Sunday, May 3, 2009

YES...I DID....

These are raspberry bushes for my hubby. Our anniversary is coming up and he loves raspberries. I planted them today and will get 1 more bush. These are to bear fruit in June and September...yummy... and I love raspberries too!
The photos above and below are treasures from the estate sales I went to on Saturday. I love linens and tins :) We went back today as things are 1/2 off and bought a floor lamp, cute table with a pull out writing board and a couple other things. LOVE the 1/2 off deals.

Yes..I DID...get these items below, free, CURB SIDE....You wouldn't believe the great things people had curb side. I really believe you could furnish a home with stuff that people no longer wanted. We had people up and down our street on Friday when you could start putting out your stuff. Even when the sun was down, people were out with their flash lights looking at stuff. It's so amazing!!! I didn't have enough time or space to go out for all the treasures that I could have picked up.

BEFORE: above is the kitchen window over the sink.'s a sewing's almost an antique. It was my Mom's. She gave this to me YEARS ago and I only use it to fix a seam...and sew a "straight" line.

AFTER: It sure brightens up the kitchen and was hem needed.

Yes... I made a valance for my kitchen window with 2 pieces of vintage lines that I bought. Of course, I had to find the sewing machine under the pile of clean clothes!!! LOL So happy on how they turned out. I have some other fabric that I want to use and make "totes" out of. Another project to add to my list.
The weather was so perfect today. Almost 70 with SUN all day long. God's blessings. I hope you all had a great weekend...NOW it's back to Monday and almost Mother's Day. Take care.
Deb :)


Twyla and Lindsey said...

My, it is amazing what people put out at curbside. That would have been so much fun. You made a beautiful valance. Good for you. I generally don't like sewing machines. Great finds at the sale. Have a great week! Twyla

Pearl said...

I'm just so Impressed with this post, Deb! Love the new valance you made for your kitchen window... Excellent job! And you sure did score on your curb side shopping... Did your son have any luck finding some furniture? ... You know you drive me insane with jealousy when you show photos of the treasures you find at those estate sales... LOL ... My Mom had the very exact Christmas tin... of course, I ♥ all of the hankies... and the pretty yellow ceramic bird... Love the wonderful linens, too... and those two little elves make me think of dalmations with their sweet lil polka dots... how Cute!!! So glad your weekend was successful... good luck with growing all of those raspberry bushes... I owe you an email...

~hugs 'n prayers~

vivian said...

I'm looking forward to hitting some yard sales soon. They havent really started in full force here yet. LOVE you new valance! and also those little deer! how stinking cute they are!
have a great day!

Holly said...

Your valance look great, Deb! What a great idea. When I see things like that, I wish I could sew...

Love all the red things you found at the estate sale. How is it that I can love pink so much but love red, too? I think I just love color! ♥

linda said...

I'm sure your hubby will love his new raspberry bushes...what a neat gift Deb. So personalized!

I love the idea of putting stuff out curb side a couple of times a year. Wouldn't it be fun to swap goodies with our neighbors like that!

I'm so glad your weather is warming up. We went to the beach this weekend with friends and the weather was gorgeous. We spent the whole weekend outside. It was glorious!

Michele said...

Hi Sis ~ oh my...I wish I lived by you...well for a number of reason, but so that I could go curb shopping with you! You found some great things. I think we could be mighty dangerous if I lived even within an hour from you...cuz I'd be there every weekend. I think your hubby would be kickin me out!

Big hugz...oh, and I love the valance!

Lil Sis

Kim's Treasures said...

Wow, I wish people threw good stuff away here!

The valance is wonderful, you're right it sure brightens up the window!

Have a wonderful night!!!

Rosie said...

Love your cute valance. Nice job! You always find the neatest stuff!

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...


I really love those curtains. You are one amazingly talented person!!! have a blessed week...m.

Sher said...

She searches...she stops...she SCORES! LOL, I love your finds! All of it, cool stuff!!!!

Janet, said...

I love all your things. I have lots of vintage tablecloths and I usually put one over my kitchen window, too. Good luck with the raspberries, you'll have to keep the birds away,they love them, too.

KatCollects said...

Yummy, Raspberries are one of my favorite things. You found more sweet treasures, the vintage hankies are my favorite. You did a great job on the valance!

The TinCan Cottage said...

Hi, so glad I just found your blog! Love your thrify eye! Do you ever sell any of your finds on Etsy or other online means? I just love that square red blue floral tablecloth in your first picture of this post...I had one just like it, it had a couple of holes in it so I cut it up to make a couple of pillows out of it, but would love to have more of it , or even the whole cloth for my vintage travel trailer project :D. I Enjoy your posts and will be back to see what other treasures you have found!

rosechicfriends said...

Hi Deb!

YUM on those Raspberry bushes..wish I had some place to plant some too, they are a fav of mine to! Such a sweet gal to do that for your hubby!

Sure wish I lived closer to you oh the fun I'd have shopping with you, I just love to do that too! Love all the goodies...and the FREE stuff...well you could definitely make a living repainting and repurposing those goodies and make money on it too! lol

Have you found any salt/pepper shakers for me?



Hi Deb, You sure know how to find lots of goodies. I like how the curtain turned out. Isn't it fun to make things for your home?! I just posted a picture of my latest little birdhouse. I think my childrem are going to want to take my denim blue bench just finished back home with them.

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Bunny Rose Cottage said...

GORGEOUS!!!!!!! WOW this is amazing! I love all the red :) the curtains are so pretty too!!
Thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog! It meant a lot to me :)

Donna Lynn said...

I adore free stuff, one of my favorite tables was on the side of a road! Hope your doing well, sounds like your weather has been lovely, we are having a wonderful Spring here, and boy am I enjoying it after lasts years nightmare weather! Take care and have a wonderful Mothers day weekend!
Donna Lynn

This simple Life said...

now why can't I find any decent linens around here? I love your new curain.