Wednesday, March 30, 2011

More Easter Decor and Fun Fact

The Easter Egg Roll held at the White House is a tradition spanned more than 130 years ago. I found these at an estate sale. I have a pink one also. More information at Just thought you might like to read about it.
These are some of my Chick collection...
A little vignette on the kitchen counter...


Just craving them since the vacation...

Not much going on. Will finish up my Easter cards tomorrow and get them in the mail. Mailed out a couple of swap packages and have a couple more to do.

Sun has been out and the snow is melting and I Saw my TULIPS peeking out of the ground! A hopeful sign!

Talk to you later..



Sunday, March 27, 2011

Digger's Sale

What is a digger's sale???? It's a Packed estate sale! Things are still in boxes, everywhere...
Sometimes the house is DIRTY or Dusty...sometimes worse!!!
You have to LOOK EVERYWHERE....High and Low....
crawling into tight, dark spaces....these houses are almost "hoarder" homes. Actually, I think they are...
Up and down, behind, under, also may find dead mice, which we have!!! Hubby just had to "show" me the dead mouse! That is a "boy" thing! I also bring "hand wipes".
It's the sales we LOVE!!! Found all these goodies at the Digger Sale! We were up at 5:07 AM on Saturday morning to get "pre-numbers". This is usually from the first person at the sale. Sometimes these folks spend the night inside their car to be number ONE!!! This was the case with this sale.

The estate company gives out "their" number at, YES, we wait in our car until 8:00 AM and exchange our "Pre-number" for the estate Number, which is the same unless someone leaves before 8:00 AM. The SALE starts at 9:00 after we get the "real" number, OFF we run to get a bite to eat and "potty"... This Is SERIOUS business!! Not for the "weak" at heart!

YES, I'm a little "crazy" !!! YES, it's all about the HUNT of finding TREASURES!!!


deb :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Easter Is Coming

Even tho there is snow on the ground...Spring is here!!! This afternoon I dug out the Easter totes and set up the mantle...thinking it may need some tweaking! I will show you the kitchen bow window next week and my "chicks" too.

Playing around...

Remember this awesome bunny egg dish that I found last year..still so awesome! Anybody know anything about it??? No markings on it.

Looky, looky...what came in the mail...

and Joy even signed my copy. I'll be reading this tonight. SO MANY ideas!!!
Looks like a good weekend for a few sales...2 tomorrow and a "diggers" sale on Saturday!
Finally feel better today. Thought I felt better on Monday...Not So Much...until today.
Happy "hunting/junking" to you this weekend! May you find many treasures.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

First Day of Spring, Finds and Name Picked

Happy Spring!!! The above photo I just took...the snow has was a dreary day. No sunshine plus I had a touch of food poisoning last details needed! Much better now.
The few finds from this weekend. The postcards aren't old, just sweet! Love old jars :)

Funny puppies all together in one dog bed. Hubby went out this afternoon and the dogs waited for him.
Thursday I did visit my friend, Sharon. I cried, twice! While she looks fine, she has a piece of paper with words on it to "talk". A few times she pointed to the words... "I Love You"... continued prayers are welcomed and Thank you!
The name picked for the little giveaway is :
Becky from Bee'nme. Please email me with your address. Thank you to all who left comments. My birthday is next month and I'm thinking another giveaway is in order!
When I worked Friday at wasn't as busy as last month...I'll let the paycheck on Friday do the talking!
Plans for the week: Monday the rug cleaner is coming ~ Tuesday Bible study and haircut
and I know there is a funeral for a friend's brother. :( and making cards. I also need to get my Easter decor up.
Have a great week..

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sale Time at HQ & Chicks

We had dinner guests on Saturday evening and they gave me some flowers that had 3 lovely roses in the bouquet...just beautiful
There is my room...once again ready for the sale that starts tomorrow...

Who doesn't love bunnies??? Maybe I need more!?

Isn't this little Easter Chick theme's going to one of you gals. I'm in the mood for spring...just hasn't come here, but will come to you! Just leave a comment that you would like them..not telling others is my only rule. I'll pick a name after the week...have a great one!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wild Chicks, Dog Quilt & Finds

Aren't these chicks too funny! Love their wild look! Found at Michael's and used my coupon!

Just a few finds from this weekend.

These bunny's are hopping to H.Q. They are looking for a new home. Love the new blue placemats. 4 for 2.00 love that!

