fishing and was so kind. I miss them. Sorry the color is so dark. My Mom made our dresses and see our little puppy. I think that was Pixie. The simple life:)

I am going through some "vintage" Christmas photos and will be sharing them with you the next few weeks and think it would be fun if you did the same....some fun memories. It's feeling a lot like Christmas and I have the BUG to start decorating for Christmas....Have a great day.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


The Rockette show was so Awesome, Beautiful and I am so glad we went. Sorry my photos don't show just how beautiful the backgrounds were and are fuzzy.

So many colorful backdrops and decorations. The show was about 1 1/2 hours long. I wish it was longer.

They had Santa and Baby Jesus with real lambs, camel and donkey. AWESOME...the music and everything was magical. The dancers are incredible...oh to be a dancer:) I TOTALLY recommend the show to Everyone..:)
And now for the Winner of my 101st giveaway is .....Rechelle from Walnuthaven Cottage...
Congrat's Rechelle...please email me with your address :)
AND now for a Surprise giveaway. I took all the names from the post I did about My Gift to my Blogging Friends and the winner of that one is.....Joyce from my Justified Journey....
Joyce I need your address and I'm not sure what goodies I'll put in the box...something for Christmas.. ??? Congrat's Joyce.
Thank you Friends, for your comments, support and blogging friendships...God Bless you All.

Friday, November 7, 2008


This is Jackson Brown sucking on his woolie bed. He does this all the time. :) See his paw, he has allergies, poor little guy. I was asked what breed Jackson Brown is, all of our dogs are Jack Russell Terriers. We have had Jacks since 1994.
These items are all from the thrift store. The candle holder was green and I sprayed painted white. Cost $1.69 for the candle holder. The 2 candle rings with silver balls, 69 cents each, the white and green glass balls, pennies, already had the white candles...

so the complete project under $4.50 :) That was fun. I was going to sell it at the booth....

But, Not Now.

My question to you is: How much time do you spend blogging??? Do you make a daily post??
How many blogs do you read??? Do you leave comments?? Just wondering!!!
My friend, Brook, from The House Built with Love has decided to stop blogging. I went to her post the other day and she was GONE. I emailed her and she wants to spend more time with her family and in God's word. So, that got me to thinking...just how much time do I spend blogging when MAYBE, I should be doing other things??!!I also noticed the LeAnn at Simply Dandy blog is also gone. I just wish the gals would say Good Bye first as my little mind thinks something awful has happened, which isn't the case. My imagination is wild. Once, again, Have a great weekend and don't forget to read the post below. Warmly, Deb

Thursday, November 6, 2008


These little treasures are for the 101th post giveaway . I missed my 100th post..too much going on and I totally forgot. This is for those who are regular readers. Please do not share with others that I am having a giveaway.They can find it on their own. Just leave a comment and you will be entered. The comment must be made before Saturday5PM as I will draw the winner late Saturday night. There is a vintage Santa cookie cutter, hankie is also vintage, cute little Christmas plate, new kitchen towel and vintage Santa napkins with paper coasters. This is how little Jackson Brown STILL like to sleep. He is the funniest little dog :)
It was SO busy at the thrift store today and there was so much stuff. Lots and Lots of Christmas goodies. I talked to one of the workers and she said there is SO much...I was there for over and hour, probably closer to 2!!!

These are some goodies that I picked up today at the thrift store. It was loaded with Christmas items.These are going to the booths, and some for decorating with.
Below are earrings, LOTS of them to resale for a friend. Sorry the photo doesn't show how very pretty they are.

This jewelry I'm selling for a friend, Marge, at the shops that I rent space at.She gave me a huge box of yummy vintage pretties. I gave them a little bath and they sparkle like new! Oops, one of the photos just disappeared while I was typing this. Sometimes I really don't like this computer.
Tomorrow night we are going to see the RADIO CITY CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR SHOW starring the ROCKETTES. I am so excited. I've wanted to see them for the last couple of years. They had a special on tickets, only $25.00 per person so we are going with another couple.
Also I had husband look up the Tea set on a past post and they are from l898 and that makes them REAL antiques.:) They are from the Victorian era and are lovely. I must get some polish and make them shine. I'm still behind in marking items for the booths. I hope you all have a great weekend. I'll post the winner's name on Sunday or Monday. I know I forgot to tell you gals something else... I'm thinking that I may have adult ADD or the beginning of ....oops I just forgot again...LOL...Warmly, Deb

Sunday, November 2, 2008


This is my Godson, Zach. He is ready for a costume party that my son was giving. I haven't seen Zach in years. He is awesome. I'm not sure what he was...His folks stopped by also and we had a nice visit. They live up "north".

These are the goodies for resale that I found at the estate sale that we went to. They had LOTS of old Avon for cheap..

Also this very Victorian tea pot, sugar and creamer. They need to be polished and I'll look them up to see if they have any value. There are marking on the bottom and a date that say l896. Could it be Valuable??!!

Below, little Kailee, a Hippie, for Trick and Treating, and Jackson Brown hind end...he is always checking things out. The weather was wonderful for trick & treating. Warm and sunny.

Have you ever seen a blue turkey platter??? Me, either. I also need to look this up. It's part of my decorations. Not for sale.

Thanksgiving decorations on the bow window that faces the golf course. Too much glare so you can't see things very well.

The Thanksgiving Mantle. I have 2 turkey plates with a few other things. I moved a couple of items from the bow window and put them on the mantle.The pumpkin on the clock has a little saying. which I have just forgot...something about Thanksgiving Blessings..

More turkeys and decorations.

I was checking out blog land and found this blog: her name is Mary and she is doing a 30 day of Contentment Therapy. This is something that I need to do daily, be content. Sometimes after visiting blogs, I have ENVY. It might be some treasure that I would love to have or a trip that I would love to go on...sometimes I run out and buy myself a treasure because I saw it on a blog. Of course it's beautiful and would look great in my home, BUT, I have plenty of treasures, more than I can display. Contentment....that's what it's about. To be Happy with what I already have. Appreciate what I already have. Enjoy what I already have....Be Thankful for what I already have. With that said, it's my goal to try to be content with all that I have and Thank God for all He has given me. Go ahead and check out Mary's blog.

I am working on a little giveaway for my 100th post, which I see was my last post. I forgot to keep track of that. Oops...time gets away from me. I better check out my goodie box and find some goodies to giveaway and take some photos of the treasures for someone to receive. What did you do this weekend??Warmly, Deb