Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I finished "tweaking" the new shelf. Looks good for now. I may add more background paper so you can see the treasures better. Plus I like the blue background. :) Below are treasures from the thrift store. Love milk glass...however it doesn't sell very quickly. See the bunny coming out of the egg??? I think it's old and very Easter looking. The white bird may get tweaked... the Target dog is just cute :)
Below more Easter items. It's coming and I need to find lots of treasure to resell for both places. I have a nice personal collection of Easter items...but I'm not selling them. I'm still learning about this picture taking thing. My "staging" needs improvement.

Okay, the photo below is the Top of my Refrigerator. I like to keep it pretty much like this. Since my old real estate days, where less is more, for selling houses, I've tryed to keep my refrig looking clean. SO...I was thinking it might be fun to show off the TOP of your Refrig....be brave..LET'S SEE YOUR TOP!!!

I also like to keep the front clean. Since the galley kitchen is so SMALL, I really do keep extra stuff put away.
Did any of you read or hear about the cosmetic giveaway??Today you could go to a leading Department store and receive a free item. They have a list of giveaways. I went with a friend and we waiting in line to get our free item. LOTS of ladies and a few men, all wanting a freebie.
Love it :) Not sure if there will be any stuff left tonight:) Stuff was going FAST.
I'm making a turkey for dinner tonight. Love the leftovers and they make a few meals, which is always a good thing. I can smell it in the lower level where I am now. Yummy :)
I hope many of you play "WHAT"S ON TOP"!!!


Connie said...

Mine has nothing on top of it. The cabinets come out so far I can't get anything on there, chickee!!

Raggedy Girl said...

I belong to the clutter fridge group! I love milk glass and your pieces are great. I amazed at what a little paper can do to make a shelf special.
Roberta Anne

Rose Haven said...

My fridge top is MT, too! Not a thing to take a photo of.

Margaret Cloud said...

Love the Easter things, especially the bunny, the shelf is nice also.

cityfarmer said...

I have a simple oversized basket on top...I, too love the front clean!

I am a compulsive nut about my fridge.

Neabear said...

I am like Connie. I can't get anything except a flyswatter on top because of the cabinet.

Janet, said...

Well I guess I could be called the clutter queen. There's not an empty spot in my house, including the top of the refrigerator. Interesting that you mention liking milk glass. The top of my fridge is covered with milk glass - a milk glass punch bowl (that I just love), creamer and sugar, candy dishes, salt and pepper, cake stand, vases...etc. And the front of the fridge, well, you don't want to know.

Pearl said...

Good Job on your Tweaking! Everything looks so pretty, Deb... even the top of your fridge... Good thing I'm short... too short to get a photo of the top of my fridge... but, if I could, you'd see dust and clutter I bet... not sure, though, since I have never been up there to peek! Have a wonderful day and keep warm... God bless...

~hugs 'n prayers~


Michelle said...

Your new treasures are pretty and your shelf looks nice!

Right now I have a decorative tin vase filled with eucalyptus and two candle holders on top of the fridge. Sometimes my husband will put boxes of cereal on top of it after grocery shopping and I just have to take them right down...don't like that at all!

Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday...stay warm! It's freezing here in MI, too...brrr!

Kim's Treasures said...

Yum turkey! I should get a shot of the top of my fridge. I did break down and decorate it this past year.

Have a wonderful day!

Joy said...

LOL...well mine has two longaberger baskets on it. One
serving trap and one fruit basket.
Sometimes I actually have fruit in it.

Diane said...

I have one Green Dish on Top, but lot's of the 3 new Grand babies Pictures! My camera is really not very expensive
I use a Kodak Z730 I am sure they have newer one out now but this one has a glass lenses. My hubby is a photographer so he checked this one out on line. And it is easy! Good luck finding a job I need to do the same if Real Estate doesn't pick up, I am an agent (:
Hugs, Diane

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Your shelf looks lovely with all your sweet treasures! No way am I ever playing what's on your fridge! LOL! I don't want to scare everyone and embarrass myself! It seems to be the dumping ground for all things I don't have a place for! It's like my junk drawer. Now that I am thinking about it I think I need to go clean it off! :) Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet comment!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Man, I can't believe I missed this post! You have such a knack for decorating, Deb. I love your little shelf. I may have to show the top of my refrigerator too. It has Campbell's stuff on it. Twyla

Holly said...

Just love that shelf! You're gonna have lots of fun playing with it through out the year.

I showed my fridge top before. can't remember if you saw that post or not.

Jen r. said...

MIne has junk on top! I love your thrifted finds!

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