Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bloggerette Sorority Swap Goodies & MOA

Here are just a few pictures of Sea World at the Mall of America that we went to a couple of weeks ago.

Love the Seahorses!

Jelly fish...


Lego Land with an awesome sea dragon built out of Lego's!!

Transformer guy made with Lego's.. Huge and awesome in his own way..

These 2 photos are of the Bloggerette Sorority match box Swap that I made for my partner, Michele from I found seashell roses and had to put one on her matchbox. I also made decorated these clothespins for her.

This is the one she made for me. Love the roses on top and the bling button on the front drawer.
Can't go wrong with Pink and Yellow :)

All these goodies inside too :)

I sure enjoy swaps!!! I just Love Mail :) Thank You so Much, Michele! It's a great way to meet bloggers and create goodies for each other!

Still working on the family room. No plans for the 4th weekend...that could change.
Guess the hot & humid weather is here for the weekend. So thankful for central air!!!

Take care!


deb :)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Good Mail and Name Picked

This is the 3rd generation rose bush from my Mom's side. This year it is blooming. Last year the rose buds didn't open...It smells heavenly!

Went to a "Stampin-Up" stamp a stack and made these cards. 3 of each :) It was a little "me" time :)

The mail man was good to me this week:) I was in Miss Rhea's Spring Basket Swap and my partner, Ellen, sent me this darling basket made from a yogurt container! Just LOVE the little bluebird on the handle and it's little birdhouse on the front. I sent her basekt in April and don't have any photos. Sometimes I forget to take them..

Ellen's blog is Sweet Memory Making Mom. She also sent the goodies below.

Thank You, Ellen!!! The black and red item is a lovely rose scarf that will be fun to wear this fall/winter.

Linda, at Pretty Is, sent me this little package. She did that giveaway that many gals do at once in May, oops..forgot what it is called...anyway...I didn't win her giveaway. I left the comment of, thank you for having a giveaway and congrat's to the winner. She thought was kind of me and...

Sent me this DARLING little Bluebird that she MAKES!!!!!!!! What a very kind and sweet gal she is! THANK YOU, Linda.

You can see, " Miss Pretty" is very happy in her new home on my kitchen counter! There are some very Kind, Sweet, Caring, Generous and just plan, Nice Gals In Blog land!!! HUGS to You!
Thank you for the Blog Birthday wishes! When I win the "lottery" I'll send you all a gift...until then the name of the little giveaway is: Deb at "boopnut"... her blog is I'm sure she would love to meet new friends... hint, hint...We all have different and similar interests and would love to connect with others.

Still working on the family room. I see some of the area rug...that's a good thing :) I hope you have a blessed Sunday!



Friday, June 24, 2011

Vintage Kitchen Gadgets...

Kitchen vignette ...

My pen-pal, Cindy sent me a box of vintage gadgets this week. Her home is for sale and she did some house "cleaning". She knows that I also love vintage treasure, so she sent them to me. Love the old red handle cookie cutters. THANK YOU, Friend :)

Lots of vintage goodies...

aww...Sweet Pea laying next to old Mack...He is losing LOTS of weight and I can see "changes" :(

I think these are my favorite gadgets. My Mom had the same flour sifter and gotta love red handle items.

More gadgets...

Jackson Brown in the sun room/porch keeping watch...
I'll pick a name soon...having company tomorrow and that means I MUST Clean the house.

Taking a card making class tomorrow..FUN...haven't done that in a LONG time..


Have a Great Weekend..



Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Saturday Finds, Blog Birthday, I'm 3

These are the finds from Saturday. One sale was a "chick" sale and hubby didn't want to stay long there...Tissue box made with fabric and lovely old flowers..

LOVE Paper treasures. I do have a HUGE paper stash!

Lovely yellow scale for my "sunny yellow" kitchen.. a keeper for now!

My blog Birthday is this month...THREE years ago. It's really amazing the friendship one can have on line. Here is a little something for one of you. Just leave a comment that you would like to have them and a name will be picked this weekend. Thank you, friends, for being You, for liking me and your always kind comments! May God Bless You!

