Friday, January 30, 2009

A Little Thrifting, Valentines for Swap & Winner

See the sweet angel in the "H"??? My friend, Pearl, from Pearl's Sentimental Journey emailed me that print from an old postcard and I just enlarged it off the computer, found papers to enhance it and TA-DA... A Pretty greeting into my home. Thank you Pearl:) Love It!! This dog isn't innocent as he Looks...he still is shredding whatever he can find..Bad Boy!!!
Oh...look at my cute Jackson Brown...What have you been doing...into something, I'm Sure.

Scout looks like this all the time... Poor old Scout. He is sure slowing down and very good nature. Mack was camera shy today, actually, he was busy eating!!! and didn't have time to pose.

The photo above are cards I made to give to friends:) Just a fun mixture of altered cards. Below are the ones I made for the swap next week. The gold paper behind the sweet angles is embossed with Cuttlebug machine. It sure makes the cards. These took some time to make and I don't want to give them to the swap group...sometimes they get my best designs ( I think anyway!)

Yes, I did make it to the thrift store today and below are the few items I picked up for resell. Love the linens:)

See the Key with the Heart, pretty roses to decorate with and decorating book that I'll read first then sell and a couple other items not shown. Not a lot to pick from and it was busy.
OKAY......It would be super if I could give you ALL a little treasure, budget isn't there:)
SO.... the WINNER is SHER from Old Time Me Artist. Hurray....!!!! I won one of her give away when I first started blogging last June. I know I was so thrilled to win hers...and I hope she is to win mine. I know Sher would Love to meet other bloggers, so please go visit her. She sells treasures at an antique store and has lots of great ideas!!!
We are getting up early to go to 1 sale. It's advertised as a "diggers sale to the Nth"...too exciting , may not sleep tonight.....Just kidding.
Have a great weekend...hey do you know where I can find a should see this place...LOL LOL LOL ,don't they say the housekeeper's house is the dirty, the plumber's pipes leak...etc....No housekeeping jobs, Yet!!! I put up a couple of posters today. God's timing, not mine.
Off to read some blog before bed, but it's almost 10PM now and I have to get up around 5:30AM...husband wants to be there early...well that's VERY early to me.
Hi Marge...I see you can leave comments now:) Good for You!! Maybe you'll start blogging!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I had to put this photo here as I accidentally deleted it ....Yup ... that's what is left of the cupcake...a little frosting on the, what a big mouth I have ....
Remember I said that I was going to have a little treat for someone. Below is that treat and I will include a couple more items:) Just leave a comment on this post. You have until Friday night to leave a comment. This is for gals in the US...sorry...and you can't tell others about it. Kailee and I made cupcakes today after school. We used a mix and added some mini chocolate chips:) Is there anything like too much chocolate?? NO

We used PINK canned frosting and she put sprinkles on her cupcakes.

Follow these STEPS to Really enjoy eating a CUPCAKE !!!! First step, have EXTRA frosting

Second pull the paper cup off the cupcake......

Break cupcake in HALF

Add the EXTRA FROSTING to the other half...lots of it

Take a HUGE BITE ...... and below is all that is left..... My next picture I accidentally deleted and I HATE when that happens... see the first photo :) :) :)

The computer hasn't been my friend last night and tonight it took me, over 2 hours to do this post. In between loading pictures, I was working on Valentines for the swap next Thursday it wasn't a complete waste of time. I took the pictures of myself while eating the cupcake...LOL LOL Not bad considering I was stuffing my FACE...

Below is all that is left....the wrapper and for a box mix it was YUMMY IN MY TUMMY

Sorry for all the space inbetween....SO...leave a comment if you want a chance for the little treats and I'll draw a name on Friday night.
Thanks Ginger for the housecleaning lead!!! I have friends who read my blog and don't leave comments!!! Which is fine. I just to say HI to all of them sometime. And for my pen pals who read this...the letter will be in the mail..SOON...
Another thing, Jan from Rose Haven....Guess what came in the mail....The Christmas Card...kinda weird and Thanks Jan....The little angel is sweet. I'm glad it came, even though it was almost 6 weeks after the swap. Do you think the mailman just found looked a little ripped on the edges...
I'll be busy marking treasures for resell tomorrow and Friday as well as finishing up the Valentines for the card swap and just maybe go to a couple of estate sales this weekend.
I hope you gals are okay where the ice storm was and that no one is out of power...

