Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's Almost Ready..The Estate House!!!

Hello blogging friends. I must say...this estate house has kept me busy...I've put in 58 hours and will work again on Friday and then the sale that is Saturday and Sunday, plus the clean-up after the sale. I am very Thankful as the money earned will go for Christmas. With the real estate market still "not so good".... Christmas will be taken care of. God Provides!!!

The computer WON'T let me upload any photos right now....


Don't eat too much candy this weekend.

Deb :)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Treasures and Wedding Photos

Hi Friends....Isn't this picture's from the estate house and just had to come home with us. Hubby helps out at the estate house too. It's called "Honeymoon in the Alps"...

A few more the little metal shoe's child size. There is a whole set for sale and this one is an extra. Lots of doilies for sale. Sweet Christmas song booklet.
Amber and was pretty cold for outside photos...and Kailee had this pose for most of the pictures. The dress Kailee is not the thrift store one I bought...Dear Daughter found this one for Kailee... I know I'm the Mom...I feel that my "girls" look beautiful :)

This is at the reception and I thought I should have a "family" photo and will use this one for Christmas cards. Hubby, Me, handsome Son, Beautiful Daughter and Granddaughter and "future"(?) son in law/Kailee's daddy...
Today at the estate house...we were expecting a couple of "friends of the family" to shop...well EIGHT people showed up.....are you kidding me....and of course not everything is PRICED....just a tad stressful...and they wanted a few things that weren't marked...NO MORE PRE-SALES!!! is what the "seller" will be told....
All my spare time will be at the estate house...the sale is may not here from me for a week...Maybe....
Take care and I'll stop over when time allows.
Deb :)

Friday, October 23, 2009

ATC/Tags from October

The tags on top are from Kathy...she had to take care of she sent the ones she was behind on.

The 2 tags are from Lindsey and Twyla and the ATC on the top right is from Pearl. I showed you my Tag earlier...
This is just a quick post. I worked at the estate house today for a few hours...tomorrow is my 4 hour shift at HQ and then to the wedding.
I'll post again...Sunday evening...
Happy Weekend and Happy Treasure Hunting....and I'll also show you a couple of items I picked out today from the estate house...I know...I'm teasing you to come back and visit me :)
Deb :)

I have a do you gals find time to post so often...I have a hard time posting twice a week...I would love to post more...however it takes so much TIME...with the dial-up and loading pictures...and visiting everyone...well..I could be on the computer ALL DAY...

Monday, October 19, 2009

Where Did Last Week Go???

These are a few of the items I'm getting from the estate sale... I have a "Tab" on file at the house.
Aren't these button cards the sweetest and of course the doggie button is awesome :)

Always Love vintage Paper!!!

This darling, pink, chippy, enamel top table was in the outside storage shed and the feet are in tough shape...however...mine for now!!!

Just a couple of photos of my space for this month's sale...which starts on Thursday...

I'm hoping the sales will be better this month...need some Christmas money :)
This is going to be another fast week....daughter and Grand daughter are in a wedding on Saturday :) I'll be sure to take some pics :) My hours at HQ were changed so that I wouldn't miss the wedding.
Today it has felt like FALL...sunny skies and temps a little more "normal".
Last week I was at the estate house 4 days. Hubby went with on Saturday and cleaned out the garage. It wasn't too bad. 3 rooms are already, garage just needs a price list, so that leaves the main floor to price. Pricing is the toughest part. You want people to buy the things, but you can't give them away and the owner has "prices" in mind...
Sorry that I'm jumping all over with my thoughts...I just don't want to forget anything!!!
I Love spell check... to visit you gals and see what you have been doing.
Deb :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Couple More Pics and This and That

Let sleeping dogs lie....
These items are at the estate sale and we still need to price them...

and so are these lamps, shades and things.... On a good note...1 room is all priced!!!! Hurray!!!

A view out of my back porch...from Monday...thankfully it's all melted. Only in Minnesota!!

These are the Tags I made to swap with a few blog gals. The theme: CAT...and I made mine with black glitter.

Today at the estate house, took a peek in the garage...hubby will have to come over and price the "man" stuff....
The daughter of the house came over today and I think she is overwhelmed...she goes from one room to another (so do I) and finds things from her childhood :) She was telling me that many years ago the house had an "outhouse" in the back yard and someone came to the house and wanted to dig where the outhouse the "olden" days...folks would throw bottles and such into the holes....well...this person dug up a bunch of bottles that were in the garage...and they are awesome...I haven't looked at all of them. Just one treasure after another at this house.
I was thinking we would have the house ready for the sale by Sunday...Hold that thought :) This is the first time I have helped get a home ready for an estate sale. I'm still loving it.
It's very COLD here...only 39 today...burrrrrrrrrr and heard it may get into the 60's by the weekend...I want Fall to come back!!!
That's it for now....take care.
Deb :)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Photos of the Estate Sale I'm Working At

Let's start with one of the doll houses. It's a large, 3 story. The owner of the house made at least 3 doll houses that will be for sale. It really is amazing how detailed this one is....let's take a peek inside...

