Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Do you remember that I said I went out and had my hair cut...She forgot to "trim" my eyebrows and mustache which are blending into my bangs...nice glasses don't ya think??!! as Kailee says..."Just teasing you" and trying to be funny on April Fool's Day...
pay NO attention to my counter top loaded with dirty dishes and stuff... of course, now you will enlarge the photo and check it out LOL...
...trying to make you laugh...hope you don't really get "FOOLED"..

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Today after estate sales and getting my hair cut and getting the church ready for communion on Sunday this is what I did: Before is above: birds, nests,eggs, lace buttons and hot glue gun...
AFTER: little birdies for the HQ sale in April. I decided to use one of my baby shoes and make it a little birdie nest and may keep it for awhile.

These two photos are what I bought at estate sales and the thrift store on Thursday...not much today. Lots of digging and little results.


On Friday I and another friend from 7Th grade (yes, I am that OLD) went to visit our friend Sharon. She is in the middle of the photo. Sharon has quite the story and I am going to share it with you. About 15 years ago Sharon lived in another state and found out she had a brain tumor that was cancerous. She had surgery on her brain, they removed some of the tumor. She then had chemo and radiation treatments. Shortly they moved back here. About 4 years ago her hubby decided to divorce her as she had changed. When you operate on the brain, things can happen years later.This happened to Sharon. She also then developed breast cancer because of going on hormone therapy. She had her breast removed. Shortly after this she suffered a series of 3 mini strokes that we know of for sure. Sharon now lives in a "Cottage care unit". She is the youngest person there. It's a "memory loss" type place. Sharon has short term memory loss and some limited use because of the strokes. She will never leave this care unit...she is 54 years old...sometimes my heart breaks for her. NEVER ONCE has she complained during ALL OF THIS...She loves the Lord and accepts her situation...every once in awhile she asks if she can move into her own place!! or if she can drive again... Last year this dear friend lost BOTH of her parents, just days apart...I have NO IDEA why these things have happened to this dear person.Only God knows why. Sure I have questions and think it's SO UNFAIR that this happened to her. This to me is: GRACE, LOVE and FAITH.
Tomorrow is church, stopping at the antique store with more items and stopping by SIL for her birthday. It's almost April....my favorite month....it's my birthday month...and my little surprise for one of you.....keep an eye out ...
Hoping your weekend is wonderful...remember WE ARE BLESSED !!!!
Deb :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Another Blessing...I Won a Giveaway!!!

I guess with this cold weather, my Christmas catus decided to bloom. It had 3 buds and only 2 bloomed. One fell off. It's my little feeling of "spring". I WON a giveaway that LILLY of http://misslilly-lillyb.blogspot.com had and she was VERY GENEROUS!!!
This plate was the giveaway gift. It's perfect for ME..." I LOVE A GREAT SALE" !!! And will you look at all the extra treasures she sent!!!! THANK YOU, LILLY....What a blessing and all the treasures are perfect... :)

A journal, note paper, fun filing clips and a rose jar .....

Two darling votive candle holders with lots of PINK on them!!! White hankie.

Just look at all the sweet treasures here! Faux pink diamonds, teddy bear love, sweet trinket box and more.

Kailee decided that we need to grow white pumpkins this year and I thought we should grow both orange and white:)
Tonight it didn't take me 3 hours to upload the photos...hurray!!! It was snowing today :( and cold :( only here in Minnesota is the weather so weird. Where are you SPRING???
I'm thinking I'll go "thrifting" tomorrow and see what treasures I can find for the "booths"
It's the THRILL of the HUNT!!!
I hope you all are doing well and don't forget to count your BLESSINGS!!!
Deb :)

Sunday, March 22, 2009


These two I picked up at an estate sale and they are staying with me. They are heavy and bought at a home with "nice" treasures. At some point I'll try looking them up and see what info I can find out about them. These are my Easter cards for the monthly swap that I do at the local scrapbook store. I was
working on them on Friday. Below is the after and I only have 6 more to make. I cut out each tiny bunny and "pop" it on the card. I also "color" each flower and the eggs. It takes a little time for each card. I do love to color and of course there is "glitter" on each card.

This stash of magazine I bought on Saturday. 41 magazines for... only....$1.00 TOTAL...

Fun type writer to sell at HQ in April. Do you notice the different shaped keys?!

