Monday, February 23, 2009

Not feeling so good

Just wanted to tell you I have an ear infection, sore throat and a wicked cough and have been on the sofa. :(
Poor baby Jackson Brown is also sick. He has a bladder infection.
I started my medicine today and should feel better tomorrow....
See you in a few days!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Just a Little Easter TEASE !!!

Here is my sweet little candle holder that I used for Christmas, Valentine's and now Easter. It's my best buy!!! The bunny on the right is one my Mom made at a ceramic class years ago. I just love him, so Mom gave him to me. Bunnies make me smile :) This tin is vintage along with the paper bunnies. The bunnie's have seen better Easter's. I believe they were candy containers when new.
Below are cottage cheese containers that can be used as Easter Baskets. Do any of you gals remember them??!! I DO and I remember eating cottage cheese so we could have the sweet containers. These were boughten at different times at estate sales and antique stores. The candy box is fun to have and it's pink!!

My three Easter candy boxes. More sweet bunnies. Is Fanny Farmer candy still in business???

Isn't this a sweet bunny in the flower basket filled with colored eggs?!

As I said earlier, Kailee and I were going through the Easter to see what treasures were in there and I am showing you "bits & pieces" of Easter. The mantle is still a "work" is progress and when it's finished, of course I'll share that with you:)
So, now that I have given you a "peak" at some of my Easter you have the 'bug" to get out your Easter treasures. It's not too early. I have more and will show them later...remember it's just a "tease" :)
Remember to see Jan at Rose Haven/Jan & Tom's Place and you can sign up for a new blog banner and background, or as I have just learned"Blog Dress" or something like that :)
See you soon.
Deb :)

Monday, February 16, 2009


Hello girls!!! Just LOOK at my New BANNER and Back Ground all because of sweet Jan at
Rose Haven aka Jan & Tom's Place. I WON her weekly banner give away. She MAKES them!!
Isn't it so pretty and fresh for Spring!!! I just love the bunnies and chicks. It's a Happy Banner.
So, if you are looking for a new to Jan's and sign up!!! She is a wonderful gal. She has many talents and she Loves the Lord and will pray for you.

Update on FIL...he is to have surgery tonight(weird...I didn't think they did that at night) to have the pace maker put it. We haven't heard anything and it could be postponed again...

Sunday was busy at the shop and people were BUYING!!!! Husband had a real estate closing on Friday and should get the commission check tomorrow...Thank you Lord for providing!!!

I went to the grocery store today and bought myself 10 red roses for A$5.00 what a deal. I had Kailee today, no school, so she picked out the flowers. The candy was 1/2 off so bought that too.
My husband isn't these holidays and a girl just has to do what has to be done and so I received my Valentine's gifts today...To Deb....Love, Deb :) :) :)

Kailee and I are decorating for Easter here. She is helping me and so was Naughty Jackson Brown..he found and destroyed one little decoration. I'll showing you some of our results tomorrow after I finish taking photos.

Off to see what's going on with you. Thank you again, Jan..I LOVE MY NEW LOOK!!!
Deb :) :) :) :) :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Happy Valentine's Day......

May your day be filled with all of the sweetness of life.

Deb :)

Update on FIL...on surgery because his white blood count is very poor. Dr's not sure when they will do the surgery..another answer to prayer. Thanks for all your prayers.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Here are 3 photos of the "bathroom" booth that I rent for the monthly sale. It's hard to get any good photos because it's small.

I keep looking at the booth and wonder how much more I should put in it. I personally don't like "crowded booths" and I know the more they see the more they could buy!! I'm hoping that this will be the best month for me since I started in Sept. I am working both Sat &, poor little me!!! It's Valentine weekend and I have to work and hopefully, make some money.
I must give Joyce from Justified Journey the credit for the heart paper chain that I made with Kailee. THANK YOU JOYCE!! If you haven't visited her..go on over and make a new friend:)
FIL is having the pace-maker put in on Wednesday...
It's almost Valentine's Day....any special plans??!!

