Sunday, March 28, 2010


HAPPY EASTER To My Blogging Friends ~ HE IS RISEN ~


Deb :)

Kailee and I went to a garage sale today, Thursday and then the thrift store where I bought a Liz Clarborne jean jacket for 12.99...and later we colored eggs. Tomorrow is grocery shopping and baking. Saturday is card making with a group of gals. Have a wonderful Easter. I'll post after Easter. This is being posted on April 1st...not the date you see. That's when I made the post. I'm still learning computer stuff!!!

Kailee's Easter basket, found treasures and more

Kailee made this picture for me at school this pass week. Of course it's priceless to this Grandma! It's me on the left and Kailee. She said she didn't have time to put clothes on us!!!

Kailee saw my Easter basket swaps and she wanted to make one. She is some awesome little girl :)
My friend, Lorena at Rose Chic Friends made this sweet Easter basket for me! I just LOVE it and what a wonderful surprise it was to receive. THANK YOU, Lorena!!!

Hubby was showing houses most of the "boys" had to be under my feet. They were in the kitchen...waiting for their "daddy" to come home and play with them.

Estate sale finds...we didn't go out on for 1/2 off and there were a few goodies to buy.

Awesome bird book from pictures inside.

More treasures....

Old drug store bottles...see the one with the label on it...the label is also glass...and it was 1/2 off too!!!
Friday I picked up my check from How Quaint and was very Happy!!! Of course it needs to last until the next sale... also went to my new hairstylist and got a trim. She is so good, and charges less than my other gal.
Easter plans: dinner here at 5 PM . Serving ham and turkey breast, cheesy potatoes, fresh fruit and green salad. Inviting hubby's 2 grown is married so I'm a MIL....however not really...I have ISSUES....and not close to his sons at all, and the SIL & DIL are vegans...and then my kids, Kailee and her daddy and my Mom. These holidays sure can cause family issues...UGH!!! Letting go...I will enjoy and relax and remember it's not about me. Thank you Jesus!
Deb :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sunday 1/2 off finds and Miss Rhea's Easter Basket Swap

This AWESOME, vintage floor lamp was only 25.00 because the globe has been repaired...LOVE IT!!!
The items above are from the thrift store. The purse is a "Crazy Horse", Liz Clayborne for only 4.98. Still slim pickings at the thrift stores.

Estate finds and all 1/2 off their original prices. It was a digger sale and fun to pick thru stuff.

More 1/2 off items from the same sale...except the picnic basket is from the thrift store...but it was 1/2 off! The pink ashtray is USA pottery and mint condition. You could use it for a candy dish! More "cake" forks for tea parties. Very sweet and silver!

Little birdie print and birds. I also bought a vintage chair that has blue cushions that is already in my room. I'm doing a blue-ish theme with garden items...and STUFF.

These are the Easter baskets I made for my swap partners, Julie and Pam. It was fun to create with yogurt cups!

These are from Julie at She did a great job with the little basket and included a hankie for my collection. Of course the chocolate duck is bye-bye!THANK YOU JULIE!!!

This sweet basket is from Pam at She also sent a pretty hankie and the little bunnies on the left play music. THANK YOU PAM! This swap was Miss Rhea's Easter Basket swap. Thank you Miss Rhea! I enjoyed creating with an yogurt cup!!!

What are your Easter plans? I haven't decided yet. I need to talk to the "kids" to see what all is going on with them. Not sure what I'm making either. I image cheesy potatoes for sure!
That's all for now. Take care.
Deb :)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

First Garage Sale, Swap Goodies and More!!!

The first Garage sale sign I saw was on Wednesday and I bought the oval mirror, shell pictures, and birdies...the rest are from a thrift store. Slim pickings...however it was a THRILL to finally go to an garage sale!!!

Sharon from My Vintage Studio and I had a Easter/Tussie swap. It was the first tussie that I have made. Sharon sent all these treasures...WOW...The Lindt chocolate bunny was DELICIOUS...I just can't save chocolate. I did share the Lindt eggs with Kailee...
Her tussie is just's mine camera doesn't show how lovely it is!

A one 0f a kind Easter bunny named June was also gifted to my by Sharon! She is hand painted and embellished! Isn't she just darling?!! THANK YOU SHARON!!! You can visit her blog http://myvintagestudio.blogspot to see the tussie I made for her.
I also received one of the Easter baskets from Miss Rhea's swap and will show it when the other one arrives.

Kailee's 7th Birthday cake :) Yes...she is a "princess"...Grandma's princess. This is the dress Kailee wore for the wedding she was in last October.

