Friday, September 25, 2009

Pic's of my HQ Space and more

Here are some pics of my space for this month...the sale started Thursday..

it was raining today and that may hurt the sales for the weekend...

Before...decided to make a little project with this frame. I know..she is sweet...however I'm showing some gals at church before and after with spray paint...and this is the perfect size.

After with a little stamping and embellishments.

All of the above are from a couple of weeks ago. The sheet sets were like new and cheap. I really needed some new sheets and if you WAIT long enough, you will find them at estate sales. Also see the sweet little chintz bowl. Another piece for my collection.

These are my ATC cards that I made for one of the ATC swaps that I belong to. I've sent them out and have received a couple back. When I get all them, I'll show them to you. The theme:
Back To School.

I have been renting at HQ for a year now. Time really flys. I sure enjoy this new hobby of mine.
There are 2 sales in the neighborhood that we will go to before I work at HQ tomorrow afternoon.
It rained today and we sure needed each and every drop. Had a yummy spinach and mushroom deep dish pizza for's my favorite kind.
Happy weekend treasure hunting...
Deb :)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

Just a quick post to let you all know that Mom's surgery went perfect and she came home today...but first went out to lunch and to HQ to see my baby sister drove her and our Auntie around.

Your Prayers and good wishes are so appreciated. You are a Wonderful group of women who are very dear to me.

THANK YOU so much!!!

Had part 2 of the garage sale today....I'm tired :) Tomorrow I'm staying home and cleaning and visiting my friends in blogland...

Deb :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Little TOO Much is going on right NOW

Everyone needs a "jackalope or two"...bought these at an estate sale...cute!!

Above and below items are from an estate sale on Saturday just down from our house. Hubby bought 2 old clocks and I hope they still chime. He hasn't worked on them. The glasses above were all for 2.00 and below all the S&P's all for 3.00...not too bad.

The photo above and below are treasures from the flea market/antique sale that we went to yesterday...It was a good hour drive from the house and we saw eagles flying overhead...The wall lamp was a 1.00 and I'll make it a candle holder...Valentines 50 cents each, sewing drawer 5.00, Halloween bag 2.00. Halloween items are expensive when found..I was selling mine and now I'm keeping them.

Just a quick project with this cute cocoa tin...I just couldn't throw it away and now it's a decoration for Halloween :)

There is just a little too much happening this week...My Mom needs a pacemaker and her surgery is Wednesday and if you want to pray for her...awesome...and I Thank You!!! She needs to feel Peace now as she is anxious about the surgery.
I still need to get my room ready for the sale on Thursday. Plus a few other things...I'm not sure if I'll get another post in before the update on Mom's surgery and maybe a couple pics of my space at HQ...I also don't think I'll be visiting much this week. I'm sure you understand and I appreciate that.
Thank you for understanding and your prayers...
Deb :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Before going into the Junk can purchase pumpkins, gourds and more. I would love to have one of these....this one is a little too big for me. I did see a couple smaller ones.

There were 100 vender's according to the brochure. With all the people was hard to see everything. So many ideas...pillows and totes made from all kinds of old linens. Love those.

Prices were high, medium and my price Love these colors together.

This tablescape is a giveaway. I did put my name in. Ki, Matthew Mead and a few others each did a place setting from the local thrift store. It is lovely and maybe I'll win...drawing is on the last day...Sunday.

These darling purses are made from vintage books...She will custom make one for you with your favorite book. The price seemed fair...and most under 30.00.

This is what I came home with. I think it was $10.00 or less... BINGO cards were everywhere and priced 50 cents and up...I went for the 50 cent ones. It was very fun and SO much to see...
We were there 3 1/2 hours...didn't stay for the "blogging party"...did see Ki and Matthew there along with someone from the blogging magazine. Not enough time to stay for that. Ki is very tiny!!!

Shirl from Shirl's Rose Cottage send me 3 types of hollyhock seed and this sweet little girl tag. I so Appreciate that Shirl... and I will think of you when they come up next year. THANK YOU!!
What a blessing and how very kind of you.
Just wanted to show you some of the Junk Bonanza because I know you wanted to see it. Didn't take a lot of photos...too crowded.
Have a great weekend...
Deb :)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'M GOING TO.............

Tomorrow and my friend, Jeanne and I are going to the...

JUNK BONANZA ....................

it's a Junkers delight I'm told. I haven't gone before..this is my first time and I'm glad I saved some of my garage sale money to spend...and I'll take photos.

Ki at is the woman behind all of this. I bet many of you all ready know all about it.

They have the "early bird special" where you pay $20.00 at 8 AM for early buying privileges. I'll wait until they open at 10:00 AM and pay $6.00...I need my spending money. was the first day back to Bible Study Fellowship. This year the study is on the Book of John. This is my 7th year of going to BSF. If you would like more information, you can go to" for a class in your area. The study is interdenominational and you will learn so much.

Hubby's birthday is Saturday and we may go to a huge flea market/antique sale on's his day and he gets to decided on what he would like to do..

I'll talke to you later about the "great" adventures...


Deb :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Weekend Finds

These flowers are from the local Farmer's market and only 5.00 a bunch. They are so pretty.We also bought carrots and baby cukes...they taste wonderful!

I made the "Fall" picture with a cute blackbird sticker, stamp, fall leaves and scrapbook paper. I also made a similar one for my Fall Swap partner, Fran who has received hers.
Love these vintage suit cases. Only $5.00 each...they will sure hold LOTS of STUFF!!! Isn't the little doggie pin cushion sweet and the older Trick & Treat bags. These finds are from 2 estate sales that we went to. The Mother Goose book has awesome pictures in it. I should have taken photos and showed you. Just wonderful graphics.

