Sunday, December 26, 2010

On to the New Year

Bought this sweet card at HQ last month. Sharing it with you!
Christmas morning...

2ND year that son has found the "pickle" that I hide in the tree! Someone is sad!!

The tree will come down this week and all the decorations too! I'm ready to "clean" the house and maybe do some rearranging.
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I'm already thinking Valentine's Day!!! Been going through my "stash" and seeing what's in it to make some Valentines.
I have Kailee for a couple of full days this week as it's winter break at school! Later in the week I'm going to HQ and pack up Christmas and get going for the next sale!
No plans for New Year's Eve!!! Maybe dinner out as we have a gift card for Outback Steak House! I hope you all have a nice New Year's Eve...
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I'll be back then!
deb :)

Monday, December 20, 2010


Merry Christmas!!! This post card has both Baby Jesus and Santa on it! Very cool! It's dated 1913. That's how it should be!
I won a giveaway that Cyndi from had. It was her first giveaway and she made this sweet Santa in the dome decoration. Thank you so much, Cyndi! He is a wonderful addition to my collection. She added the sweet little bell also!

My sweet little Grand daughter!

Hubby played around and made this! We can also "dance", however I don't know how to add that to the post.
It's SNOWING and I'm glad I'm already for Christmas. Just a few more cards to mail!
deb :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Ginger Bread House, Swap and a Heart

Tonight was the tradition of the Ginger bread House! I buy the kit and then the fun begins :)
Here is the final result! I have learned to hot glue the house together so that is Stays together!

Debbie from and I did a little Christmas swap and these are the treasures that she sent me! Some vintage goods and some new goodies.
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! It was so much fun and I truly love my treasures!

She did send some chocolate...and I ate it right away... I'm such a sugar bug!!! It was very good!

We had a snow blizzard on Saturday! We have 20 inches of New Snow!!! We have to shovel a path for the dogs. This is Sweet Pea on top of the snow bank in the back yard. She LOVES the Snow and would stay outside if it wasn't so bitter cold. Yup, first Snow and now the Bitter Cold!

Do you know, Elizabeth form We make these Awesome felt hearts and other Awesome felt creations. I have lusted after her hearts and other goodies. Elizabeth was very kind and generous and made one just for me! What a sweetheart she is! I Totally Love It! Her embroidery work is just amazing!!! THANK YOU, E!!!
I'm almost finished with my Christmas shopping. My cards are done and now need to be addressed and mail out. Gifts to be wrapped. It's almost Christmas!!! How are you doing?
Merry Christmas!!!
deb :)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Radio's, Swap exchange & More

Pillow's from the Bachman Idea House! JOY is my favorite word!
Christmas goodies found this year at estate sales, etc ...

I made the Russian Tea Cakes for hubby and the rest I bought. We had a very small gathering on Sunday a few treats were needed :)

Sharon, from My Vintage Studio and I did a Christmas Swap...I love how she wrapped them. Old patterns and seam binding...doilies on the boxes...

Look what she made, Just for Me...I Love Her!!! She is so sweet and how cleaver of Sharon.

Thank You, Sharon!

More goodies included a lovely, vintage perfume bottle, hankie, bracelet, Good Chocolate and the boxes are like little gifts themselves! One box had the perfume bottle, the other the bracelet and hankie! Sharon also sent her awesome can find them at the
THANK YOU SO MUCH...Sharon...I Love them All!!!

On Thursday we were taking my Jeep the garage to get new tires and spotted an "estate sale" we stopped in and they were selling some very old and awesome radios. We didn't want all 100+ of them...they made an offer...we left...we Came Back and bought them!! Really!!! What is Wrong with US!!! We hope to triple our "investment" ... the radio's have taken over the family room!!!

There are more that you don't see!!! Some are in the well room and some are on a table...

Intervention for this "addiction" will begin on Monday Morning... LOL!!! We aren't going to any sale until the 1st of the year! REALLY!!!

Now that the sale is over at HQ...I can finish my card, ATC's for December and get some packages in the mail AND shop for a few Christmas gifts for the "kids".... hurray ... finally feeling like I have things going in the right direction.

We had more snow this weekend too!!!

I hope all your Christmas plans are moving along and don't forget:



deb :)