Sunday, November 8, 2009

Inside Grandma's China Cabinet & More

I found the perfect place for my "Ladies" the living room above this sweet little desk. This was my Grandmas china cabinet on my dad's side. Mom gave it to me after we moved in this house. I love the curved glass and the wood shelves.

On the top shelf are two plates that my mom gave me when I had my children. The one in the middle is when daughter was born in 1982 and the blue one on the right when my son was born in 1979. The blue plate on the left is a Jack Russell that hubby bought for me when we went to San Francisco a few years ago. Also on the shelf are my kids hand prints that I did when they were very young. They are my most valued treasure in the cabinet :)

The next shelf has most of the chintz that I have collected over the years. Some were bought at estate sales and one set on with the butter dish, S&P on the tray, hubby bought for me at an auction.

The TEA letters I bought from Brook at The Home That Love Built. She also made the JOY letters that you will see on the bottom shelf. The roses that you see were made by Lorena at Rose Chic Friends. She still makes them for you to purchase.

Along with the chintz, I have a few "Shelley" C&S, which are very collectible.

This is the bottom shelf with some of treasures that friends have given me, each with their special meaning.

Some pretty pink Fenton pieces and some Roseville, Hull and Red Wing pieces.

The dried flower bouquet is my wedding bouquet and it's 19 years old. I just can't throw it away.

This is my center piece for now. The cream quilt piece is from my baby sister who made it just for me. She even added the button and doilies to make it mine! She is very talented. You should see the scrapbook's she has made. Awesome!
Tomorrow I am going to "school" and be a teacher's helper in Kailee room. Not sure what I'll be doing and it is just for 1 hour and 15 would think the teacher would want the "helper" for a couple of hours...
The weather was wonderful this weekend. The yard work is all done and I trimmed back the rose bushes. Hubby checked out the snow blower, so we are ready for winter.
How was your weekend??? What did you do??
Deb :)


The Tattered Cottage said...

Hi Deb -
Such beautiful treasures! I had a china cabinet very similar to yours that I had picked up at an estate sale. I kept my most valuable treasures in mine also. (I had my 3 son's hand prints in my cabinet also) Also the paper Mother's Day flowers they made me :) Hope you are having a great weekend.

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Have fun helping out at school tomorrow...your tresures are lovely!

Theresa said...

Hi Deb, Love the china cabinet, sweet memories throughout! Sweet plates connected to the birth of your children:) and the handprints... they would be my favorite too! Have a great time in the classroom!

~~Carol~~ said...

I love the shape of that china cabinet! And you've filled it with lots of treasures, all displayed so beautifully. I especially love the chintz dishes!
Have fun at school! I always enjoyed volunteering at my daughter's school so much!
Happy Monday!

rosechicfriends said...

Hi Deb!

Oh My goodness...I am so jealous! I have always wanted one of those cabinets. They are my favorite style. And I spy some great goodies I might just have to come by for a Mid=night visit...hehehe!

Hey, have you ever seen any grad owls w/glasses that are salt/pepper shakers. Let me know and we can work something out! lol

Thanks for the well wishes, I think the meds are working no headache for 2 days! Yay!!! I think I might have had such a bad infection that was all part of the take over!


Twyla and Lindsey said...

Deb, I so enjoyed seeing all your treasures in your china cabinet. It's awesome you still have your bouquet. Hope you have fun at school today! Twyla

The Queen of Clearance. said...

that green lamp is really cute! There are so many nice things!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Oh, I love all your pretty chintz! I have a china cabinet that is starting to collect all my pretty what nots! I love lots of different things! You curio cabinet is great!

Queenie said...

Hey Deb,
I love that cabinet that belonged to your grandmother...what a treasure that is...what fun seeing all of your pretties inside of there too! That was fun! You have a great collection of pretties and I love all of your chintz. That's so sweet that you keep your wedding bouquet inside the curio...I'd keep that treasure inside of there too...I'd never part with it....sweet and sentimental touch.
By the way...Jackson Brown is such a cutie in his little bed...and if you are wondering if Rocky is liking his bed yet, nope you guessed it, Rockies not using his bed yet...(that was short lived, he only got in it a couple of times), he's on top of the sofa, as I speak. The other day, we decided to just give the bed to the other kitties that like to stay outside...they loved it, and take turns in Rockies bed. Rocky doesn't seem bothered a bit by it! LOL! Like he said before, he didn't tell us to buy the thing! LOL! Hope you have a great week Deb! It is hard to believe it's almost have everything looking so pretty. I only made a Thanksgiving centerpiece for the table so far, (It's probably all I'll do) we'll be decorating for Christmas before we know it...I can't wait for that! Talk to you again soon!
Big Hugs,

blushing rose said...

