Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bluebird Banner, Chandy, Before & After

Sharon from My Vintage Studio made this banner. I had seen the tags below and though they would make a darling "valance" for my "someday" craft room. So, I emailed Sharon and ordered one. Isn't it just too sweet!! She also sent along a couple of tags. Sharon make wonderful tags and sells them. I thought I would like 7 bluebirds, however 5 seem perfect. I'll keep it on my mantle for awhile. Thank you, Sharon. :)

These awesome Valentine boxes are from the sale last Saturday. They came in their original boxes also. They are a little they are in the porch with a little baking soda in them.

I think the small ones will make a sweet swap item next year or maybe a giveaway next year!

Here is the chandy. It's VERY dirty and I still haven't cleaned her up. She'll go to HQ next month and maybe I'll just "use" her for awhile...

I bought this jar at GW yesterday, 2.99 minus my SENIOR discount, 25%....I knew it would be perfect to put the labels on that I received from Christine at This and That Creations, who was my swap partner for the Something Blue....swap... A benefit to the "55" club :) I also sprayed the lid blue :) Sandy at 521 Lake Street makes these labels...isn't that something!!

PERFECT. I had a hard time with the first label...looks vintage at least.

I must whine for a moment...I DISLIKE lawn work, I'm not an outside gal, weeding isn't fun and it's hot and humid today but the lawn needed to be mowed...YUK!!! Okay...I'm thankful for a yard, legs and arms to mow, it's good exercise plus it helps out hubby. Feeling better....

Thank you for all your well wishes for a great sale. I hope tomorrow goes by quickly...still not used to being on my feet for 8 the temp may get into the high 80's....

HAPPY WEEKEND!!! Happy hunting and ENJOY yourself!!!


Deb :)


Scrap for Joy said...

I'm sure your sale will go well have such nice things! I love the banner that Sharon made. She is an amazing paper crafter..I have tags that I'm, I mean saving that I bought from her. Can't part with them!
Good luck tomorrow...come home and put your feet up when it's over!

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

I bet you knew those cutie bluebirds would catch my eye! :)
Nice chandy and heart boxes too!

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Oh yes, use the chandy! :) The banner is adorable, Deb! The tags, too. ♥

Kim's Treasures said...

The jar turned out so nicely! Like the blue lid! Cute bluebird valance!

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Love that chandy girl on antiques that I buy and they smell funny...I use Kitty litter on them the green pellet stuff works the best to take out odors...Even furniture that the drawers smelly musky in this will work...Hope you have a GREAT yard weekend my friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

The Polka Dot Closet said...

What a score on those valentinee boxes...To die for! I rent a booth at an antique mall and I don't have to be there for sales or ever, I just go to restock. Do you rent the space? I am sure you will have a fabulous sale!

The Chateau of Remnants said...

Oh how I love the banner and jar! You have got my creative juices flowing here :) Thanks for the share


Linda said...

Sweet banner and the boxes are too. I love the chandy, I hope you use it, it's so pretty.

Have successful sales, I know you'll be have such neat goodies...hugs, Linda

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Deb, it has been awhile. So good to hear from you and I see you are still find treasures. Wish I lived close to go shopping. Cute shop and you have your booth looking good.

linda said...

I love your new chandy...I say "use" it for awhile!!

Hope you have a great day tomorrow...and wear comfortable shoes!

My Vintage Studio said...

You have been busy!
Love the vintage jar.
Your new banner is great!
I am glad you like the banner and tags I made for you.

Your room looks great for the sale. Good luck!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
Hugs, Sharon

Theresa said...

OH I wish I could shop in there! It looks amazing, love the red suitcase:) Sweet banner and tags, quite talented!

Have a blessed day my friend! HUGS!

Andrea said...


Joy said...

Wow adorable banner and love the jar..very sweet!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Deb, I am not an outdoor girl either! I love your new banner And the banner that Sharon made you! Have a great weekend! Twyla

Rebecca said...

Thanks for visiting my friend! LOVE THAT BANNER and the tags, too!


Lisa said...

Love the banner, the jar, oh I love it all ;) what a fun week you had!
Hugs, Lisa

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Love the new header. The banner Sharon made is so beautiful . Her work is so wonderful, she is a talented lady as are you my friend. Have a great weekend...hugs...m...

Queenie said...

Oh that is the cutest banner! Looks precious on your fireplace mantle :)

Great finds on those Valentine Hearts and that jar you made is so cute! I know how you feel about yard work honey, every time I go outside for a little while... even in the is so humid and hot that I have to change clothes and get a shower lol! It's officially summer now as of yesterday and boy we are feeling it for sure, of course it's been summer down here in the deep south for at least 2 months now. I'm singing....Come on Fall :) lol
Hope you have a beautiful week sweetie...try to stay cool!
Big Hugs,

Melinda Cornish said...

I love the birdie banner.....not only is it cute, but I have those salt and pepper shakers....they were my grandmas and a favorite of mine when I was a kid!!!

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