Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thrifting Thursday and Garage Sailing

YES....He is the "KING" of his little world :) I made a "perch" for him so he can look outside while I'm on the computer...can we say "SPOILED"!!! These are from the 2 garage sales that I went to. One of the hymnals is from 1928. Slim pickin's for me and what I'm looking for.
Below are my Thrift Store finds. 1 vintage towel, sweet stationery, 4 pretty dessert plates, princess house glass jar with lid, very pretty cottage plate with hollyhock flowers on it and a couple other items. Even thought I make cards...stationery "calls" to me LOL

This morning I helped a friend with her sale. Both of her parents are now in Heaven, the house is sold and they have gone thru their she needed to have a sale. There was a good variety of treasures as many other family members had their stuff to sell...and I didn't take a photo..sorry... it was busy while I was there and forgot all about taking some pics.
Do you know Glenda, from Many Fond Memories??!! She is a fellow blogger and is feeling lonely and I'm thinking once you go visit her and leave a COMMENT...her spirits will be lifted up. She loves the stuff we do and has a great post. How about giving her some support and blog love?! Thanks, friends!!! We all love comments and love to meet new gals.
Not sure what the weekend holds for me. The city is having free curb side pick up of JUNK that you don't want. They will come by on Saturday and I have some "crap" that needs to I have to help hubby clean out his garage LOL...he has the double garage and I have the attached single they take branches. People put great stuff out. My son is looking for furniture and I said "look around the neighborhood"...there are some High End houses just down the block. I have picked up a small 3 drawer night stand in great I might be out tomorrow myself looking for free treasures.
Deb :)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Card Making with the "Gals"

These are from the Thrift store that I went to on Thursday. 2 sweet towels, round grater, trim and glass jars for more crafts:)
One of the gals, Jeanne came with a birthday gift...lovely kitchen towel with rooster, vintage chicken puzzle piece, vintage card, pen and pencil set and these sweet very tiny kitchen tool magnets...too cute!! Thank You you!!!

I set the table in the sun room with the table cloth Pearl gave was too cold to eat out there. When the weather is better...this is where we will eat. I'll show you more photos of the porch later. I call it a porch when it's really a "breeze way" because it's between the house and garage. It's a warm and sunny room in the summer and it's my favorite room when the weather is nice.

These are the cards that I made on Saturday. I wanted to make more...however busy talking and eating with the gals :) I should have taken photos of what the other gals made...I forgot !!!
Still looking for Spring here...would really like to get going with the outside projects..
Take care.
Deb :)

Friday, April 24, 2009

The Garage Sale Ad SAID....

Attn: scrapbook's, card makers. 100's of rubber stamps, papers, card stock, stamp pads, paints all access. Sale date Fri-Sat-Sun 11-4...

Of course I just HAD to GO...this ad was calling my name and it wasn't far from the house. I was there a little after 10:30. One other gal was also there. The sweet lady having the sale's a bag sale. Grocery bags $50.00 filled to the top, gift sized bag $10.00 filled... I left with 2 gift bags...shorty after I started looking and filling my bag MANY others came...the first lady had filled 2 Grocery bags...she was really on the "hunt" and taking everything...her hubby was there and helping her and when I left she had filled 4 grocery bags and was working on her 5th bag....Suddenly...a very large and rather "stinky" lady was pushing me!!! over stamps...I moved away from her and then she was by me AGAIN...time to leave!!! LOL...and yuk...

Look at all these embellishments...angel wings, bikes, and more....WOW ...Made in Germany they say...AWESOME !!!
Look at all these wonderful embellishments...what great finds!!! Look out gals...I have a few ideas for our little ATC swap!!!

Look at all these stamps!!! I only bought a few...I was so overwhelmed that I didn't know what to pick... A Lot of them haven't been used and she took very good care of the stamps.
It was a GREAT sale and I just had to share the "treasures" with you. I'm getting ready to stamp tomorrow and now I may have to use some of these...
Deb :)

Oops....almost forgot to tell you...Retail price on my stash...around $360.00 What I PAID $20.00 .......................and I'm thinking she may have SOLD out Today!!! Cause when I left the table were looking empyt!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

First Sign of Spring

Can you believe that this is the first "flower" that I have blooming...however, I "picked" it and now it's gone :)
This very sweet tag was made by Kathy from Kat Collects. She is part of the little swap that we are doing. THANK YOU Kathy...It's great!!!