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Thursday morning I went to a brunch at a friend's home from church . The frost on the trees was so beautiful:) I wanted to take TONS of photos on the drive to her home. God's beauty:) Little project!!! Below..
This is a little gift for a friend's birthday. Kim at Kim's Treasures gave me a "heads-up" on the frames at Target in their dollar bins. You get 3 frames for 2.50...:) Great Deal. Thanks, Kim:) It was fun and so easy to make and I only bought the frames. Using what I already have is a good thing!!!

The next photos are of hubby's TOYS. He has been collecting for 9 years....that is Toy Collecting!!! My "Boy" and his "toy's".... of course he has some old cars.

The G-Man car is one of his favorites:) See the bunny on the motorcycle:) We don't play with these toys....just look with our touching:) When Kailee was younger she was so good about just looking at them. She is still a very good little girl.

The little boy on the bike is my favorite:) You wind him up and he travels around...he is in excellent condition:) We have a FEW more :) I just wanted you to see some.
I took a pre-test for the census test. It's a 30 minute timed test. There are 28 questions.
I think the last test I took was in the 80's to get my real estate license... SOOOO....
I couldn't answer 3 of the questions and answered 12 of them WRONG.. needless to say, I didn't go on Friday to take the real test:) and I'm okay with that. Husband did and he only had 1 wrong answer... smarty pants :)
Kailee was over and we crafted:) She painted a birdhouse and made "cards". She has her own craft drawer's. Saturday night we watched a movie and today she went to church with me. It was communion Sunday and she asked me some questions. What did the cracker mean...what did the "wine/juice" mean...I answered simple and direct. She wanted to partake and I said she could when she has Jesus in her heart. She was fine with that. I was hoping that maybe...she might be ready for a relationship like that....not the right time:) It was very special time at church. It's my prayer that All my family members have a relationship with Jesus...
I have been reading blogs and my heart is heavy for so many of you. I have read about you losing your jobs, health issues and more. While only God knows the future, I know I must depend on Him. All the time. When I read about you and your situation, I say a prayer for you.
I also worked on some Valentine cards. I so enjoy making cards. It fun and when things "click" I don't want to stop.
I hope you all had a good weekend. I may not always leave a comment or visit you everyday as time doesn't allow that, just know that I care and say a prayer when needed.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I thought you would like this very SWEET VALENTINE .... Today the mailman dropped off a package...:) I joined the Very Vintage Valentine swap that Dolly hostessed. My swap partner is Connie from Living Beautifully.

Connie sent me some sweet notepaper, which I so enjoy. I have an addiction to paper. She also included some treats for my Sweet Tooth .... and ...

This darling Birdhouse that SHE MADE...just for me:) Perfect pink colors with a little red and roses.

It looks Pretty Perfect on my mantle. I will send out her package tomorrow. THANK YOU CONNIE SO MUCH....IT'S A HAPPY DAY...FOR SURE...
On Friday, husband and I are going to take a test for the U.S. Census Bureau. They are hiring for this spring. They have both full time and part time jobs. If selected, I could go door to door, in my area and interview households. It pays pretty good. It's all in God's hands. I will also be making a brochure for housecleaning and place it at the local workout place that I am going to.
I stopped my membership at Curves and have joined one that has more equipment to use plus treadmills and weights. It's almost the same price. I needed a change.
Not sure if you are going to any estate sales this weekend. $$$ Our little Granddaughter will stay over night on Saturday and she and I will go to church on Sunday.
I hope you all are having a good week.
Deb :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I finished "tweaking" the new shelf. Looks good for now. I may add more background paper so you can see the treasures better. Plus I like the blue background. :) Below are treasures from the thrift store. Love milk glass...however it doesn't sell very quickly. See the bunny coming out of the egg??? I think it's old and very Easter looking. The white bird may get tweaked... the Target dog is just cute :)
Below more Easter items. It's coming and I need to find lots of treasure to resell for both places. I have a nice personal collection of Easter items...but I'm not selling them. I'm still learning about this picture taking thing. My "staging" needs improvement.