Nice suit cases and other treasures. Do you see the suite case that says B.E.N.? I'm keeping that one. It's real cool and the inside is very clean. Handy to keep "stuff" in and organized!
Today was AWESOME.... daughter and Granddaughter went to church with me. I'm praying that daughter, son, and hubby make a decision to accept Jesus in their lives. The church I attend has the BEST music and while singing today, daughter started to cry and then I'm crying. I could feel God's love and believe that she did also. It was wonderful and a blessing. Another seed planted in her heart:) After church we went to McD's for a quick bite and then to the grocery store. She needed some food and didn't have enough money...(that's another story). Dropped them off and hubby and I went to antique store and brought more items out to sell. After that we went to BIL's retirement party. He is 54 and retired from the Fire Dept. He was a Fire Captain.
Also this weekend I got out my Spray Paint and started to change the color on a few items. The sun was out and the temps were great...for here anyway!!!
It's amazing how the sunshine and warmer temps can make a person feel so much BETTER!!!
I know there were more blessings...however I can't think of them now. The computer takes hours to up load the photos and it's now 12 AM Monday morning...so off to bed and I'll have to visit you later today....after I get my 8 hours of beauty sleep. :) LOL
Thankful and blessed....
Deb :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

How MUCH for that Library Book ???!!!

It's been 4 years since we went to Hawaii for 10 days. Hubby did this on the beach of Waikiki in Honolulu. We had 6 days in Maui and then 4 days here. It was so awesome and I would love to go again. :) On Maui we saw the whales come in the morning and go out and night. I really should have taken a boat trip to see the whales. No one else wanted to go...we went with another couple..so if I go again...FOR SURE I'm going out and see the whales... Remember this book??? The one Jackson Brown thought he needed to shred??? Well...it's mine now and cost me.....$25.00 bucks....the price on the book is $14.95....I "talked" with the library lady and she won't budge...it's a "popular book" so that is how they come up with a price...UGH...and I offered to buy a replacement book and she said they WOULDN'T ACCEPT it!!! Are you kidding me... some system. I had to pay the "fine" otherwise I couldn't check out any more books...
Oh...look who had to "help" me put clean sheets on the bed.... I know...I can't stay mad at this cute little guy... :)

I picked up my check at HQ today and was disappointed...less than $200.00, however it's more than I had yesterday and it needs to last until the next sale. This is my "pin" money that I use to buy more stuff with and my little "girlie" stuff. You know, treasures and stuff. I am thankful that I have it and bet next month will be better.
Kailee's daddy was laid off of his job on Monday :( WOW... this affects my daughter and Kailee. If you want to say a prayer for him to find a job, great. I know there are a few of you that have husbands who are also in this situation...We must stay strong and Believe. God will provide and He is Faithful to those who believe...
Saw an estate sale for Saturday... another "digger" sale and hubby is all excited about going!! We love to dig for treasures. I think we have enough treasures here to sell, but hubby says you have to "spend money to make money".... hum !!!!
I hope you all have a good weekend. The month is flying by and it's trying to warm up here. I have a surprise up my sleeve for next month...keep an eye out in April...it's one of my favorite months!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Every time I try to take a photo of these 2 sleeping....someone always hears the camera turn on and opens his eyes. 2 of my so sweet "boys"!!! Scout is on the floor. He doesn't want to sleep on the sofa..he is a good boy...these 2 RUN the House, well make that, Jackson Brown RUNS our house.
Here is the story behind this darling sugar bowl. At the monthly sale shop, one of the dealer's has one just like this. I have wanted it since I first saw it. The price on hers is $18.00 and it isn't as nice as this one. Today we went and picked up some furniture that hubby bought yesterday at an estate sale. Today is 1/2 off day. Okay....I was shopping at the sale and when we were ready to check out, I looked at a table of stuff..and there is was...calling my NAME....and the best part...it was only $3.00 today!!! I call that a little blessing from God. Look at the sweet little scoop that goes with it!!! AWESOME!!!

Kim, at Kim's Treasures made a similar stamped bird picture and I thought it was so sweet, so I dug out my bird stamp and made one for me. Thanks Kim for sharing your great idea!!!

Happy 6th Birthday to my little Kailee:) She had so much fun playing with all of her little friends. After she opened her gifts, we had cake and ice cream and then all the little kids went swimming. We went home!!! We gave her a Hannah Montana fishing pole and a couple other gifts. She loves to fish and PaPa said that he would take her this summer.

Pretty card...... Altered and prettier with a sweet little birdie on them.

I was busy crafting this weekend. Before: plain cigar box After: Altered cigar box. Sorry the picture isn't good. There is a sweet little girl on the top of the box with her little crown on.

