Monday, September 27, 2010

Mayhem, Cards and doors

These are photos of "Mayhem"...aka Sweet Pea and Lippy Lois and Naughty Nancy!!! She was barking a little too much today and a neighbor called "animal control" and I rec'd a "warning!!" The neighbor really doesn't like dogs. He also yells at them to "shut up"...and we really do try to keep them "quiet"...hey...they are dogs and that's how they talk... we call the neighbor "crab man"...

This is a "pumpkin tree" that I picked up at Trader Joe's and saw at the JB! It's so COOL! I'll try to get some seeds from it and see if I can grow one!

Some cards that I made in between blogging and pricing goodies...

This is what I'll be working on...3 interior doors and their's my goal to get it done before the "girlfriend" weekend! I won't be around much and won't be "shopping"much either. I have a couple other "to do's" on my list ... busy, busy, busy!
Tomorrow starts the projects...see you soon!
deb :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Finds, Treasures from a Giveaway

The leaves are favorite time of the year :)
Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff ( recently had a AWESOME giveaway that involved giving away 50 goodies...for her 50th birthday. name was picked...totally shocked!!! Look at the wonderful basket that she made and inside were 50 (more than) goodies...

Goodies upon goodies, treasures upon treasures...

She made the little chair into a pin cushion...too cute :) and I'm leaving some of the little things in their bags to open when I need a little "happiness" in my day...

This little fairy in the tea cup which is in BLUE, is sweetly sitting on my shelf :) I feel that it was more my birthday than Kimberly's...THANK YOU KIMBERLY!!!! It was a wonderful giveaway and you are so talented!! I am blessed and very thankful!
Be sure to visit her blog! She is making some Halloween goodies!

Just some finds from last week...

These goodies are from the Junk Bonanza...even the sweet little "boo" pumpkins...aww

Garage sale finds and I think finds from an estate sale...I forget! It's been a week ago and this week was a little crazy!!!
Daughter is home and resting...yesterday I worked at HQ and it started out S L O W and then picked up :) Stopped in today to drop off more goodies and it was busy!!!
THANK YOU, again for your prayers :)
Now I'll be getting the house ready for the girlfriend weekend..and my room at HQ needs to be done a week earlier...I'll sure try to visit you gals...may not post as often as I would like too...
deb :)

Friday, September 24, 2010

THANK YOU!! You Gals are the BEST!

From the bottom of my heart, I THANK YOU so MUCH for your prayers and support for my daughter and me!

She has the viral meningitis and came home late this afternoon with medicine for the pain she has in her neck. Time and your prayers will heal her..thru God of course!

Reading all of your comments brought tears to my are the BEST!!!



Thursday, September 23, 2010

If you feel like Praying...

Dear daughter is in the hospital tonight...we went this morning and the short story is that she has meningitis and they believe it's the Viral one which doesn't need any special treatment. Blood test done today, results tomorrow. If it is bacterial meningitis...not good...and would require longer time in hospital. She is on GOOD drugs for the neck pain.

I'm feeling she has the viral one and will let you know later tomorrow...or Saturday.

Grand daughter is sleeping over tonight and is in bed.

Prayers for healing for daughter and a good nights sleep for all of us!
THANKS, friends!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

September Room at How Quaint

Finally finished getting my room ready for tomorrow's home at 8 PM tonight and I'm not the last person to get their room ready...

Fall is in the "air" and in my room :)

It's so much FUN to decorate for Fall...

Guess it's going to rain tomorrow and Friday...not good for the sale :(

I hope to post my finds from the Junk Bonanza and other goodies from last weekend, later this's still a little "crazy" for me...the girlfriend weekend is a month sales for us this weekend. Staining some doors and trim...
Have a great weekend...I won't be able to visit as I would like to for the next few weeks...and will probably only post once a week until after the "girlfriend" weekend is over...
deb :)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ideas and More at Junk Bonanza

Welcome to the Junk Bonanza...we arrived around 11 AM...had to stop at a garage sale on the way there... it opened at 10 AM unless you paid $20.00 for an early bird shopping from 8-10..which we didn't do...It was so CROWDED!!!
This table setting is from a local thrift store. Notice the napkin "rings" are cuffs from a guys shirt and the pocket holds the spoon...cleaver!!! and the trim around the place mats are also from the shirt! GREAT IDEA!!! Love thrift store shopping!

Fun booth and the bike sold before I left the show. I did buy a couple of things from this booth.

"Tre" the owner of How Quaint on the outside of her space at JB...our sale starts on Thursday!
I image she is very tired today, as it's the last day of the sale.

Another fun booth with "velvet" pumpkins which I sooo wanted..however the tiny one was $10.00 which I thought was too much...sometimes I'm I "could" make one!!! LOL!!!

These gals, Patty and Deb are from Haupt Antiek Market which is a monthly sale shop, located in Apple Valley, MN. They are sweeties. For more information about the upcoming sale go to you will LOVE Deb's shop!!!

They had 2 trailer's for sale at the show..isn't this just SWEET!!! I didn't see a price...

Very nice inside and all ready for the new owners. I don't know if it sold...

