Saturday, November 28, 2009

BUSY and Peeks of Vintage Christmas Decor

Some of my vintage Christmas treasures. The star is glass beads from Germany I think. I have 4 different ones and some garland. When I get out the rest of the decorations and I remember...I'll take a photo of them.
The sweet treasures about I won from Diane at Saturday Finds. Thank you Diane! The little treat cup I bought from her. She makes darling treasures.

These fall treasures I won from Debbie Kay at My Vintage Daydreams. Thank You Debbie. It was fun to have new fall treasures just in time for Thanksgiving.

Thank You Linda from Linda n Jake. I was 1 of 4 winners of her giveaway. Gifts from her recent vacation in Maui :) Yes..the candy is already gone. Between hubby and ME...sweets don't last long at this house!!!

I KNOW....I am just as surprised as you are that I won all these giveaways!!! I am very thankful for all the new treasures. :)

Before and after of a couple of pieces of small furniture for resell.

Wow..the week went by quickly and I did get a few projects done :) See the cards on the stand, they are for the card swap on Thursday. I made ATC cards for one swap, Christmas tags for another and an altered cabinet card for that swap, which I already sent out. BUSY, Busy, busy!!!
Today we went and cut our Christmas tree. I put up the lights tonight, white ones and will finish decorating tomorrow after I help decorate the church. Kailee is coming along and helping too!
We will be decorating the church after the last service. I'll try to remember to take my camera along and take photos.
Thanksgiving went well. 7 of us and 3 dogs. One of hubby's sons said he was coming and ended up a no show. I made the turkey, mashed potatoes, real gravy with Mom's help, corn, broccoli, cheesy potatoes, homemade cranberry relish and Mom made pumpkin and banana cream pies. Yummy!!!
I will also tell you that we did something very CRAZY and I'll share that with you later this week. I was caught up in the moment....stay tuned!!!
I went out Friday morning and did some shopping. Just picked up a few things and since I was out after 7:30 AM...I was in and out of the stores. Did anyone else do some shopping?
I still need to make a few Christmas cards, decorate, bake cookies for an exchange next week and finish up my shopping. How are you coming along?
The next sale at HQ starts the that means getting more things out to my space. The sales for November were nice!!! Of course that is Christmas money!!!
Deb :)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

HAPPY THANKSGIVING, Treasures and Winner

Wishing you ALL a Happy Thanksgiving. God has indeed blessed us all.
This pitcher and bowl I picked up 2nd day of an estate sale and paid 17.50 for it. Hubby looked up the marking on the bottom and found out it was made between 1852-1883....It's a Real Antique!!! Who Knew!!?? I'm pleased as punch and it's a keeper...for now. Hubby also looked on eBay for one like it and found one without the bowl...asking price 100.00...not bad!

The markings on the bottom of the pitcher.

The picture above and below are the finds from Friday and Saturday.I also bought a couple of small furniture pieces that I'm painting. I'll show the before and after soon. The toothpick holder is just like the one my Grandma had. The yellow bird is a flower frog! I just read about flower frogs in a magazine and ones like the bird are more unique.

I would LOVE to give you ALL a treasure because you are all little treasures to me! I am Thankful for my Blogging Gals. The First Name picked: Joycelyn at Just A Little Southern Hospitality and the Second name picked: Joy at Books and Life....gals email me with your address and the little gifts will be on their way!! I just couldn't pick one name...because of my "picking issue"... :)
I'll be away from blogging for the week. I must get a FEW things done around here. I'll say "Hi"...just won't post :)
Enjoy the holiday. God Bless.
Deb :)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Altered Tags, Thrift Treasures and ???

The "family" ATC went out to the ATC swap that I'm in...sorry if I posted before you rec'd yours. You can see the theme is "family" and I had the hardest time getting an idea for them.
The tag above is for the other ATC/tag swap that I'm in and I made 2 different ones and this is the only one left for me...

These darling tags are from Elizabeth at Creative Breathing. We did a one on one tag swap and she sent me 2 tags. The backs are also sweet. She makes wonderful paper treasures. Thank You Elizabeth!!!

Went to the thrift store today and found a few treasures. The poinsettia napkins are for Christmas morning brunch. I have 8 napkins for 4.58. Can't beat that price. I have a vintage poinsettia table cloth and think these will be great. The blue plate is for my collection and the pillows may stay as they would look nice on my green sofa. I love kitchen towels...I know a little weird. This one with blue flowers and red cherries is so sweet.

This very sweet set of blue and yellow napkins and place mats look and feel new and it's a set of 6 for 5.99...another great price. I told Kailee that I was going to sell them and she said" NO, let's keep them :) " She is learning :)

Hummm.........what are these 2 little items....I'm having a little giveaway and see the box by them...well...I'm packing that little box with little Christmas gifts. Tiny treasures from Me to One of You!!! Just leave me a comment on this post and I'll draw a name Sunday evening. I'll send to USA and Canada friends. Just a little something for Christmas Cheer. Remember...don't share the's for my regular readers. I know...I'm weird about this also!!
It looks like there are a FEW estate sales to go to...and a couple have the magic words"digger", "packed" and "vintage"...and those words are what we are looking for. I'll let you know if those words were truthful.
Have a great weekend!!!