A little birdie project...copied from blogland.."tweet" ~ huh?!! Cloche Birdies! Easy ~ peasey to make.

Pretty afghan on my sofa. Just playing around with the camera. Some of the pics are shaded in I have to take a FEW for a couple to look right. I did rearrange the living room on Thursday with Kailee's help!
Worked today at How Quaint! Busy with shoppers and tomorrow I will also work. I plan on re-stocking before I start my shift. Sunday's came be very good days.
Thursday the temp was in the mid 60's...just awesome and I'm hoping next week will be just as nice.
Deb :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Estate Finds and it's Sunny Outside!!!

Finally, a pretty good estate sale! It was in an old Victorian house! The house has a turret on each level...that would be 3 of them! Awesome old house!!!The owner was "cleaning out" some of her things. You could only go into the living room and up into the attic which had the "good stuff"!!!
These items are from the thrift store and estate sale. The basket has shell flowers in it.

Awesome old lamp shade forms.

Old books, bag of spools and the blue and white sponge ware is a McCoy piece with the mark LC which means Lancaster Colony and the number 7533. I looked around on the Internet and found prices from 48-60 dollars...I paid 6.00!! I'm keeping it for awhile.

Fun old chalk, never used and the sweet little dog bank!

This photo is from December....Kailee turned 7 years old today! We went out for dinner and I gave her number 7 of the ceramic birthday girls. She told me she needs number 3 as it was lost or broken when they moved.
It was SUNNY and in the 60's on Sunday!!!! A sure sign of Spring!!!
This week I'll be taking my friend, Sharon out for her birthday lunch. She is the one who lives in a "cottage" with other folks with memory loss issues and she is my age and we have been friends since 7th grade. It's a little harder to take her out now as she uses a wheelchair when she goes out. It will be a nice time for her. That's my Friday plan. Saturday work at How Quaint from 9-1 then go to Kailee's birthday party. Sunday work HQ for 4 hours again.
This month is going by so quickly....April will to as there is A LOT going on for me in that month.
Don't give up on me visiting you. :)
Hubby's real estate deals aren't working out as planned...however I know that God provides in His time :) waiting builds character I've heard.
Deb :)

Friday, March 12, 2010


Don't know why the photo has pink in it...the room is greenish...oh get the idea!
Hankies, linens, pillows and purses...yes...purses sell and not always the vintage ones!!!

I'll be adding more "small" items on Monday after I go "treasure hunting" this weekend!

Found this sweet blue chair at the thrift store and I want to keep it...however...I can't keep it ALL!!!
The lamp on the floor belongs to another gal. She is working on her room and didn't want it to get broken. I also like it...however 58.00 isn't in my budget.'s time to clean up the family room and get all my craft items back to where they belong....not on the tables. I have finished up the swaps projects and Easter cards, so everything in it's place! That's the weekend project. I do need to make some birthday cards. Low on them and there are a few April birthday's coming up!
Kailee's birthday is on Monday...7 years old! Her party will be on the 20th.
Have a great weekend and happy "treasure hunting".... hope you find some great deals.
Deb :)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Another Peek at the New Room

Here is another peek at the new room. It's coming together!!! I'll be working on it Monday.

I have a craft "to try/do" list and a tussie is on it! I made this one for me and another one for a swap that I am doing. I was digging around in my craft room and found a pattern for the cone!!!It was easier than I thought it would be!!!
I went to an estate sale on Friday and bought 2 complete sets of queen size linens, NEVER opened for 8.00 a set!!! That was a great deal as one of them was marked 74.00...WOW...that isn't a price I would pay! Other than sales. Hubby was busy (PTL) showing houses on Saturday and today. He said he'll be writing an offer tomorrow for one of his clients!! GOD is so Good!!!
The tempts were in the 40's today, so out came the spray paint! I painted 2 mirrors as they are good seller's at the shop.
Off to visit you guys tonight. Have a GREAT WEEK!
Deb :)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Easter Mantle, New Room and Stuff

Easter treasures.... vintage bunny and cottage cheese cups that you could use as Easter baskets. I so remember eating up cottage cheese when I was a kid so that I could have the carton. I wonder where they went!?

This is my new room...the floor is wet because I washed it ... I'll be working on it this weekend and will have more photos late.

oops...these aren't in the right order...anyway...been painting furniture for my new space...

The computer is acting up tonight and I though I lost this post...ugh!!!! Anyway....the next week or so...I won't be around much. I must get the new room ready for the sale that starts on the 18th. I have totes to dig in, items to price and furniture to move. My plate is full and I am very thankful.
I'll be around after the weekend with photos of my new room. Thanks for understanding.
Deb :)