This is one of my "projects"... 5 doors that MUST be stained and varnished this YEAR. They have been in the garage WAY TOO LONG...and it's my job to get them done so hubby can put them up. I do the staining, etc and he does the installation.

I REALLY asked for this as a birthday gift...yep...a's a long story and we found this one at one of the estate sales this past weekend. They were asking $95.00 we bought it for $60.00 !!! Our front and back yard are divided by a fence with NO when I mow the yard I have to go up the outside steps, hauling the mower, thru the sun room, then out the door and mow the front. So, any easy answer to this problem, a 2nd mower...after 5 years of this's finally solved, even if I had to ask for a mower for my birthday...Hubby said he would put a gate up...STILL waiting...

This is the birthday gift I picked out at the flea market on Saturday that hubby bought for me.
It will go into the garden once the garden is dug out and the flowers are planted. Maybe this Sunday the kids can help me with this. Last Sunday was cold and rainy so nothing was done.
Except eating pizza for my birthday :)

The sand and shells are from Pearl that she sent me along with the sweet note. I think it looks perfect in this jar:) Wished I lived by the ocean. Thank you Pearl :)
It's almost the weekend and on Saturday I'm having a few gals over and we are going to make cards for the day, have lunch, treats and share ideas. We try to get together every few months and take turns to "hostess".
I'm thinking I'll have to find a couple of garage sales to go to tomorrow. Not many listed in the paper. There is a sign for one just a few blocks from the house...
The weather "people" say we may have temps in the 80's tomorrow...loving that :) Maybe I'll also rake the yard...nah...I think I'll just enjoy the day...
Take care!!
Deb :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Birthday Weekend Fun

Look!!! My "Bust" family has expanded..."brother" has joined us. I found him Thursday after my 4 hours at HQ. There were other monthly sales in the near by town and that is where I found him. They are now one Happy Family :) Below are the deals we got at an estate sale...2nd day...1/2 off. It was a "collector's" estate and the people running the sale were in the mood to get the house all empty out. Hubby bought A LOT of coke stuff!!! I paid only $40.00 for ALL of these pieces of furniture!!!
More treasures...we went to estate sales on Friday and Saturday. 6 sales in those 2 days and some of the items were 1/2 off...It was very fun. There are more goodies...but I wanted to show you other things..

These gifts below are from Pearl...that sweet friend sent me these for my Birthday!!! They came on Friday!!!

Here are some of the treasures...beautiful blue table cloth, note pads, sweet little bottle, blue flower frame, rose pin, chocolate bars...Already Gone ( I don't waste any time with my Chocolate treats!!)and a few more gifts. PEARL... You ROCK and THANK YOU SO MUCH for making my BIRTHDAY very SPECIAL.... :)

Below is ANOTHER SURPRISE birthday treasures from Twyla!! I am so BLESSED with these friendships from blogging. Twyla...You ROCK and THANK YOU for making my BIRTHDAY very SPECIAL.. :) She sent me this pretty hat topiary and Stampers' idea book...and you will also see the Awesome little .....

ATC card and TAG that are from our little swap. Very sweet puppies. Just Love them. We are having so much fun making these little cards and tags and then swapping them. So much talent also in blogland!!!