Deb :)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Blessings Received, HQ ready & Treasures

Just a couple of pictures of my "room" for the sale that starts on Thursday. The computer takes too long to upload and it's get the idea of the things that are for sale!!!

I used table clothes as curtains along with hankies :)

Just a couple of "finds" this weekend treasure hunting. These were 2nd day and 1/2 off :) The fruit on the left is a wall pocket.

I won a giveaway that Marydon at Blushing Roses had. That is a blessing :) It's a Tea theme along with a book about decorating small space. I have a new tea cup and saucer, tea warmer, teas and pretty candle rings. THANK YOU, Marydon :) She is having more giveaways!!!
I hope that you noticed my new banner!!! Isn't she just the sweetest little girl :) Sharon from My Vintage Studio makes then :) LOVE MINE!!! You can click on my sidebar and visit her to get one made just for you!!
That's it for today...I need to get crafting...I make my Christmas cards and am WAY behind and I have a few gifts to make...Have a great week!
Deb :)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thrift Store Finds, JOY and More...

I picked up this "JOY" today at a monthly occasional sale. Theses types of sales are very popular around here. I love old, chippy tin :)

A little, easy project....simple 1.00 frame...
vintage music and more JOY!!!

Thrift store finds...for resale...

More thrift store finds to sell...the set of 4 napkins with pretty napkin rings were only 3.99 for the set!!! DEAL!!! I need to find some for myself.

This tag is for Elizabeth at Creative Breathing. We are doing a one to one tag swap. I am showing you the one I made for her...she should have hers by the time this is posted...otherwise SURPRISE!!!

When I was at the thrift store on Tuesday, I was there for 3 hours!!!. I love buying books there. They are so cheap!! I try to find decorating ones that I don't have to add to my collection. I could probably spend more time there as they are always stocking the shelves.
Update from Monday...teacher's helper: I checked their homework papers, made sure that there were 20 pennies in old film canisters. Not exactly what I was thinking I would be doing.
Now I'm busy getting things marked for the sale next week at HQ...LOTS of treasures to get ready and then to make my space look very inviting :) I was there today and it's looking like CHRISTMAS!!!
Deb :)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Inside Grandma's China Cabinet & More

I found the perfect place for my "Ladies" the living room above this sweet little desk. This was my Grandmas china cabinet on my dad's side. Mom gave it to me after we moved in this house. I love the curved glass and the wood shelves.

On the top shelf are two plates that my mom gave me when I had my children. The one in the middle is when daughter was born in 1982 and the blue one on the right when my son was born in 1979. The blue plate on the left is a Jack Russell that hubby bought for me when we went to San Francisco a few years ago. Also on the shelf are my kids hand prints that I did when they were very young. They are my most valued treasure in the cabinet :)

The next shelf has most of the chintz that I have collected over the years. Some were bought at estate sales and one set on with the butter dish, S&P on the tray, hubby bought for me at an auction.

The TEA letters I bought from Brook at The Home That Love Built. She also made the JOY letters that you will see on the bottom shelf. The roses that you see were made by Lorena at Rose Chic Friends. She still makes them for you to purchase.

Along with the chintz, I have a few "Shelley" C&S, which are very collectible.

This is the bottom shelf with some of treasures that friends have given me, each with their special meaning.

Some pretty pink Fenton pieces and some Roseville, Hull and Red Wing pieces.

The dried flower bouquet is my wedding bouquet and it's 19 years old. I just can't throw it away.

This is my center piece for now. The cream quilt piece is from my baby sister who made it just for me. She even added the button and doilies to make it mine! She is very talented. You should see the scrapbook's she has made. Awesome!
Tomorrow I am going to "school" and be a teacher's helper in Kailee room. Not sure what I'll be doing and it is just for 1 hour and 15 would think the teacher would want the "helper" for a couple of hours...
The weather was wonderful this weekend. The yard work is all done and I trimmed back the rose bushes. Hubby checked out the snow blower, so we are ready for winter.
How was your weekend??? What did you do??
Deb :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Turkey Decor and More

I'm doing easy and simple for my Thanksgiving I don't have much and I decorate for Christmas right after Thanksgiving day.Bow window in the dining area, above and fireplace mantle below. I altered the banner on the mirror.

I took this picture today of JB...he has his perch on top of an old chest with his dog bed, looking outside and enjoying the view.

I know the "chamber pot" is a little chippy, missing it's still had to come home with me and live in my bathroom. See the picture below...her name is "Betty" and she will find a new home next to the other new ones in the living room. Don't you love old sheet music. The little needlework pieces are "rugs" that the older lady made for her doll houses. These were extra ones that had to come home too! See the old cow bell? I would LOVE to have a collar of old cow bells. They are SO expensive...

The estate sale is all over and not all the items were sold. I'm not sure what will happen to the left overs.
Now...I can think about getting ready for the sale at HQ which is on the 19th...and it's a Christmas theme. I have a few totes of Christmas items to mark. I am so in the mood to craft and hope to do some this weekend. No estate sales for us this weekend. Gotta get the house in order, rake up leaves and a few more projects.
Happy treasure hunting to those of you who are going!!!
Deb :)