Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Winner, pretty flowers and Jackson Brown

The neighbor and I "share" the space in between our driveways and she planted these lillie's...they are SO Pretty !!
These are my clematis on the south side of the house. Their color is deeper than the photo
This is the other lilly that the neighbor planted...WOW ...

Jackson Brown on his "perch" getting some sunshine ...this spot seems perfect for photos of him.

Okay...yesterday after working out...there was a garage sale on the way home and I bought this darling aqua serving tray. It's in perfect shape and notice the unique and it has a cover for the "dip"...only $1.00 ... deal of the day...

I forgot to show you this sweet little "Blue bird"'s hanging on the wall in the dining area. all want to know who won....first...Again I THANK YOU all for the kind words, encouraging words, decorating ideas, prayers and everything else for the past year and I look forward to meeting more blogging buddies....SO THE WINNER IS......
THERESA from !!!! Hurray...!!!! Theresa please email me with your address so your little gifts can get in the mail. Thank you! Theresa is a Grandma like me and I'm sure would love to have you visit her.
NO estate sales this weekend...did get the lawn mowed, garden weeded...yuk...and patio cleaned off and the house more "dust dogs" for awhile....The weather is great today and I opened the windows to get some fresh air inside. While I'm glad that we have AC, I love to have the windows open.
Enjoy your Sunday....
Deb :)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Garage Sale Goodies

Isn't this the sweetest tassel you have ever see?!!! Lorena at makes them and you can buy some!! I sent her this bird and she made her for me!!! Yes...she does custom orders...just ask!!! Thank you Lorena...I love my little birdie...I have another one...that's a gift and I don't want that person to accidentally see it. Trust's wonderful!!! is Garage Sale day...and Miss Kailee went along and here are the highlights of our morning of shopping...
Sweet little sofa...that's what I'm calling it! Love it and it will be hard to sell's in good shape and just a couple of spots on the the legs on it.

Cute bird cage...only $5.00 with 2 little birds inside...too cute

and here are a few more goodies...the white bowls were $4.00 for the 3 of them...candle stick holders 3 for $3.00, pretty flower hat, cute tin, white bird planter and love the vintage pictures with curved was a good day for treasures...just HOT
Later we went and I got my haircut...a little shorter as is grows so fast with all this HUMIDITY...
Guess Kailee and I will hang out together on Tuesdays and Thursdays this summer... :)
I'll be drawing a name soon... I'm thinking I need to have a garage sale SOON....this weekend we will be working around the house...the weeds have taken over the garden...the "dust dogs" have taken over the house...and the re-sell items have taken over the family...time to "TAKE" back the house...
Deb :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

HOT & HUMID...and my Blog Birthday...

It's my blog birthday...I'm 1 years old....and to celebrate this milestone......
this sweet little baby shoe pincushion and hankie and a couple other items will be someones soon...just leave a comment if you would like to win them. Remember....this isn't to be shared with's for my regular reader's and gals who leave comments. Thank you! These SWEET cupcake ATC and Tag are from the swap...aren't they great and don't they make you hungry for a cupcake!! THANK YOU GIRLS....they are are Wonderful and I appreciate all your creativeness!!!

This is what you do when it's too stinking HOT & HUMID in MN....of course you have to SHARE the sprinkler with others....even the 4 legged ones....

JB LOVES the WATER....we can't water the yard with him outside...he goes crazy for the water and DIGS a hole where the water puddles....and then he becomes a Mud Puppy....even Old Mack gets into cooling off .....

I wish I had a video camera...watching JB DANCE in the water is just too funny...he'd do it all day if the sprinkler was on...
It's been a fun year of blogging. I have made some very dear friends...learned that spray painting is FUN and a quick fix, that gals I've never met will pray for me and my family and that anything can be used as a "cloche"...that MOST of you have so much talent that you share and that giveaways and swaps are awesome and that blogging is the BEST thing! My hubby calls me the "blogging Queen"...and sometimes he thinks I spend too much time blogging... hey, I don't watch TV much any more!!! Isn't that something?! SO, Thank You for all your comments, prayers and love through this modern thing called blogging....I guess face book is next...Ha ha...
I'm sticking to blogging!!!
Deb :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Friday, after a sun shower....this beautiful rainbow appeared in the backyard. Thanks, God! This is the 3rd generation rose bush with light pink flowers. It has MANY buds...however some on them don't open...they turn brown and die. Any suggestions?
These blue dishes are similar to ones that I am lusting after from Brenda at Cozy Little House. She found some that are white in the center at a thrift store with the blue cottage roses around the plate rim and I have been lusting after them. I'm on the look out for the ones that I REALLY want...these I picked up on Friday at a good price.

Below are thrift stores finds....oops the photos aren't in the right order....oh well, treasures are treasures!!! The Red Owl is a needle holder in very good condition and is heading to one of the booths. I do LOVE pink Transfer ware!!