Another photo inside of the trailer.
My friend, "J" and I were there for 5 hours and didn't see EVERYTHING!!! You need the whole day! It was less crowded around 1 so we could see inside the booths that we couldn't see when you first come into the show.
I also visited with Linda from and bought a few goodies from her which I will show you in another post this week.
I hope you enjoyed the few photos that I took at the show. Enjoy your Sunday! We are having a little family gathering for hubby's birthday.
deb :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Names Picked and I Won A Giveaway

Marydon at had a recent giveaway and I won this very pretty Pillow! Marydon also sent some pretty note cards. She is a very sweet blogger and would love for you to visit her! THANK YOU, Marydon!!!

OKAY...I can't just pick ONE name ... so the Kitty Tassel goes to Linda at Somewhere in Time and a 2nd little Fall gift will go to Toni at Tattered Cottage! Gals, please email me with your address!
THANK YOU to ALL my blogging Friends! Of course it would be AWESOME to send you ALL a little gift...maybe when I win the lottery!
I'll be posting after the weekend with photos of the Junk Bonanza and treasures found!
Have a GREAT Weekend!
deb :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I Love Fall & ???

I love to share treasures. The kitty tassel above is for ONE of you gals, along with a few other goodies that are more Fallish...just leave a comment on this post. P.S. Remember...this is for my regular readers and please don't share this information. Thank you!
When you walk into my home..this vignette greets you! Oops..I did change out the blue linen and thought this was the "right" photo..too much on my mind....
It's a little BUSY/CRAZY here...LOTS to be before the Girlfriend getting my room ready for next week and the Junk Bonanza on Thursday, hubby's birthday this weekend...
I'll try to take photos at the JB and post them this weekend.
HAPPY almost FALL!
deb :)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

So Far this Weekend...Fall Swap & Finds

I have a "thing" for kitchen towels that are seasonal and Cindy sent me this set. Vintage table cloth. Pretty ceramic blue cross for my kitchen...
Candle, candle holder, paper goodies to make cards with...Promise postcard..and the sand dollar pumpkin card...
I joined Cindy from Fall Swap and the photo's above are ALL the treasures she sent me! WOW...and don't you think those clothes pins are the sweetest! THANK YOU, CINDY!!! I love my swap treasures!

Today we went to a couple of estate sales and these are my finds...

and theses........

and theses........

and the little Pixie had the tag with it and it's story...too cute! He is for sale at 10.00 plus shipping if interested! He is darling!!!
The garage sale went well and I dropped off a LOAD of things that didn't sell at the thrift store...
Got my hair cut and AGAIN, hubby says "too short" and you can see it on my sidebar, after I finish this post... OH WELL!!!
Off to price things for the HQ sale and get the porch cleaned out so I can start staining the 3 interior doors and trim before the "girlfriend" weekend in October. LOTS to do...
Hope your weekend is going GREAT!!! The leaves are turning color around here...pretty and the night air is cool and crisp!
deb :)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Looking for Hankies, a Win and Finds

This darling altered bottle was a WIN from Lynn at . She is darling ~ sorry my photo doesn't due her justice! Lynn also makes pretty pillows and now has some for Halloween. I'm sure she would love to have you visit her! THANK YOU !!! Lynn, she looks perfect on my dresser.
We went to 1 estate sale this weekend...trying to sell what we have without buying more! LOL!!Above and below are the finds. I have a "Girl with Cherries" photo on my kitchen wall. She is also darling!

I NEED you HELP...I am looking for hankies like the one above...and the initials I need are
A ~ I ~ J ~ R (2) ~ Y(2) ~ T ~ O if you have any of these initial hankies that you would like to sell to me..please email me at Thank You! I would like the larger initials and hankies in good condition. They can also have colored initials and or white.
This week's schedule is busy! Today I was in the garage getting tables up and things moved around. Daughter came over and priced her things. I keep forgetting that today is Monday!
Daughter's 29th birthday is Saturday. Garage sale Thursday. I'm picking Grand daughter up from school this week. She is in 2nd grade and tomorrow is her first day.
Hubby isn't feeling so good for the last couple of days and when he mentions he doesn't feel good, it's a little unsettling for me. He may need to see the Dr this week!
Off to catch up with you gals!
deb :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Where I Create ~ For Now ~

It must be the nice weather as I have been in the card/creative making mode. Above are a few of my finished pieces.
Until my "someday craft room" is finished...I craft/create on these tables that are in the family room.

I'm a messy creator and like having all the stuff where I can see it. I do have MORE things in another room on shelves and in boxes :)

While I "create" I can also blog, watch TV or listen to the radio or Cd's...and look out the windows into the back yard and let the dogs in and out all day long :) I also can do laundry as that room is off of the family room. Can you say "MULTI-TASKING"!!!

Granddaughter had to try this scarf on Sweet Pea ~ a girl has to look pretty!
Weekend plans: get the garage ready for my garage sale next Thursday, unless is raining outside, give a few pieces of furniture their 2nd coat of paint, clean the chandelier that needs to go to HQ for the Sept. sale, and I better that enough "Laboring" on Labor day weekend???
I hope you all have some FUN for me!!! LOL!!!
deb :)