Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Couple More Pics and This and That

Let sleeping dogs lie....
These items are at the estate sale and we still need to price them...

and so are these lamps, shades and things.... On a good note...1 room is all priced!!!! Hurray!!!

A view out of my back porch...from Monday...thankfully it's all melted. Only in Minnesota!!

These are the Tags I made to swap with a few blog gals. The theme: CAT...and I made mine with black glitter.

Today at the estate house, took a peek in the garage...hubby will have to come over and price the "man" stuff....
The daughter of the house came over today and I think she is overwhelmed...she goes from one room to another (so do I) and finds things from her childhood :) She was telling me that many years ago the house had an "outhouse" in the back yard and someone came to the house and wanted to dig where the outhouse was...because...in the "olden" days...folks would throw bottles and such into the holes....well...this person dug up a bunch of bottles that were in the garage...and they are awesome...I haven't looked at all of them. Just one treasure after another at this house.
I was thinking we would have the house ready for the sale by Sunday...Hold that thought :) This is the first time I have helped get a home ready for an estate sale. I'm still loving it.
It's very COLD here...only 39 today...burrrrrrrrrr and heard it may get into the 60's by the weekend...I want Fall to come back!!!
That's it for now....take care.
Deb :)


goldenbird said...

Your cat tags are gogeous, Deb. I really must learn to work with glitter. It takes so long to dry that I always seem to end up smudging it. The snow looks beautiful and so very cold. The estate sale sounds fun but overwhelming! I can just imagine how the daughter is feeling seeing items from her childhood. Hope you have a great week, Deb.

Diana said...

Glad I found your blog. I enjoyed my first visit!

Hop over. Would love for you to share a favorite dessert with me.

Diana said...

By the way I love your blog name!

*Noelle* said...

lovin' the cat tags!! wow, snow! yikes!! its pretty but i am soooo not ready for that here!

Emily said...

Sounds like you are having a good time getting house ready! That would be one of my dream jobs...to run an estate sale business. And snow already?? I'm not ready for that!!


The Queen of Clearance. said...

those tags are too cute! look at all of that stuff for the estate sale! So much! and your dogs are too cute!

Theresa said...

Sweet tags! I long to visit the estate sale... just a bit too far:) Sweet puppies! Have a blessed day:)

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Oh wow! What a great estate sale. We don't have many of them in the south. And btw, when we were returning from a trip last weekend, we saw so many out of state tags heading into FL. Guess folks are getting out early this year.


Michele said...

Hi Sis ~ I just love your little doggies...tooo cute laying there together!

Wow...I would love to come and browse the estate sale..looks like some great finds!

I thought about you this weekend when I heard Minnesota was getting snow. Haven't seen any here, but it sure is cold! I'm ready for my ice fishin..we unpacked the stuff last weekend!

Your tags turned out awesome..I sure wish I had a place to craft again...I miss that!

Lil Sis

kimmcl said...

Hey there Deb! Ya know, my BFF and I were considering going into Estate Sales, I'd love to hear your thoughts sometime. Love the view of the snow - I know it's kinda early, but you can't argue how beautiful it looks! TTYS, Kim

BittersweetPunkin said...

Wow look at your snow! Makes me cold just looking at it!


Angie said...

Snow! Wow! It looks so beautiful...I love watching it fall! I am amazed how many oil lamps the lady had....They sure come in handy though for power outages...(I know this firsthand...lol) Great tags as always...glitter is the best!

Hugs ~ Angie

Kim's Treasures said...

WOW look at all those goodies! There will be some happy shoppers!!!

It hasn't been a whole lot warmer in Chicago this week...but no snow!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Protector of Vintage said...

Looks like you are making a lot of progress on the house!!

The tags are cute. I love anything with glitter!! :)

I'm looking forward to the weekend with the warmer temperatures rolling in. Take care~

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I am getting caught up with you. Your babies look so cute. I would love to work that estate sale. There's so much I would enjoy going through! Twyla

AngelMc said...

the puppies are sooo cute.
and the estate sale stuff makes me long to be in Minnesota!!!
and the snow makes me want to be in Minnesota..i hope that we have as much snow in Mississippi this winter as we have had rain. (my friends would kill me if they knew i said this)

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I adore the tags. I know your are having such fun. They are so lucky to have you doing this for them. I know you are doing an awesome job...m..

Jane said...

First, the dogs are too cute!
Seeing that snow was too scary...I love a good snow fall but not in October!! I lived in Minnesota for a couple of years (in the 90's) and I remember some good snowfalls!
Good luck with the estate sale...looks like a lot of hard work.
Thanks for visiting my blog.

Pearl said...

Such a Precious photo of Mack 'n JB ... Cocoa sends them her love, and wishes she could come over to play with them and give out some of her famous puppy kisses!

