Sunday, January 31, 2010

Estate Finds and Tag Along

It wasn't as COLD as "they" said it was this we went to a couple of estate sales on Saturday. AWESOME vintage books....look at these wonderful graphics :) and they were a 1.00 each!!!
Linen, not old, jewelry and misc...

Cool postcards....the Thanksgiving ones have beads on them...haven't seen that before..see the ladies in the flower/Easter postcard...unique also!!!

This is my Tag Along for the month of February that Elizabeth at Creative Breathing does. She provides the picture and then you make it up as you like. Just something fun to do!
Pretty quiet is a mess and that is top of the "to do" list for this week. If all goes as planned...lunch at a Chick Place with my friend Jeanne later this week. They have the best food and popovers that melt in your mouth...with a little help from the honey butter!!!
That's all the news for now....
Deb :)

Friday, January 29, 2010

Thursday Thrift Store Finds & More

I bought this "H" sugar bowl from Barbara Jean at Treasures from the Heart. I have a small collections of initial items.
See the other initial items on my shelf!! Also notice the old plate on the right side with a number 5 on's an old piece from France.
Yesterday I went to a couple thrift stores and this is what I found. Easter cards, not used for 50 cents each...I wish Martha Steward would say "Milk Glass" is the new collectible. It's so pretty and goes with everything. When I see it..I buy it...doesn't sell well at either shop.

The Avon bottles were 50 cents I had to buy a few of those. Great fillers for the booth.

Today stopped at another thrift store and found these whimsy frogs :)

and the Longaberger basket..1.99 yes...and a flower frog that is a flower. The "CAKE FORKS" hubby bought for me on eBay. The left side of the fork is larger to cut the cake as you eat it. Very Victorian and sterling silver. Now I should have a tea party...who wants to come??!!
Yesterday went to a new gal for a haircut...trying to find someone closer to home and for less money than the gal I have gone to...who I do love...just not her price for a haircut. the cut is fine and we will both learn as we go along. It takes some time to "train" them on my hair. I just a LITTLE FUSSY!!!
Also went to eye Dr and am doing the for vision far away...the other for close up and it's working well. No readers ...YES!!!!
No good sales this weekend...and I picked up my paycheck from HQ...Not good...of course the weather didn't help. It will get better :) and I do have a little pin money for now.
I feel for you gals that are having awful weather....stay and sound!!! It's a good weekend to craft and watch movies and snuggle!!!
Deb :)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Cards and Gifts

Yummy treats in my new Valentine candy dish that arrived today....
Some cards that I made for Valentines Day... and I copied making those little altered match boxes. That was fun and I think I'll try the larger match box next.

Last week I won the awesome giveaway that Joyce from Scrap with Joy had and ALL these treasures arrived today. She had a birthday felt like it was my birthday!!!
The red dish just had to have some candy in it as you saw in the first photo.
Thank You So MUCH, Joyce. All the gifts are great and I'll be busy using my new goodies.
Deb :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Weekend Update and winner's name's

First...I wish I could send you all some Vintage Valentines...there are 3 names picked:

1st ~ Rhonda at Scooterblue Whimsy

2nd ~ Margaret C. at Old Digger

3rd ~ Janiece at One Moment At A Time
You all know I have a hard time "picking" so I went for 3 names. Gals...please email your address so your vintage Valentines will arrive before Valentine's Day..Thank you...Each little gift will be different, however all will have Valentines in them.
Crappy weather for the monthly sale...Rained on Saturday...YUK!!! Came home from my shift with a runny nose and not feeling the best. Drinking airborne daily! It seems to work for us.
Today hubby and I went to some antique stores to check out the "competition". We like to check prices and we find our prices are lower!!!
No estate sales this weekend. Quiet weekend for the most part. Hubby is watching the Vikings on TV as so far they are ahead. While I'm not into would be cool if we went to the Super Bowl!!!
Off to see what you all have been up to!
Deb :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

What is this...???

Gnome....not this...

this.....I'm having a little giveaway for Valentines's a small box and what you see and whatever else I can "squeeze" in to it is for 1 of You!!!

