Friday, July 31, 2009

Minnesota Zoo ,Treasures, Chocolate and more..

On Thursday afternoon, my Mom, Kailee and I went to the Minnesota Zoo and we went to the butterfly garden first...this is one of MANY butterflies we saw. It is so pretty and I love this photo....
This is my FAVORITE candy SHOP...they are celebrating 100 Years of business and had some I HAD to go there and when I saw this "Sweeeet" HAD to come home with me. The "Sweeeet" is on the back :) Love IT! and it's PINK!!! They had other colors....Pink works for me!! Yes...I bought a couple pieces of candy...

Another butterfly at the Zoo...

Kailee feeding the cutest little goats...LOVE them!! If we didn't live in the city...I think I would have one of these little guys and some chickens. These are also at the Zoo. We were there for 4 hours and walk 3+ miles as my Mom had one of those walking meters....we were so tired....and we didn't see everything. I didn't take many photos as Kailee was going from one area to the next and my Mom needed a break every now and then.

Treasures from Wednesday and Thursday....nothing too exciting... The little black cat was made by one of the garage sale ladies hubby. That is so sweet. The vintage greeting cards were only .10 each....and the blue drinking glasses just had to come home with me...I also bought a small table with a drawer that I'll be painting and I'll do a B&A pic of that. I may have a place for that in my home.

Before the painting process.....................

After the painting process..............the little one drawer cabinet is almost done. It's a white linen color. Hubby will be sanding a FEW small pieces of furniture for me tomorrow and I'll be painting this weekend. No sales for us this weekend. Must Clean the House, work on projects for the next sale and hubby's car needs a little attention as he calls it...
I know the photos aren't in any order....wanted to mix things up. The weather is wonderful!!! It's raining now as I'm posting and it's 11 PM...we really need this rain. The lawn is very dry and getting brown.
Update on the pumpkin seeds that we planted...the orange pumpkins have a few flowers on it and the white pumpkin plant only has a couple....we are hoping for MANY white pumpkins!!!
That's the latest here....HAPPY WEEKEND!!
Deb :)

Monday, July 27, 2009

More Weekend Treasures and ATC Swaps

I LOVE taking photos of bees. This one is on a "bee balm" plant that my neighbor gave to me.

Sweet photo above is from an estate sale, 2ND day and 1/2 off..doesn't it look like Jackson Brown?!
More 1/2 off ...second day estate finds. Love the Santa tin and was very surprised that no one had bought it. Love the hats. Next month for the HQ sale, I'm doing a "Tea Party" theme as well as "regular" stuff...I have a tea cart that I'll be selling. Just not enough room to keep all the goodies I find.

This set, and I have another complete box, so that is a service for 8, is called "Blue Garland" and was probably sold in grocery stores and/or given as premiums. I believe that these sets are from the 60's...and it's very pretty. Keeping them and payed a total of $25.00.....I think that was a great deal and I bought them at a garage sale.

Sweet bird cage on stand..2nd day buy at estate sale...only $14.00 :) I would get a couple of last bird died when hubby forgot to feed him while I was visiting my BFF, Mary-Ella a couple of years ago....the bird food was sitting outside of Fritz's sad :(

The ACT/Tag swap with Twyla, Lindsey and Kathy had a theme of Beach/Sea and the top 2 are made by Twyla and Lindsey and the bottom tag was made by Kathy....Great Job Gals :) !!! Pearl still isn't feeling she will send hers later...Please keep Pearl in your prayers :)

I'm in a second ATC swap with some new bloggers(to me) and one of the gals, Stacy and I had done the recent swap. Top, left is from Cory (Dogwood) , top right is from Stacy at Golden bird Knits and bottom left is from Rachel at Plain Jane21 Blog. The bottom right is mine.
More talented gals. This swap is also monthly and I picked Bird Nests for the theme and I already have mine finished. Thank you Gals!! I am so enjoying the swap and learning more about you.
Don't forget about the Pumpkins at the Dollar Tree stores...I'm betting they will go fast and you don't want to feel sad that you didn't get any...and I's early to think about Fall...that's retail for you!
That's all for now.......Happy Blogging......
Deb :)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Quick...This and That...

Very Sweet Vintage wrapping paper....too CUTE!!!
Many different styles...I so love the old wrapping papers :)

This and that from the estate sales and garage sales.... Sweet Santa's boots that were candy containers. I'm finding Christmas items...may have to keep the Santa postcard as they are hard to find and it was only 50 cents... DEAL!!!