Okay, the photo below is the Top of my Refrigerator. I like to keep it pretty much like this. Since my old real estate days, where less is more, for selling houses, I've tryed to keep my refrig looking clean. SO...I was thinking it might be fun to show off the TOP of your brave..LET'S SEE YOUR TOP!!!

I also like to keep the front clean. Since the galley kitchen is so SMALL, I really do keep extra stuff put away.
Did any of you read or hear about the cosmetic giveaway??Today you could go to a leading Department store and receive a free item. They have a list of giveaways. I went with a friend and we waiting in line to get our free item. LOTS of ladies and a few men, all wanting a freebie.
Love it :) Not sure if there will be any stuff left tonight:) Stuff was going FAST.
I'm making a turkey for dinner tonight. Love the leftovers and they make a few meals, which is always a good thing. I can smell it in the lower level where I am now. Yummy :)
I hope many of you play "WHAT"S ON TOP"!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009


This is a very rare Valentine because of the sweet little black children on it. I hope to show you more next week. Remember when I made these baby shoe pincushions???
I saw Sher's with flowers and thought, great idea and made one:) Think I might make a couple more with some pretty spring colors:)

The box below is a cigar box that I altered and made for a girlfriend for her birthday gift. I hope see doesn't see it....

This is the inside. I added buttons and fun stuff on the outside and lace around the box. She loves to sew and found this paper to use.

The cleaning on Thursday went well. I cleaned 1 toilet and it wasn't that dirty :)The other gals did the "dirty" work and let me do the dusting, polishing and vacuum in one house. I think it may work for me to be a house cleaner. I'll keep you posted.
They shared a few TIPS with me and I'll share them with you. Maybe you do them.
1. Start at the top and work down, ceiling to floor.
2. In your hand, have one wet rag to wash with in the other hand a dry rag to dry with. This may take a little practice. It does save time when you use two hands :)
3. Have all your cleaning supplies in a carry tote and take it room to room.
4. If it's CLEAN don't clean it :)
Thursday I also went to get my hair cut and she cut it shorter than I like...but it grows fast.
Friday we went out for Happy Hour and had deep dish pizza with spinach and mushroom on Favorite ... Yummy
Today I worked my 4 hour shift at the shop. I hope I sold a lot of things. My space didn't look very empty. I just don't know what people are looking for. Today we sold cabinets and white items....go figure. I had many vintage Valentines out and just a few sold. The shop is open tomorrow and maybe more will sell. The next sale is Valentine weekend so I'll leave some for that sale.
How's your weekend going. It was a nice day, the temp was in the 20's...a "heat wave"...but only in MN :)
I'm off the read your blogs...God Bless your Sunday.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


burrrrr it's SOOO COLD here. Tuesday morning it was -24 at not as COLD but there was a little wind and the rest of the week it will be COLD... I NEED TO MOVE... I thought I would show you some sweet Valentine's that I have. Of course, I'm very fond of puppy cards....
and little girls with dark hair...since I'm a burnett they could be me ?? LOL

Isn't this one below just too cute. I love her little basket and her rosy cheeks. I have been working on some projects and will show you them later this week. I figure when the crafting bug bites, I'd better do it. Tomorrow I am going to learn how to CLEAN HOUSES. A friend of mine has her own little cleaning company and I asked her to show me how to clean a house (I'm working for free to learn) and she accepted my offer. If it goes OK, I may try to get some homes to clean to earn $$$. She makes $25.00 per hour...WOW... stayed tune to hear that story... not real sure about cleaning other people's toilet....but I'm seeing dollar signs $$$$
Where has this month's already the 14th....
I Hope you all are well and keeping WARM...I'm trying to keep WARM....Hawaii sounds like a nice place to move to...I should ask husband what he thinks... :) :) :) I STILL like making those little Smiley Faces...I know it's goofy... :)
Be Happy.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


I went to an estate sale on Friday and here are a few things that I bought to resell. I will be painting the little stand white as the top of the stand is stained.

