Friday, July 30, 2010

New Mantle Mirror and Tea Cup Swap Goodies

This is the mirror that I bought on Sunday at the estate sale in Wisconsin
Here it is all shabby chic...I think it may be a hung a little low...hubby helped and you know how that can go!!! I may have something to put above it. I have to DIG around. My sister made the "H" shadow box for me for my birthday. It works for my maiden name and married name :)

Looking for treats :)

I received my Tea Cup swap goodies from my partner, Becky at Very pretty Tea cup, tea towel, tea, honey, tea bag holder, tea spoon and strainer and the sweetest card. Thank you, Becky!!! All the treasures are wonderful :)

These are goodies that Marilyn received from her partner, Michele. These gals don't have blogs...YET !!!

and this is what Michele received from Marilyn. Thanks gals for joining the swap :) ( I hope I put the right names with the right treasures!)

Linda from and Patti from
are partners from the swap also. I'm not sure if they have posted about their swap at this time. Thank you gals :)
We are going to a Minnesota Twins game tomorrow at the New tickets from a client of hubby's. I'm not into baseball, sorry, it will be fun to see the stadium, once!!!
I think an estate sale is on the "to do" list too! Of course the house is still PACKED....It's a addiction, REALLY!!!
Have a great weekend. It's almost August!!! I did buy my first Christmas gift at Michael's. They have the dollar calendars out and the "kids" always get one from me:)
deb :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How FAR to the Estate Sale???

This is a photo of a bluebird plate. I LOVE my new camera!!!
So....hubby had been "hinting" about going to a sale in Wisconsin...sounded very good, lots of vintage started Friday...above and below, treasures from the sale. LOTS of vintage lace!

We ended up going Sunday to the sale. It was a 75 mile way. It's the longest that we have driven to an estate sale. It was in the country. The "deals" on Sunday were...50.00 and under 1/2 off over 50.00 1/3 off. There were many treasures left. The treasures were vintage. It was a nice drive and found all these things at 1/2 off :) Also a mirror that I'm tweaking and will show you later. There was a lovely set of Blue Flow china...asking price 2,800.00 and only a third off....DID NOT COME HOME WITH ME!!!

I've seen some sweet zipper roses in blogland. Yesterday I got together with a gal pal and I made the zipper rose on the top, she made the pink one and then put together the yo-yo pin.
It was WAY more work than I thought it would be. It's my one and only zipper rose!!!

I've also wanted to make some of these and with Jeanne's help...ta-da !!! I will make more of these!!!

Kailee's softball games are over. It is STINKIN HOT & HUMID TODAY!!!! Heat index is around 103...AGAIN!!!
Keep Cool!!!
Deb :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Few Finds and Sweet Pea

I took this photo today of Sweet Pea. Does she look like she is growing???
Treasures found today in the photo above. Only 1 garage sale and I went to 2 thrift stores. Guess folks are on vacation and not cleaning out their houses!!!

These 2 photos are from last weekend's estate sale finds.

Tomorrow I'll be heading to HQ to pick up my check and drop off things for the next sale. It is a JOB!!!
Not sure what the weekend plans are. Not much going on. The weather is either very Hot & Humid, cloudy/rainy and once in awhile...a nice summer day.
Hope all is well with you!
deb :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Promised Treasure Pic & Whimsy Jar Swap 2

Flowers from the Farmer's market...just lovely :)
These are my "treasures" from working at the estate sale a couple of weeks ago :) Of course I just had to have the picture with the Jack Russell in it.

So pretty and it's framed in a tray...not sure if I really like's good for now and makes it a little more "unique".

and....the hat box with my "name" on it had to come home with me. Handmade Christmas felt Christmas stockings are always a big hit! Love the reindeer one :)

My 2nd partner from the Whimsy Jar Swap is Melinda at and this is the pretty Blue jar with all theses goodies!

She even sent me tiny little frogs, puppy stickers that look like Jack Russell's, buttons, mini perfume bottle and more! Thank you, Melinda!!!