Melinda from made this AWESOME doggie quilt from photos I sent her of the puppies. It's just AMAZING! This is her "hobby". She will make one for you too and her prices are great! Even hubby commented on how WONDERFUL it is!

Here it is on the wall in the TV room. PERFECT!!! Melinda. WE LOVE IT!!!!
Thank you for praying for Sharon. Plan on visiting her this week. It's also the sale at HQ, so tomorrow it's getting the room ready and I'll take photos. Doing a spring/Easter look! Rather hard to get into the mood with the cold and snow still here!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Little Projects

My little projects. Sure enjoy making words with scrabble letters. The baskets are pea pots. Painted and laced-up! I'm going to bring them to HQ and see if they sell.

Florida sea shells. Most of them were given to Grand daughter. We both love sea shells.

Found the bluebird bowl at the antique store that we have a booth at. JUST HAD TO BUY IT!

I learned today that one of my girlfriend's, Sharon, who lives in the cottage care home,and I've talked about before, had another stroke...this saddens me. If anyone would like to pray for her..I Thank You from the bottom of my heart. We are the same age...I'm hoping to visit her tomorrow as today is her 56th birthday. The staff said to check in the morning. I'll probably go next week.
STILL getting things priced for the sale next week. I'm a broken record !!! Like the snow! LOL
Take care!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Florida Finds & Weekend Finds

Sun setting in Florida....
These are my Florida finds. The pretty table cloth and blue puppy are from Carol's booth... :)
The other's from her shop and another one up by St. Augustine. I only purchased "smalls" so that they would fit in the suitcase. The door knocker isn't old, just a repo. Chintz dish was a good price. Just HAD to get the April birthday angel because that's my month. Isn't the bunny sweet!
The blue bunny is from Hobby Lobby! That store is awesome! There aren't any here in MN as far as I know. I bought a few more things there, but they may go to swap partner's or ???
The postcards are from BFF. Wasn't that very sweet of her to give me her collection!

Saw LOTS of these guys at the beach.

I won these 2 original artwork pieces from Michelle Palmer. Aren't these Darling!!! You can see more at her blog: She also sells them. THANK YOU, Michelle! After I find the right frames they are going in the sun room until my craft room is ready.

These finds are from yesterday. The little picks are sweet. We went to 3 estate sales. I DO Love my Estate Sales :)

More finds....

More finds...
After a vacation, there is the laundry and other fun stuff to do to get back into your regular routine and that's what I've been doing. Next week is the sale at HQ..and I need to get busy with pricing goodies...yikes, where does the time go in the day?!!
That's it for today...have a Great Week and "DO" something FUN.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Florida Fun & New Friend

Hi Gals !!! I'm so thankful that we were able to take a vacation to Sunny Florida to visit my BFF for her 60 th Birthday. I was able to go to the beach a couple of days! Of course I don't swim or wear a bathing suit any more... :)
Eating is HIGH on our vacation list. Had crab cakes a couple of days...lobster one day and my BFF made a delicious twice baked potatoes served with shrimp on top with sauce...Heavenly!! Haven't weighted myself...

I LOVE the beach! I love the Ocean!

Saw a few houses while driving up to her home. Photo taken while driving...when you live on the ocean, guess you need to have a house built on stilts...

Found the YUMMY Cupcake shop. Ate 3 yummy ones...hey, vacation food doesn't calories... you know what I mean!

The cute owner at the cupcake shop. I had a lemon cupcake, peanut butter cupcake and a carrot cake cup cake:) YES, I ENJOYED EVERY BITE!!! and not all at once! LOL !!! Had to savor them!

Hubby found this crab in distress and ....

put him back into the ocean :)

I had emailed Carol from and mentioned that we were coming to the Orlando area and wanted to meet her. On her wonderful blog, she shares awesome ideas and has a booth at an antique shop. Hubby took our photo and she is a hoot! Of course I bought a couple of treasures at her booth and will share them later this weekend. We could have talked for hours!!! Just not enough time :( We did run into each other on Thursday up in St. Augustine where we were visiting's a small world! Carol is from MN!! Thank you Carol for the great prices on my goodies...
I'm way behind in seeing what's going on with, off I go! Have a Great Weekend! I'll share a couple more photos later too! Don't want to bore you too much :)
deb :)