The house also lights up. I love it. Let's have tea in the parlor and listen as the hostess plays the piano. WOW...I can see how fun and expensive this hobby could be.

Just some of the furniture...

Just some of the pictures.....

YES....awesome kitchen items...I may have to buy one of these treasures in the vintage sink!!!

The stove is electric and look at all the fun cooking items on the wall...

There are 3 is just a peak of 2 of them... and just some of the vintage clothes

There is a Jenny Lind double bed for sale...and 3 awesome dressers. A couple with marble like the one above. Today we had to get into the attic and a vintage light was pulled out. It's awesome..

It's looking a lot better at the estate house. We were very productive today. I'm thinking it that we should be ready by the end of the week...

Okay...icky part so far...old bed linens that "reeked"...almost threw up because the smell was so to the garage they went. I can handle the ashes...smells ...not so much!!!

I hope you enjoyed the peak inside the estate house. I'm still loving getting it ready for the sale.

Hope you weekend is going well. Tomorrow I'm ushering at church and later we are going to bring the Hoosier hubby bought out to the antique store.


Deb :)

Just A Quick "HI"!!

Just a quick "HI".... it "snowed" last night...just a light covering...ACK....I'm not a Winter Girl!!!
Jackson Brown doesn't like his sweater...he just sat still for the longest time after I put it on him :)
I'm heading back to the estate's coming along...and guess what...there is heat in the house!!
More later this weekend..
Deb :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I am helping a gal get a house ready for an estate sale at the end of the month...and let me tell you it's GREAT!!! I am so LOVING IT!!!

It's an old house not too far from me and the lady of the house is 90 and is living elsewhere. She LOVED Victorian things. Furniture, doll, lace, dishes, lamps, ....and one of her hobbies was making doll houses...they are WONDERFUL...and doll houses aren't my thing...these are so detailed...I hope to show you them soon.

Yesterday I was at the house and we were going through the 3 bedrooms. On one of the beds was a wooden box. I opened the was the Mister's ashes...and then we opened a small box that was wrapped in Christmas paper...another SURPRIZE...the little doggies ashes...We had ourselves a good laugh. Of course there are the dead mice and spiders that have made their homes in the house.

It is so amazing what people keep...(guilty here too) and then when a stranger goes through your could write a book.

I am able to pick treasures out before the sale...score!!! I wish Victorian was my style...there is a wonderful animal head carved settee and matching chair, a lovely china cabinet with dog heads carved on top of that. I may purchase an old oil lamp and maybe a few pieces of china. I'll ask to take pictures when I go back on Friday to help set up. The photo above is what I have chosen, so far...too cute Victorian child's shoes and the print. Isn't she pretty :)
It's rather cold in the house. No water, working toilet or heat. There is electricity :) Who knows maybe this is my calling...doing estate sales?!!! I "work" there a couple afternoons and think I'll be working this weekend. I also have to get my stuff ready for the sale at HQ.
Deb :)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fall Swap Treasures and More Decor

I received my Fall Swap package from my partner, Fran at and she was very generous :) It felt like Christmas...let's see what she sent...

The turkey holds 3 kitchen towels, which I love, some ceramic pumpkins, chocolate, pumpkin butter,beautiful fall color potholder, a devotional book, fall Welcome sign and
this little market bagg that she makes...Just too sweet.. THANK YOU SO MUCH, FRAN...You are a great swap partner. You'll have to check out her blog to see what I sent as I didn't take any photos...

Had some time this weekend as it was cold and I put up my little Halloween decor. It's the same items from last year...just put up in a new way...I hope!!!

The pumpkin on the middle candle holder is vintage and is my favorite thing along with the little tin on the left candle holder. Halloween decor is SO expensive and it so hard to find.

More decor on the bow window.
I didn't go to any estate sales this weekend. Tomorrow I am going to help a gal go through a home that will be having an estate sale at the end of the month. I offered to help price items and help with the sale :) I can't wait to see what's in the house...maybe she'll let me take photos!!
The furnace is ON...just had to as being cold in the house is silly. We are on the "budget" plan and have a nice credit and "they" say the gas prices won't be as high as last year..
The leaves are really turning and when the sun comes out again I hope to take some photos. They are so beautiful...God is an great artist :)
I hope to put more items on our selling blog this week...
Deb :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pumpkins are ready and Halloween cards

Did you see my new was from last year :) Tonight is my card swap and these are mine. Isn't she the cutest :) Inside is says "Happy Halloween"...

These are the pumpkins that Kailee and I grew. There is a white one still growing outside. It's very small and we are going to let it grow for awhile before we pick it.
My computer/phone line wasn't working the past few that is why I haven't been around to visit you. It would connect then disconnect...ACK...however the phone company was out today and fixed it...Hurray!!!
Just want to say HI!!! and now off to visit you all!!
Deb :)