Saturday, May 30, 2009


We had to put Scout down today....

Friday, May 29, 2009


Finally, a pretty blooming flower from the front garden...

I made the cards above for the monthly swap. The theme is "Thinking of You"...
I know it's hard to tell...Miss Kailee is now "TOOTHLESS" . She lost the other front tooth at my house on Wednesday...I'll try to get a better photo...Kids are so cute toothless!!!

These are some of the treasure that I found on Thursday when I went garage sailing. It's a city wide sale...Thursday thru Saturday. I should be having my own sale instead of "shopping"...ha ha!! See the sweet little green's a child size. The typing book was FREE along with the doilies. I bought 6 green ball jars with lids...25 cents each...The roosters are Lefton and 50 cents each...treasures to sell at the booths. I also bought a little plant stand and that's getting sprayed painted. Those are handmade mushrooms peaking out on the side of the photo and I found a couple of stamps...

This is what my family room looks like before the monthly sale at HQ!!! BOXES of items to mark and go thought...FUN and a little work :)
I was "TAGGED" by Toni at The Tattered Cottage. It's a tag to list 6 things about me. That's easy and here I go:
1. Back in the early 80's I was into running and ran in the local Bonnie Bell 5K's...I sure didn't finish in the top...but I did finish and loved that runner's HIGH after the race. I ran in 3 races.
2. I'm not an "out door gal"... and DON'T like to camp...unless it's at a Hotel/Motel !!!
3. I LOVE Vintage PAPERS, CARDS and old treasures probably already know that.
4. I'm the oldest of 3 girls and I was told that I was "suppose to be a BOY"... hummm...I'm Glad that I'm a Girl and do wish I had an older brother.
5. I think I'm addicted to blogging and spend too much time reading blogs ....hubby calls me the "Blogging Queen".
6. I am one HAPPY and BLESSED WOMAN!!!
Okay you know me and the "Picking" wants to play along...Have Fun and DO IT!!!
Well Blogging Buddies, that's about all for now. It's a wonderful evening and I'm going to enjoy it.
Deb :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"Stinky Carpet", treasures and More...oh MY

Garden Fairy...make a wish...
One of my Garden Angels :)

Above are the ATC/Tags that I swap with Pearl, Kathy, Twyla and Lindsey. Aren't they WONDERFUL. As you can see, the theme is Flowers!! Love them Gals!!! You do great work.

Above is the Chickadee that lives in the birdhouse below him. It has a little worm in it's mouth as there are 5 little babies in there. This is the 3rd year that they have nested here. I haven't seen any babies leave the nest.

Above...Old, dated and ugly core door...the reflection is from the mirror...

Hubby wanted "solid" oak doors.....YES...he does get his way...sometimes...LOL :)

New door that needs to be stain and sealed...this is the beginning of my biggest project for the summer. I'll be updating you on my progress :) I'm the stainer/sealer...hubby is the installer.

Works out for us.

I bought a scrap book LOADED with old cards...Christmas, Valentines and Birthday. They are glued into the book and I NEED any and ALL ideas on how to get them out without recking the cards. THANK YOU!!

Here are the "stinky stairs" with the old carpet removed...YUCK.... Here is the story: Our Poor Old Scout didn't make it outside early one morning and he had the "RUNS"..... YUCK...

Hubby cleaned the carpet TWICE and it still was "STINKY" "Stinky" that I was feeling sick to my tummy...

We went and bought some new carpet and hubby put it down. It's not the forever carpet...just down now until we finish the family room that is in the lower, walk out level. That large room is a diamond in rough and we just don't have the time or energy right now to do this room. I am also painting some small furniture and will show you those later. We WORKED this weekend...I guess we thought it was "LABOR DAY".....instead of Memorial Day.

The weather has been wonderful...need some rain...
Take care....
Deb :)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

This and That from the past week

These "bridal" bushes go along the fence in the back yard. From the side of the garage to the back of the yard and are just beautiful. Too cute...this bunny planter has pansy's in it and one decided to be an "hair" ornament on the bunny all by it's self. The bunny planter was a thrift store buy and I added some color to the bunny.