My first swap partner now has a blog if you want to visit her. I'm sure she would love to meet some new friends.
The sale at HQ went well, I think :) The pay check tells the real story. Hubby and I went to some estate sales and of course found stuff...and I'm feeling that I have enough stuff for now. The family room is a mess. I think I need a break from "stuff"...
We had BAD storms last night...pretty nice today. Sweet Pea is doing great and keeps a smile on our faces. She has taken to playing more with Jackson Brown.
Deb :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sweet Pea ~ HQ ~ Whimsy Jar

Our little Sweet Pea has a "valgus limb abnormality at the corpus/wrist" and we are okay with that:) Her front legs "bow in"... and she gets along fine. She runs like the wind !!!
You can see it in this photo. It's not painful or causes her any problems. She has learned to "sit" and retrieves her ball and squeaky toys! Gotta love her!!!

The room is ready for the sale that starts tomorrow. I worked on it for 8 hours on Monday to get it ready and then forgot to price a couple of things and went out today when it was 93 degrees with a humidity of 78 makes it feel like 103...YUCK!!!

I joined the fun "Whimsy Jar Swap" and this is one of the sweet jars from my partner, Bridget! At this time she doesn't have a blog...I think she should! She is writing a book! I think she could do both :) Blog & Book!!! She made it sweet top and loaded with great goodies :)

Beads, white hankie, "pearls", stamp, coins, buttons, thread, mini yo-yo's and MORE. THANK YOU, Bridget!!! So much fun in a little jar :)
Thank you for all the sweet comments about Sweet Pea!!! I may not get to visiting you until Sunday evening. I forgot how busy a puppy is and then the "regular" events of the day and I work on Friday...I think summer days go by too quickly!!!
Have a great weekend... I know I said I would show you some treasures...Sunday I will :) Thanks for understanding! I hope you find a treasure or two or maybe a new puppy :) LOL
Deb :)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Introducing "SWEET PEA"

We have been thinking/looking for another puppy. Hubby wants a Rhodesian Ridgeback, which is a HUGE dog...guess we'll wait on that :)
Today's paper had Jack Russell puppies for sale...only girls...we were looking for a boy...

We, I, just had to LOOK and this sweet little girl came home with us today :) She appears to have a "broken coat"... time will tell. That means long and short hair.

Welcome, Sweet Pea !!!
Of course the first hour or so...Jackson Brown was beside himself...Mack didn't care and now it's been a couple hours later and they are all napping. We were told she is the "cuddlier" of the litter and that sounds good to me.
I'll tell you all about the estate sale and the goodies with the next post :) I just had to show you my Sweet Pea!!!
Deb :)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Working at the Estate Sale

This is the Minnesota River...last week Kailee and I met our friends and had a picnic and walked along this trail. Cool, huh?!

Been a little busy with pricing thing for the Part 2 of the estate sale that we helped with last fall. It's tomorrow and there is more awesome furniture, linens and what's left from last year ... and been working on my room for the monthly sale that starts next Thursday.

So sorry that I haven' t been visiting much...still be my friend?!!

Have a GREAT weekend and Happy treasure hunting!
Deb :)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Whismy Jar Swap, Trader's Market & More

These are the Whimsy Jars that I am sending to my 2 partners. Melinda at Melinda's Fabric Fancies and Bridget who doesn't have a blog at this time. I sent them's just what I do :)

Saturday morning, before it was too HOT we went to the "Trader's Market" which is a flea market set up. It happens at each holiday. Lots of people this year. It's going on today too! It's raining today. Remember my Bluebird Salt & Pepper set.... WELL...I saw a set there, great condition for....don't fall off your chair....$75.00 "WHAT"...are you kidding ME!!! I'm pretty sure he will go home with them... my bank must be worth.."WHAT"?? over a 100.00 ??!! LOL...maybe I'm the one that is clueless about them.

These are my finds from the market...there was a "Button" lady...I could have looked at her buttons for hours!!! Hubby went along...and was waiting for me...

This is a "mourning" hankie....that is what the lady told me. First, I haven't ever seen a black hankie and I believe her :) was only 2.50 !!!

Thursday I worked on the above's a MESS...and really needs help....

after...not quite done. I need more mulch. Sure looks better.

Yes...that is milkweed. It's for the butterflies! I sure hope they come. My neighbor pulls hers up.
That's all for now.
Deb :)