I'm cleaning up the family room. Yesterday I saw the "Hoarder's" show and it's a real Eye-Opener!'s time to get serious and get the family room looking like a family room. Not a CATCH ALL of TOTES! That is my goal before the weekend.

From the looks of my room at HQ, I think it was a pretty good sale. Thankful! Of course the proof is the pay check on Friday!

Take care!



Thursday, June 16, 2011

Today's Earthly Delights & HQ Room

Went to a couple garage sales. This little girl was in the "free" box :)

Nice pottery. The green is Red Wing, pink and yellow are USA and I just love the blue one with the little flowers around the top. All 1.00 or less.

Isn't this just darling. Found today at a little shop. Haven't seen anything like it before. Cute little muff with the rose on it and little bottle that had perfume.

Clip earrings...10 cents each. Love the little "Grandma" sales..

Worked in my room for 8 hours last night to get it ready. I WON'T wait that long next time...sore today!

Hoping for a WAY better sale this month. Also hoping the weather is Nice or at least NO RAIN!

A quick project for the HQ sale. Bread boards painted with chalk paint as well as vintage trays. Hope they sell. Under 10.00 each.

Tuesday Grand daughter and I went to Mall of America and had some fun that I'll share later. It's a great place to wonder and people watch!

Work tomorrow at HQ 9-5 and Saturday 1-??? as we are having a BBQ there. Should be a fun day.

Happy Weekend to you!

It's coming up on my blog birthday and I'm putting together a little something for one of you!



Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Weekend Finds & Swap Goodies

I'm just Crazy about my Peonies!!!!!

Here are my finds from Thursday-Saturday! These little folks are from an estate sale. I almost bought the ones with "fixed" heads. Good thing I really checked them over. I sure don't like buying something and then getting home to find it had been "repaired".

More finds... sorry I didn't turn the little paper card shoes around. Just noticed now! They are very sweet.

LOVE the lavender curtain holders and nut cups with little flowers I picked out of a dumpster! Yes..I do "dive" for treasures!

Clock doesn't's just a cool shape and very fun kids cards.

I was involved in the "Initial Swap" that Sue from It's A Very Cherry World had. My goodies arrived on Monday. My partner was Sandy from

This D is now in my bathroom. Notice the lovely vintage pin!

More goodies from Sandy. The "colors" are so ME!

And here it the "D" on my shelf! THANK YOU, Sandy! I'm so Happy with my new treasures!

I'm very behind in getting my room ready for the HQ sale on Thursday. I'm off tonight to get more things done. I'll post pictures later this week. I'll probably be working on my room all day tomorrow.


deb :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Tweaked Bathroom, Peonies & OUCH!

Before..rather Plain...this is in my bathroom. The color is a light lavender that I love.

Better After...I have some old frames and thought to myself..Put them Up Somewhere...
The wall color is more like the first photo.

Shelf over the toilet. Love my fairy picture :)

On top of the toilet..a little vignette :)

Corner by the sink. Shell theme here..

One of my peonies bushes. I adore them and their pretty colors.

Just having fun with peonies

Of course, Sweet Pea had to smell them :) (pay NO attention to the dirt & dust)

When Grand daughter was playing softball on Monday evening..a ball was coming right to her face and she put her hands up and the ball hit her left thumb...and broke it !!! She is pretty happy about having a cast on...she has to wear it for 3 weeks, thankfully.
I went to some garage sales today and just a couple things to show you later.

Yesterday did some housecleaning with my friend...5 hours worth and my back is very sore. Not sure how long I'll last. The money is very good...that "helps" LOL!!!

Busy weekend: Mom's 75th birthday, HQ picnic, 90th Birthday party, estate sales, still working on my room at HQ and never know what else will pop up!

Super Crazy Weather! It was 102 on Tuesday and the house we cleaned that day, their A/C wasn't working! I'm sure I lost 5 lbs sweating while cleaning...of course today it's only in the 60's so the 5 lbs is back LOL!!

Happy Weekend!