Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Still COLD...and this and that...

Hubby bought these sock monkey slipper for me for Christmas. While I'm not into sock monkeys...these are cute :) The white and red cloth thing by my feet is a dog toy. Yes, even the dogs get presents.
I'm trying to NOT eat any sweet, candy, cakes, pies, cookies, etc until Valentines Day...so this is what I'm eating instead...yummy...but not the real thing...

This little cabinet is in the laundry room and stores my vases, seasonal kitchen towels, candles...whatever...I bought it a few years ago at an estate sale. Love the red knobs and handle

Close up of the red on the glass. I'm guessing it's from the 50's....maybe 40's???? It's small and sweet.

Played around in the living room with my suitcases and shoe forms and little shoes. The silhouette is of my son. I never did have one done of my daughter...oops...

Still cold here and I haven't felt like doing much. I feel like staying home. Haven't been to the workout place, church, and today I skipped bible study...maybe I'm in a slump and don't know it...
Off to finish ironing and then it will be dinner time. Leftovers tonight...
Deb :)


Linda said...

Deb I feel like I'm in a little slump also. Cold weather and after all the holiday hubbub makes me need some quiet, down time. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Totally love the socks!!! tooo cute!! I love what you did with the suitcases. I have also felt like sticking close to home...maybe it is the cold weather..makes one wanna stay in the warm house!

cityfarmer said...

just the perfect thing to wear laying around watching the Blackhawks ...our favorite winter pastime

decorator to the stars said...


Theresa said...

Cold weather makes me wanna stay inside, so I believe that is OK. I spend so much time hustling around shopping and visiting that it is nice to NOT do that for a while. I love your cabinet with the little red knobs and your suitcase display! OH add in those cute as a button slippers and staying inside is what you are supposed to do:) Have a blessed evening!

vintage girl at heart said...

Love the slippers.. I have about worn mine out already.. must get a back up pair!!!
Love the suitcases too and that red and white cabinet.....oh I LOVE it!!! Too cute!!!
Happy Cold Tuesday!!!
stay warm!

vintage girl at heart said...

We have a rat terrier and she looks just like your caramel and white puppy... Jackson Brown I think...even her expressions look like his!!! They are soo sweet!!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Look at your cute little slippers! It sure has gotten cold...all the way down into Florida! Have a good evening!

Queenie said...

Those slippers sure are cute and they look so warm too! I know how you feel....It's cold down here too...it's definately feeling like winter...gonna be below freezing tonight again down here, and ice has still not thawed out in the bird bath either, so it's stayed cold during the day too. Can you believe we have a chance for snow in our area Thursday or Friday, we'll have to wait and see....it's been decades since snow came down here in our part of the country.

I sure do love your suitcases all stacked up in the living room and those tiny shoes are precious...and so is the silouette of your son. I had one of those when I was a little girl...hmmm, wonder what mama did with it. I'll have to ask her. That little cabinet is sooo cute too...you find the best stuff! I always love seeing what you are up to.

Stay warm sweetie
Talk to you again soon,
Big Hugs,

~~Carol~~ said...

Those slippers are so cute! And I LOVE that cabinet! Reminds me alot of the one in our kitchen, except it doesn't have the cool red lines on the glass like yours.
Stay warm! It's been pretty cold here too, and now I guess we're going to get 6-10" of snow on Thursday. Yikes!

mommynoodles said...

I feel ya with the slump feeling.I have the same slippers,but I wore mine out.lol To my surprise my friend got me another pair for CHRISTmas this year! lol I'm not a sock monkey person either,but your going to love the memory foam on your feetsie's! lol


Eclectic Pink Rose said...

Where do I start, your socks rock!! lol Love sock monkeys!! The suitcases are great, I love those!!
Love love love the pretty little cabinet too!!
It's supposed to be twelve degrees here on Friday, I just want to hibernate.
Stay warm!! Hugs ♥ Teresa

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Oh wow Deb I really love your white cabinet. And your suitcases are looking good :-) I've been sticking close to home too. Even here in Florida it is too cold to be out in the elements :-(


Linda said...

Hi Deb....that is the sweetest cabinet and I think your litle sock monkey slippers are too fun...do the boys like to chase you:)?

I think it's probably just to darn cold to go out...best to stay in your warm and cozy home....hugs, Linda

Janet, said...

My aunt has a cabinet similar to that one, she was married in the late l940s. Good luck on trying NOT to eat sweets, I'm also trying NOT to eat sweets. It is very hard to do. It's cold here too and snowing outside.

Andrea said...

Cute slippers! I'm having another giveaway and your invited !!xoAndrea

goldenbird said...

How in the world are you going to not eat sweets until Valentine's Day?! I don't think I could go four hours. Good for you! Also sounds like you are having some much-needed downtime after the excitement and busyness of the holidays. Take care.

linda said...

I hear ya on the slump thing although I think I'm pulling out of it...finally!

Good luck with the no sweets. As soon as I can stand on the scale I'm heading over to Jenny Craig. It has to be done!

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Love your header and your suitcase setup too! Stay Warm!

