Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Weekend So Far

Changed the plates on my dining room wall. It needed to feel more like Spring around here.

Hubby fixed and sanded these chairs so I could paint them. First coat is on today...I have fabric for the seats too...

Painted my little galley kitchen a sunny yellow...have the 2nd coat on and I'm in the process of putting things on the wall and you'll have to come back to see the after...the yellow is on the right side of the wall/soffet in case you are wondering...the kitchen was a deep beige.

Also started working in the garage for the garage sale on Thursday if it's not raining!!! Somethings are for HQ and not the garage sale like the mannequin... back hurts from painting, my hands are tingling as I think I have carpel tunnel and I'm tired...

I will have the kitchen done and the chairs finished by Monday...and the garage done before Thursday...

Hope you are having some FUN this weekend!



Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Deb's Day

These are from my front garden...little bits of heaven!

After a visit to my dentist to have a cavity taken care of ...which I thought that after 50 a person didn't get cavities anymore...I went to B&N to use the gift card I received from Stephanie, Junker Newbie that I recently won and purchased the book above! It's loaded with lots of Eye Candy and ideas.

Used a birthday gift card for these t-shirt for the summer..whenever it comes. I only wear sleeveless around the yard and house...not out and about as I have "angel wings" for arms!!!
These were all on sale as that is the only way I shop retail!!!

I also bought theses on sale. Pretty papers and embellishment's always "catch" my eye. I should make some cards with them..

This is a peek of something I'm making for the newest swap that I's a secret until I send it to her...

It's fun to have a little "me time"... I shop alone almost all the time...except for estate sale's with hubby.

Mowed the front yard yesterday..ugh..that took awhile and the lawn mower quit a few times as the grass was pretty tall...Hubby did the back yard with the "hill"...

The weekend plans:

Get ready for garage sale HERE next Thursday

Start painting the set of chairs for the next sale at HQ

and maybe paint the galley kitchen a pretty "yellow"... I also bought paint today!

Get the weeds out of the flower beds and plant some flowers..

What are your long weekend plans!

Enjoy the weekend!


deb :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sale at HQ, Finds, & More

For some reason I didn't get my room ready until tonight. I usually get it done the Monday of the sale...

Finds from the weekend estate sales...

Unique sale and fun little sweep brooms

Fun red spice rack and jars...

Thank you, Sharon from My Vintage Studio...she sent me these for my birthday. I must spend some time soon, creating!

Recent win from Stephanie at Junker Newbie...a gift card to Barnes & Noble and I already know what book I'm going to purchase. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I Love Books!!!

Grand daughter had her first softball game last night and they won!!! Much better start then last spring :)

Tomorrow is our 21st wedding anniversary... and the city wide Garage Sales... looks like a fun and busy day. Friday is my day at HQ...Saturday maybe some sales and then helping a friend move. It seems that spring is here.. it's been so sunny and nice the last few days! Thankful!!!

Have a awesome weekend!! "Do" things that make you Happy!


deb :)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Buttons, Chair Makeovers & Finds

Too many rainy days make us just want to SLEEP!!! I hope it's sunny EVERY DAY next week!

I thought I would sell my buttons at How Quaint by the "scoop"...

These are my newest finds and I'm going to keep them. It's so hard to find them like this and only 2.00 per card...which I didn't mind paying.

Bought this cute sign at a church sale...and it's going in my porch.

along with these plates and hankies...I LOVE church sales...

Easy peasy chair makeovers....when I see chairs with these types of seats..I buy them for resale. I guess I "could" paint them...I'll try it this way first.



After...I had the fabric and it's pretty "neutral"

Very cool old folding table for fabric cutting...

This is on the top of the table...

Book cases always sell at either shop.

Busy weekend. Found a twin size bed for Kailee like NEW. She was using the bottom of my day bed set so now she has her own bed with a pillow top on it. Kailee and I were out on Friday garage sailing as she didn't have school and that's when we found the bed.

Went to a graduation party for a friend who just earned her Master's Degree at the age of 60+...awesome for her!

Went to a few sales this week and will "show & tell" later...The sale at HQ starts next week and I'm a little behind so need to get my room ready. Glad blogger is WORKING! That wasn't FUN!

Too much rain!!! Have a great Sunday...



Friday, May 6, 2011

More Bachman House & Happy Mom's Day

Wishing you a Happy Mom's Day whether you are a Mom with "kids" and/or "fur kids"! Enjoy the Day!!!

Flowers for You!!

I hope you find some ideas from these photos from the Bachman Idea House...Enjoy looking at them... Bathroom Idea

Craft room Idea

Master Bedroom Ideas

Boy Room Ideas

Girl Room Ideas Both photos

Hallway Ideas... Love old "grates" and iron pieces :)

Pretty table setting inside the retail store...Love the Colors and old dishes...

More pretty dining ideas from the retail store...Bachman's!

Have a Lovely Weekend and Mom's Day!!!


deb :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Got Birds? More finds and a Win

This very pretty bluebird figurine will go to my Mom for her upcoming birthday and was included in the 100.00 goodies...

As well as these awesome vintage hand mirror sets and pincushion..

Fun maps of the United even has birds on it :)

The best deal is the Art Deco flower frog. Her arm has been repaired..doesn't matter! She is just lovely. I never thought I would have a flower frog collection..

Have my "Bird" theme for spring going on in the house...

Little vignette on the bow window sill. Couldn't take the photo on the sill as the glare is bad

All these are also from the 100.00 estate sale...Yes...that was a really good sale :) I'm keeping the bluebird plate and the chickadee figurine as Chickadees and Bluebirds are my favorite birds.

I recently won these goodies from a giveaway that Joy from Books and Life had. The candle smells very good. Chocolate all gone...seeds I'll plant soon and a book to read this summer! Thank you JOY!!! I'm loving the new goodies.

Beat up little gnome...

Having blogger issues. It says that I don't "follow" anyone...ugh...yeah, right...

I keep hoping Spring will come...


deb :)