G'afternoon, Deb ~ You are the #1 winner of the Tea Cozy parcel giveaway. Please send me your address for shipping. TY for entering. TTFN ~Marydon

goldenbird said...

Nice tour of your china cabinet. You have so many pretty things. I love that you still have your wedding bouqet, that is so sweet.

I spent most of the weekend resting and watching movies. Just really needed a quiet weekend without any running around or obligations.

Hope you enjoyed the hour and 15 minutes at school! Interested to hear what you did ...

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I love all you treasures and most of all your children's handprints....m

Janet, said...

You look like you are as nostalgic as I am. I love your grandma's china cabinet and my favorite thing in it is the Fenton. Did you know that Dirty Jobs on Discover Channel is going to be at Fenton tomorrow night at 9? I'm gonna watch it.

Linda said...

The china cabinet from your grandma is so pretty. I clicked on the pictures to really see all your wonderful many lovely things. I think it's wonderful you have your bridal bouquet....I hope you never part with it...hugs, Linda

Protector of Vintage said...

Stunning cabinet filled with gorgeous treasures!! I love the Shelley china.

You are such a wonderful grandmother for volunteering at the school!!! Kailee is a lucky little girl.

Have a nice evening.

Linda said...

Hi partner! Your cabinet is just lovely and filled with so many precious was a real treat to get a look at it all. I have your cabinet card sitting on my desk looking at me. I've toyed with some ideas but I'm waiting for him to give me a sign! Hugs, Linda

Debbie Kay said...

Love the Fenton glass, I love pink glass Deb.

You won my giveaway. Send me your address so I can ship your goodies.

Love ya,

Debbie Kay

BittersweetPunkin said...

My great grandmother had a china cabinet just like that sister got it...I was sooooo jealous. But I'm glad she got it :)

Glad to see you pop by...I've been slow getting around but I am hoping to answer all those who stop in for my Christmas Kick-off!


Joy said...

Beautiful curio and I love the collectibles you have in it too.

Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Ohhh everything is beautiful Deb!! I LOVE all the pink!!! The mosaiced TEA letters are so pretty!! And the birth plates, what a beautiful keepsake!! Great idea!!

Pearl said...

Hi Deb...
Your Grandma's china cabinet is beautiful... I like how nicely you have your treasures arranged, too... We have my MIL's china cabinet, similar to yours, but I'd be mortified to show a photo of what it looks like right now... sadly it's turned into a catch-all and been ignored as far as keeping it tidy... shame on me!
My favorite of all of your treasures are the handprints of the kids... totally precious!
How nice of you to offer to help out at Kailee's school... Looking forward to hearing about that!
Thinking of you...
~ blessings ~
Pearl ♥

Creative Breathing said...

Hi Deb, What beautiful treasures in your Grandmother's china cabinet. Mine had this same cabinet, but sorrowfully it was destroyed in Hurricane Katrina. About your kit - I bet it is the Victorian one that you want! Yes? Perfect to go with your wonderful treasures! Please let me know in my comment section. You happened to see my post as I was editing it last night! Hope you enjoy your papers I will get them out to you as soon as I hear from you. Elizabeth


Hi Deb,

Love all your treasures and especially your china cabinet.
It's so nice to see lovely things handed down and treasured. Have a wonderful week! Brook

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Love your cabinet and your precious treasures. I have the same plate of the little girl singing at the piano. I probably got it around the same time, because she looked like my baby girl :-)

Dogwood said...

Oh, my goodness. You have so many beautiful treasures! I do remember somethings like the ones in this blog in my grandmother's house in her lovely built-in cabinets in her very large dining room.

Have a nice afternoon.

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