Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Playing Around

Playing around with scrabble words and little treasures...made these last night...
My Tiny Tears on my night stand and one of my baby photos and little Miss Kailee's photo. Yes her little fingers have been chewed on...my Mom made her this dress.

Shells, door plate, plastic gems with a glittered and bling starfish in my bathroom....

I went to a Tim Holtz "grunge roses" class last Thursday evening and made this. Too bad it has a horrible order and is in the garage...hubby and I both noticed an "order" and figured out it was this project... I have "grudged" things for years. I really just wanted to learn how to make the rose.
I'm hoping to meet my friend on Friday to have our lunch date at the General Store, aka "chick place"... keep your fingers crossed :) Yum...large popovers are calling to me..with honey butter!
It's a large store with awesome gift, clothes, treasures and restaurant! If you come and visit me, I'll take you there :)
Deb :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekend Update, This and That

The mantle is a little "thin" and will be changed next weekend for Easter, so I didn't want to put a lot out. In fact Kailee asked me on Thursday..."When are we going to decorate for Easter". She is learning!!!

Daughter sits on the bookcase next to the mantle. Brother is missing..I think he ran away!!

This Beautiful mosaic frame I won from Brook's recent giveaway and she made it!!! Her blog is http://brook-thehomethatlovebuilt.blogspot.com and I know she would enjoy a visit from you!
I also won an OWOH giveaway that Heather at Speckled Egg had. She gave me a $40.00 gift certificate to her wonderful shop. She sells great items for crafting as well as other treasures. She would also enjoy a visit from you at http://speckled-egg.blogspot.com

Have my copy of the new Flea Market magazine. Lots of fun ideas, some new and some revised! Lots of great photos!

Just a couple of photos of the finds from Thrifting on Thursday and estate sales on Friday and Saturday. There is more "stuff"...I just don't want to upload all the stuff and bore you!! LOL!!!

I found the green owl flower frog at one of the estate sale and got it second day at half price. His little ears are damaged. I guess I have a new collection!!! Send HELP!!!
It was BUSY at HQ on Saturday and people were buying!!! Can't wait to see my sales tickets!
I hope to start moving/painting my new space this weekend. The "boss" said there needs to be a meeting first...that's okay as I have a few pieces of small furniture that I can start painting and of course there is ALWAYS treasures to price. I have to find my Easter goodies too as that will be most of the "theme" for my room in March.
I baby sat "Chopper" last night...he is such a sweetie. Jackson Brown wanted to play all the time and I could see Chopper rollings his eyes!!! ...like...won't this little guy just leave me alone!!!

I am so BEHIND in visiting you gals...
Take care!
Deb :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Weekend Treasures & HQ Room

Too much SNOW!!! View outside the front of the house. It's almost waist deep for me!!!
Above and below...finds from the estate sale we went to on Friday. Our numbers were 51 & 52 so we didn't get into the house for awhile...30 minute wait I think and it was a tad cold waiting outside.

My room is already for the sale that starts on Thursday...

I hope the tea cart sells...

and this hutch....

and all these things....
Because starting the March sale...I have a new room at HQ...one of the gals is swapping rooms. I get a bedroom and she will have the small bathroom!!! Of course my rent is more...but I should make more. Guess I can start cleaning out the stuff in hubby's garage. It also means that I work an 8 hour shift...it's only once a month. I can do it!!!
Estate sales have been few and not so good! That includes thrift stores too. With all this snow...garage sales may start later...what's a gal to do??!! LOL....
Sister's birthday didn't go as I would have liked it to. We did have lunch and Mom came along. Other sister had to work. She really liked the collage :)
Sorry that I haven't been visiting much...don't know where the times goes ...
Deb :)
Edit: Banner by Sharon at http://myvintagestudio.blogspot.com

Saturday, February 13, 2010


I'm joining Joan at The potting shed-anything goes here, for this Valentine Card Party.

Here are a few of my Vintage Valentine's for you to enjoy!!!