Tuesday was Grandparent's Day at Kailee's school. We listen to them sing ONE song...then off to lunch with was Hot dogs from the grill...and one of Kailee's front tooth was very lose...we said just pull it out and SHE DID!!! I think she SURPRISED herself!!!

Above are finds from the estate sale a week ago on Saturday. Pretty glass knobs !!! We bought MANY items there...I just didn't want to sit at the computer and upload all of them. I have dial-up and it takes a VERY LONG TIME to post. (poor little me!!)

I went back on Sunday....and the above and below photos are items that TOTALLED $5.00 for ALL... it was FIVE DOLLAR BAG time. It seems the closer to the end of the sale, everything that fits in a bag is 5.00 LOVE those DEALS...when I came home and totalled the prices from the tags...I SAVED $95.00 WOW .....

Below are some cards that I just "threw" together. The background already had the pretty flowers on them. They were from the Target dollar spot from Mom's day collection. This is one of my favorite stamps :) Don't you just love her tennis shoes !

Hey Twyla....I just had to take a picture of the items below 'cause I sooo.. thought of you. This was in one of the antique stores that we went to on Tuesday...

I have my own little "cleaning, decorating and clutter control" company. On Monday I had my FIRST job of clutter control in a gal's craft room...she stamps at the swap we go to. Her room was pretty organized...I helped her put "like things" in one spot...etc...and worked for 3 hours and went back on Thursday and worked another 3 hours. She would like me to come back for a couple more hours in June. I may get another job from another crafter from the swap group.
I said I would mention to you gals about a web site that list garage sales from all over. Here is the site to go to: don't get paid and have no relationship with them. I just said I would mention it...again...
The sales from HQ weren't as I hoped for...I'm not give me money to spend to load up for the next sale.
Off to finish cleaning the house before company comes over for chicken kabobs from the grill...YUMMY...I'm hungry...
Enjoy the long weekend...
NO ,we DIDN'T go to any estate sales today...I think we've spent enough money for awhile....hubby is working on a project that I'll be posting's the
"stinky carpet" story...
Deb :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


In the last post I mentioned that keeping it simple is more our style....However, my dear hubby SURPRISED ME with the BLING below!!! He isn't into giving gifts like this and it totally took me by surprise. I think since we called it our "Golden" anniversary he came up with this gift. My hands aren't that large, just the way my hand is to get a good view of the "BLING" LOL :) ...I have small hands and it was hard to take the photo with my left hand. P.S. the ring is from an estate sale...OF COURSE!!! It's Lovely no matter what!!

This lovely OVAL table was bought at an auction at the little town we went antiquing in. As we went into town we saw the auction sign...stopped to see what they were going to auction off and came across this table. We have a small eating/dining area right off the galley kitchen and I have been looking for just the perfect table since we moved in. I have bought a couple different tables (from sales) and they just weren't the right ones....

This one is just PERFECT and it has a nice leaf to put in for more seating. This table is 40 x 50 inches. It's made by Drexel Heritage from Dayton's. It's in super shape and also has pads. When we were waiting for them to auction the furniture...OTHER'S were "checking out the table"... I wasn't sure we were going to get it. We had a limit of what we were willing to spend...the auctioneer started the bidding at 400.00....then dropped it 300.00 then our price...200.00 and hubby raised our number and it was ours!!! The "other's" were a little surprised as the other furniture was going for $1.00 and up...yup...nice wing back chairs went for $1.00...bedroom set $25.00...and they had 2 other dining sets...a cute little table with 4 chairs that was drop leaf $25.00...if we had the space and a trailer to haul the stuff home...we would have bought more furniture to resell.

Below are treasures from the antique stores. All for the booths and great prices. Sock monkey always sell quickly. The Lu-Ray cup and saucers were 5.95 less 50% off!!! and most of the other items were just a few dollars each.

CUTE..."HAPPY MEDIUM" shoe forms below. $1.00 each...YUP... too fun!!