AWESOME Aqua canister set for the next sale...thrift store find :)

Here is Kailee in the 25 cent Christmas dress...she loves it !!

Just wanted to say "HI" and post some of the finds...I hope you all are having a great weekend.
The weather is wonderful!!! Take care.
Deb :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Playing Tablescape with Blue Dishes

I have seen some very nice tablescapes in blogland and decided the other day to play with my "new" dishes... I added a little "whimsy" with my picnic ants...and they are "dressed for dinner.
I have mixed and matched my blues...what do you think??? I used a couple of tableclothes. The one on the bottom is lace, then the one Pearl gave me for my birthday and then one from a sale last week.

Maybe I'll set the table like this when Twyla gets here...I'm sure she'll be very hungry!!!

Now...what should I make for dinner???
Went to HQ today and picked up my check and was VERY SURPRISED... WOW...I have some "pin" money for the next few weeks. I didn't think I had that much out there for sale. It sure paid to have items in the yard.
Tomorrow Kailee and I will head out to some garage sales...and I'm pretty sure there are estate sales for Saturday!!! BUY,BUY, SELL, SELL, SELL !!!
Happy Blogging!
Deb :)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

TEAMWORK and Some Treasures

Close UP of the bee on the cornflower...I like it even tho it's fuzzy!!!
Hubby and I have been working on the new doors and trim. He puts up the new door frame and I stain and varnish the door and the new trim... BEFORE: Old core door and trim

Ta Da...NEW DOOR AND TRIM.... and solid oak. We have 2 doors and trim completed and 3 to do....

Pretty Little Blue Bird was a good weekend for treasure hunting....Kailee and I went out on Thursday. I went to 1 estate sale on Friday and also a couple of garage sales and on Saturday, hubby and I went to 3 estate sales before I had to work my shift at HQ

This sweet dress...LIKE NEW....for Kailee for Christmas...only 25 CENTS....I found her 9 pieces of clothing....AWESOME DEALS !!!!

These are estate sale finds from Saturday...sorry the "finds" aren't in order....

Most of these are from our garage sale hunting...and also going to a thrift store. Love the large blue plate. I should have asked the gal if she had more....wasn't thinking!!! I can't remember what Kailee found on Thursday.

Garage sale treasures and estate sale items. Yes...that is a PINK dish strainer!!! The earrings were 25 cents each and from one of those home parties...a couple of stamp sets at great prices.
I also bought some clothes for me at $3.00 per piece and I bought 2 tops and a skirt and went back today and bought 2 like new robes for $3.00 for both...1/2 off today.
There are many more treasures...just didn't want you to fall asleep....
It was a busy weekend at HQ and the people were buying furniture and more. It will be fun to see my check on Thursday. The money "made" goes right back out to the thrift stores, garage sales and estate sales...
I played "tablescape" and will show you what I came up with later this week. Take care!!
Happy Blogging!!
Deb :)
P.S. Many of you know Pearl from Pearl's Sentimental Journey....and she is pretty ill...and I would appreciate it if you would pray for healing for her. I don't feel comfortable sharing more and God already knows Pearl's situation...however we are to pray for one another!!! Thank You my Blogging Friends!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Just wanted to say THANK YOU to Queenie at Queenie's Treasures...see my side bar... I received the Blue Pitcher and plate which look PERFECT in my kitchen/dining area along with some much needed potholders that also look perfect in my kitchen.

Blogging Friends are such Blessings!! Thank you!!

More tomorrow...just wanted to get this posted..I found MANY treasures between Thursday and today...

Happy Blogging!
Deb :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

All Ready for the Next Sale and Fairy Visit !!

Here are just a few shots of the room...already for the sale that starts on Thursday. It's hard to show you the entire's small. The shop owner is having a meeting Wednesday PM ...not sure what's all about...however she is having pizza and drinks (beer & pop)...and I'll be bringing items for the "Yard"...outside stuff.

Kailee was very Happy and surprised when she found this note in the fairy house today!!!
I'll be having LOTS of fun with this. She wrote the fairy, "Pixy," an note which I'm sure Pixy will pick up before Kailee is here on Thursday. Papa will help us make a "Fairy Door" that will stay outside on the base of a tree. He will cut out the shape she wants for the door sometime later this week. We are having so much fun with this.
That's all for now.....
Deb :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Meeting a fellow blogger and Linens and more !!

