Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I have been reading a new blog, to me, called The Vintage Studio. It belongs to a very nice gal named Sharon. She does altered paper items and post vintage postcards and things that you can use to make crafts with.
She visited me one day and asked for my address as she wanted to send me something...for NO REASON...of course I sent her my address. Who doesn't want a gift??!! This week my gift arrived:) wrapped in pretty papers and with a note.

Will you just LOOK at these so very sweet baby shoes...LOVE THEM and I have plans for them. She also sent a Sun Bonnet towel with matching potholders in pretty blue that are in my kitchen.
THANK YOU SHARON. I so love them and can't believe how kind and sweet that was of you:)
So gals, you just NEVER know when someone will Brighten Your Day and Bless You with Friendship. I've added Sharon's blog to my Blogging Friends, so hop over and visit her.BIG HUG SHARON:)

Okay, this computer IS NOT MY FRIEND...this is a before and I now LOST the after. I don't know what the %#@@$$&* -- I just did...just bums me OUT...SO I'll be back with the rest of the post later this weekend. WHY does this Happen????
Bye for now. Keep's pretty COLD here. I have on 2 tops and I'm still cold...
Warmly (wish I was warm) guess I need to change my sign off...I'll have to think of a new one:)
Deb :)


My Vintage Studio said...

Glad you like your vintage goodies!
Have a great weekend!
Hugs, Sharon

Neabear said...

I know what you mean about frustrations with computer. But it may have been blogger too. If you lose the picture while you were writing the post, you may have accidently backspaced too much or hit the delete too much or something along those lines. I have done that before and had to reload a picture I lost. Sometimes just trying to change the picture order causes problems. This is why I started loading my picture in the reverse order of the way I want them to be. Otherwise I would have to tell my story backwards. Good luck! On the bright side, that is cool you got that gift for no reason. So nice!