Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy As a Bluebird

Some Bluebird Love....
The sale on Saturday had most of these Bluebird treasures. Above and below is a BANK...which I haven't seen before. We went back on Sunday and received a discount...not 50% , but almost :)
Most of them have little chips and's okay with me!!! Heck...they are old and used!

He also had little "diamond" eyes.

This child's bowl and mug were 1/2 off and have little chips...still darling and happy :)

Bluebird S&P, on the left is a planter and the bluebirds on nest was from my Mom a couple years ago for my birthday. Not the same as the others.
Jackson Brown has a bladder infection and his allergies are in high gear. Poor little guy :(
He has medicine for both.
May your 4th of July weekend be wonderful!!!
Deb :)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Thank You, Name picked and stuff

Thank you ALL so much for the kind and sweet comments! I appreciate all of them. I do wish that I could send you all a treasure :) I went on a number....24 as that was the first day that I from The Polka Dot Closet gets the pink goodies from the last post. These are some recent finds...Christmas goodies abound and I found more yesterday...

Vintage wicker chair at a thrift store. There is a "hole" in the middle of the seat and I was told it was a "potty" chair...I'm not sure about that. It's still very cool!

I made some 4Th of July cards for my pen pals. I made the vignette and then took the photo with my new camera...I also made a few altered mini match boxes. Aren't they sweet! Sometimes a gal just NEEDS to create!

Do you have a little piggy in your frig?? I DO!!! Remember when I was the dumpster diva...well...this sweet little guy was also in the dumpster and had to be rescued...

Vintage candy is inside his body and with all the HEAT & HUMIDITY around here...his home is inside the frig :) Pay NO attention to my dirty frig...I haven't seen the cleaning lady in weeks LOL!!! Hey...I'm busy buying JUNK...there is always tomorrow to clean!!!
Just had a very hard rain and the storm sirens went off ... all clear now.
Guess there are a couple of estate sales to go to tomorrow. Can you believe that next weekend is the 4th of July weekend...WOW...
Happy treasure hunting!
Deb :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's My 2nd Blog Birthday!!!

My very first post was June 24, 2008...I had no idea on what to say...and now I have LOTS to say :) I had 4 comments on that post. Comments are the "frosting" on the post. Don't we all love them. Some of you gals comment on each of my posts. THANK YOU!!
I have "met" many wonderful friends in blogland and I am so thankful for them :) I have learned so many things from you gals, making ATC, tags, swaps, felt hearts, TONS of great decorating ideas and so much more. THANK YOU!!! I have received many wonderful treasures from giveaways and swaps! THANK YOU!
I also Thank You for your prayers! I know some of your gals have deep Faith in Jesus and what an extra blessing that is for me!
So...the little items in the photo are for one of you. I'm pretty sure I'll add a couple more things. As always, just leave a comment and tell no one! That is my only "rule"...and a name will be picked later this week.
Deb :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Busy Weekend :)

Flowers from the yard :) Sweet and so pretty!
This sweet little dog is iron and reminds me of Jackson Brown. He was 2.00 and the iron pieces behind him are for shelves. A few fun finds this weekend :) This was my favorite find.

Darling towels. I may have to keep a couple of them. I'm such a linen lover. They are in perfect condition too.

Some paper fun. The BINGO cards have Red Owl on them. Never seen that before. do see vintage decal labels. I even put one on a jar. The birdie one. I'll show you later..forgot to take a photo.

I'll so you more goodies later also. It was a pretty good estate sale on Saturday. Heard there is a really good sale on even says "hoarder" in the ad and Antiques under the piles of stuff. Very interesting!!!
Friday went very well at HQ. BUSY!!!! Saturday back to HQ for the BBQ and BUSY!!!! Today back to HQ to pack up treasures that were outside in the yard. I could tell things sold. Not the dresser/hutch or the sweet pink bench...and that's okay. There is a sale every month :)
We had a quick BBQ tonight as hubby had to go to his census meeting and he thinks it's the last one...I hope so also. Maybe our nights will get back to "normal".
Saturday was Jackson Brown's 3rd birthday. We went on a nice walk and then he had a new chewy/rawhide. Mack too :) Speaking of dogs...we are looking for another one. Been reading the paper and nothing yet...Yes...we are a little dog crazy. Still missing our Scout and with Mack going on 13's time to add to the family.
We had tornado's' on Thursday and they did some terrible damage to homes and farms. 2 people man who saved his daughter's life as he laid on top of her when the tornado came...we are fine as they were out in the country.
I hope you enjoyed your weekend.
Deb :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bluebird Banner, Chandy, Before & After