It was FINALLY a nice weekend, weather wise. Mid 50's today!!! The snow is melting in the nasty backyard. When the "boys" come in, they have to have their paws wiped off. Jackson also gets his belly wiped off because he is closer to the ground :)
The house cleaning interview was interesting. He has $$$ and he already has a house cleaner. This person may "retire" sometime in the near future and the "client" is just looking for someone new. So.... NO job at this time with him. He said that he may call me to do some "spring" cleaning and clean the china in the china cabinet that he has. He lost his wife a few years ago and his best buddy, Indy, his dog last year. It's all in God's hands and at His timing.
Hubby just HAD to take the motorcycle around the block today!!!
So, what did you girls do this weekend??? I also worked at HQ on Saturday and I must say it SLOW and no one bought anything of mine while I was there. Sure hope someone was buying later yesterday and today. A girl needs her "pin" money :)
Time to visit my friends (you)... and see what you have been up to. See you later this week.
Deb :)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Another Sale at HQ and I Need Warm Weather

Here are some items for sale at HQ. This is the monthly sale and I have a few Easter items for them to buy.
More treasures for sale.

More treasures for sale. One of the gals is doing a Paris, Black & White theme. This is my little Black treasures for sale.

Okay, this photos is side-ways....these Bingo cards are for sale. I have 3 sets of 10 for only $5.50 and that includes S&H for US only. They measure 3 1/2 X 5 3/4 inches. I know that some of you like to use them for altered projects. Email me if you are interested. :)

Isn't she just Darling :) This picture I got the second day of the estate sale on Sunday. She looks lovely on the wall in the living room. Way too sweet to sell. She is called "Poppy Love" by Annie Muller.

These are from the estate sale. The "art deco" needlepoint is great. I do like Art Deco items. Every once in awhile I think I would like to decorate my home that way...
Lilly from Lilly Loves gave me 2 awards. You can see one on my side bar. The other one won't upload for me...I've tried many times. Thank You Lilly!! You are so kind to pass them on to me:)
I've been crafting today. It feel so good to create. I altered a cigar box, made some cards and copied an idea from Kim at Kim's Treasures. I'll show them to you this weekend.
Tomorrow I have an "interview" for a house cleaning job. It's a large home, 4,300 sg. ft. I'll let you know how that goes also.
So, this weekend is working Saturday AM at HQ, then off to Kailee's 6Th Birthday party and I must go to church on Sunday. A fun weekend, but no estate sales....maybe I can sneak in a sale tomorrow as there is one not far from the house. What are your plans??
Weather people say it is going to "warm up" into the 40's this weekend. Sounds great to me. There is still a lot on snow on the ground. Doesn't feel like Spring is around the corner here. Guess I'll rejoice if it does get into the 40's.
Deb :)

Monday, March 9, 2009


This is our new, larger space at the antique store. This is the left side. See the large, glass cases... This is the middle of the space, but I couldn't get a go photo of the middle. See hubby putting things in case?!
This is the right side of the space.

Here is the story. The antique store manager asked us if we wanted a large "booth" area at a pretty go price. Hubby decided, "YES".... after all, we have more that 40 totes in our basement with STUFF in them to sell :) plus a few small furniture pieces, crocks and an old Victrola.
We had to move the stuff from the smaller space into larger space before March 1st. Of course, I wasn't feeling well during this time. Hubby asked his son, from his first marriage to help move these large cases. We had 2 at the store and 2 in the garage at home. His son said "YES" and then that didn't happen. My son from my first marriage ended up helping the first Sunday. (This ended up being a 3 weekend project!!)We had to rent a truck because the cases are so LARGE.
Second Sunday, again hubby's son said, "YES" he could help. Ha Ha ... again no show, something else came up... this time I had to help and I really wasn't feeling strong enough to move 2 HUGE cases... it wasn't a good day. The cases were moved and all ended well, but I was happy. The 3rd Sunday, last weekend, we put more things out to sell. Note: Hubby's son, not reliable!!!

Look what came in the mail today. Lindsey, from Two Crazy Crafters was also in the ATC swap and her card came today along with a vintage Easter Postcard and this darling Tag that she made. THANK YOU, LINDSEY... It was a very fun swap and I LOVE the ATC card and Tag and PC. :)

Tonight we ate at LeeAnn Chin for $1.81 for 2 people. There was a coupon on our door for a free meal, today only so we took advantage of the great deal. Thank you LeeAnn Chin :)
I have photos of our estate buys from the second day, which means the items were 1/2 off and I'll show them later this week and photos from the HQ sale that is this weekend.
If you ever see something that you would like to purchase on my blog, just email me and we can work out the details:) First come, first served. Just a little FYI.
I'm feeling fine and ready to blog, blog blog :) Talk to you soon :)
Deb :)