This is the swap tag that Pearl made. Too cute and how cleaver with a "Bingo" theme!!!
Saturday after the estate sales we went to the flea market/antique show that is held at the fair grounds. It's very large with MANY dealers. Hubby bought my birthday gift there...I'll show you later this week. It's just fun to walk around and see all the stuff and compare prices. Some, WAY to High...
Today hubby took me out for Brunch and we were disappointed with the food...for dinner we had pizza with the "kids", Kailee and my Mom. It was a cloudy day with drizzle most of the day.
My Son, who had his own construction company is now working full time for someone. He gave me the "best" gift for my birthday...a note and this is what he wrote:
Happy Birthday !
To the best mother i could EVER have.
Thank you for always loving & helping me. I hope
that I have not disappointed you.
Your Son
Wipe your tears :) who needs gift when your Son give you a note from his heart like this. God is Good :) and I Love my Son :) He feels bad because he couldn't buy me a gift....little does he know this note is Priceless and worth more than gold....
Thank you for ALL of your Birthday Wishes for me!!! It was a Great Birthday!!!
I hope you all had a great weekend :)
~ Deb ~ :)
P.S. No cake or flowers...and that is okay. Hubby is the Best...I am truly Blessed!!! After all I'm still at home and not "working" and that is what I really be home and be the wife, mother and friend that God wants me to be.
Update: Please notice my new banner...Pearl at Pearl's Sentimental Journey makes them at a great price....check with her. She has LOTS of talent and she is a sweet heart:) Thank you Pearl:) Just love it!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easy Before and After, Cards...and more

I bought myself some flowers for my birthday, which is on Sunday the 19th. These were $12.00 a bunch for Easter...I bought them on Monday for $3.00 a bunch...I Love A Great Deal :) Last week I was in the card making mode and made these. Love the color combinations and the theme of birdies and bird cages.
Below is the mantle for summer. I'll be tweaking it a little. I like a cleaner, simple look for the summer. I think the "busts" look good on the mantle...yep...a little "tweaking" is in order...

This little table is going to HQ and I almost missed the before photo.... needs one more coat of paint and then off to a new home!!! Love the details in the woodwork. It was in very rough shape...

I am copying this idea I saw Tuesday while at a favorite store of mine.. This is what you will need: Bird seed, cute little bird and clear jar with lid....add bird seed to bottom of jar, place birdie in jar, cover with lid... Put on shelf and ENJOY....Super easy, cute, cheap and simple spring decoration :) Feel free to make one for yourself... I forgot to see how much they were selling for at the store...I'm sure more than I would pay!

Tomorrow I am "working" my 4 hours shift at HQ. I traded my Saturday hours so that hubby and I can do some fun stuff for my birthday:) weekend. There are estate sales to go to and a HUGE outdoor/indoor Flea Market to go to!!! FUN, FUN, FUN !!!
On Sunday the plan is: kids coming over to help clean up the yard, trim bushes, rake and paint the front of the house on the bottom where the old color is still showing (the cement bricks) if weather permits and then we'll have Pizza for my birthday meal. They don't have any money and I would rather have them help me than buy me a gift:) This week if flying bye...
You all have a good weekend and I'll "talk" to you soon...Keeping my fingers crossed that hubby will get me flowers for my birthday... he isn't into birthdays...guess it's a "chick" thing!!!
Spring is Here and the weather is Wonderful....Time to enjoy...
Warmly ~
Deb :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter, thrift buys, gifts, blessings and more...

Kailee being SILLY while dying Easter Eggs!! She put stickers all over her face...not on the eggs.
Dying and coloring Easter Eggs on Thursday afternoon.
Look what I bought at the thrift store...jean jacket$5.99..."SAK" purse $12.99 and a few other little items.

I thought the "silver" treasures would polish up... the little pitcher did, the other 2 pieces...not so much :( I sprayed painted the clover shaped dish and like the way it turned out.

The goodies above are from my dear friend MaryElla. She sent me these gifts for my birthday!!! It had me in tears, of joy and happiness:) See the collage she of's my favorite gift. She also paints, sews and makes cards. We have been friends for 24 years I'm thinking:)

This Easter towel and sweet Bunny dish was a surprise gift from Linda at LindanJake's Blog. She is a sweetie for SURE!!! THANK YOU Linda. Her blog name is her name and her dog, Jake who is learning to use "wheels" to walk again. I'm sure she would love to have you visit her :) She has great decorating ideas and I appreciate her friendship!!! Plus Jake is so sweet and precious.
I had so MANY blessing the last couple of days!!! Before I forget...the name that was drawn is
....Roberta Anne from Raggedy Girl.... So, Roberta Anne, please email me you address so I get send out the cards. Thank you.
How was your Easter?? Mine was good and now back to better food choices. My baby sister has been on WW for awhile and she looks GREAT!!! and she even wants to lose, I don't want to be the FAT my plan is cutting out desserts, chocolate and treats. I'll start with that... it's always a struggle..isn't it!!!
Can't wait to see what's new with You!!!


