Saturday, March 7, 2009


Happy Hour Friday night.... Here's to Spring....When will you be here ??? Don't worry, we had Happy Hour at home. Safe and sound :) These items below are from the estate sales we went to today. They had LOTS of Salt & Pepper's. 3 tables of them. We may go back tomorrow and buy more when the are 1/2 off. We only paid, today, $3.00 a pair :)

More treasures to resell. Some for the antique store and some for the monthly sale. I am keeping the tiny yellow chick :)

These ATC cards, 3 of them, Pearl from Pearl's Sentimental Journey made to swap with and she also sent a couple "extra items". If you see the little umbrella, that's the one in my shot glass of tequila :) Each little Easter ATC card is so sweet. One of them has a little chick on it.

THANK YOU, Pearl!!! I so enjoyed the swap :) and Love the ATC cards.

The photo above and below are from Kathy at Kat Collects. It was her idea to have a little ATC swap. She also sent a few "extras". Have you ever seen a blue bunny?! I'm saving it for Easter.
Her ATC card is also so Sweet. THANK YOU Kathy, I Love the ATC card you made. :)

I did a little ATC swap with a couple of gals. We had the theme of the Easter Bunny. It was fun making and receiving these sweet little cards. If you don't know what an ATC card's a 3.5 X 2.5 card that you embellish.
SO, today as I mentioned we went to a couple of estate sales and now hubby is out SHOWING HOUSES...PTL !!! He has a real buyer to work with. That is an answer to prayer.
The other day I went to apply, on line, for a retail job. It was a 12 page application...can you image that... then the "TEST" to see what kind of person I am. Well, I went along answering the crazy questions and you MUST answer all the questions, otherwise your application is rejected, and I had to stop. I KNOW the answers they are looking for.. I'm just having a hard time with this modern day job hunt. How on earth can they decide what I am like. They can't see my "smiling" face. I think I'll go to the store and talk to a manager and go from there. I really don't like applying on line. To me, it's crap!!
I hope you all are having a good weekend. Here's a funny little thing about me. On Saturday night we watch COPS and then America's Most Wanted. We hardly go out and are happy to watch those shows. We don't have cable or direct TV or anything else. Just regular TV. I know, a little boring :) I agree :) and hubby goes to bed after Most Wanted. Tomorrow I'll try to take photo's of the larger space we are now renting at the antique store and will tell you the "story" about that!! It wasn't a good time...
The snow is melting, and the back yard is a HUGE puddle, so when the dogs come in they must have their paws wiped. They are pretty good about letting me wipe them off. Jackson Brown is short so his belly gets a wipe down too :) I will be SOOO thankful when the warmer weather is here and the snow is all gone.
Guess I've talked your "ears" off. I was gone too long from blogland and had to "fill" you in :)
So, see you soon.
Deb :)


Judy said...

Hi Deb, I love all your little salt shakers. I'd go back tomorrow too. We had 70's the first part of the week and not is snowing or was. I just looked out and it stopped. It's been so dry here I wish we would get a good snow or a lot of rain.

KatCollects said...

Hi Deb,
You found some cute things at the estate sale. I think we would have fun shopping together : ) I loved doing the ATC swap with you ladies, and loved the card you made and the cute little extras you sent. I will be posting our about our swap on Monday.

linda said...

Thank you so much for the update! You've been missed! Alot of my regular friends from blogland have been MIA lately...there must be alot going on this time of year.

OMG I had a lunchbox just like the plaid one you have. I loved it. My mom always filled it with a Hostess goodie of some sort. Thanks for bringing those great memories to mind!

Joyce said...

Hi Deb. So much I want to say. First, I'm glad you feel better. Second, I love those ATC's. I just heard about them since I'm getting into all this artsy stuff lately. I'm loving it and I need to make some of those. Do you know there is a gigundo ATC site with a kazillion groups? I just heard about that too and have been loving that also.

I love the stuff you buy and then resell. That is so cool. Is it profitable? You fix the things up or sell as is if they don't need fixing up? You have a little place where you sell too, don't you? I think I remember reading that in one of your posts. Sounds interesting.

Now, for the most important?? I have been a recruiter for years and years. I work in healthcare so it's strictly nurses, respiratory therapists, etc. My company is big on online apps since that is the way of the way ofthe world now. As a "seasoned" recruiter - I hate online applications. I think it's lazy. Come see me. Let me check you out. Let me look into your eyes and see what kind of person you are. Let me ask you questions based on the vibes I get from you. Tell me your good stuff. Tell me your bad stuff. I want to know what makes you tick, why you do the things you do. I doubt I'm the only recruiter that thinks this way. I hire a lot of people and I get everyone word of mouth. Show your face. I still think that's the best way. Sorry for the length of this. Just wanted to add my two cents.

Holly said...

Hi, deb! I saw some of y'alls swap fun over at Pearls, too! I'm just doing one swap this Spring.

Hey, guess what? We don't even have regular TV! ha-ha! so I guess we're really boring!

Come see me! ♥

Queenie's Vintage Finds and Treasures said...

Hey Deb!
I always love seeing what you find....cute things...I think I'd have to keep that little yellow chick too!
The swap things are so sweet too...I saw those colored bunnies at Walmart when I was there last week and they are the neatest thing!
I hope your ear continues to improve....I know it's no fun having a hurting ear.
Big Hug,

Shanda said...

looks like yo found lots of good stuff. The garage sales started here this weekend, but I didn't do to any.

I am sorry you can't read my words on my blog. Do you think it is my computer or something I have added on. like the back ground or something?

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

Loved the salt shakers! Look at all those treasures :0)
Hmm, tequila huh? Didn't think you were a tequila too! lol!
We've been having chilly weather too and just last week we were in the 80s. bah!

Pearl said...

Hi Deb... Great post... I always enjoying seeing your treasures... LOVE the Roosters and the sweet Poodles... tooo cute! Of course, I love those Vintage Hankies, too!

~waving my magic wand~ ... Go away ear aches, mud puddles, online job applications, and all other horrid things in life!

I'm glad you liked your Bunny ATC Swap goodies! It was fun and an honor to share with you and the other Ladies... Let's do it again!

Hope your week goes well and that JB decides to be a Good Boy! ... yeah, I know, he will just as soon as Cocoa decides to be a Good Girl... Ohhh Look! I just saw a Pig Fly by... LOL

God bless...

~hugs, love ♥ 'n prayers~


Michele said...

Hi Sis ~ I love your salt shakers...what a deal on them! I missed you...I'm glad you gave us an update!

I'm sick of all the mud and rain here...our driveway isn't paved, it's everyone tracks in mud and little rocks...very annoying!

Lil Sis

Judi said...

What a great shopping trip you had. You picked up some wonderful deals. So many lovely Easter and BLUE goodies too.
Thank you for sharing..
have a lovely day and stop by when you have some time.

Donna Lynn said...

Yes, it is me, I was MIA for months while I took care of my father in laws estate. Hope all is well in your corner of the world! I too wipe my doggies feet off when they come in, any other way and the rug looks like dirt!!!

Take care,
Donna Lynn

emily said...

Hi Deb!
Nice treasures you found at the Estate sale. I wish there was some around me to go to. I can't wait for garage sale season to start back up again! Looks like the ATC swap was fun!

Neabear said...

I have gotten behind on visiting everyone. You found some cute things to resell. I wish you luck with that project. I hope that by now you are feeling much better.