Just leave a comment on this post only if you want a chance for it. A name will be picked Sunday.
Enjoy your weekend! Almost forgot...please don't post about my giveaway...Thanks!!!

Gnome Not Included!!!


Deb :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Estate Finds and How Quaint

Hubby was feeling well enough to go to a couple of estate sales on Saturday morning and this is what I found.... Just a few items this weekend...take a close up look at the eggs on the yellow mini suit case...they are White House Easter Egg roll eggs from 2000 when President Clinton was in office. I haven't ever seen them and have no idea that they gave them away. COOL!!! I haven't looked them up on the internet yet.

The brownish bird is a flower frog...this makes my second one. His tail is chipped on the underside. Still COOL!!!

These are second day deals...all 1/2 off. The child's hutch needs a little work and hubby can fix it up. I think it will make a sweet display piece. There was A LOT of ME things. When we got there most of it was gone. I did buy a maple dresser at 1/2 0ff and that is in the porch and I forgot to take that photo. I have lots of small furniture in the porch that I haven't shown you...oh well...

Here are some of the goodies for sale this weekend in my room. I have a mixture of items. I don't have a "theme"...

When you first look into my room, this is what you see and after seeing the photo, I should have changed it around as it doesn't say...COME IN AND BUY...

Another side of the room....

Small closet with more goodies....
Nothing exciting going Saturday from 1-5 and may have time for estate sales if there are any good ones. The one that said PACKED...was PACKED...not much vintage items so that was a little disappointing. Can't have a great sale every weekend.
Still working on my valentine cards. My baby sister is turning 50 in Feb and I want to do something with 50 as a theme...any ideas...I was thinking 50 pieces of chocolate...maybe 50 coins...I am open for ideas...sure hope she doesn't read this post...just be my luck !!!
I know there are MANY gals in blogland that are having a rough time...job loses for spouses or themselves, illness, winter blues, homes in foreclosure and other things... I want you to know that when I read about your situations, I really do pray for you and believe God answers our prayers...HIS WAY...maybe not the way we want, His Way is much better.
Deb :)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Vintage Valentine Mantle

I was going through some totes and found these Valentine candy boxes and of course they look great on the mantle and how about one in the "frame".
I also decided to use my hankies on the mantle to help dress it up.

The sweet little birdhouse that you see on the left I won from Connie at Beautiful Living last year and that HAD to go on the mantle. She makes lovely treasures.

Had a few more Valentine treasures so they went on top of the bookcase. Gifts from friends and treasures found at sales. See the sweet little compact on the left, estate find years ago. The LOVE words are like window stickies and bought it at the grocery store last week for 2.99!!!

Fun Valentine mushroom is from a dear friend...The vintage looking candy dish is from another friend.

Button pillow from another dear friend and the LUV bug from another friend. Thank you friends. I found another "Black" Valentine..isn't she sweet :)

Tomorrow dentist for the "cleaning" and then off to HQ and I'll take some photos this time to show you as well as the weekend estate sale finds. Nothing to "knock" your socks's just great fun to "hunt" for them.
Fell off my "not eating sweets" wagon....and we went to a new candy store called "Sugar Sugar". I was disappointed as she hardly had any candy. She specializes in hard to find candy from my "youth"...and she didn't have what hubby was looking for. They don't make 7-Up bars anymore.
We won't go back...I'll stay with my Abdallah Candy store :) where they "know me"!!!
Deb :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Grandma's Quilts, More Hearts and Cards

I made a few more felt hearts. They are so much fun and easy to make and they do look sweet. My Grandma, on my Mom's side for MANY years made quilts, afghans, doilies and more. She would donate some of her quilts down in Mexico years ago as they traveled in the RV.
This pink rose afghan Grandma made for me before kids....over 30 years ago. The roses are still in perfect shape.

This yellow afghan Grandma made for my first baby and I used it to bring him home in 1979.

Grandma G on left, my Mom in the middle and my Auntie on right. All three of them do handwork. Grandma passed away a few years ago and I am thankful that I have the quilts and afghans to remember her by. Mom and Auntie still do some handwork as I call it. More knitting and embroidery work.

