Thursday, November 6, 2008


These little treasures are for the 101th post giveaway . I missed my 100th post..too much going on and I totally forgot. This is for those who are regular readers. Please do not share with others that I am having a giveaway.They can find it on their own. Just leave a comment and you will be entered. The comment must be made before Saturday5PM as I will draw the winner late Saturday night. There is a vintage Santa cookie cutter, hankie is also vintage, cute little Christmas plate, new kitchen towel and vintage Santa napkins with paper coasters. This is how little Jackson Brown STILL like to sleep. He is the funniest little dog :)
It was SO busy at the thrift store today and there was so much stuff. Lots and Lots of Christmas goodies. I talked to one of the workers and she said there is SO much...I was there for over and hour, probably closer to 2!!!

These are some goodies that I picked up today at the thrift store. It was loaded with Christmas items.These are going to the booths, and some for decorating with.
Below are earrings, LOTS of them to resale for a friend. Sorry the photo doesn't show how very pretty they are.

This jewelry I'm selling for a friend, Marge, at the shops that I rent space at.She gave me a huge box of yummy vintage pretties. I gave them a little bath and they sparkle like new! Oops, one of the photos just disappeared while I was typing this. Sometimes I really don't like this computer.
Tomorrow night we are going to see the RADIO CITY CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR SHOW starring the ROCKETTES. I am so excited. I've wanted to see them for the last couple of years. They had a special on tickets, only $25.00 per person so we are going with another couple.
Also I had husband look up the Tea set on a past post and they are from l898 and that makes them REAL antiques.:) They are from the Victorian era and are lovely. I must get some polish and make them shine. I'm still behind in marking items for the booths. I hope you all have a great weekend. I'll post the winner's name on Sunday or Monday. I know I forgot to tell you gals something else... I'm thinking that I may have adult ADD or the beginning of ....oops I just forgot again...LOL...Warmly, Deb


Hilda said...

Oh wow, I would love to win your giveaway!! Love all those goodies you are offering!And I know I've told you before, that I just love your blog! Especially enjoy seeing what you buy secondhand and the stuff you sell!
Take care,


Your are so sweet and I'm glad you like my blog. Do you have a blog??
It's fun to shop and lots of work to get things ready to resale. It's a fun hobby.
Thanks for stopping by.

Joanne Kennedy said...

Hi! What a super fun giveaway. I'm sitting here with my hand waving in the air yelling "PICK ME!! PICK ME!!" Can you hear me? LOL

Love the great stuff you found at the thrift store. What a great score you made.

Oh don't polish the tea set. Sell it as is. Some people want it in that condition and often real antiques are worth more if you don't try to do anything to them.

There are actual reenactments that go on and they are called camps. It's where a group of people get together and go camping and live as closely to the time period. They would love to have your tea set in that condition. Do you sell on eBay? If so, you may want to try that. List it as an authentic Victorian/Civil War piece and I'm sure you will get several bidders.

Remember I joined the Victorian Tea Society group? I've been reading and learning all kinds of stuff about that time period.

Oh I saw you won that great giveaway from Rhea. Those faux goodies are so cute. I would love to have those to put with my pink Christmas display. Can't wait to see what you do with them.

I think I'll be able to show off my new blog layout this weekend and when I do I'm going to do a giveaway so be sure to check in on me ok.


Joanne Kennedy said...

Oh one more thing, You are going to LOVE the show! I saw it last year for the first time and can't wait to see it again when it comes this year.


Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

Deb, you're to funny. Have a fab time seeing the Rockettes. What a joy!
I'd love to entered in the give a way...that hankie is just screaming my name. Can you hear it? I know you can! lol!
That little blue Christmas tree plate is so cute. I can't believe how great some of the stuff you find is! Yahoo on that antique silver set. It really is a treasure.

Susan said...

Your giveaway is so cute! What kind of dog is Jackson Browne? He's really funny like my dog, Jake.

Jan and Tom's Place said...

What sweet things you got at the shop!!

I'd love to win your give-away...and congratulate you on your 101st post!!! LOL!!

Have a blessed weekend, Deb...


LillyB said...

Well, I guess the wonderful season is approaching...Walmart and Hobby lobby are just covered up with Christmas items! Your give a way looks wonderful! And I wish you would send me a close up of some of those earrings! The Rockettes??? Just the thought made me smile! The last time I kicked my leg high is when a spider was on me and I drop kicked him...couldn't hardly walk for a week LOL!!! Have a great weekend at the show and any hunting. I will be on the hunt Saturday!
God Bless you!!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I'm sure glad I'm one of the 'in' people who found your give away all on my own! Awesome stuff I'd love to win! I'm so glad you found great stuff at the thrift store. Hope you and your hubby have a wonderful time at the Rockettes! Give JB a smooch for me. Have a great weekend. Twyla

roseylittlethings said...

Congrats on the 100th post! Wow, you hit the mother load at the thrift. I have yet to find a good thrift here in NC, how I miss the thrifts in NAPA:( Have a great weekend!!

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

The love you have for all of your Friends in blogland is beyond words beautiful. It shows in how you make all of your swap packages so wonderful and now this great give-a-way. You are so special my friend...m...

Judy said...

I love your giveaway Deb. I'm going to do mine the same advertising. I want someone I know to win not a stranger!! Does that sound mean?

rosechicfriends said...

Hi Deb!
Congrats! Isn't is amazing how quickly it goes by? Enter me in your giveaway too, please! YEAH us!

Hey..I don't pressure myself to blog on a regular basis. I have a life outside of this and I just allow myself time to read and visit others when I need a break. I think we all have to balance life with other things we are doing..but I enjoy visiting with my blog friend. Some weeks I may be on more than others..that's why I don't stress over it.

You always find such wonderful goodies...and I guess I didn't realize you have fun is that!

How are yall doing. Things are going better here and GOD is IN control!

Blessings dear friends! Lorena

Janet, said...

Congratulations on your 101st post. I love vintage Christmas items and would love it if you could enter me in your give away.I have you bookmarked and will be coming back daily to read your blog. I love vintage items,yard sales and thrift stores.

countrygirl3031 said...

Hi Sis! Oooooo, I'm so jealous! I want to see the rockettes too, but I know Glenn won't take me. I might have to steal Cassie for a night to go!

I sooooo love all the Christmas stuff you found at the thrift store. I love this time of year! I've been crafting all day...and have glitter and paint all over my face and!

I would really love to win your giveaway too! You have the best stuff. It's probably a good thing I don't live closer to probably wouldn't have anything in your booth!!!

Have a great weekend!

Lil Sis!

Carol Sue said...

darling, darling, darling....I found your blog while starting at one blog about 20 sites ago....
I love to garage sale and love vintage. I hope I win

simple~needs said...

love the goodies!!
the giveaway is secret with me. :)

Mamabeanof4 said...

I love reading your blog! I also am a garage/thrift store junky. Keep up the awesome blogging. I would love to be a winner too.

My Vintage Studio said...

Great items for your give away!
Love the vintage earrings...wish I could buy some!
Thanks for visiting my blog. Send me your mailing address at so I can send you something vintage.
Cheers, Sharon

Pearl said...

Hi Deb... Well, I am slowly catching up... Congrats on 100+ posts! I'd ♥Love♥ to win your sweet give~away and add that hankie to my lil collection! It amazes me, all of the neat stuff you find when you go treasure hunting!! And I ♥ your cute dog... I just want to reach down 'n rub his belly... LOL God bless...

~hugs 'n prayers~


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