Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Estate Finds and How Quaint

Hubby was feeling well enough to go to a couple of estate sales on Saturday morning and this is what I found.... Just a few items this weekend...take a close up look at the eggs on the yellow mini suit case...they are White House Easter Egg roll eggs from 2000 when President Clinton was in office. I haven't ever seen them and have no idea that they gave them away. COOL!!! I haven't looked them up on the internet yet.

The brownish bird is a flower frog...this makes my second one. His tail is chipped on the underside. Still COOL!!!

These are second day deals...all 1/2 off. The child's hutch needs a little work and hubby can fix it up. I think it will make a sweet display piece. There was A LOT of ME things. When we got there most of it was gone. I did buy a maple dresser at 1/2 0ff and that is in the porch and I forgot to take that photo. I have lots of small furniture in the porch that I haven't shown you...oh well...

Here are some of the goodies for sale this weekend in my room. I have a mixture of items. I don't have a "theme"...

When you first look into my room, this is what you see and after seeing the photo, I should have changed it around as it doesn't say...COME IN AND BUY...

Another side of the room....

Small closet with more goodies....
Nothing exciting going on...work Saturday from 1-5 and may have time for estate sales if there are any good ones. The one that said PACKED...was PACKED...not much vintage items so that was a little disappointing. Can't have a great sale every weekend.
Still working on my valentine cards. My baby sister is turning 50 in Feb and I want to do something with 50 as a theme...any ideas...I was thinking 50 pieces of chocolate...maybe 50 coins...I am open for ideas...sure hope she doesn't read this post...just be my luck !!!
I know there are MANY gals in blogland that are having a rough time...job loses for spouses or themselves, illness, winter blues, homes in foreclosure and other things... I want you to know that when I read about your situations, I really do pray for you and believe God answers our prayers...HIS WAY...maybe not the way we want, His Way is much better.
Deb :)


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

My birthday is in the spring, so when I turned the big "50" a friend gave me a basket with 50 Easter eggs, and inside of each egg was a Bible verse or a word on encouragement. I was to open one every day. It was a fun little gift.


My Vintage Studio said...

Hi Deb.
Lovely photos of your booth. Thank you for sharing.

I know this doesn't have a QTY to it...how about a photo of you and your sister when you were young and one recent photo...maybe colleged in a nice photo frame. I did this for my sisters as a "sister gift" and they loved it.

Thank you for your prayers!
Hope you have a wonderfuol week.
Hugs, Sharon

Linda said...

You got some great finds! I love the Easter Eggs from The White House. Pretty cool! Let us know what you find out about them. For your sister, I love the idea of 50 'somethings' I saw little hearts at the dollar store and you could do the 50 with candy and memories in them, bible verses, just little memories, something from each year of her life if you can think of something. You are a good sister.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I love the little suitcases!! Wouldn't they be cute altered with valentines, buttons and ribbon?!! Cute finds!!
We also have that sweet little lamb planter.
Yoa have such a lovely booth, Deb!!! I see lots of cute things I want!!!!
Have a great night, Lindsey

The Tattered Cottage said...

Hi Deb -
Seriously...if I lived closer I would be doing alot of shopping at your booth? Of course, you would then have to take me to your Chocolate shop for some wonderful chocolately goodness :)

For your sis, how about writing 50 things you love about being her sister ond having them put onto the little white wrappers on Hershey Kisses. They used to offer that to personalize them for weddings, birthdays, etc.
Sweet acknowlegement and chocolate...can't beat that combo :)

Linda said...

Neat estate finds and the White House eggs are so cool.

I love your booth...it would be fun to poke around in it. I spotted a Valentine hanky and that would be a must have.

I love old coins...how about a coin with her birth year...she could carry it for good luck. My hubby gave me a 50cent piece with my year for my 50th and I carry it for luck...hugs, Linda

Theresa said...

Well Deb, your display shouted out to me... COME IN HERE AND BUY SOMETHING:) Looks like there is lots of great things in there! Have a blessed day dear friend!

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Well, I don't know much about booths but I'd go in yours for sure! I love those little suitcases!
I like your 50 pieces of chocolate idea. I think turning 50 is an accomplishment- not the death sentence so many make it out to be! I feel like I'm just now REALLY starting to live! ♥


Hi Deb. You have some cool finds there. I hope you have a very profitable year buying and selling!!


