Thursday, December 31, 2009


A view from the family room window of our walk-out rambler. We have LOTS of snow....

These "boys" have the right idea...a fire tonight sounds good.
Kailee named her doll...."Miley Hannah Montana" plus her last name....We found the chair yesterday at the thrift store along with her new winter hat. Miley has on her winter boots :)

The latest thrift store and antique store finds. Love the creamer and sugar...and I think Twyla would love the mushrooms.

Just some tags I made for a Christmas swap.

More finds and these are from an estate sale a few weeks ago as we haven't been to any for weeks.
Tonight hubby is cooking lobster tails as they were on special at the grocery store...just $4.99 a tail so we are having TWO each...they are "small".... along with a fresh salad. We haven't gone out for New Year's Eve in YEARS!!! and that's okay. We'll watch a movie and that's that!
I hope you all have a Safe and Enjoyable evening and May 2010 bring us all:
and God's continued BLESSINGS!
Deb :)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009

Oops... I accidentally deleted this one and so now it's first. Still gives you an idea of our Christmas events....
Jackson Brown was sleeping while we were opening gifts...a little too much excitement for him and he didn't want to miss anything. Too funny!!

Hubby, Mack, Jackson Brown and me...

Table is all set for brunch Christmas morning. I made "french toast egg bake"...a new recipe and very good. It has 1/4 cup of maple syrup in it!!! I also serve mimosa's. After we's time to open gifts....

Chopper guarding his new toy and in his new "hoodie"....

Aaron with some new tools...

Aaron found the pickle in the Christmas tree :) I hide it each year and the one that finds it get a little prize!!!

After we opened all the to my Mom's for lunch and more gifts....That is where Kailee had her big gift...

Kailee opening her American Girl Doll and these pictures tell it all .....

One Happy Little Girl.....and the doll isn't as dark as it looks in these photos

I didn't want to bore you with all the photos from Christmas....

We had LOTS of SNOW!!!! 2 feet around here. Some has melted as it rained yesterday and made driving on Christmas Eve and morning not too much fun.

I'm thinking the tree and decorations will come down Sun/Mon. I have a few weeks before the next sale, however must get over there and pack away the Christmas items and move a few pieces of furniture around.

Can't wait to see how your Christmas went. Time to think about the New Year resolutions...


Deb :)

Friday, December 18, 2009


Merry Christmas to you ALL....
May your Christmas be blessed with Faith, Love, Peace, Family, Friends and JOY!!!

I'm taking a break and will post after Christmas.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Is Almost Here

Bought this sweet Scottie dog at an estate sale and thought he looks perfect under the tree with his little Jack Russell Buddie :) The Scottie dog went to HQ to find a new home.
Kailee picked the reindeer to have painted on her face. Her and Papa waited in line for 1 hour to have this done...of course it was worth the wait and we could have snacks while waiting.

A couple of weeks ago, hubby's early morning job at UPS had their yearly Christmas Party and we took Kailee there. Lots of fun things for little ones. Besides the visit with Santa there was face painting, magic show, a real Pig act, food and prizes. She had a pretty good time.

On Thursday it was our annual decorating of the ginger bread house and Pearl suggested making "cone" trees to go along with the house. Thanks Pearl...don't they look great!!

Of course you have to eat some of the frosting during the decorating process :)

I think this is our best ever ginger bread house :) Last year our house fell apart.

Made a few cards with some of the paper goodies that Elizabeth sent. Thank you Elizabeth. Of course I need to make many more....

Saturday after working at HQ I had to run to see Kailee's performance in the "American Cheer", non-competitive competition...which means everyone wins a trophy and gets a ribbon. It's for ages 4-12 years old. The younger ones were so cute.
Like so many of your's a very busy time. The weekend has come and gone...and Christmas is 11 days away.
Tonight I was watching Extreme Home Makeover while posting...I was very touching to see how people help each other. That is what it's about...helping, loving, giving, sharing, praying for each other, putting other's needs before mine. I think those are going to be part of my 2010 goals.
are my wishes for you.
Deb :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

WHAT were we THINKING...

Sweet little elf on the shelf :) This is a crystal bowl of shinny things...
Okay...this is "my version" of what happened......Hubby was at the antique store a couple of weeks ago and this sweet couple came up to him and asked him if he bought things from private we went to their home and they had this "Coke Collection"....which we weren't really interested in. We did buy a few smaller items and they said the WHOLE collection was a certain price...

hummmmmmmmmmm...............only that much...not a bad price.............hummm.............

for ALL of this......hummmmm.........SO WE BOUGHT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE don't collect coke items and really don't know about collecting newer items....

