Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Quick & Easy Valance and treasures

This is a pretty table runner that I've had in a drawer..way to long and decided to make it into

this pretty valance for the window over my kitchen sink. It's a tad short than I would like it...however it was an easy new window treatment. So...when you find a table runner...think window valance!!!

Recent finds...I'm hoping I haven't shown them before. I'm behind in taking photos as my camera isn't working all the time...I'm thinking a new one may be bought this weekend.

This sweet baby chickadee was laying on the ground when I hung my sheets outside to dry this week. He/she couldn't fly and had a defective leg. I couldn't leave it in the back yard because of the I made a little home for him and during the day he went outside and his parents fed him and then at night he was inside so that stray animals wouldn't eat him. This lasted for a couple of days. Because he couldn't fly and get around, he broke his good leg and died the next day. He also had a broken wing. Chickadees are my favorite bird. I was hoping he would somehow survive.
I'm helping mark item for the upcoming estate sale, part 2. I'll help tomorrow and think it will be all set. I am also going to lunch with my friend, Sharon, and others. Her sister is here from TX to visit and wants to take us out to lunch. Sharon is my girlfriend who lives in a cottage home for people with memory loss issues.
Saturday I must finish up weeding and laying down mulch as Sunday we are having a BBQ here for Mom's birthday. Sister's and families are coming also...they won't be allowed in the lower level family room. I have to clean the house and clean out the sun room ..stuff will be PACKED into the garage and guest bedroom. Really, I Need HELP....of course I went out today to a church sale and found great buys...aren't we started a Support Group, like NOW!!!
This week went by quickly...I hope you have a lovely weekend and have fun treasure treasure hunting..just kidding....or am I???
Deb :)
Hi Connie in Co!!! I miss you and can't wait for our girlfriend weekend in Oct! Hey to Patty too! Not sure who else reads my blog from our "group". Any ideas for our weekend? Email me!!!


Linda said...

Hi Deb~ life sounds good and busy for you right now! I love your cute valance~ great idea!

Diane said...

Darling Valance and great thinking! I do know how you feel I have so much good junk around my place too! Help!! Hugs, Diane

Linda said...

The valance is so cute. I think it's funny because sometimes I see a valance and think 'tablerunner' :)
Sounds like a busy weekend! Hide that stuff girl, I have boxes and bags everywhere and I'm working on getting them unpacked and sorted and put away somewhere!

KatCollects said...

Awwww poor little bird, that was sweet of you to take care of him. Very creative idea about the valance! I hope you are doing well.

linda said...

Great idea turning the tablerunner into a valance! I would have never thought of that...and it looks awesome too!

Poor little birdie.

I was just thinking today how I need to continue with the decluttering I started in January. I got waaaayyyy to much stuff around here...but to me, it's all good stuff!!

Theresa said...

Cute valance and great way to use it! You have not shown that picture, great finds as always!

Enjoy preparing for the Estate Sale and your Mom's party! I know it will be loads of fun!

Hugs and happy Friday!

Sher said...

Hi, Deb! Love your finds, as always. Did you get my info re: my camera? Here's an idea (if you haven't already thought of it): Check out some of your favorite photos on Flickr and scroll down to the right to see what kind of camera was used. I did that before I bought mine, then read the ratings in Consumer Digest.

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Oh! Love the way the valance turned out! ♥

Margaret Cloud said...

I always like the items you find at sales. I like the little vase with the rose, it is so cute. Have a nice weekend, you are right this week went by fast.

~~Carol~~ said...

I love your new valance Deb! It looks like one that would cost a pretty penny! And I think that's so great that you tried to save that chickadee. I always try things like that, but they always end up dying on me. But it's better to try than let the cats around here get them!
Have a great weekend!


Love that window valance. It's so pretty!

It sounds like you are busy. I have lots of work to do around our home and not enough time to post lately. Have a wonderful summer and enjoy every minute of it! Brook

Dogwood said...

That valance is wonderful. I love the color and print and stripes. What a great idea. Such a sweet little birdie. Oh my so cute.

Great time in Hawaii with family and going to my sweet granddaughter's graduation ceremony and party.

Now happy to be HOME SWEET HOME.


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Very cute valance. And so sorry about the little bird :-(


Stella said...

Great idea for a valance. Love the blue. Sounds like you have a busy weekend ahead. Have fun and hope you find at least one treasure this weekend. Thanks for coming by to see me. Stella

Marydon Ford said...

Ohhh! Poor baby bird! I love them so ... you were so sweet to help him. We just lost 4 baby robins, I was just sick.

Your valance idea is marvelous. Your fabric & colors are beautiful. I use old vintage pillow cases for my kitchen windows ... I just put a small slit at the 'dead end' & rang the curtain rod thru it & wah-LAH! a curtain with lovely hand crocheted lace.

Have a beau-TEA-ful weekend.
TTFN , Hugs, Marydon

Creative Breathing said...

Deb, You are such a sneaky Garage Sale Gal! A letter arrived in my mailbox fatter than most and filled with treasures. You are so very sweet to send these to me. I hope I can one day repay your kindness. I just love the cards and will make good use of them. Elizabeth

LisasCreativeHome said...

Great Idea! I am always looking to use items in "different" ways. I'll keep this one in mind:)

goldenbird said...

That table funner looks great as a valance, Deb. It must look good with your blue and white plates.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Hi Deb, Wanted to wish you a great weekend...m..

terra @ said...

I would have so much fun with you. I am a garage sale, auction addict only getting started in the booth business. Wish I could do this all the time. Loved looking at all your finds.
Happy Hunting!

Queenie said...

That valance is precious Deb! Great idea too!
Oh, I wish the little chickadee would have lived too :( He's so cute. Sorry about your camera problems. Honey, We have been having some computer problems (it's old) I think it really may be in it's last leg for real this time....fingers crossed that our computer will keep working.
It sounds like you have been super busy girl... Happy B'day to your mama. I sure loved seeing your finds as always!
Big Hugs,

Jennifer said...

don't you have people that rehab wildlife in your area? Birds can easily live with a defective leg, but a bird that young really should have been taken to someone who has experience with injured wildlife, he could have been kept safe and fed properly till he was big enough and strong enough to be set free.

Barbara Jean said...

oh so much fun scanning through these posts.
love all the lot, and of course, the little birdie! =)
blessings on your day

barbara jean

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