Sunday, July 12, 2009

Meeting a fellow blogger and Linens and more !!

Chopper stayed over this weekend as my son went to Texas for a friend's wedding. Chopper weighs about 60 lbs...and he thinks is small like our boys and wants to be on your lap!! He is Grandma's boy!!!
Bought these two trellises at the estate sale and off to HQ for the up coming sale..

It was linen day at the estate sales that we went too...hankies, aprons, small doilies... Sweet little note cards, reindeer for Christmas and tins hopped into my shopping bag. Below are a few more as we went back, 2ND day and things were 1/2 off...except the aqua bench and "O" can read about below...

On Friday evening I was able to meet a fellow Blogger!!! Her name is Renee and her blog is called and I also meet her sweet little puppy, Lolli. Renee was very kind to let me "shop" her garage sale before the about SWEET! I bought the sweet aqua bench above and the letter "O" at her sale. Renee also gave me a tour of her great home. She has a lovely older home, just a few blocks away from a local city lake. She loves white and she has done a lot of work on her home. She also is a quilter. THANK YOU RENEE for letting me shop early and I so enjoyed our visit.
Please stop by my BFF blog http://bigcreekhouse.blogspot and give her a BIG welcome to blogland when you can!!! Thanks .
and.....for us Chocolate is a website that you can check out for FREE CHOCOLATE...on Friday's between 9-11:59 AM you can register for FREE CHOCOLATE from the Mars company. ...I did and should be getting my FREE coupon soon...No one payed me...I just want to share the Chocolate Love!!! It's not my favorite candy....but I'm going to get me some!!
Stained and varnished another door and trim this weekend. Going over to a friend's house tonight for a BBQ and boy am I hungry....
Deb :)


Suzanne in TX said...

Hello from Texas! I love vintage aprons and those look so cute from what I can see. How does Chopper get along with your "boys"? We are "sitting" 2 of our granddogs this week, too. Just clicked to follow your blog and now I want to go visit your friends' blogs. Come over my way anytime...

Karyn - (French Charming) said...

Hi Deb,

Love all your goodies, especially the vintage aprons, doiles and hankies. I posted a really great project to do with dolies today. Enjoy your BBQ tonight.


Twyla and Lindsey said...

Cute picture of Chopper! As always you find great stuff. The yellow kitty planter caught my eye. I have the blue, the pink and the green one. I didn't know there was a yellow one. Have a wonderful time at the BBQ! Twyla

goldenbird said...

Thanks for the tip about the free chocolate! I will check out your BFF's blog soon. Looks like you found many lovely treasures at the estate sales. Love the linens!

Kim's Treasures said...

I LOVE Chopper! That's my kind of dog!

Love all the linens! I may need to try estate sales, I've never been to one.

Have a great night!

Eclectic Pink Rose said...

Thanks for sharing the chocolate love. lol!! What fun and great treasures that you found. Chopper is absolutely beautiful!!! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.
♥ Teresa

*Noelle* said...

more lovely linens!! wow!! i got my free chocolate already from MARS but have to give it to my boys:(

Theresa said...

Girl, you hit the jackpot! All those beautiful hankies, aprons... dang wish I had been there to get in on the early sale:) Cute dog!

Michele said...

Hi Sis ~ awwww, Chopper is sooooo adorable...and an awfully big lap dog!

I swear, you get the best stuff at sales...I'm absolutely in love with those trellis'...just gorgeous!

Hope you have a fun time at the BBQ.

Let me know when Twyla's coming...I'm serious...we need to get together...soon!!!

Lil Sis


Hi Deb. Thanks for your visit. I hope you do well at the sale. You always find the cutest things.

I hope you are enjoying every minute of summer.


Punk Rose Journal said...

Well hello Garage Sale Gal!! Thank you for popping over on my blog and saying hi ~ I look forward to getting to know you! Hoping you have a wonderful week! xo Sherri

Kathi said...

Love the trellis (es?)! Your new little gnome looks right at home too!

noernoel said...

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Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Chopper is so cute!! I bet he enjoys all of your cute finds at the sales. Small world when you get to make a blog friend in person!

have a happy week,

The Tattered Cottage said...

Hi Deb !
Chopper is so handsome!! And what a sweet face he has :) You did great on your shopping! I only picked up a couple of pieces, my favorite being the two metal cake stands. . .love them! I Love the trellis', they are beautiful! The hankies and aprons are soooo pretty. How fun that you met another blogger!!! Small world that we live in :)
Have a fantastic day :)

Queenie said...

Hey Deb!
How wonderful that you got the chance to meet a blogger friend and shop at her garage sale early! Love those finds, especially the linens!
Thanks for coming over! I have added the followers gadget feature to my blog now...It seems pretty easy to figure out, hopefully I can get it all figured out...LOL! Now, I'm just trying to add the blogs I follow to a list. It seems pretty easy.
Have a great day!
Big Hugs,

Rosie said...

Deb, I love the "o" and the turquoise seat. You always find such great treasures. When are you posting pics of your finished doors?

rosechicfriends said...

Hi Deb!
Sorry I haven't gotten back to you busy gal you! I sure wish I had the time this year to garage sale..haven't really been able to with all going on! I must check out your friends blogs and the MARS chocolate of my fav are MARS bars..but you don't see them much anymore!

YES..if you have some s/p for me I will take them...let me know if I owe you for them. Did your friend get hers yet?

Love ya sweetie!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it fun meeting a blog friend in person? That's how I felt when I finally met LeighAnn of Leigh's Life. It's like we had always known each other. Hope you are doing well.


Cindy said...

I went to an auction and 2 estate sales last weekend and NO linens! Which is odd! But, found some good junk anyway. But, my mother has borrowed my camera and I can blog about it yet! Sheesh!