Friday, August 28, 2009

Living Room and Fall Decor

It's feeling like Fall around my house!!! and the weather is too!!!
See the cute pumpkins on the right...Twyla makes them :) from Two Crazy can contact her as she sells them :) I'll be tweaking the mantle as the season comes get in full "bloom"...

The autumn sign was a recent purchase at Home Goods and the candle stick holders with pumpkins on them from a garage sale and I think 3.00 for all. I was going to sell them...but they like their new home on the mantle.

Finally...the whole living room for you to see. On this end, above, is the fireplace and the bookcases that we bought for each side of the fireplace. You can see, on the right a door to the sun room. At some point will will get a new fireplace insert in black. This fireplace burns wood. On the left side is where the Christmas tree will go. I'll have to put the desk and picture on the wall in the quest room. The cord on the floor is to a floor fan...oops I didn't think it would be in the photo.

I am able to show you the whole living last...and some of the fall decor that I have put up. Now that you can see the entire living room...what do you think??
Busy weekend...Son's 30Th birthday on Sunday the 30Th...guess no skydiving...too expensive at this time... I'm fixing his favorite dinner on Sunday...BBQ Ribs, mashed potatoes and gravy and apple pie. Sure glad that it won't be hot... later we are going to the car races at a local track. They are having figure 8's and bus's great watching that.
Saturday 1 estate sale and then home to get groceries for Sunday and a little cleaning. I'll post about our day at the Fair...which was much fun with Kailee and hubby. I'll also show you the awesome stash of valentines we bought today and any other treasures that come our way.
P.S. Thanks for all your input for the living room!! I am working on the chandelier this weekend also and appreciate your help on that too!!! Blogger Buddies ROCK!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Show Us Your Rooster Party

Welcome to my part in the Rooster Party...hostessed by Barb at Bella Vista. Let's check out my little collection. These are out of order..I accidentally deleted one and then added it... See the cute rooster block?!

My little collection is on top of my Hoosier in the part of the "foyer" area. I have a small collection and they are vintage roosters, except for the little "lilac" one.

The "colored" hen and rooster belong to my Grandma. They were given to her by my Grandpa and sat in the kitchen window as long as they lived in there house. They have passed away and were given to me. I love them dearly. The "white" hen and rooster I bought for 15.00 for the pair. They are "rare" Royal Copley" as are the colored pair. They are mine next treasured pair.

Do you see the lilac colored rooster...It is a Fenton one given to me by a dear friend, Connie. Love you Connie :)

This white rooster is 2 pieces. It could be used as a candy dish?? It's milk glass. The two cute hens in front are cardboard from a game given to me by another dear friend, Jeanne. She gave them to me this year for my birthday :) Love You Jeanne!!!
Thanks for visiting my little collection and Thanks Barb for having a Rooster Party.
Deb :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How does this look??

This is my question for YOU...I added the sweet little bench in the living room and does it make the room look crowded..does it fit?? The living room is large with a HUGE window on one side, fireplace on one wall and then the wall you see straight ahead and another wall where the sofa's rather hard to place furniture in this room.

My daughter says the living room looks "junky"..."Mom, you have TOO MUCH STUFF"...

I wanted to show you the other end of the living room...blogger isn't letting me add more pics...

Tomorrow we are going to the Minnesota State Fair and taking Kailee with us. It's our "staycation" or "daycation"...

I did put up some fall decorations and will show you soon...when blogger feels like loading pictures...UHG!!!!

It's taken me almost 2 hours just to do this quick post....

Deb :)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Meeting a Blogger and Finds..

See this sweet box wrapped with a pretty hankie and ribbon?! It's from Ann, a blogger that I met today at HQ. She and her lovely family shopped there today and she gave my FAVORITE candy from my FAVORITE candy store and this pretty hankie. She also loves hankies and vintage treasures :) How on earth did she know??!!!

THANK YOU, ANN! It was a "treat" to meet you, and I hope we will see each other again. Please visit Ann's blog: ...I'm sure that she would enjoy meeting you too!!! That was a little blessing for me today.

These are finds from the thrift store on Thursday with Kailee. Just love the little Scottie dog linen with it's happy little face. The white seal is Kailee's buy along with the sea shell, flag
and little flower pot. She insists that I take photos of her things to show you on my blog :)

Yes...Christmas and Thanksgiving postcards at 1.00 each from a garage sale...SCORE!!!

more finds....
A tree branch fell on top of the hood of my Jeep Friday from the rain and winds...have appt on Monday to see how much that will cost to repair. Hubby is having a MAJOR car problem and he isn't in a good problems suck...oops....
At least the weather is AWESOME...sure feels like Fall and I just might start my Fall decorating tomorrow...
That's all for now...
Deb :)

The Wizard of OZ Gala

When I was in grade school I remember watching the Wizard Of Oz and it was in black and white. I loved the munchkins and Glenda the Good Witch...Glenda is so pretty ....
I was afraid of the Wicked Witch and the flying monkeys.... These are my little contributions to the Gala

Hostessed by Twyla and Lindsey at Two Crazy Crafters. Thank you friends....
Now...I'm off to see the "Wizard".... and remember..