Postcard Valentines

Fun kid ones...

Some postcards...

and my Valentine Mantle..
Deb :)

Monday, February 8, 2010

What I Did This Weekend !

I had made this altered baby shoe a pin cushion awhile ago and decided to use Barb's idea and put a birdie on it. Barb from Treasures from the Heart! Thanks Barb! I have also used silk flowers with the baby shoes.
Thursday I went to the thrift store and these 2 photos are my goodies...grand total under $20.00 The painted canister will go into my "someday" craft room.

Pretty frame has little bees on it and the little piggy just had to come home with me. Score a pretty kitchen towel...never used!!

Collage for my "Baby sister" who will be 50 on Thursday. I'm trying to talk her into taking the day off and have some FUN!!! I did add a few more things to the collage after the picture. Marie was a real Clown and did parades and went to clown school, way back when!! She also went to school to be a dairy farmer and a whole lot more!! She is a computer whiz for a school district now. She also is a wonderful scrapbooker/card maker and her newest hobby is quilting.

I went to JoAnn's and used my 40% coupon and bought some new fabric for the chairs we bought in May...this is the old fabric and only chair that didn't have any stains on it~

New, pretty blue fabric. Love it !!!! Hubby even spilled on it tonight and no marks...of course Mack helped lick/clean it up!!! He can be very quick when food is involved!

Cards....yes I was having some fun this weekend. The cards in the middle are made with the embellishments that I won from Joyce at Scrap for Joy. They are ME ones. The cherry paper I've had for YEARS and it was perfect for these cards.
We went to the Super Bowl party on Sunday and left after half time. It was snowing, however not like today! Huge, fluffy flakes all day. I bet we have 6-8" of new snow on top of all the old stuff. It's very pretty outside. I just went to the grocery store today...HQ will wait until Wednesday.
Time to visit you gals and see what's new.
Deb :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cigar boxes and Bottles

I've been collecting cigar boxes for awhile. I like the wooden ones to store little treasures. You are also seeing the unfinished craft room...yes that is the ceiling...that isn't!!! One of these days I will have a lovely craft room!!! Hubby says If/when I get a JOB...the craft room could be finished...
Just a cute little vintage dog pull toy. His little legs move when he is pulled.

Small old and maybe not so old bottles. Hubby and I gravitate to smaller treasures...

Vintage perfume, cosmetic bottles

More little bottles....I have more just not sure where they are....

Here is the story behind this old jar....It was bought at my first auction. I LOVE IT and the old label on it is priceless to me. I've had it for 13 years...maybe longer...(the mind is first to go!)
Sunday we will be going to a friends home for the Super Bowl...and we have been doing that for many years. I pick the underdog to win...it's a time to eat and watch those great commercials. I am not a football person...
Didn't go to lunch today...another time. Next week is my sister's 50Th birthday and I am making a collage for her. I wish I had more photos to use...I'll take a picture when it's done.
Have a great weekend...this month is flying by....that means spring is around the corner!!!
Deb :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Vintage Valentine Swap Goodies

I joined Linda's Vintage Valentine Swap and my package arrived on Monday. My Swap Partner is Lyneen at I am...Dreaming of Castles. She was very generous. The swap was to include...

A vintage Valentine, Handmade Valentine treasure and a treat. As you can see....Lyneen outdid herself...handmade Valentine cards, heart box with old sheet music covering it...treats...

this Altered SHOE!!! My first one!!! Pretty lace, pearls and pin...just darling and on my mantle.

Buttons, heart trinket box, lace and treats....

and these Yummy treats...the sweetest little Luv Bug chocolate and truffle were inside the "music box"...

Vintage bead games, valentines, card holder, jello mold, heart cookie cutter, block X & O....Lots of great treasures.

THANK YOU LYNEEN.....You made it a very special Valentine!!!! You can visit Lyneen's blog at

Swaps are so much fun!!!


Deb :)