Thursday, August 26, 2010

MOA ~ Trade/swap ~ State Fair

Kailee and I went to the Mall of America on Monday...our little end of the summer outing and we had FUN!!!
Going on rides at the theme park that is inside the mall.

Lunch at the American Girl Store which was very GOOD!!! and you even could "borrow" a doll if you didn't bring one. I would recommend this store for a nice lunch..not cheap...very good!

Do you know,Shirl from Shirl's Rose Cottage??!! She makes these awesome Ribbon Ladies and I love them. I asked if we could swap/trade and Shirl was very kind and agreed! I traded some linens and a crocheted pin keep and I received the "BLUE LADY" above and just love her. She will be in my Blue Guest Room! Thanks, Shirl!!!

Today hubby and I went to the Minnesota State Fair and here are just a few pictures from the day!

Just being SILLY!!!!!!!

This ride was AWESOME!!! You go upside down, around and trilling... NO...I didn't go on it! Just watched!
The food of the day: Egg, bacon, cheese breakfast sandwich, ( had to have a little something healthy), chocolate cream puff (YUM), corn dog, crab cakes, saltwater taffy ( brought home banana, chocolate, strawberry, black licorice for hubby, black walnut) milk, all you can drink for a DOLLAR...and a little sunburn on my neck. Nice time people watching and being with hubby!
Tomorrow I can pick up my check at HQ and play in my room. It's time to decorate for FALL!
Not sure if we are going to any sales...trying very hard to sell down our current inventory.
Son's birthday is Monday, Sept 11th, daughter's birthday and the 19th hubby's birthday...I may not be around much the next couple of weeks...
Enjoy your weekend!
deb :)
still enjoying the high speed...uploads the photos in seconds! Amazing!


A Hopeful Heart said...

Oh, the ribbon lady is gorgeous!!!

Looks like a fun time for you and your daughter. On another blog I read, she posted this week about doing the American Girl Place (and lunch) in Manhattan!! What a fun time for your daughter and hers.


Kim's Treasures said...

Wow! Lots of fun for the end of summer! I went to the American Girl store here in Chicago. It was very cool and I peeked into the dining room...very sweet! Even the girls restroom was pretty!

Bargain Hunting Treasure Seeker said...

Looks like fun!! My friend and I went to Mall of America a few years ago-we left our husbands home with the kids and had a girls weekend!!

Celestial Charms said...

You all looked like you had a fabulous time at those venues. What fun! Yes, the ribbon lady is quite adorable.

Dogwood said...

Kailee is so precious. What a fun outting for the two of you. I love going to fairs. They are so exciting and fun to see and feel all the energy of the children.

Fall=love the season!

Janiece said...

It looks like a great weekend!

Melinda Cornish said...

It looks like you have had a fun and busy week.....I love fairs and the food is so bad for you and wonderful! We will probably go to our state fair, it is coming up too......

Linda said...

Looks like you are enjoying life! Perfect weather for the fair!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh you know how jealous I am that you are at the Mn. fair, it is the best fair in the country. It sounds like you are going again, now have some of those cheese curds. When I was little my folks always let me go to the drink all the milk you can exhibit (Then It was 25cents). Our kids in Florida have already been back to school for 2 weeks, how lucky those midwest kids are, they go back the day after Labor day right? Have fun at ll of your upcoming events


boopnut said...

Looks like a wonderful time! I enjoyed Legoland at the Mall of America. Glad you had a great time. The ribbon lady is very pretty!

My Vintage Studio said...

Looks like you a great time.
Enjoy your weekend.

Wishing you a wonderful Friday!
Hugs, Sharon

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Twinkie...what fun!!!

The blue ribbon lady is gorgeous...such talent here in blogger world...
Have fun with all your September birthday celebrations and decorating your room for FALL...

HUGS ~victoria~

Linda said...

Wow, what fun you have been having...the mall looks like a play land in itself and I love the've finished off the summer in a great way...hugs, Linda

Michele said...

Hi Sis ~ looks like you and Kailee had a great time at the mall...I love that place! I took Cassie there when she graduated from 8th time..until she ran out of!

I love the fair...we went this year too and I ate WAY too much! Glad you had fun with the hubby!

Love your blue lady...she's just beautiful!

Take care...big hugz,
Lil Sis

Donna Lynn said...

Looks like you guys had a wonderful time together!

Margaret Cloud said...

Glad to see a mom having funwith their kids.I have seen that resturant on TV, looks pretty nice. I like your Blue Lady, looks pretty.

~~Carol~~ said...

Oh how I miss the days of buying clothes for my daughter's American Girl dolls! Looks like you had a great time squeezing lots of fun out of the end of summer!
Happy Weekend!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Gosh, Deb! You've been Busy! Doesn't look like it's going to slow down any either! I love the picture of you at the fair:) Such a lovely piece Shirley made you! She does beautiful work! Hope your day is fun! Twyla

Joy said...

You are a lot braver than I am lady. No way would I get on that ride :) I really want to go to Mall
of America one day.

♥ Noelle ♥ said...

deb, you are one CUTE twinkie:) what a fun place! i SO want to go to MOA!!

Susan said...

Hi Deb,

Thank you for visiting my blog for Tasha Tudor Day today.

What a fabulous post. But before I comment on that, I have to say, I totally LOVE your blog title background. What a sweet little puppy face. It's just too cute.

You know, my son and I have talked about visiting the Mall of America for quite a while now and we haven't gotten around to driving all the way there yet. It's a bit of a haul for us. It looks like it's a lot of fun.

Oh, the ribbon lady you received in the blue dress, she's lovely. What a pretty picture. I've not ever seen that before. I really do like it quite a bit. Lucky you for getting that in your swap. It's just beautiful.

You had a heck of a lot of fun this past week visiting the Fair and the Mall of America, didn't you?

I hope you sell big at How Quaint!

Happy Saturday to you and enjoy all the birthday's coming up.


Shirl said...

Hello Deb, What a cute post, looks like a great day with Kailee, I love American Girl, I bought books and paper dolls when she first came out. I've never been to a store though. Your new fall header is adorable. Glad you liked the swap, I love what I received too.
My post is going up late today, I had some internet problems and is fixed now. Still uploading pics!
Blessings, Shirl
Shirls Rose Cottage

Donna Lynn said...

Deb! Pop over and see Victoria, she is posting again, and I believe her blog is open to

Creative Breathing said...

Deb, I had to read the caption twice to make sure I was reading right that you are upside down for the ride! OMG! I can't even imagine! What a fun day you had, the luncheon looks so sweet! Elizabeth

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Looks like so much fun!!!

Home and Heart said...

I am SO jealous!! I wanna go there too! I hope you are having a WONDERFUL time!!

Queenie said...

Oh, it looks like such a fun outing you had! I know that your grand-daughter will always remember it :) Great way to say byebye to summer.

Hope that everyone has a very Happy B'day celebration....we have a lot of B'days around here in Sept, sister, grandma, (hubby's that was near the end of Aug. that we just celebrated) it makes for a busy month that's for sure, but it sure is fun...celebrating and eating lots of yummy foods :)
Hope you have a wonderful week Deb, it's been so much fun visiting you!
Big Hugs,

Queenie said...

P.S. I love that ribbon lady that Shirl made, how unique and beautiful....she is so very talented!

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