Monday, May 31, 2010

Have you seen one of THESE ....???

Do you remember way back when we bought the coke coca~cola collection from the sweet older couple who needed to sell their treasures and move???? Well.........on Saturday while we were at an estate sale they called and said they sold their home and while packing found the leaf to the table we bought and wanted to know if we were interested in the AWESOME china cabinet with the Indian head carved on it...On the way there we had decided on a price that we were willing to pay for it. She asked "what is your offer" hubby told her, she countered and hubby countered to the price we were willing to pay and they accepted.
have anyone of you ever seen one like this????? If you have, please email me with all the information you have. Thank you.

Here it is in the living room with some of our collections in it. Do you see that the drawers are curved?!! Since hubby didn't get me a birthday or anniversary gift and his birthday is in's the gift for all the above :) The glass on the cabinet is also curved.

I recently won a giveaway that Anne at Fiona & Twig had. It's the book above and I haven't had time to really look at it. THANK YOU, Anne !!! I so LOVE BOOKS!!! It was wrapped in "Paris" paper too.

Cory aka Dogwood sent me this "Victorian" friendship strings. They are also called "button strings, charm strings or memory strings" It's so cool. THANK YOU, Cory :) She made it and included the story with it. I'm thinking this would make a great gift...hummm, maybe a Christmas idea!!!

Dear Daughter giving her speech at her BFF wedding on Friday evening. They have been friends since 4th grade. I had tears in my eyes :) The pizza and salad bar was served on linen tables and there was cupcakes and DQ ice cream cups. DD caught the bridal bouquet...!!!
Yesterday I worked in the front flower garden...put down plastic and mulch. Have 2 more areas to do...more work than I thought it would be. However looks better than all those weeds :)
Hung the sheets outside today...yummy fresh sheet tonight for bed! It's a bit of heaven, I think!
Remember when hubby and I helped with that estate sale, pricing all those wonderful Victorian treasures...well...I got a phone call today and the house is packed and they want to have another sale and would I be willing to "work" for treasures instead of $$$....YES!!!!!!!!!!!! So, tomorrow I'll be out there pricing things and getting ready for another sale. It's rather sad that she won't have many of her treasures with her at the nursing home...
Well... I have more things to tell you..however this post is long enough....
I hope you all had a lovely long weekend. The weather was/is perfect here...
More soon!
Deb :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

I Am A Dumpster-diver ~ Diva

Saturday morning we went to estate sale, 2nd day as hubby was there on Friday...I was "working"... and there was a dumpster there....and I HAD to look inside and there was a HUGE pile of cards....this bag is full and I didn't get all of them...

I think I have over 300 cards, Easter, Christmas, Mom's Day, Birthday, Valentines from the late 40's to 70's...I can't even image why the cards were in the dumpster...I SAVED THEM!!!

LOTS of THEM....I have bruises on my tummy from balancing on the edge of the dumpster and trying not to fall in :) Being short doesn't help when you are diving :)

A quick before and after of the canisters that I bought awhile ago. It was finally nice enough to do some spray painting.

Sorry this photo isn't the greatest...and you can see lots of "junk" on the work area...
I did find some treasures that I will share later this week. For some reason it's taking HOURS to upload photos...ACK...
It's very HOT & HUMID...just can't have nice weather for any stretch of time here in MN...ACK..
It's almost my 3rd year of blogging and 300 posts...and I think that means a little something for one of YOU!!!
Kailee's first softball game was a HOOT!!! Those little girls have no idea on what's going on or what to do. It was very funny. They had a good time and that's what counts.
It was busy at HQ and the black wicker chairs did sell and LOTS more. So Thankful :) and it will be fun to get my check on Friday.
Didn't have time to celebrate our 20th anniversary....we did go out to lunch in between all the other things that took up the day.
Thursday starts the city wide garage sales...guess it could still be hot, humid and may rain...don't worry...I'll still be "hunting for treasures"....
Until next time...
Deb :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ready for Another Sale & More

Decided to bring out some of my garden decor....this was a freebie last summer...and you know I love frogs :)
Here is my room...already for Thursday...

I sure hope black wicker and decor is something that the shoppers will purchase. I really don't want to paint the wicker white if they don't sell

Today was Grandparent/Special Friend day at school. I took this with my camera :) We did a work puzzle together, watched a DVD that the teacher had made showing the class/kids and their projects throughout the year and then outside for BBQ hot dogs :) Woo-hoo!!

Look...this matches my new banner! The wallpaper was free/curbside a couple weeks ago. I didn't know this sweet one was inside the other rolls that I picked up! Just LOVE IT and decided to frame it and it's in the quest room.

The weather is wonderful...I sound like a broken record :) Tomorrow is our 20th wedding anniversary and we will celebrate it this weekend. Hubby is busy working and I have Bible study in the AM and pick up Kailee at 3 from school and tomorrow night is her FIRST softball game...which of course I'll be at.
Friday is my shift at How Quaint and then it's the weekend...
Off to see what you have been doing.
Deb :)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother and Daughter Tea and Treasures

The Mother and Daughter Tea on Saturday was very nice!!! They took our picture as a gift/memory for the event. Yummy little finger sandwiches,scone, little dessert bites. They had a fashion show also. I "won" the table center piece, marigolds that I put into a pot for Amber.
The items above and below are from garage sales. See the blue & yellow fabric...that will go on 4 chairs after I paint them.

I bought a blonde hutch that is in the garage...not sure if I'll paint it or try to sell it as is...
Didn't have much time to go to sales and that's fine. As I have mentioned a few times...the garage is loaded with STUFF and furniture to be painted. Anyone wanna help??!!
Yesterday the kids came over and made burgers on the grill...yummy!!! I'm not a big burger gal, however they always taste better on the grill.
It's COLD here...I have the furnace on and it's May....Kailee has softball tonight. It's a scrimmage game tonight and then the "real" game on Wednesday. I'm staying home's also raining here...yuck....
I hope you all had a lovely Mom's Day...
Deb :)

Friday, May 7, 2010


Happy Mother's Day to All my Blogging

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I'm so obsess...

It was a good Saturday for estate sales. I also bought a sweet wing back chair and old piano bench. The garage is PACKED....UGH!!!!!!!!!
Unique game cards and sweet puppy dog. Cute child's apron. LOTS of buttons. Why do they make me happy?!

Weekend finds....I'm feeling that I need to go out a couple a times each week to find treasures. No place is was the thrift store and I'll show you those finds later...the family room is busting at the seams and I'm feeling like a hoarder...SEND HELP.... Of course I can "justify" the buys because almost ALL of the treasures are for resell.
Anyone interest in starting a support group???!!!
I did work out in the yard today. Lots of weeds that needed to go bye-bye.
I'm also ironing tonight. Poor hubby was down to 1 shirt. I don't mind ironing and like to have a huge pile of clothes to iron so it feels like I accomplished A LOT!!!
Mother's Day is Sunday. My Mom is going "up north" for a wedding. Not sure what the kids want to do. Saturday, daughter and Granddaughter are going to a "Tea Party" at church. I was hoping my Mom would go and that would have been a 4 generation event.
That's it for now. Back to the ironing board!
Deb :)