Richard @ The Bewildered Brit said...

Those suitcases are wonderful! Absolutely gorgeous!

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

It is cold here also. they are calling for snow coming in tomorrow night. That is a big did here in southern Kentucky as we do not get a lot of snow. Everyone gets happy and makes their plans for staying home and making and eating favorite foods. Hugs...m.

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Oh I do love the shoes. i bought our Granddaughter a sock monkey for Christmas...m.

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Love your cabniet, Deb! Yeah, it says 40s or 50s to me, too. ♥

Lemondrop Marie said...

Love your slippers. The cold makes me reluctant to do anything outside either. But you've been really busy posting! :) Your no sweets policy is tough!
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

Michele said...

Hi Sis ~ I'm in a slump too...just don't feel like doing anything. We're supposed to get 9-12 inches of lovely snow tonight and tomorrow...oh joy.

I love those socks...absolutely too cute! Your suitcases look awesome like that...I can't wait to find a bigger house so all my things can be displayed again. I'm forever tripping over baby stuff now!

Lil Sis

Margaret Cloud said...

This is the time of the year that the winter dull dumbs set in (don't know if I spelled it right). The cabinet is so cute, and what a clever idea with the suitcases. Don't worry, you will buck up, especially when you get the urge to find something vintage, ha, ha. Have a good week.

Creative Breathing said...

Deb, What an adorable cabinet. I'm glad to see I am not the only one who needs lots of vases! I wanted to let you know your cards should arrive today or tomorrow. They went out this Monday due to car issues still unresolved! It is always so fun to see your vintage treasures, thank you for sharing them! E

Twyla and Lindsey said...

What a great cabinet! I could use one of those! I love the red on it. Very 40's, I think. Love your suitcases and little shoes too. I never told you, but yogurt is what I ate to help me loose 100 lbs. It sure helps take the place of sweets. Good luck! Your feet are cute. Do your dogs think your feet are toys, too? Stay warm, you are smart to stay in where you are safe. Have a great day! Twyla

Sandi said...

Hi Deb,
I think many of us are in a slump...I am in a cold slump...lol!
Cute slippers!!

Angie said...

I know what ya mean about not wanting to leave the house..me either! I have only left to take my daughter to practice and her b-ball games. Other than that...I am staying home...brrrrr! I LOVE the socks..how funny that the boys think they are for them...they do look like they would be fun to chase if you were a dog...heehee! Stay warm!

Hugs ~ Angie

Debi said...

Deb dear, I know how you feel, it is -20 here today with the wind chill. And I don't even want to step outside to get the mail... but I have to go give the dog some more water. I hope for both of we get out of this slump! I know you will. I am looking forward to catch up with you some more. Glad to be back to blogging, see you soon again my dear.
Debi xo
Hope your having a wonderfully blessed day dear.

rosechicfriends said...

Hi Sweetie!
I love your sweet socks! And our kitties get presents too!

Love that cabinet...those are so much fun to have and practical!

I too am in a slump...I think its the after Christmas let down..not motivated to do much and the new snow on the ground doesn't help.

Yes..this swap is my first BIG on I have entered. I have a group of online gals that do ones on a smaller scale but not this big...hope I don't mess it up...lol!

And I don't know if I answered you about the s/p...YES if you see some that you know I'd like and the price is right, I'd love for you to keep any eye out for me...we can *barter* or whatever you want...just let me know, okay?


Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda said...

Super cute slippers, Deb! Love your suitcase vignette! Looks great!

Try to stay warm! We are having frigid weather, too. Though not as cold as yours. We are NOT use to it!!! :) Have a great weekend! ~Rhonda :)

Lyneen said...

Love the suitcase assembly... I need to stop eating any thing sweet or walk a lot more. Don't worry about your card for the swap... I do not judge any artist!!! ART IS ART! Have a great weekend... do something crafty!

BittersweetPunkin said...

It's very cold here too and we still have no snow...just rain.

I LOVE your sock monkey socks...so cute!

bee'nme said...

Hey Deb!!!

I hope you are staying warm friend...it's cold enough here in Texas, I can't even imagine how it must feel there!! Love your sock monkey slippers..too cute...and your little cupboard, wow, I LOVE it...it would look perfect in my shop...I'm trying to add more retro/cottage-y kitchen-y stuff and that would be perfect :o) Your suitcase vignette in your livingroom is perfect - just adorable!

And BTW, from your previous post, I love seeing all that wonderfuly messy crafting stuff everywhere...it is very inspiring to me...looks like you had a blast!! I hope you have a lot more fun crafty time in the New Year...your are so talented and create the most delightful things!!

Keep warm, OK? Think warm thoughts :o)

Hugs & Blessings,

Dogwood said...

How did I miss this post? Cute sox. I do like thost sox monkey toys. I saw lots of "variations on the theme" in the stores this Christmas.

Darling cabinet to hold your seasonal decor. Great storage!

Stay warm and cozy.

Barbara Jean said...

sweet vignette!!

love your old shoes

hugs and smiles

barbara jean

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