This is the best anniversary I've had. Hubby REALLY surprised me!!! HOW BLESSED I AM!!!
If the computer hadn't taken SO LONG to upload these photos...I'd tell you more about the day...I'll save that for later this week. As we were loading the furniture up...we were SO HOT!!!
When we got home after 8 PM we learned that it was 97 that wonder we were sweating!!! It was also in the 90's today...
Thank you all for your well wishes for our Anniversary!!! I still have to share the stinky carpet store and going to "school"....and I have been working...a paid job with my new business of Clutter control, decorating and cleaning. I'm doing a "clutter control" job and will finish up tomorrow...or's already Thursday AM....
Good Morning!!!! I'm off to bed.
Deb :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

19 YEARS AGO ON MAY 19th....

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO MY HUSBAND....we were so CUTE!!! This is our Wedding Day photo. We were married at the Como Conservatory and it rained on our wedding day. I heard that if it rains on your wedding day, you will be rich!! I am rich...not from money but by a man who loves me, takes care of me and has my back! SURE... there have been MANY hard times. We each have children from our first marriages and that has a LOT of baggage!!! We don't always see eye-to-eye and I have my "moments"...yet the older we get, the more we seem to blend with each other. WOW...19 years....!!!!

We are going to Kailee's school tomorrow because it's "Grandparents" day. We'll have lunch with her and then have a little day trip to celebrate our anniversary. It is the SIMPLE things now that truly mean the most.
I'll post again, soon, as it was some weekend...LOTS of treasures...story about the STINKY carpet and MORE...
Deb :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thrifting, Garage sales and lilacs

Pretty deep purple lilacs!!!
Our home was built in 1955 and we are the second owners. The first owners planted some of my favorite flowers...Lilacs. There are 4 different colors of lilacs in the yard. White, light purple, dark purple and a light lilac that has smaller flowers. The back yard smells SO good. The bushes have been neglected for many years. We are trying to trim them and cut out the old shoots that have died. It's a labor of Love.

Quick and Easy Project is below:

Above...boring mirror..below..."crackled" mirror. Crackling is easy and fun to do. Have you tried it?

The items below are from the Salvation Army thrift store. I have a REAL CLOCHE!!! and it was $1.99...and than 1/2 off..yellow tag items were 1/2 off that day!! SCORE...and do you see the Sweet Sugar Scoop...YES...I found another one and it was it's little baby scoop too!!

The items above are from garage sailing today and the thrift store. The lamp was only 2.00 and she didn't use it. It needs a "B" bulb. The little Red Riding Hood doll was in the FREE box!!
This weekend is the monthly sale at HQ and I will put in my 4 hours on Saturday. I am going to restock my space tomorrow. The owner encourages this and I haven't done it. I will as it will increase my earnings ...DUH... !!!!

Today at the thrift store I found a flower girls dress for Kailee to wear this fall for a wedding she is in with her mom. It's dear daughter's friend. It was only $6.69 and looks great. I am so glad that the Bride to Be isn't fussy about the flower girl. This really helps out dear daughter with the expenses for both of them being in the wedding. Sorry...I should have taken a photo of the dress. I'll try to take one.
Hope you all have a GREAT WEEKEND....I feel that spring is finally here in Minnesota!
Deb :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009


These are the flowers that my Son gave me for Mom's day!!! Oh they are so beautiful. Guess I "trained" him right!!! My daughter gave me almost the same bouquet :) Today was a GREAT Day!!!
These are a couple of the flower ATC cards I made for the swap. I had a hard time getting my ideas on paper and having everything "gel"...

Hubby washed off the patio and the water made a little puddle...and little Jackson Brown made it a bigger don't see how DIRTY this little guy got....I ended up giving him a bath which he isn't fond of...IMAGE THAT !!! At least he had a moment of FUN...BOYS !!! Digger....NO DIGGING!!! Jackson Brown has MANY NAMES.....

This little chickadee has a nest in the birdhouse in the front yard. This is the 3rd year that they have made a nest. I haven't seen any babies and hope to this year. It's hard to get a photo of them. They are too quick for me. The chickadee is my FAVORITE bird. Friday I went to an estate by myself as hubby was still working and it was a pretty good sale. Below are some of the things I bought for resell. See the Cecil and Beany book? I have Cecil, the stuffed animal that talks when you pull the string. I watched that show as a kid. Lots of buttons, a couple of gnomes, books and MORE...