Back to the estate finds from Friday....I know there is some Christmas goodies...when I find them I have to get them...and of course any vintage paper goodies!!!

The Longerberger baskets only $5 for one and $4 for the other...SCORE!!! and more shells and I love the old beat up tobacco tin with roses on it. Hubby said"Why are you getting that?" duh...I like it!!!! MEN!!!

Today, being Father's day...hubby's youngest son and pug, Molly came over for BBQ lunch and so did my son and Chopper. All the doggies got along...sometimes, JB was a little too "frisky," one could say...and Molly just put him in place!!! See Mack...he just likes to watch the others play!

Saturday I worked at HQ....BOY was it BUSY!!! and people were BUYING!! I think we had more customers because the news paper had an article about the monthly shops in the area and HQ was mentioned!!! The owner said it's the BEST sales in the 3 years of business. I'll let you know if the sales were good for me when I get my check later this week. Since it was their 3rd year anniversary they had a free BBQ. I worked 7 hours and it went by so fast...however my feet are very tired today!!! It was a good day.
Speaking of anniversary/ 1st year blog birthday is coming up and I'm in the mood for a giveaway....check back mid week...
Kailee slept over Saturday night and we watched "sponge Bob square pants" I think it's weird...she really likes him...and today she went to church with me. She is a Blessing!! and I need to remember that!! Papa made us pancakes and we topped them with whip cream and fresh raspberries for our breakfast! Yummy :)
I hope you all had a Great weekend....
Deb :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


More pretty peonies from the yard....these are my favorite ones. I love the deep, rich color!
I "cleaned" and organized this built-in china cabinet and added the lace to the edges. I found the sign at a recent estate sale. I thought it was theirs and they said,'s for sale!! You can click on the photo and see what it says!!!

Last week I received the above "LADIES" from a dear friend who now lives in FL...she was going through her "treasures" and decided that these "LADIES" should come and live with me...Aren't they was another BLESSING!!! THANK YOU, Carol !!!

These AWESOME pieces of vintage house trim are in my house and another set is at HQ. I'm going to hang mine on the wall at some point...Love the CHIPPY paint and design.

Above and below are some of the items for sale at the HQ shop...the sale starts Thursday and

I'll be working my shift on Saturday. It's also their 3rd Year Anniversary and they are having a BBQ during the shift that I am DINNER!!!

Each month is hard to decide what to bring out and sell..that's why "SHOP" so much... Yes, it's a tough job....somebody gotta do it!!!

Tomorrow, Kailee and I will go garage sailing . Saturday night she will spend the night over and we'll go to church together on Sunday morning. I found a darling little skirt and top at the thrift store, that she LOVES and she'll wear that to church. She loves skirts because it "twirls"when she spins around. Oh...I almost forgot...Jackson Brown will be 2 on Friday...time for cake...
Enjoy your up coming weekend....
Deb :)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

SO...What Do I "DO" ALL DAY???

I have been asked this question by well meaning family and friends. Since I don't "work" outside of the home (antique buying/selling doesn't count for some reason!) I thought I would try to figure out what I DO ALL DAY.....Yummmm...I think I'm BUSY like this's sleeping... shop and try to work out at the "gym".....Tuesday, Kailee for the summer, so that's just FUN....Wednesday is a summer Bible study...Thursday is "GARAGE SALES" DUH...and thrifting....Friday is our "date" night...well, it's our going out for HAPPY HOUR night..but that's has stopped for awhile...Saturday is Estate Sales...Sunday is Church...of course there is also, laundry, cooking dinner, mow the yard/gardening, marking stuff for the booths, card making and JUST DOING WHAT I WANT TO....YUP...It's a Great Life For ME!!! oh...eating chocolate all day too...JUST KIDDING....wish I could....and whatever else BLOGGING!!! Hubby thinks I do that ALL DAY now!!!
Peonies from the yard...I thought it was a white just the softest pink...
These plates and stuff are in my bathroom on the wall (duh)...and I thought I would show you how I decorate with door plates...and old stuff....can't think of the word I want...

oh....I also forgot...I decorate and change things around...I put this little, summer fun, candle center piece together yesterday....after CLEANING.....Today I MOWED the front yard...

The weekend before this one...we went to a wedding and at the outdoor reception, they had for the guests, while the wedding couple were having photos taken...etc....Food, Drinks, palm reader, taro card person, writing analysis and a person to "draw" WHY NOT!!!

This pretty award was given to me by Diane at SaturdayFinds....she makes very sweet posy pockets out of old card and things. I bought a Christmas one and love it. THANK YOU, DIANE!!