Sharon from My Vintage Studio made this banner. I had seen the tags below and though they would make a darling "valance" for my "someday" craft room. So, I emailed Sharon and ordered one. Isn't it just too sweet!! She also sent along a couple of tags. Sharon make wonderful tags and sells them. I thought I would like 7 bluebirds, however 5 seem perfect. I'll keep it on my mantle for awhile. Thank you, Sharon. :)

These awesome Valentine boxes are from the sale last Saturday. They came in their original boxes also. They are a little they are in the porch with a little baking soda in them.

I think the small ones will make a sweet swap item next year or maybe a giveaway next year!

Here is the chandy. It's VERY dirty and I still haven't cleaned her up. She'll go to HQ next month and maybe I'll just "use" her for awhile...

I bought this jar at GW yesterday, 2.99 minus my SENIOR discount, 25%....I knew it would be perfect to put the labels on that I received from Christine at This and That Creations, who was my swap partner for the Something Blue....swap... A benefit to the "55" club :) I also sprayed the lid blue :) Sandy at 521 Lake Street makes these labels...isn't that something!!

PERFECT. I had a hard time with the first label...looks vintage at least.

I must whine for a moment...I DISLIKE lawn work, I'm not an outside gal, weeding isn't fun and it's hot and humid today but the lawn needed to be mowed...YUK!!! Okay...I'm thankful for a yard, legs and arms to mow, it's good exercise plus it helps out hubby. Feeling better....

Thank you for all your well wishes for a great sale. I hope tomorrow goes by quickly...still not used to being on my feet for 8 the temp may get into the high 80's....

HAPPY WEEKEND!!! Happy hunting and ENJOY yourself!!!


Deb :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

What is inside a $10.00 Bag??

This is a 10.00 bag from the estate sale we went back to today. Sometimes you get awesome things. All that you can fit into a grocery bag is 10.00 (they used to be 5.00) We "bought" 4 bags of goodies. Plus a couple of cool chairs. It was almost a "frenzy" moment :)
All these goodies....I should have figured out my "savings". Isn't that photo of the little girl just darling. There was a big box of old photos. Wait until I show you all the Christmas bits & pieces!

We went to the sale yesterday and bought a FEW things. Hubby was in TOY Heaven :) They had a chandelier there, price 125.00 we left a bid for 70.00 today since no one was interested I got it for a, wait for it..... yes, only, 50.00 !!!!!!!!! I'll show it to you soon :) It's in a large baggie and hubby will have to hold it for me. I'm going to sell it! I love my little one :)
Thank you, young man at Walgreen's!!! I had no idea on how to change the pixel setting on my camera and today I went and made pictures of the goodies above to scan and then post. He changed the setting to 5 pixels and showed me how to change make the changes. It was EASY, when I saw how he did it :) Young man, you are my hero!!! Plus he showed me how to make my photo prints oh so pretty :)
So, now I'll be taking new photos of the treasures and uploading them. More news....HUBBY has decided that high speed is coming to our HOUSE!!! He'll be calling around to get the best deal this week, I hope! It was a pretty darn good weekend!!!
Tomorrow I hope to have my room HQ ready and will take photos to show you later this week. It has to be ready by Wednesday evening!!
It rained most of the weekend and cloudy today. Where, oh where, is the sun shine ?!
Off to price more goodies and take photos of the treasures.
Deb :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Recent finds and FRUSTRATED!!!!!!!!

She was bought at an garage sale and is in my room this month with the pink bench under it.

The pink bench and red chair will be in my room this month. I'm doing a pink "fluffy" room along with some Red, White and Blue!! My room is more like an little antique store. Some of the gals have more "themed" rooms which look lovely.