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Happy Hour Friday night.... Here's to Spring....When will you be here ??? Don't worry, we had Happy Hour at home. Safe and sound :) These items below are from the estate sales we went to today. They had LOTS of Salt & Pepper's. 3 tables of them. We may go back tomorrow and buy more when the are 1/2 off. We only paid, today, $3.00 a pair :)

More treasures to resell. Some for the antique store and some for the monthly sale. I am keeping the tiny yellow chick :)

These ATC cards, 3 of them, Pearl from Pearl's Sentimental Journey made to swap with and she also sent a couple "extra items". If you see the little umbrella, that's the one in my shot glass of tequila :) Each little Easter ATC card is so sweet. One of them has a little chick on it.

THANK YOU, Pearl!!! I so enjoyed the swap :) and Love the ATC cards.

The photo above and below are from Kathy at Kat Collects. It was her idea to have a little ATC swap. She also sent a few "extras". Have you ever seen a blue bunny?! I'm saving it for Easter.
Her ATC card is also so Sweet. THANK YOU Kathy, I Love the ATC card you made. :)

I did a little ATC swap with a couple of gals. We had the theme of the Easter Bunny. It was fun making and receiving these sweet little cards. If you don't know what an ATC card is...it's a 3.5 X 2.5 card that you embellish.
SO, today as I mentioned we went to a couple of estate sales and now hubby is out SHOWING HOUSES...PTL !!! He has a real buyer to work with. That is an answer to prayer.
The other day I went to apply, on line, for a retail job. It was a 12 page application...can you image that... then the "TEST" to see what kind of person I am. Well, I went along answering the crazy questions and you MUST answer all the questions, otherwise your application is rejected, and I had to stop. I KNOW the answers they are looking for.. I'm just having a hard time with this modern day job hunt. How on earth can they decide what I am like. They can't see my "smiling" face. I think I'll go to the store and talk to a manager and go from there. I really don't like applying on line. To me, it's crap!!
I hope you all are having a good weekend. Here's a funny little thing about me. On Saturday night we watch COPS and then America's Most Wanted. We hardly go out and are happy to watch those shows. We don't have cable or direct TV or anything else. Just regular TV. I know, a little boring :) I agree :) and hubby goes to bed after Most Wanted. Tomorrow I'll try to take photo's of the larger space we are now renting at the antique store and will tell you the "story" about that!! It wasn't a good time...
The snow is melting, and the back yard is a HUGE puddle, so when the dogs come in they must have their paws wiped. They are pretty good about letting me wipe them off. Jackson Brown is short so his belly gets a wipe down too :) I will be SOOO thankful when the warmer weather is here and the snow is all gone.
Guess I've talked your "ears" off. I was gone too long from blogland and had to "fill" you in :)
So, see you soon.
Deb :)

Monday, March 2, 2009

I am UP to the CHALLENGE

A little EASTER CHEER Below is a little treasure that I bought from Michelle Palmer. She makes these very sweet felted creations. This one HAD my name on it. It is very tiny and so cute. the birdies are in a sweet vintage dish. Michelle also sent along some birdie tags. She has many more sweet treasures for sale :)
Below is my "Challenge" from Sher at Old Time Me Artist. Have you met Sher? She won my giveaway and also loves to make treasures and sell them. She rents space at an antiques store and would love to meet new friends. Stop over :)

My "craft room" hasn't changed since last June when I "showed" it off :) I also craft on a table in the family room where there is sunlight. I have NO Ideal when my craft room will turn into a real craft room. It is on the "to do" list...probably on the bottom. SO, here is the "Challenge"...
Let's See where you Create!! Can't be worse them mine:) I only showed you 2 sides of the room as I figured 2 sides is enough!!!

Guess that I will be buying this library book. Naughty, naughty Jackson Brown.... BAD BOY !!! I can't believe that Jackson Brown took this book off the end table and "shredded it"... I know, where was the Momma??? I just hope they don't charge me the full price :)
My ear is still bugging me...and feeling a little better today. I went to the chiropractor and he adjusted me :) and it made my ear hear better... you know what I mean. My brain isn't working very well.... hope that feels better soon LOL ... :)

I went to the thrift store today...and found treasures to resell. It was busy and at least this time there were things to buy. As I was leaving I ran into another "dealer" and we laughed at seeing each other. The competition is tough and one step ahead of me it seems.
I hope you are don't get sick, just not fun and it takes so long to feel better. See you soon.
Deb :)