Loved seeing more of the endless goodies at the Estate Sale you're working on ... My sister would love to have the Raggedy Ann 'n Andy mug + bowl that I saw... too cute! We have alot of oil lamps that had been in my MIL's collection ... sure do wish you were here to give us some idea as to age 'n value on them ... need to try to sell a few ...

Glitter Cats are fantastic, and I'm so lucky to be one of the new owners of one of them ...
Thank you, Deb ♥

I hope the upcoming weekend is not too cold there, and that you don't get more snow, just yet!
I'll be looking forward to another up-date from the Estate Sale ...
Talk with you soon ...
~ hugs ~

Rosie said...

Great progress on the prep for the sale. I wish I could be your shadow for the day. Don't you just love the stories you learn about "junque?"
Love your glittery kitty tags!

Anonymous said...

BRR it's cold there!! I think that would be fun to work at getting an estate ready! Do you get to to shop for yourself while you do this or is that a no no?


Lori said...

Wow, awesome kitty tags!! Now about that snow....it does look great, but I still am hoping for our Indiana Indian summer!!! later,Lori

Melissa Miller said...

Hi Deb,
What beautiful items to sell at the estate sale. I'm sure it's a lot of preparing to get things ready for it. I hope it all goes well.

The dogs are just precious!

Thanks so much for your kind encouragement. You always warm my heart and I appreciate it.

Many Blessings, ~Melissa :)

Dogwood said...

Wow, lots of stuff at the Estate Sale. Love the snow!!!!!!! I never tire of snow, but then we don't get that much in Grass Valley.

Cute tags...cats are the best!

Have a fun weekend.

Joy said...

What cute tags. We have a black cat. He's a little devil. Wow, snow already, good luck with the sale.

KatCollects said...

Wow snow already, beautiful photo! I love the picture of the puppies, so so cute.

Barb said...

Seems so weird to be seeing snow already. Several places i have visited (here in blog land) have had early snow.
Glad yours did not lats.

Thanks for the visit and encouraging words.
My "Love" was made from some of the things in the box of hinges.
Hmm. Just thought, I should frame them into another of my kind of 'different' art pieces i have been doing lately.
On toile? music?
What do ya' think?


barbara jean

Jennifer said...

Debbie Your cat tags are so adorable.I love the pups sleeping next to each other.That snow looks so pretty but I agree its to early.I want to enjoy fall.Hugs,Jennifer

Tracychele @ The Week-Ender said...

I just saw my Mom here (theycallmeganky)! Too funny! I found you through another blog and there she was. Small world! Anyway, I love the cat tags also. The pups are cute too. Happy Sunday.

Margaret Cloud said...

I love this post, it is so awesome. I love old bottles and when you said bottles from an outhouse sent shivers up and down my spine. The picture of the snow is beautiful, but I am so not ready for it yet. Thanks for taking the time to come by.

Queenie said...

Oh Jackson Brown and Mack really know how to take it easy don't they?! They are so cute! I always like seeing pics of them.
I know you've been one busy lady getting ready for the estate sale...there is so much stuff there. I bet those old bottles are so neat...I'd love to see them. I have heard of people digging where old outhouses used to be, and there are usually lots of antique bottles there.
Your tags are so cute.
That snow is gorgeous, looks like Christmas time...it'll be here before we know it... but I know you don't want to have the cold this soon. We were 34 this morning, but will be 68 for a high today, it won't last, just a cold front, it will warm back up soon I'm sure, but I am enjoying the cooler temps. Finally feeling like fall in the daytime! Yay!
Hope you are having a great week!
Big Hugs,

Diane said...

I love that picture of the pups, so sweet! And what fun all that goodness around you, I bet it's hard not to spend all the money you are making. Treasures everywhere. I am sure you have worked hard on this job. And congratulations on your husbands Real Estate transactions Yippie!!
Hugs, Diane

Debra @ Common Ground said...

Hi Deb, great to hear from you! Thanks for coming by, and just drop in when you can. It's more fellowship than "study". Just expressing thoughts,ideas and experiences. We'd love to have you join our "circle". Take care and have a great week!

blushing rose said...

SNOW!!! How beautiful, I love it! We had sleet in MD last Weds eve, unreal the Dec. weather we had last week.

OMG! I wish I were nearly you for that estate sale, there are some lovelies there.

Have a wonderful, warm week. TTFN ~ Marydon

Joyce's Journey said...

Oh my gosh, Deb!!!! I can't believe you've had snow already! Wow! I loved that coziness when I lived in NJ and miss it now, but, geeze louise, don't quite know that I would be enjoying snow in October!!!

I'm very impressed with that estate sale. Good luck with it! Anxious to hear how it turns out.