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Before and After and ???

These are the ATC/Tag that I made for a little swap that I am doing with a few gals from blogland. It was my turn to pick a theme and I picked "Dogs"...
Thank you, Kathy from Kat Collects for this award. I'm suppose to list 10 Things I Love and will do that soon. :) Kat has a pretty blog and loves bunnies:) She is a dear gal!!!
Remember these cards...I made a few extra and they are for my GIVE~AWAY....
If you want a chance to receive them, just say so on the comment section. It's a little gift from me to one of you. My birthday is on the 19th and I'm giving you a gift that I have made. Remember, no telling anyone and Tootsie if you read this and your name is picked...I'll mail it to you:) I know you read my blog:) So, no telling others or mentioning it on your blog. Thanks.
A name will be "picked" on Sunday evening. I'm sure there will be a couple of other "items"!!

Before...I did paint this wicker flower holder and found a few faux flowers to put into it and it looks so much better. Thinking it will go to the HQ sale that is next week.

Pretty tulips!!

Before: black, heavy planter....

now, rubbed with some white paint...and look what I found at Pier 1...yup, those darling bunnies and when I saw what another blogger did with that sweet bunny...I thought...I can do something like that...sorry, I forgot who's great idea this is and thanks for sharing it:)

After, all ready for Easter and after Easter. Bunnies love to hang around all summer:)
It's been decided...Easter brunch!! Egg bake and cheesy potatoes and fresh fruit. I'll make it ahead and hubby will put it in the oven while daughter, Grand daughter and I are at church.
Son will come over around 11AM with his dog, Chopper and we will have our Easter meal.
Deb :)

"HI" to my girlfriends who read my blog..and can't leave a comment:)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

It's almost EASTER and I was BUSY !!!

It's almost Easter...Thank you Jesus for the Greatest Gift...Salvation...
Isn't this cup so sweet!! We went to an estate sale on Friday and found a few items. This one has bunnies on this side and.... Pretty blue flowers on the other side. It's on my white shelf.

oops...out of order...the food you see below had a TOTAL COST of $16.00...dollars days at a local grocery store...

I know...most of it isn't that healthy for us...but for a buck per item !!!!

This sweet little plate is CHINTZ... my favorite china to collect. It was only $1.00, yup a buck and a lady at the sale said..."Oh, isn't that a cute plate"...I think she was jealous and wanted it:) MINE!!! I will have to look it up on the Internet and see what value it has.

More treasure for the monthly sale at HQ which is during my BIRTHDAY weekend!!! Yup, I'm having a birthday this month. birthday is sometime between April 16-19...I do have to work my shift at HQ and one of the gals traded days so I can enjoy my weekend.

Remember my Busts...well...looks like they had a daughter :) I found her Saturday at the thrift store. I have no idea why I'm all of a sudden finding them and loving them. After Easter I'll put them on the mantle.

I was SO in the MOOD to make cards this weekend. These are for the card swap next month that I swap at. The theme is: Ladies Birthdays. I just fell in love with these ladies and will make a few extra for a surprise that I'll post about later this week. Don't you just love surprises!???
Friday after the estate sale I went to HQ to drop off stuff for the sale. When I was ready to leave my Jeep decided not to start. I was having problems with it starting and thought it could be the battery..hubby "looked" at it and also thought it "Could" be the battery and wanted to wait awhile. (WHY...?) The battery died on Friday, so hubby had to come out and we went to WM and bought a new battery. I'm thankful he is his own Boss...and that he could take care of the Jeep during the day. I'm also thankful he know about cars :)
When I woke up this Palm Sunday morning there was SNOW on the's all melted now, 7 PM, but it's still cold....
So, I'm wondering...what are your Easter Plans??? Are you making the Easter meal, going out to eat or to someones home? I'll be having a meal here, not sure which meal as I have to talk to the "kids" and see what they have going on.
I hope you all had a great weekend and NO Snow where you live! Let's prepare for a lovely Easter Celebration!!!
Deb :)