BELOW is my "garden"'s overgrown, full of weeds and shamefully ugly and mistreated...

This below is the after ...didn't my son do a great job!!! I'll be planting soon. The "kids" and Kailee came over early afternoon and we worked outside. My strong Son dug out the garden and dear daughter painted the front of the house where the old green was showing on the cement foundation blocks.
After the work was done we had pulled pork sandwiches, potato salad, fresh green salad, baked beans, chips and fresh strawberries. It tasted pretty good. The pork had been in the crock pot cooking since 8 AM this morning. It' so easy that way and very good !!! My Mom joined us. She has lost 30+ pounds and is feeling so much better. I guess it's my turn to lose some weight!! My baby sister has lost about the same as Mom and she looks Great!! Her legs are so skinny.
Dessert.....S'MORE'S .... we were burning brush that had been trimmed so that was perfect for making them. I haven't had them in YEARS and they were Delicious!!!
It was a NICE WEEKEND....How was Yours??
Update on FIL....he had his last chemo treatment and isn't feeling good from the treatment. Thankfully he is done and can start feeling better.
This is my 171 post...I didn't think I was that "chatty"....LOL...
Deb :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009


This is the only Mother's Day card, vintage, that I could find in my stash...It's the thought that counts and I wish all you Mom's, Grandma's, Aunties, Sisters and Fur-Mom's and friends... a very HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY....with those you LOVE!!!

This is the package that I rec'd from the swap. Just love the birdie box. Thank You so Much, Vivian!!! Such great treasures!!

I received these treasures...5 hankies, a sweet notebook that Viv made, chocolate, the newest copy of Where Women Create, paper items to use for my crafts and the nicest birdie box!!

I've been paging through the magazine and Marie Osmond's room is awesome!!! I think she is so pretty and talented!! Yes...the chocolate is already in my guys should know me by NOW!!! See the chocolate...EAT the chocolate...just that simple!!

I was in the Green and White Spring swap and Vivian from was my partner. She makes WONDERFUL cards!!! I would LOVE to stamp with her!!! You can see her cards at the blog listed above. She "creates" for a stamp company!!!
I think my "kids" will come over for Mom's day and I'll cook...(is that right?) and they can dig up my garden and help with the yard work...this was to be my birthday gift...however the weather on the weekends hasn't been gardening weather. I bought my Mom, MIL and daughter flowers in a hanging basket at a great price and 1 for me too!!! (Just in case!)...or wait...the basket is from my fur-boys...that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!!
Deb :)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

YES...I DID....

These are raspberry bushes for my hubby. Our anniversary is coming up and he loves raspberries. I planted them today and will get 1 more bush. These are to bear fruit in June and September...yummy... and I love raspberries too!
The photos above and below are treasures from the estate sales I went to on Saturday. I love linens and tins :) We went back today as things are 1/2 off and bought a floor lamp, cute table with a pull out writing board and a couple other things. LOVE the 1/2 off deals.

Yes..I DID...get these items below, free, CURB SIDE....You wouldn't believe the great things people had curb side. I really believe you could furnish a home with stuff that people no longer wanted. We had people up and down our street on Friday when you could start putting out your stuff. Even when the sun was down, people were out with their flash lights looking at stuff. It's so amazing!!! I didn't have enough time or space to go out for all the treasures that I could have picked up.

BEFORE: above is the kitchen window over the sink.'s a sewing's almost an antique. It was my Mom's. She gave this to me YEARS ago and I only use it to fix a seam...and sew a "straight" line.

AFTER: It sure brightens up the kitchen and was hem needed.

Yes... I made a valance for my kitchen window with 2 pieces of vintage lines that I bought. Of course, I had to find the sewing machine under the pile of clean clothes!!! LOL So happy on how they turned out. I have some other fabric that I want to use and make "totes" out of. Another project to add to my list.
The weather was so perfect today. Almost 70 with SUN all day long. God's blessings. I hope you all had a great weekend...NOW it's back to Monday and almost Mother's Day. Take care.
Deb :)