These are a few recent finds. The book above is "SIGNED" by Alexandra :) and bought at the thrift store :) Thankfully they were taken with the old 3 pixel camera.
I am VERY FRUSTRATED with dial-up and my new camera. It takes awesome photos which is what I wanted. The up loading is taking over an hour..really, longer... I just give up after an hour! I don't have that kind of time to wait!!! The old, not working camera will be sent back to Cannon to be fixed, no charge!!! Waiting to get the "paperwork" from them to send it in. SO...I'm stuck without any new photos. I do have things to show you that have been "waiting" in a file. Timing is everything!
Hubby said he will look into the high speed network's an cost issue for him...which I get...sort of. He also gets frustrated when he is working at home and the computer is SO SLOW!!
Tomorrow is the last day of school for Kailee...this fall 2nd grade :) I'll have her on Tuesdays and Wednesday during the summer break.
I'm still taking photos with the new camera! Maybe I'll print the photos, scan them and then upload them...hummmm...I'll figure something out and hopefully hubby will get going on the high speed thing.
Not sure of the plans for the weekend. Same old story with the yard...needs mowing, gardens still need weeding, rain is expected for the weekend and maybe a estate sale or 2.. We think we should take a break from estate sales and the house is FULL!!!
That's the news here. Enjoy your weekend.
Deb :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Swap Goodies and More

I was in the swap hostessed by Linda at Swap for all Seasons. My partner was Christine at and all the goodies above is what I received. White apron with lace on the right, decals for jars, love the kitchen towel, chocolates and buttons. The theme was Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue! Plus a vintage wedding photo. The photo she sent is her Mom & Dad's wedding. THANK YOU CHRISTINE!!!
Found these BINGO cards at a church sale. This is the first time I've seen square numbers :)

Just some pretty plates. I did buy a new camera, however we have dial-up and with 12's taking over an HOUR to up load 1 photo. Something has to change or I'm returning the new camera. UGH!!!!!!!!!!! None of these photos are with new camera.
These photos are with the old camera, which has to be fixed. Cannon has an issue with the model we have and will fix it for free. May take a week or so...
CRAZY weekend. Lunch out, Saturday birthday party, Sunday BBQ for Mom's birthday here...however wasn't feel good at all...ended up going to bed while they ate and Mom opened her gifts. Better today...weird!!!
It's almost 10PM here and I still haven't been able to see what you have been up to. Please know that I will be visiting you! Kailee has games 2 nights this week, daughter 1 night....and then the sale at How Quaint starts on the 17th....
Be visiting you soon!
Deb :)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Quick & Easy Valance and treasures

This is a pretty table runner that I've had in a drawer..way to long and decided to make it into

this pretty valance for the window over my kitchen sink. It's a tad short than I would like it...however it was an easy new window treatment. So...when you find a table runner...think window valance!!!

Recent finds...I'm hoping I haven't shown them before. I'm behind in taking photos as my camera isn't working all the time...I'm thinking a new one may be bought this weekend.

This sweet baby chickadee was laying on the ground when I hung my sheets outside to dry this week. He/she couldn't fly and had a defective leg. I couldn't leave it in the back yard because of the I made a little home for him and during the day he went outside and his parents fed him and then at night he was inside so that stray animals wouldn't eat him. This lasted for a couple of days. Because he couldn't fly and get around, he broke his good leg and died the next day. He also had a broken wing. Chickadees are my favorite bird. I was hoping he would somehow survive.
I'm helping mark item for the upcoming estate sale, part 2. I'll help tomorrow and think it will be all set. I am also going to lunch with my friend, Sharon, and others. Her sister is here from TX to visit and wants to take us out to lunch. Sharon is my girlfriend who lives in a cottage home for people with memory loss issues.
Saturday I must finish up weeding and laying down mulch as Sunday we are having a BBQ here for Mom's birthday. Sister's and families are coming also...they won't be allowed in the lower level family room. I have to clean the house and clean out the sun room ..stuff will be PACKED into the garage and guest bedroom. Really, I Need HELP....of course I went out today to a church sale and found great buys...aren't we started a Support Group, like NOW!!!
This week went by quickly...I hope you have a lovely weekend and have fun treasure treasure hunting..just kidding....or am I???
Deb :)
Hi Connie in Co!!! I miss you and can't wait for our girlfriend weekend in Oct! Hey to Patty too! Not sure who else reads my blog from our "group". Any ideas for our weekend? Email me!!!