Deb :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Little Chandelier, ATC and HQ Ready

These are my tags that I made for the monthly swap..they already have them so I can show you. I'm waiting for the ones they made. The theme: Coffee or Tea.

This is my $12.00's about 12" tall and it has a tag that says "Made In Spain"

These are my crystals that I have for it. Some came with it and some I have been collecting. Question for you gals...should I paint the chandelier or leave it or add some of that rub & buff??

My space is already for the sale this Thursday-Sunday....

Tea cart and tea cups and things for a tea party.

I'm selling the aqua canister set and LOTS of STUFF!! Sure hope the weather is good. It rained most of today and had a tornado watch not far from the house....

More treasures to sell...magazines, books and more...oh my!!! Next month is FALL and I can hardly wait to decorate my space! You all know that Fall is my favorite season :)
Tomorrow is garage sales with Kailee. She is sure getting the hang of sales and we will probably go to the thrift store. She really likes the thrift store. I heard they are going to have a Salvation Army thrift store not far from my house...can't wait for that to open.
I've had lunch out 2 days in a row. Monday at the General Store where they make fresh Popovers served with honey butter....YUMMY and yesterday lunch at Bubba Gumps with another Grandma and Grand daughter after we had fun at the Mall of America...and they have the BEST Shrimp Cobb salad with raspberry dressing..more YUMMY...
Happy blogging!!
Deb :)

Don't forget to give me your ideas for the chandelier :) Thanks !!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Friday finds and Saturday's stuff

It seems that the Friday estate sales are pretty darn good. This sale was at an older home and they seem to have the best stuff. It was a "digger" sale also :)17 hankies for 1.00 each is the going price at estate sales..It was so HOT & HUMID at the sale that I had to use one of the hankies to wipe the sweat off my face...eww..

Vintage Christmas glasses...SWEET!! old cards from the 40's, and little bit of this and that...

Old hat, sweet train case for 4.00 and I think my favorite is the vintage Christmas candy still had the wrappers in it :) $1.50 for the candy box.

This awesome bench was bought at an moving sale...$2.00...can you believe that!!! I bought it on Thursday.

These finds are from Saturday. Hubby said I paid too much for the glass lady and man pictures...I don't think SO!!! Of course it's time to pick up seasonal items for the monthly sale.

Garden Junk book was only $4.00 and will stay on my book shelf. I so enjoy books.
Today we went back for the 1/2 off deals and I found my chandelier...for only 12.00 that's $12.00 and I'll show you that soon. It's SWEET!!! I didn't see it yesterday and am so happy that I found one. God does give us richly all things to enjoy.
It finally cooled off today..THANK YOU, LORD!!!
As you have read or seen on TV the PGA Gold Tourney was here. I'm not into not a big deal for me.
It's going to be a busy week. Tomorrow lunch with a friend, Tuesday Mall of America with Kailee and her little Tuesday friend, Wednesday, finish getting my space ready for the sale that starts on Thursday. Friday we are going to a concert that hubby won from a radio program and Saturday I work at HQ.... I could use another ME!! and also on Saturday is the "Wizard of OZ" gala by Two Crazy Crafters...I must not forget that!!!
May not be around much this week....I'll stop by when I can...
Deb :)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Hot & Humid,Thursday's finds, Bee Happy!!!

My love for taking photos of the bees continues....Enjoy the weekend..."BEE HAPPY"!!!
Here is the white pumpkin....just a tiny little guy! I haven't seen any other white ones.

Here is one of two orange pumpkins growing in the patch.

Yesterday I stopped at 2 garages sales. Nothing at the first one...and these treasures from the 2nd one. It was a sweet little old lady who was selling some of her things. We chatted a bit and she told me that she "Loves Roses" and since she didn't entertain like she used to...she is selling some of her antiques. The sweet creamer and sugar...$2.00...perfect shape too!!!

she made doilies and they were only 25 cents each....I only bought this one. I like the fluffy green trim :) and I had to buy the hankies...also 25 cents each. I was a little sad thinking that she was "giving away" her lovely antiques...

This pressed glass, footed bowl is AWESOME.....LOVE IT!!! No chips or is lovely.