It was just too much of a "good deal" (WE HOPE) to pass all that you see in the above pictures are now in our house and we are pricing them and will bring it out on Friday to the antique store and HOPE that it all sells...
See the sweet old table and chairs in the photo above is now in our family room. I have a THING for table and chairs...just ask hubby...of course when my taste changes, we can sell it.
The sad part of this story is the couple who are in their 70's we think, can no longer stay in their wonderful home that they built a few years ago. It was the home they wanted to stay in until they they have to sell it and much of their lovely things. We also bought vintage children book, marbles, postcards, old high chair, wooden shoe forms and a few other things. They have a china cabinet that we would LOVE to this time it's more than we are willing to pay. We have NEVER seen one like it. I wish I had taken a photo of it. It has a carved Indian head on it.
Okay....the weekend will be: Friday bring things out to the antique store, Sat from 9-1 work at HQ then off to see Kailee's cheer leading program, Sunday usher at church...then next week ME time...ha ha...finish shopping, mail greeting know...BAKING...and whatever else I want to do. Bible studies are done until next year so that give me 2 free mornings.
We have snow and it's very pretty...and it's I'm staying in until I have to get Kailee from school this afternoon.
I know it's only Thursday...but I'm wishing you a ...
PEACE, JOY and Merry Christmas....
Deb :)

Monday, December 7, 2009

A Little More Christmas Decor and Swap gifts

J O Y Is my favorite word and more so at Christmas!!! Last year I bought these letters from Brook at The Home That Love Built. She made them and also TEA that is in my china cabinet.
Peeks in the Christmas tree....

Old picture of us "girls" on Santa's lap. My baby sister made this ornament one year for us. I think it's very special.

Sharon at and I did a one on one swap. She makes many lovely altered paper crafts. She was very generous and sent all of these goodies!!!

She made the lovely altered cabinet card and Christmas tags. She sent many things that I can also create with, along with postcards, awesome house pot holder, Godiva Chocolate...YES it's all gone!!!

Vintage Christmas hanky, valentine, Santa cookie cutter and more...THANK YOU SHARON!!!
Love all the new treasures.
I went to HQ today to get my room ready and the camera's battery was dead...however I will go out Wednesday and bring out the poinsettias' that I'm going to sell and take a couple pics then.
I'm trying to enjoy the season and I hope you are too. Let's slow down and not worry if things don't get done. Let's take one day at a time.
Guess we are going to get some snow tomorrow afternoon. The first snow is so pretty...however us "Minnesotans forget how to drive in the snow"!!!!
I'll be back to show you what we did this weekend...a little fun with Kailee and the
I can't believe we did that" story....
Deb :)

Friday, December 4, 2009

A Bit More of Christmas ...

Here is my humble Christmas tree with the vintage ornaments on it along with poinsettias and white lights. The needlepoint Santa is also from my friend Carol...
Simple mantle. I've had these swans for years and this is their year for Christmas.
I'm thinking I should have taller candle stick holders on the left side of the mantle. I'll be checking out the thrift store.

I was in the Altered Christmas Cabinet card swap and my package came in this darling tin. My swap partner was Linda at Lambsworld. She is very talented. Thank You Linda!!! Loving my new treasures!

She made the sweet tags and you can't go wrong with Hankies and Button Cards!!! I found it very challenging to alter the cabinet card.

This is the cabinet card that I altered and sent to her.
I have a little more Christmas decor to share with you next week. I'm getting ready for the sale at HQ that starts on Thursday. Still need to get my room ready. Busy weekend ahead. I want to start my Christmas cards, wrap a few gifts and I have a cookie exchange to go to Monday evening. Fun, fun, fun.
Some of you gals know Kathy from Kat Collects. You can read her post. She is on my sidebar. She and her family need much prayer. Her husband is in the hospital with a serious infection that has left him unable to this time.... The doctors aren't sure if he will walk again. Please lift them up in prayer and ask God to completely heal her husband. God hears and answers! Thank you.
I am sorry that I'm not visiting as I would like to. After next weekend...I'm thinking time will be on my side...
We have a little snow. Not much to do about. It's getting cold here. I'm all bundled up! Hubby teases me because I wear so much inside. You would think with all my extra body weight, I wouldn't get so cold...
Have a great weekend.
Deb :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Looking Like Christmas

Here is what you see when you walk into the house. Doesn't the vintage pitcher look nice with a little Christmas decor?! The needlepoint Santa is a gift from my BFF, Carol who made it for me a few years ago. :) She also made me a small pillow and a picture of Santa. All needlepoint, made with love.
A few vintage Santa treasures on top of the china cabinet and priceless photos of visits with Santa!

Sweet gifts from Marydon's giveaway that I won. I won 2 of hers... Thank You Marydon!

A little before and after project that is out of order....I used vintage reflectors and silver balls to make a new decoration. I saw this in blogland and totally forgot who's idea it is. You can call me a copy-cat!!!

I did put the Christmas tree up and will show you that and the mantle decor later this week.
I didn't put up many decorations. How's your decorating coming along?
Thanks for visiting me. Love your comments.
Deb :)