Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Little Fall Decor, New Valance & More

Last night I was in the "mood" to put up a little fall decor. This happens around my son's birthday which is tomorrow. He will be 31!!! WOW... Sorry the photo is so dark. I didn't put a lot up as it's still Hot & Humid! Aw...look who is sleeping on the sofa :) She looks so innocent..however she is a hunter and last night found 4 toads...who hubby saves and puts in the front yard. Sweet Pea tried to eat one and they emit a liquid that makes animals SP was foaming at the mouth and sick...think she learned...NO WAY!!!

Back to Fall decor..... I do adore FALL and all it's wonderful colors! God is a great artist :)

This pretty blue table cloth no longer fit my oval table and I wasn't completely happy with the valance I I made it a valance for my kitchen window

ta-da....perfect and I am very happy with it! Hubby likes it too!

SO...we went to a "garage sale" today...a "guy" hubby knows was going to let us be "first"...ha ha,
we went today and picked at the leftovers... this is what came home with me. He will be having another garage sale and said that he'll call us! He told me he had lots more Christmas goodies :)

These brush bottle, musical trees are darling. I'm keeping one of them and a few other things.
Just can't help myself!!!

Keeping the icicles in their box and they are made in Minnesota! Very cool! Get it''

Today I'm working on Halloween cards and tonight ironing the huge pile. I wait until it's a huge pile.
I asked my son what he would like for his birthday dinner tomorrow...Crab Cakes, Salad and French Silk Pie....That's my "boy"!!! Guess I'll be busy tomorrow.
I didn't get into the garage this weekend as I had hoped to...probably over Labor day weekend.'s HOT here!
That's my weekend. Hope yours was enjoyable and you found a treasure or 2!
deb :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

MOA ~ Trade/swap ~ State Fair

Kailee and I went to the Mall of America on Monday...our little end of the summer outing and we had FUN!!!
Going on rides at the theme park that is inside the mall.

Lunch at the American Girl Store which was very GOOD!!! and you even could "borrow" a doll if you didn't bring one. I would recommend this store for a nice lunch..not cheap...very good!

Do you know,Shirl from Shirl's Rose Cottage??!! She makes these awesome Ribbon Ladies and I love them. I asked if we could swap/trade and Shirl was very kind and agreed! I traded some linens and a crocheted pin keep and I received the "BLUE LADY" above and just love her. She will be in my Blue Guest Room! Thanks, Shirl!!!

Today hubby and I went to the Minnesota State Fair and here are just a few pictures from the day!

Just being SILLY!!!!!!!

This ride was AWESOME!!! You go upside down, around and trilling... NO...I didn't go on it! Just watched!
The food of the day: Egg, bacon, cheese breakfast sandwich, ( had to have a little something healthy), chocolate cream puff (YUM), corn dog, crab cakes, saltwater taffy ( brought home banana, chocolate, strawberry, black licorice for hubby, black walnut) milk, all you can drink for a DOLLAR...and a little sunburn on my neck. Nice time people watching and being with hubby!
Tomorrow I can pick up my check at HQ and play in my room. It's time to decorate for FALL!
Not sure if we are going to any sales...trying very hard to sell down our current inventory.
Son's birthday is Monday, Sept 11th, daughter's birthday and the 19th hubby's birthday...I may not be around much the next couple of weeks...
Enjoy your weekend!
deb :)
still enjoying the high speed...uploads the photos in seconds! Amazing!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cards, Finds and High Speed !!!

I made these cards today...needed to created. Thinking FALL!!!
Garage sale finds. Not much. The milk glass snack set was only .... ready...$1.00 for the set!

I uploaded these pictures under 2 minutes...hubby installed the high speed thingy and it is so nice! Some things don't seem "faster"...but loading pictures on my blog was GREAT!
Friday at HQ was slower then last month. There are other venues happening this weekend and that could have affected our sales. I'll be heading out there later to pack up my things that were outside. I'll try to take a photo next month of the outside goodies.
That's all around here....kind off in a lazy mode and it's still rather humid today.
Deb :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

August Sale at How Quaint

I took this photo the other day. I enjoy taking photos of bees.
This is my room...looking straight into it...

Looking towards the hallway...the fan was there to keep me cool while getting my room ready!

These are side views of my room! It sounds like a good weekend...maybe rain on Friday...otherwise a "normal" summer weekend!

I hope you all have a great weekend...Happy treasure hunting or crafting or just enjoying the last few weeks of summer.
deb :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Perfect Day

Today was just Perfect. A wonderful breeze and sunshine :) Thank you Lord! I mowed the front yard and finally weeded the flower garden! On Friday, my friend "J" came over and we "made goodies"...I made the treasures above. "J" helped me with the pin keeps and cut out the Scottie dog...I "tried" my hand with the stitching.

The treasures above and below "J" made...aren't the baby shoe just Darling!!! The flowers are pins to wear. J is very good at crafts and LOVES to SEW!!!

We had a great time together. 2 minds work better than 1 (mine) !!

Just a few goodies...I KNOW...I wasn't going to go to estate sales...REALLY!!! Something just HAPPENS!!! The "support" group meetings will start soon :) LOL

The weather was just too much this past week and I didn't have energy to do much...neither did little SWEET PEA...THE END!!! She sleeps in the funnest positions.
Busy at HQ, Kailee for 2 days, putting the "finishing touches" on my room and then it's the weekend again!!
Thanks for being my blogging friends :) I hope you are enjoy the summer. The BIG MN State Fair starts Aug 26th ... a sure sign that summer is winding down! I have seen a couple of tree leaves changing color!!!
Take care!
Happy and Thankful,
Deb :)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Twins Game, Finds and Sweet Pea

It's so HOT & HUMID here that Sweet Pea is wearing her ears up !!!

Saturday was the Twins game. Tickets said the game started at 3:15 PM...we were there at 3 PM and they weren't letting anyone in...hmmm.... so we asked and was told that they set the time to 6:15 PM... are you kidding...

so...we had an early dinner at a local restaurant, outside and people watched for awhile which was very interesting as the ticket scalpers were all around. The doors opened after 4 PM so we went in and walked around. It was pretty warm and our seat were in the sunshine!! We didn't stay long as we thought we would be home around 7PM and we had no one to let the dogs out when thing had changed! The stadium is nice. Food and drinks EXPENSIVE!!! Don't need to go again.

Saturday finds. Lots of postcards at great prices :)

Yes...that bird is another flower well as some pricky ones.

"Tweaked" the mantle and like this look for now.
Stinkin HOT & HUMID...when will it end??!! I'm busy pricing treasures for the next sale and trying to clean up the family room. In October I'll be having a Girlfriend Gathering. It's friends from Jr & Sr High. We haven't been all together for 5 years. They will be staying here and I MUST have the house ready for them. 6 of us altogether. I'm also thinking of some fun things to do. Skydiving is top of the list!! LOL!!! A girl can dream :)
Trying to Keep Cool!
Deb :)