Kim's Treasures said...

Cute finds! I like the little suitcases.

Hope all is well! Post your Valentine's!

goldenbird said...

Love those White House eggs. Those seem like they would be valuable collector's items.

Mailed my ATC's yesterday. Can't wait to get started on the February theme.

Have a great week, Deb!


rosechicfriends said...

Hi Deb!
You are a dear friend! I treausre you and that you pray for me and others! I too, when I see a need try right away to pray.

Love your goodies...sure wish we lived closer cause I love to shop your booth and shop with you!

Thanks for stopping by!
Have a great day!

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Looks like you've had some great success in your hunts already for 2010. LOVE the little yellow suitcases. : ) And how interesting about the "White House Eggs".
Your V-Day decorations below are darling!!!
Take care,

kimmcl said...

You've got some great treasures there Deb. I wish I lived closer (ah, how many times have I said that since I started blogging???)

Margaret Cloud said...

You have hit the jack pot on all these things, I can never decide which one I love the most. Where do you find all those estate sales? We never have any in the winter and only a few in the warm weather. Thank you for coming by, have a nice day.

Queenie said...

Hey Deb!
I enlarged every photo and pretended I was there shopping in your room/booth...that was so much fun...thanks for sharing those pictures....I love the items in that glass cabinet...you have everything fixed up so pretty...and on your shelves too, all done up in red and ready for Valentine's Day!
Great finds from the Estate Sale too!
Hope you have a nice evening...
Big Hugs,
One more thing before I go.... About your sis's b'day...I love the idea that the first commenter Jocelyn (happy cottage quilter) left about 50 bible scriptures put inside 50 eggs. That sounds like a wonderful idea. I love that! I have a pretty box... filled with my favorite Bible scriptures, that I have written down on tiny pieces of papers, I folded them up, and put them inside of the box..... and I love to just walk by, open the box, and pick one out...I read it and then put it back. Maybe that's an idea too. Of course there's always the chocolate candies...that's a great idea for sure also! I'm sure whatever you come up with...your sis will love and cherish it!

Scrap for Joy said...

Hi Deb!
I wanted to let you know that you won my Birthday giveaway! Please email me your mailing address so that I can get your package in the mail! I hope you enjoy your gifts as much as I enjoyed my party. Turning 61 was OK!
For my sister's birthday one year, I purchased a shadow box frame from Michael's (yu know, with a 40% off coupon) and inside I placed a picture of us when we were little having a tea party. I wrote a message about how she was my favorite playmate when we were young and now one of my closest friends. I decorated the inside of the box using some vintage lace and buttons. The back of the shadowbox is padded so you can use straight pins to secure things. It was her favorite gift that year.
I'm glad to have met you....

Marydon Ford said...

G'morn Deb ~ Write your sister 50 little memories of your life together as siblings or events of togetherness.

TY for your sweet notes, I am doing much better daily now.

Have a beautiful day ~
Hugs, Marydon

Rosie said...

Great finds! The suitcases, the mirror, the books, the little metal shelf...they all made my heart go pitter pat! We don't have many estate sales around here. I miss them!

Dogwood said...

Lots of great items for the estate sales. I would love to be able to visit your shop. Looks like a real fun place to shop.

Have a "heart" day.

Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Deb, you found some amazing things! I love the lamb. I also love all of your Valentine goodies in the last post!!!
I will be thinking of things for your sisters birthday :) I am planning a baby shower for my SIL right now to be at the end of Feb. She is having a girl and I am so excited. Though I seem to have a mind block on what to do and planning events is my specialty!! AHHH!

Gayle from Southern Thresholds said...

If you have the lottery in your state, something really cool to do is buy her (maybe go in with some other people) 50 lottery tickets..she would have a blast scratching them off. We've done this several times in my family for various family members and they always win more then we've spent.

C. Dianne Zweig said...

Hi Deb...FYI....I love children's china cabinets...I just did a blog article about using them for display....I have a beautiful red and white one (1940s or early 50s) sitting in my car trunk...I have no idea where in my antique mall it will fit,,,,, so take a look at my blog post on doll cupboards......Dianne

Lyneen said...

What great finds! I wish there were more estates around here. thanks for stopping by.