20 hankies and this Christmas linen...I washed and ironed them tonight. I went for hankies that had Valentine and Christmas designs on them and I also found a state one that is Minnesota and of course a few pretty flower ones.

More fun little items for the "shops"...

Aren't these old store signs awesome...I bought 4 and am keeping one. I sprayed the little one with silver and it still looks a little "shabby"..

Oops...I bought a few magazines. YES....I am also a Magazine is a weakness that I have. I can hardly wait for the Christmas ones to appear on the shelf. I just love all the ideas that they offer and yummy recipes that they share. I SO want to Bake!!! I keep them for a few years . So many ideas to remember.
Hubby's birthday is Saturday...the HQ sale starts the I will be pricing items this week and going to the shop to set up my space. I have lots of "fall" things to sell. It will be fun to decorate my space the next few months.
Thank You, PEARL...she "tweaked" my fall banner. She has the touch and is such a sweet heart!!!
That's all for now...take care!
Deb :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pay It Forward Gifts, 1st Day of School & Garage Sale

I received this darling Yo-Yo tote and pretty dishcloth/pot holder from Theresa at...
Take A Sentimental Journey this week. I played the Pay It Forward that she had. She made them both and did a wonderful job. THANK YOU THERESA...your gifts really Made My Day. If you haven't ever visited should. She a dear woman and she shares great recipes. I made the apple cake recipe that she recently made...YUMMY!!!

The pumpkins are turning Orange :) all three of them. Guess the white pumpkin seeds didn't take...

Here is Kailee at the DQ after her first day of 1st grade.I asked her what was the best thing that you did today at school? Her answer..."Played outside twice"!!

This is just some of the things that were for sale..the garage and driveway were packed. We did advertise on Craig's list and put up some signs. Mom came and helped too. It was a perfect day for a sale.

The garage sale went well..."made" over $400.00. between all of us.Lots of stuff went...
..however...LOTS of stuff is left and I will be having another garage sale before the "snow flys" !! Now, I REALLY need to think about future purchases. Yes...I can buy items for resell...just need to think about WANT items for me..

Ann from Protector of Vintage and Renee from Cottage Life Style came over on Wednesday night..however they came at different times and didn't get to meet each other.
Today was daughter's 28th birthday and she didn't want a family meal...happy hour instead and that was fine. We went to a new place and it was pretty good. We'll go again. The appetizer's were very good and at a great price.
Hoping you all have a great weekend. The leaves are turning quickly. I heard it's because the trees are stressed from lack of water. Guess we will water the trees this weekend.
Deb :)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Getting a few things Done...

I changed out the wreath on the front door...I bought this at the thrift store...under 4.00 :)

Hubby helped me hang the chandelier yesterday in the living room. I also put new fabric on the little bench and it looks so much better :)
I kept thinking today was Sunday...even thou I vacuumed the house, mowed the front yard and then was in the garage for a few hours...
HELP............................I NEED A BIGGER GARAGE............................
Daughter brought over MORE stuff and hubby decide to go through some of his stuff and of course...I have my stuff......
I HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF..........................................
this will be the only time you hear me say this...until the next time..............
Tomorrow is Kailee's first day of first grade and I will be picking her up from school and then we will go to the's our "tradition"...........
I'm also going to my "regular" gal for my haircut and am thinking about something a little more..
FUN...I have a picture of what I think I want...I'll let you know later....
Thanks for all your support during my little pity's sad that some of you have had the same experience...I so feel for you...
Deb :)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The lost or stolen giveaway :(

See all these AWESOME gifts...I won this from Suzanne at Colorado Lady giveaway in July.. Apron, linens, candle, 1 year to Country Living, awesome pitcher an more..........well...

here is the SAD story....

She put the package outside of the front door for the mailman to pick up...she isn't sure if it was picked up by the mailman or taken/stolen from her front step. She doesn't have any replacements...NO Treasures for Deb :(

We are both hoping that the package may show up... it's pretty least I can look at the photo...

I just had to share this pitiful story...I'm feeling so sorry for my little self...

Deb...Party of One!!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fun at the Fair & Getting Ready for my GARAGE SALE!!!

The Minnesota State Fair is a great event. It's 12 days long!!! There are so many attractions to see and do. We went last Thursday and Kailee went with us. It was fun having her along. Kailee and I went down the Giant Glide..that was FUN!!!
This is a view from another ride we all went on. The Sky Ride. It crosses over the fair grounds so that you can see all of the fair from the air...

Hubby and I ALWAYS get a cream puff. They even have chocolate cream puffs and that is what I had...

YUMMY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hubby with his cream puff...there is NO sharing a cream puff...I wanted to share, but no one else I "suffered" through and ate all of mine...I spared you a photo...
We were at the fair for 6 hours and we didn't even see everything....Kailee went on some rides at the kiddie ride park. We all went on the Ferris wheel and that was fun...No rocking in the cart!! We also had fresh taffy...banana and black walnut...just a few pieces and I had my yearly corn dog. People watching was AWESOME...and then some... It was a great time.

This is the inside of "my" garage...I have my own garage because hubby didn't want to share the double car garage...Some of the items are for the monthly sale. Some are projects for the monthly sale...SOME are for the garage sale that I am having next Thursday...

This is stuff that is waiting to get priced and taken out to the garage.....

MORE things waiting to get priced to bring out to the garage. Today while I was gathering items to price...Kailee "played" garage sale...she gathered a few things and asked me prices and then"payed" for was very sweet.
So...who wants to come and help me get ready????? The hard part is pricing things...I want to sell them...but I don't want to "give" them away...but I am having a garage sale....but I'm losing money...but it is a "Garage Sale"......
I will be "laboring" for labor day...I hope you all enjoy the long weekend and hope that you have FUN...or RELAX...
Deb :)