Chopper stayed over this weekend as my son went to Texas for a friend's wedding. Chopper weighs about 60 lbs...and he thinks is small like our boys and wants to be on your lap!! He is Grandma's boy!!!
Bought these two trellises at the estate sale and off to HQ for the up coming sale..

It was linen day at the estate sales that we went too...hankies, aprons, small doilies... Sweet little note cards, reindeer for Christmas and tins hopped into my shopping bag. Below are a few more as we went back, 2ND day and things were 1/2 off...except the aqua bench and "O" can read about below...

On Friday evening I was able to meet a fellow Blogger!!! Her name is Renee and her blog is called and I also meet her sweet little puppy, Lolli. Renee was very kind to let me "shop" her garage sale before the about SWEET! I bought the sweet aqua bench above and the letter "O" at her sale. Renee also gave me a tour of her great home. She has a lovely older home, just a few blocks away from a local city lake. She loves white and she has done a lot of work on her home. She also is a quilter. THANK YOU RENEE for letting me shop early and I so enjoyed our visit.
Please stop by my BFF blog http://bigcreekhouse.blogspot and give her a BIG welcome to blogland when you can!!! Thanks .
and.....for us Chocolate is a website that you can check out for FREE CHOCOLATE...on Friday's between 9-11:59 AM you can register for FREE CHOCOLATE from the Mars company. ...I did and should be getting my FREE coupon soon...No one payed me...I just want to share the Chocolate Love!!! It's not my favorite candy....but I'm going to get me some!!
Stained and varnished another door and trim this weekend. Going over to a friend's house tonight for a BBQ and boy am I hungry....
Deb :)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Thursday's Treasures, a Fairy House and Twyla's coming

My pretty Snowball bush...
Kailee and I decided to make a fairy we gathered some pretty things for the fairies Kailee decided what went where and I hot glued the items on the box...and we found some fairies at Target for the "real" fairies to visit a few other things that Kailee thought the fairies would like. The fairy house is outside...but comes in at night. Just in case some critter comes along and decides to make it their new house.

The blue printed place mats are for ME...and see the sweet little "His & Hers" coffee pots!!

The blue sewing box needs a little hot glue and a button closure.
Look what Kailee and I found at some garage sales...finally...the "hunting" has been poor..the items above are from the thrift store we also went to!! The prices were very good on the treasures for resale..we went to 4 garage sales on Thursday.
I just LOVE finding Treasures!!! Sometimes I think I need/want a bigger house...
Today I put the first coat of varnish on the 2nd door along with the trim...Only 2 more coats to go and then hubby can put them up... they are for the guest room......
I'm getting them done before TWYLA, from Two Crazy Crafter's comes for a virtual visit sometime before winter. She is walking here...good for getting in shape and VERY GREEN!!!
She does blog about it if you want to visit her sometime. We have become very good friends because of blogging!!! So...I want the guest room all ready for when she gets here along with the whole house. It's good to have a goal!!!
The weekend is here....I think we'll go to a couple of estate sales in the morning..and then back to varnishing the door and trim...
Deb :)

News Flash!!!
My BFF...Mary-Ella (ME) has a BLOG and I would so appreciate it if you would go over and say HI and encourage her!!! Thanks...Deb :)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Swapping Treasures

Ohhh...Sooo...Sweet...this little card was in my Swap Box...looks like my boys!!!
Below are the sweet treasures that I received from my swap partner: Stacy from Goldenbird Knits . This was Stacy's first swap and she did GREAT!! Sorry my photos aren't the best...she sent me a vintage egg cup with a blue flower on it, doilies, hankies, black tea, vintage postcards, notebook, blank ATC cards and a sweet little vintage bag.

Look at these darling hankies...just LOVE the little girl on her rocking horse and the sweet little puppy with his little ducky friends :) and of course love the pretty flower hankies. On the top left is a sweet little bag made from a vintage linen.

Very nice religious postcards with Bible verses on them.

The sweet egg cup looks perfect on my shelf...

This swap was from The Chateau of Remnants. THANK YOU STACY...I'll be your swap partner anytime!!!! Every gift was perfect and I appreciate your thoughtfulness in picking out my new treasures. Stacy is a newer blogger and would LOVE it if you would visit her.



Deb :)