Thursday, October 28, 2010

What's Been Going On

We went to an estate sale today and had number 61 and 62...yikes...we waited in line for almost an hour and these are the few goodies I bought. LOTS of goodies, a pretty packed house and the dealer's ahead of us really made out! We are going to another sale tomorrow AM! Toys listed! Hubby is excited!
This photo was taken on Saturday before we went to the musical: How to Talk Minnesotan
which most of us enjoyed. Friday we went to HQ, General Store and had lunch there...huge Popovers!!! and then that evening to Trail Of Terror...which was "silly fun"... Thursday evening I had dinner here with our Birthday cake dessert, shown in last post :)

Made these cards from photos taken from my Maple trees! They are Thanksgiving Cards.

Sweet Pea will be going to the vet on Monday evening to have her "surgery" Tuesday AM...I'm not comfortable with having her "under" as it did affect one of our dogs...will put it in God's hands. She was a wild girl tonight...hanging on to my pant leg...
This week I painted my new room at HQ and will be moving my "stuff" this weekend. The color is called "concrete"... it's a gray/green color. Hubby will help me move the stuff! No more stairs after that :)
Hubby's Dad will be 80 this weekend and there is a Open House for him on Sunday...Grand daughter is going to be a white fairy. I want to spend a day crafting...maybe in a couple of weeks.
Christmas is less than 2 months away...YIKES!!! Yesterday the winds were so bad that our power went out..only for 45 minutes. Still cold today. Winter is around the corner.
Have a wonderful weekend...
deb :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I'm BACK!!

Of course we don't EVEN look close to 55!!! Great butter cream's called "Chocolate Raspberry Diva" cake and it's the BEST cake ever!
Here we are on one of our outings :) shopping and lunch! What a good time together! Lots of laughing, eating, a play, went to the Trail of Terror and was "scared", stayed up LATE!!!

I'm going to bed early tonight...and tomorrow back to my "normal" routine! Sure Missed you Connie!!!

I'll be around this week to catch up with you gals...I just had to show you a couple of photos of the Girlfriend Gathering weekend!

Deb :)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Guest Room Ready, HQ Ready & More

The guest room is all ready for tomorrow as that is when one of the girlfriends will be here!

It's also "Kailee's" room when she sleeps over! And...Twyla when will you be arriving from you LONG walk here??!!!

The porch/sun room also needed to be cleaned up. It has new indoor/outdoor carpet! Maybe we'll sit in here and enjoy the view, as the golf course has some pretty trees on it.

Today I put this sweater on Sweet Pea and she went crazy...running around the house and rubbing up against the furniture...then she crashed :) Off it came and all is well.

Here is my room at How Quaint...finished that up today too!!! I may need a vacation!!!

Next month at HQ, I'll be downstairs in a different room! No more stairs for this gal! It will be much easier to bring in larger pieces :)
I hope you all have a wonderful week and I'll be back next Sunday night with some photos of the girlfriend weekend!!
deb :)

Friday, October 15, 2010

My Friend "ME", Swap good & Halloween Date

The doors and trim are all done!!! Just working on some major cleaning before the girls come next week! Also have to get my room ready at HQ...that should be done Sunday! Phew...almost ready for some FUN.
Last Saturday, my BFF, "ME" and her hubby were in Minnesota for a wedding and we were able to meet for dinner and a little dessert :) Here we are being silly :) "ME" has a blog called if you ever want to visit her. She is still getting the "hang" of blogging :)

Goodies arrived today from a swap that I did with Beth at We were partners.It was a Halloween Swap that Em from had. Above are my gifts. Thank you Beth!

This is hubby and me, MANY years ago on our FIRST date! We were both so in "shape"... ah the good old days :)

I won't be around much next week...I'll be sure to take some photos of the girlfriend weekend! I hope you all have a great week...I still have a "few" things to do before they come! Be back soon!
deb :)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Shhh...don't tell hubby...went "shopping'!!!

Baby Boo's...aren't they fun to decorate with :)
Okay...yesterday was the twice a year "Gathering Of Friends" sale and I HAD to GO!!! It's held at Bachman's in Minneapolis and it's such a nice sale. Those dealers sure know how to decorate and display their goods. I was a good girl and just found a couple of treasures and they are for me:)
Linen...a MUST...

and Drawer's a MUST...I have a nice collection going and they are for my "someday" craft room to put stuff into...Love the details on this one and the square handle...

Ta da ... another door and trim all done. I have ONE left !!! The stain is pecan and it's on the kitchen cabinets that I also did.

Hold On...What is THIS....YES...Chocolate Wine!!! It's like chocolate milk only better and so smooth! I'm not a big wine drinker...however this is an exception! It's around 12.00 a bottle and I found it next to the liquors. My BFF in Florida told me about this! If you try it, let me know how you like it!
The temp today was 87....YES 87.... it was Wonderful!!! I was wondering why I as sweating when I was raking today...another weekend of projects! Probably no sales's okay...I got a little fix on Thursday! I'll try to visit you's going to be very busy here and don't think I'll have the time I would like to be on the computer...I hope you understand...Thanks!
Have a lovely weekend!!!
deb :)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Halloween Decor & Swap Goodies

Here is the mantle with a little Halloween decor! I LOVE my vintage pieces. They are hard to find and a "reasonable" price!!!
This old pumpkin I've had for a couple of years and the horn I bought this year.

Vintage noise maker hubby found and I "claimed" it for the collection.

The little witch tin I've had for a few years and I have just a few of the old candles. I so remember these as a kid!

Progress on the door and trim. The trim is up and the door will go up tomorrow and then just 2 more sets to do!!! The list is getting smaller :)

I joined the Fall Basket Swap that Michele at Something Special had and Connie from Living Beautifully was my partner. Connie is a PINK gal and sent me some lovely gifts! Her paper flower with a Wonderful Rose smell is in my bedroom... Grand daughter claimed the paper pumpkin..

Lovely banner that will be in my craft room :) (Hubby said in the spring he will get my craft room done) I think he is tired of having my "projects" all over the family room!!! ( My plan worked!! LOL)

and she also sent this handmade cuff! It's my first one and I feel so pretty with it on!
Thank You Connie!!! Swaps are Swell!!! (
Tomorrow is Bible study, stain the other door and trim and Wednesday I'll be at HQ getting my room ready! No sales last weekend and I'm "withdrawals" ~ of course it's only Monday!
deb :)