I am passing this award on to YOU, my blogging friends....I feel you all have "LOVELY BLOGS"
I know this is a different post...too much on my mind and not having a good day ...tomorrow all will be better!!!!
Take care....
Deb :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Garage Sale Goodies and More

Mack and Jackson Brown decided to play "Tug of War" with an old towel used to wipe wet paws off. They destroyed the towel...
Kailee was helping me weed today and she found TWO Four Leaf Clovers....How cool is that!!
Today Kailee and I went garage sailing and here are some of the treasures....AWESOME Old door knobs and plates...50 cents each...and the neat basket 50 cents...I like to hang the door plates on the wall and have a few in my bathroom . Just love the look.
Below are all the finds of today and I spent less than $20.00...It was a GOOD day of Garage Sales.... the angel will get spray painted white...the old "Bread and Cake box was $2.00 and love the enamel pans with red trim...and 2 t-shirts for 2.00 each and one was new...

These below are Kailee's treasures and she "arranged them and took the photo"...she is SO LIKE her Grandma!!! She spent less than $2.00 of her own money.

This is the new t-shirt and I HAD to buy it...CHOCOLATES...and it's a pretty blue and will look great with jeans. Happy Dance today!!!

I borrowed this great stamp from one of the gals from the swap...JUST LOVE THE HEELS...and I used Black Glitter...too fun!!!

These are the cupcake ATC 's I made for the swap that I do with a few gals from blogland...It's so much fun and I so enjoy being "creative"... or at least giving it a good try.

I have more treasures from the thrift store that I went to on Tuesday. Kailee and I made cookies on Wednesday and Sailing today. Tomorrow is an estate sale that says "VINTAGE" items and that means I MUST GO!!!
I think I need to start an "thrifter's anonymous"'s getting I have to GO at least once a week ...send HELP!!!
Here's to a great weekend. Oh, Kailee and I planted the white and orange pumpkin seeds today. It will be interesting to see if they grow and I'll keep you updated.
Deb :)

Monday, June 8, 2009


Hi Gals!! It was some weekend here...COLD...I had to turn the furnace on...CRAZY... These are my baby shoes. Mom had them bronzed. SO sweet. You can put a picture in the middle, but since they are broken I just thought this old clock looked cute there.
This precious dress my Grandma made for me when I was little. There is a sweet lilac color "slip" underneath the dress. There aren't any photos of me in it...

On the left is my daughter with the dress on and on the right is Kailee with the dress on. They are both 2 years old in the photos. It's a precious keepsake and tradition that I hope my daughter will pass on.
We went to a wedding reception on was outside...and it rained and it was so cold that you could see your breath when you talked...the bride and groom will remember their day. The food was served under tents...and was warm:) We didn't stay for the dance. TOO COLD!
The place where the reception was held was a flower farm...I didn't bring the was so lovely...white lights wrapped around trellis, candle lights everywhere...very pretty.
Jackson is doing much better since he started his meds and eye cream...however he has "wet" in his kennel because of the big deal. I'm just thankful he is better. The rain has helped his allergies.
No estate sales as the wedding was at 11 AM...we didn't get home until 6:30 PM...long day in the cold. I'm getting the "space" ready for the sale at HQ. Kailee's daddy was called back to his job and that means that I'm watching her this week after school and then Wed-Friday as they have to figure out the summer daycare for her. Kailee will be with me on Tuesdays and maybe one other day...time will tell. School is out on Wednesday.
Renee at The Chateau of Remnants is having a Summer Swap...I'm IN!!! Come join!! The swap button is on my sidebar.
Take care.
Deb :)

Friday, June 5, 2009


This sweet little white rose bush is a 4 generation plant. This is the first year that is has so many roses on it. I think it was in shock for a couple years after is was transplanted when we moved. I have a 3 generation pink rose bush that is LOADED and will be blooming any day..can't wait to take photos of that bush.
Here is a better photo of Little Miss Toothless and her new garage sale doll. Kailee made her a necklace and a bracelet for herself and requested that I take "their photo"...

Yesterday on the way to one of the booths...a GARAGE SALE SIGN JUMPED AT ME...and this is what I HAD TO BUY....the sweetest hand painted dish that has little legs on it...1.00 also the cutest little Longaberger basket with liner, plastic protector and hanging tag..1.00 and then

This wicker chair. Notice the unique shape and it's in pretty good condition...only $4.00 and it's comfortable. This will go to one of the shops.

The door on the right is the NEW DOOR...just need to do the trim...lovely I think...the door on the left is a closet door...OLD one that will get replaced this summer....Sorry the photos aren't the's not a wide hallway and it's hard to get a good angle for a photo.

Poor little Jackson Brown....I had to take him to the vet (not the one where Scout went) and he has terrible allergies. His eyes are swollen and watery, ears are red and in between his pads are he is on some eye cream and pills to help him feel better.
It's another wonderful day...sunny and just perfect, however we need rain...."they" say it may rain tomorrow...speaking of which we are going to a wedding at 11 AM...and the reception is outside and dinner is at 4:30 PM...
Sunday is dinner at Mom's for her birthday and I'm bringing a broccoli salad. Easy and Yummy.
NO SALES for us tomorrow...that's fine...the check book is looking a little LOW....
Deb :)
P.S. Thanks Connie for the card!! I sure hope we can all get together this year. "HI" to my friends who read my blog...