Saturday, August 8, 2009


I am playing "Pay It Forward"
I am one of the 3 who left a comment to play this game. It's fun as I have played it before. Have you ever visited Theresa??! She is another great go over and meet her!!!
Here is how I am playing this game!
The first 3 who leave a comment saying they WANT to PLAY...I will send them within the next 30 days a gift. If you sign up to MUST do the SAME!!! Please DO NOT SIGN UP if you are not going to follow's not fair or nice!!!
Then you are to post the above logo on your blog and do the same for the next 3 people.
It can be anything that you would love to receive...a craft or treasure that is old or new.
Thanks for off to hubby's son wedding reception and the later I'm going to a
Barbie custom party...I'll take some pictures and post about that before Monday!!!
Happy Weekend...oh, I almost forgot...the "vintage" estate wasn't so "vintage"...did find a few things and I'll also show you them...
Deb :)


Joyce said...

Hi Deb! Count me in! I'd love to play "Pay It Forward". Sounds like fun!! Hope you're having a great weekend!!

Jacque said...

Hello Deb, I read your comment on Theresa's blog. Theresa won her Pay it Forward gifts from me. I am glad that you like them! Our Pay it Forward was for handmade items and I see that you have decided to change that up a bit, which I think is GREAT! PLEASE enter me in your Pay it Forward game. I loved participating and will SURE DO IT AGAIN! Thanks, Jacque

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