It is HOT & HUMID here and the sweat was just DRIPPING off of me...YUK!!! Does that count for exercise!!! and Shouldn't I be "thinner" after sweating like that .... LOL ...
Today we went to 1 estate sale and I will show those treasures when I post next...I think we are going to a sale tomorrow.
I am SO thankful for AC!!! My son builds houses and I try not to worry when he is laboring outside in this weather. He has a great tan....speaking of my son...he will be 30 Years Old on the 30th of this's his "Golden Birthday"....and he is thinking about going sky diving and I may also do it!!! We have to check out a place to go and see how much it will cost and that could be a factor to my going. I'll watch for sure...
Keep Cool and "BE" HAPPY and "BE" THANKFUL!!!
Deb :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Finds from Saturday

Look at these beautiful calling cards that I bought on Saturday...and for less than 50 cents each... I'm doing the happy dance about these cards...
The postcards were 50 cents each...see the sweet little dark haired dolly! I put her under a cloche and will keep her for awhile. I had a wood burning kit like this when I was little. Bunny for the garden to keep the real bunnies away.

Pretty hat, cute kitty and part of a blue pin cushion.

The veggie pumpkin figurine is a repo and he is staying for awhile also. He is a little scary looking to me.

On...very pretty note would think I have enough of those..NEVER...a cute fairy book that is put away for Kailee, a couple of things for Easter and pumpkin soy candles, new in box!!

The "vintage" sale was a lot of repo's and vintage. The basement was PACKED with both and I didn't go down there first...missed out on some blue plates and small furniture and a chandelier...
Oh well, there is always another sale to go to.
We are back to HOT & HUMID weather and will be turning on the AC tomorrow and probably have it on the rest of the week. I so love to have the windows open.
That's all the treasures for now...however I do have many others that you haven't seen as they are in boxes, waiting to be sold and I don't want to bore you!!!
Thank you for the nice comments about my "Barbie" outfit ... I didn't really think I looked like Barbie. Your kindness is appreciated.
Happy Blogging.
Deb :)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Barbie Party and Thursday's Finds

Kailee and I went to a couple of garage sales on Thursday and we found this darling tea set for her. She does has a couple..however this one has little silverware with it. Later that day we had a Tea Party with her new set.

These are K's finds. She had her own money. These treasures stay at my house...'cause her Mom says they have enough stuff...(what???) The turtle had a "broken" neck so we put some ribbon around her.
These are my few finds....BUT wait until I show you what I found on Saturday....

Saturday night I went to a Barbie party. One of the gals at HQ hostessed this party in her HUGE home....we were to dress as a Barbie and bring an appetizer to share.

Here I am, already for the Barbie Party....It was fun to dress up and some of the other"Barbies" had great customs...Fairy Barbie, Horse back riding Barbie, Rich Barbie, 60's Barbie, Cop Barbie...sorry I didn't get a photo of all the Barbies...I am supposed to get a group photo later on.

I hope your weekend went well...I'll post in a couple of days the treasure's from'll just have to wait!!!
Friday it was very"COOL" here...had a take and bake pizza for dinner. Saturday and today...HOT & HUMID!!!
The pumpkins are getting bigger. So far I see 2 orange ones and 1 white one. The green beans are here and the cukes are almost ready and same for the tomatoes...
Deb :)

Saturday, August 8, 2009


I am playing "Pay It Forward"
I am one of the 3 who left a comment to play this game. It's fun as I have played it before. Have you ever visited Theresa??! She is another great go over and meet her!!!
Here is how I am playing this game!
The first 3 who leave a comment saying they WANT to PLAY...I will send them within the next 30 days a gift. If you sign up to MUST do the SAME!!! Please DO NOT SIGN UP if you are not going to follow's not fair or nice!!!
Then you are to post the above logo on your blog and do the same for the next 3 people.
It can be anything that you would love to receive...a craft or treasure that is old or new.
Thanks for off to hubby's son wedding reception and the later I'm going to a
Barbie custom party...I'll take some pictures and post about that before Monday!!!
Happy Weekend...oh, I almost forgot...the "vintage" estate wasn't so "vintage"...did find a few things and I'll also show you them...
Deb :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pumpkins, garden Frog and Cards

Look what I found in the pumpkin patch....this tiny toad...sorry the photo is fuzzy!!! You know that I love frogs :)
Here is the pumpkin patch. The orange pumpkin plants has MANY flowers....

Here is the beginning of a white pumpkin. Not as many flowers on this plant. Kailee planted the white seeds. I planted the orange seeds.

These are my cards for the monthly swap that I'm in. It's stamper's choice this month and I couldn't think of what I wanted to I just threw these together and left the inside blank.
Tomorrow there are a few garage sales to go to and we already saw a great ad for an "vintage" estate sales that LOOKS good on "paper"...
I am going to play "Pay It Forward" soon.
That's all for now....
Deb :)