More baby afghans.

Baby quilt.

Lap quilt

Queen size quilt made for me and first hubby as a wedding gift. Some of the fabric is from clothes of mine that my Mom made for me. Mom sewed A LOT when I was young until I married in 1974 to my first husband.

I made a few cards yesterday. I used the sweet gift wrap that I bought at an estate sale last year. The little birdie is so sweet and happy.
While reading my email...I saw a "packed" estate sale and looked at the photos provided and YEP...PACKED...hubby has a cold and we'll see if he wants to go on Saturday to any estate sales.
Almost time for the sale at HQ and I'll be there on Monday to finish getting my room ready and take some photos to show you.
Enjoy the weekend and if you go treasure hunting..I hope you find some great deals :)
Deb :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Valentine Crafts

I used some old buttons, vintage pin, old valentine and some vintage wallpaper and had fun making this heart pretty box.
Just playing away...I mean crafting away. It's so much fun and relaxing.

Tags and a wooden block, painted and dressed up...

This is what I have been working on. I used a couple small valentine candy boxes, saved from last year and just "did them up"....
I talked to Pearl from Pearl's Sentimental Journey and she is still "under the weather". She has pain in her hands and isn't able to post. Please continue to pray for her and her health. Thanks!!
Let me see what you have been working on or the good deals you have found thrifting!!!
I'm getting stuff ready for the sale that is next week. I go, pricing and trying to visit you.
Deb :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

First Estate Sale of 2010 & Gifts

I was inspired by Elizabeth at Creative Breathing to make these little felt hearts. She makes some with birds on them. I made a "to do" craft list and this was on it!!! Of course there is room
for improvement with my stitches :) It's very fun and relaxing making them :) Twyla, have you made any of your Valentine Mushrooms?! I'll do a post soon with my Valentine treasures.

Yes....this is ALL we bought at the first estate sale of 2010...a huge storage bin, green shabby night stand, Barbie in Coke theme (hubby picked it out!) sweet little rose dish and grater...oh well...there are many more weeks ahead to find treasures :)

I recently won 2 giveaways. The cards above are from Elizabeth at Creative Breathing. I won 3rd place and I'll use them for projects for Christmas 2010. THANK YOU Elizabeth!!!

These 2 photos of gifts I won from Andrea at Vintage Bella Studio! She also likes to create lovely treasures with paper goodies. THANK YOU Andrea!!! One item is a music sheet creative!!! and she also embellished a picture frame!

Hubby hasn't been his sweet little self...was speaking of me getting a JOB...and that I spend too much time "blogging"... hummmm... and yet today he helped me scan vintage Valentine cards to show you very soon :) Must be the Cold weather!!!
I have almost finished my Valentine projects. I am working on Valentine cards. I also need to get going on my ATC swap as those cards are to be in the mail by the 25th. The next sale at HQ is the 21st-24th and I need to price items and get them to the shop.
I may not be visiting as I would like I want to keep the Peace and not get a "real" JOB!!
Keep warm...hear it's cold all over the US...and take care!
Deb :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Still COLD...and this and that...

Hubby bought these sock monkey slipper for me for Christmas. While I'm not into sock monkeys...these are cute :) The white and red cloth thing by my feet is a dog toy. Yes, even the dogs get presents.
I'm trying to NOT eat any sweet, candy, cakes, pies, cookies, etc until Valentines this is what I'm eating instead...yummy...but not the real thing...

This little cabinet is in the laundry room and stores my vases, seasonal kitchen towels, candles...whatever...I bought it a few years ago at an estate sale. Love the red knobs and handle

Close up of the red on the glass. I'm guessing it's from the 50's....maybe 40's???? It's small and sweet.

Played around in the living room with my suitcases and shoe forms and little shoes. The silhouette is of my son. I never did have one done of my daughter...oops...

Still cold here and I haven't felt like doing much. I feel like staying home. Haven't been to the workout place, church, and today I skipped bible study...maybe I'm in a slump and don't know it...
Off to finish ironing and then it will be dinner time. Leftovers tonight...
Deb :)