Saturday, April 24, 2010

Thursday with Jeanne and Weekend finds

On Thursday I spent some of the day with my friend, Jeanne. When I went to her house and opened the front door...she started singing "Happy Birthday" to me and had this AWESOME cart with the pretty cloth liner...which she MADE!!! Isn't is just darling!! She is going to make another one and I'll see how well they sell at HQ...The top is the front of the cart.
This is the back with 2 pockets for your cash, keys, etc....isn't she a sweetie!!! THANK YOU, JEANNE!!!

So....we went to the "Chickadee" cottage that has handmade treasures. Found some yummy lotion and lip balm and a little birdie pin. We found lots of ideas to try! Of course we also went to a couple of garage sales, a community sale and a thrift store.

We didn't want to stop for "McD's" to go....yes...we were on a mission!!!

These goodies are from an estate sale that I went to on Friday. I went to 2 of them. Love the "iron" piece. There are 2, however 1 is already on my bathroom wall. A good size tin of buttons that I will have to organize, maybe tonight while watching TV....
Today our local new credit union/bank had their open house. They had a large "box" that had money in it and when you got into it the money would fly around and you had 30 seconds to get as much money as you could....our number wasn't called....however....I did win a 25.00 VISA gift card :) They also had pizza and pop. That was our lunch.
No sales today. Trying to pick up the family room and my craft tables. It's a MESS!!! My son is coming over tomorrow and said he wanted to grill a dinner for me for my birthday! It's been a week long birthday!!
Yesterday I treated myself to a professional hair color and also had her cut it. Of course, hubby said right away..."It's too SHORT"!!! It grows!!! and it looked shorter because of the way she styled it. Isn't that a story in itself...when you let the stylist do her own thing!!!
Hey, 2 posts in one night....I'm a little chatty tonight :)
Quick question....does my banner look okay to you...when I see it it's pink and not clear and if you are seeing the same thing...I'll make a new one!
Deb :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Treasures, Tag and Birthday...Oh My!!

Tulips from Kailee
Yummy angel food, chocolate and toffee cake

Treasures from antique shopping on Monday...most items are for resell

Sweet Little girl I bought at How Quaint...just had to have her. Carol...this is it!

Weekend estate sale finds and a couple are from garage sales. The BINGO game is complete with lid and all the pieces.

Elizabeth from has a Tag Along and gives you an image to make a tag with. This is my tag and since it "looks like me" I decided to add the Happy Birthday on it!
Hubby and I went out to the "country" and went to a few antique stores and bought things to resell. The weather was wonderful and we had a good time. Of course we needed more time to see all the goodies.
Thank you for all your wonderful Birthday Wishes. Finished off the cake yesterday...sure was good.
Deb :)

THANK YOU........

THANK YOU for all the Birthday wishes...

Deb :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

It's My BIRTHDAY April 19th!!!

The poem goes: Tuesday's Child is full of grace....I was born on a Tuesday....Roses from my daughter! and I'm working on the Grace part!

It's my big 55th Birthday...WOW ....
I feel like I'm in my 30's...body of an middle-age woman....and I'm thankful for the wisdom age brings...
Hubby is taking Monday off and we are going antique window shopping. Tonight we had the birthday dinner at a pizza place, deep dish spinach with mushrooms...yummy and my Mom made my a angle food cake that has whip cream and chocolate all mix together with toffee bits on top. Very GOOD! I had 2 pieces...Cake doesn't count on your Birthday.
I'll post soon and show you the weekend finds and maybe a birthday gift if we find something.
Deb :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

All Ready for the HQ & Antique Booth

Just some birdies on the bookcase...
Here is the room for the sale that starts tomorrow at How Quaint in Shakopee, MN

I will be working on Friday's now. An 8 hour shift....

I'm hoping for another Great month :)

This is our space/booth at Anitques Minnesota...Lots of Space and treasures for sale.

Full shot of the booth!
Kailee's daddy has a new job and no more nights. Changes for all. No more dinner's for Kailee and daughter here. They are having "family dinners"...which I am encouraging :) Maybe every once in awhile I'll need a "fix" to make a big meal. Cooking for just us two now...good thing it's spring and hubby doesn't mind sandwiches for dinner.
Tomorrow I'm using the manicure gift certificate that I got for Christmas. I have a few garage sales to go to also. I hoping for a nice weekend... and I hope that you have a nice one too!
Deb :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekend Treasures and a Little Story

Sweet cards from the estate sale...

Garage sale finds above :)

Estate finds...

Estate finds...

Estate finds...

Estate finds...sweet bag of buttons :)

Green shelf is estate find which brings me to the little story. This shelf is from an house where the woman who lived there was a hoarder. A HUGE hoarder...before the estate sale the bank who now owns the house filled NINE dumpster of stuff before the sale. The house was still PACKED!!! We talked to the estate people who shared the story of the house. They found 2 dead cats, one in the freezer along with 7 frozen turkeys...this woman also had a bedroom FULL of shoes...they believe over 1,000 pairs. The garage was filled with BOOKS...and the house had an awful odor to it!!!
It's a's not about's about the people you LOVE. This poor woman was alone with her Things....
It was a nice weekend...the weather today, AWESOME!!! Hubby was busy showing houses, except for today, we had some time for US!!! We went to the antique store and added things to our booth and "tweaked" it. I'll show you pics later. Tomorrow I'll finish getting my room ready for the sale that starts on Thursday at How Quaint.
Deb :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

~~~Cards Made and Easter ~~~

Easter eggs that Kailee decorated with a little decor. The little purple flowers smell like grape!Sweet teddy plate from a sweet friend...Thank You!
Cards made on Saturday. The birds are and easy to make.

More sticker cards...

Sweet little "flower girl" stamp on dollar store cards. This is my favorite stamp..however I don't own her...I borrow her. :)

Kailee and her Easter basket.

Finding Easter eggs outside. It was a lovely day. I had dinner at 5PM and all went well. Hubby's
sons didn't make it..
Hubby went to Easter service with me. He has been to church with me only once before. I feel it was a God thing!!! It was a blessing for me.
The golf course is OPEN and found 2 golf balls in our yard...ALREADY!!! The local grocery store has it's Hot Dog wagon and will be serving them each weekend all summer long...the grass is greening up. I LOVE my birthday is coming ....
I hope you all had a Blessed Easter and tonight I'm visiting you to see what you did.
Deb :)