Friday, February 6, 2009


Has anyone ever seen this before?? I bought it at an estate sale awhile ago. It's milk glass egg with a bunny breaking through it. The egg is like a candy dish. I've tired to look it up and can't find out anything about it. I believe it is OLD. It's staying with me..I'm looking for any info. The cards below are from the card swap I went to on Thursday evening. It's a good assortment and the "ladies" are talented. It's fun to see new ideas and for you that make cards...maybe you will see an new idea for your cards. Enjoy!!!
Thursday afternoon, before the swap, I was in a crafting I gathered some stuff and

these darling baby shoes......

and made these......I altered bottles and baby shoes. It was so much fun and good for my mind and hands. Kepted me at home and not shopping!!! Trying to use what I have is a good thing!!

Just ask my Husband :)

Kailee and I made this Valentine paper chain on Wednesday. I saw the idea from a blogger and I am sorry, I forgot where I found the idea. So, I can't take any credit for this project that Kailee and I both enjoyed.
No estate sales today. I had my First cleaning job this morning!!!! It's WORK...and the client will be happy to give me referrals and she will put up some poster that I make in her complex. It's a good beginning and a little answer to prayer.
It's a low key weekend and that fine with me after the excitement of yesterday. FIL is still in the hospital and now they are talking about putting a pace-maker in. Husband and I are wondering if these doctors KNOW what they are doing. We thought the "surgery" could kill him and now they are thinking about a if you have a little time...those doctors need prayers of Wisdom!!! It's a teaching hospital and FIL sees many different drs...
Off to see what is going on with You...Happy Sunday.
Deb :)


It's a little confusing....
Last night there was a "shadow/blockage" in FIL stomach area and the drs thought he needed surgery. They did a CAT scan before the surgery and the "shadow/blockage" wasn't there. The Drs. thought if they had to do surgery, that he wouldn't have made gathering.

FIL is having big issues with protein in his blood, fluid around his heart, and his heart problems .
The Drs feel that they need to treat his cancer first(protein in blood) and this kind a puts other problems in the wings. He isn't dying(today)!!!! While listening to other inlaws today, FIL said last night that he SAW THE LIGHT!!!! So this is also where the family was concerned.

I SO Appreciate all your prayers. Thank you from the bottom of my Heart. I hope we ALL have a great weekend.

THANK YOU for your Prayers and encouraging comments. You are blessings to me.


My Mother In Law called just a few minutes's 7:30 AM here, and my Father In Law has taken a turn.... she was crying ... and the doctors said it's time for the family to gather...

Husband is working his early AM job and when he gets home we will go to the hospital.

Please pray for comfort for all of them. Husband comes from a large family....Please also pray that I will be of comfort to those who need it. My Dad died 12 years ago in April...maybe I can be helpful to them ...

Thank you SO much.
Much love,

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sharing a Post card Valentine

Tonight I am going through BOXES of items for the sale that is next weekend. I found MORE Valentines:) I was able to scan just this one since husband has a different scanner at the house. I liked the old one any rate here is one for you to enjoy. The postmark on the back is dated 13 Feb 1913...awesome!!!

Back to marking items and maybe later I'll try to scan more Valentines for you. WOW, next week is already Valentine's Day...
Until later...

Monday, February 2, 2009

These are the few finds from the estate sale on Saturday that I got up at 5:30 AM!!! It was a digger's sale, but NOT to the Nth!!!

Yesterday we went to a friend's house to watch the Superbowl. It's the only football game that I watch. She made some very good snacks!!! Today I was at HQ for 3+ hours getting my space ready for the sale on Feb 12Th-15Th. I need more things...I know that sounds silly. The room must be Packed with treasures. Tomorrow after Bible study, GUESS I'll HAVE TO go to the thrift store and find more treasures. I am finding less treasures at the thrift stores. So many people are shopping there and I think they are also in the reselling business :)

I'll take photos of the cards from the card swap that is Thursday night. Maybe some of you gals will see a new idea. Just a short and sweet post. Until next time....
Deb :)