Remember this little was green and then I painted it white and used it for Christmas

Below it's ready for Valentines Day. All the items are things I already have. This little candle holder was a super buy with many uses:)

I have been in a funk...cause I haven't been in God's word. Mom went to the hospital, again, late Friday evening. Her blood pressure was again too high and I feel she gets a little panicky and may over react(just my thought). I haven't had the right heart during all this and I certainly haven't been showing the Fruit of the Spirit...Gal 5: 22-23...LOVE, JOY, PEACE, PATIENCE,GOODNESS, FAITHFULNESS,GENTLENESS,SELF-CONTROL ...these are the way of Christian life and should be a part of my life everyday, all the time. I went to church today and the singing was wonderful and the songs we sang touched me. It really is so simple, seek God, pray, read the Bible and all will be well or a little better. Thank you for the continued prayers for Mom.

Yesterday I actually had a quiet time and it was about the Fruit of the about God's timing...just perfect. I feel so much better and the anger has gone away and I have Peace. Thank you Lord. Mom is home and I PRAY all will be better and NO more visits to the hospital.

Have a Great Monday....and Thank You again.



Thursday, January 8, 2009

JUST A LITTLE **** HI ****

Just a quick HI to you all. The shelf below I picked up at the thrift store this week for $9.99 and it's in perfect shape. I was going to resale it.....but
it looks perfect on the wall by my desk :) The tin platter on the top shelf was a gift from Emily at Livin Vintage from the Christmas swap. It has flowers on it and I think is so pretty. I just put a few things up and will "tweak" it later.
If you can see the TV, you will notice Richard Simmons :) We worked out together this morning. This is the first photo I've taken of myself, by myself. This is the best one of 3 that I took:) Notice, or maybe not, NO make up on my face....

I talked to my Mom today and she is okay. I can hear in her voice that she isn't back to her old self. The nurse was to come out today. The nurse will come out again next week and Mom sees her Dr also next week . If you want to pray for Wisdom for her Dr, that would be awesome....remember, I don't feel she should still go to him...
I have a dentist appt tomorrow and then we are going to an estate sale and it sounds , Very good. I'll let you know...
I really have to get a more waiting. I have to put on my "Big Girl Panties" and get a job...I LOVE to stay home, it's just with the real estate market and mortgage business being very slow and the savings account is getting WAY down's just time ....
I was so surprised to see SO many friends visiting me. It's the most, ever:) New Year means more New Friends. I'll try to visit you all soon. I have been on the computer looking for a JOB and that takes time, plus all the other stuff a "Girl" has to do everyday, well, my little days are JUST so BUSY...LOL...Lots of humor :)
Have a Great Weekend. See you all soon.
Deb :)

The time that you see posted for this blog isn't the correct time. Guess i need to figure out on how to fix that...computers.....UGH...or maybe it's JUST ME...UGH...

Saturday, January 3, 2009


This is my Valentine card making mess, I mean design area!!! I have so many ideas in my little mind and not enough space to work in. I hope this is the Year that my Craft Room in completed. Below are the cards I made for the January card swap that is next Thursday. The theme is Thank You cards. I borrowed this stamp from a friend. I just Love it !!

Mack and Jackson Brown were enjoying themselves by the fire when I was taking down all the Christmas decorations. Sometimes they are just too darn CUTE!!

WHAT DO WE HAVE HERE.....Do I see some CHOCOLATE below...????

Kailee took this pictures of some Very Yummy candy my ex MIL gave me. She loves me and my husband. If you are wondering if there are any left....well...NO... I ate them ALL, but not at one time. They were peanut butter cream candy. I would love to have more, however I am trying to not eat candy, cakes, cookies, etc.... that is why I HAD to eat them all before the New Year !!!
Yesterday we went to a mall that was having an antique show and all I bought were a few vintage valentines. Some to keep, some to alter and some to give on the look out for a little Valentine give away coming up on a future post. It will be like the last one, no telling others, you just have to be someone who reads my blog to enter and leaves a comment. Nothing fancy for the "treasure" that will be given away.
I hope you all had a nice weekend. Isn't it exciting to see what great things will be happening in the New Year and all the Fun will have!!?? and ideas to share :)
Peace, Love and Joy to You.
Deb :)

P.S. Mom is home and is doing fine. She has a nurse that has visited her to see how she is doing and to answer questions which is great. Thank you again for all your prayers :) :)