Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pizza ??? Delivery ~ A Win & Finds

As I mentioned in the last post, I have been blessed to have won 3 recent giveaways :) This one came wrapped in a Pizza box...CREATIVE!!!

I won this, handmade, pretty and very sweet "Friendship" tray from Melissa at Piney Rose.
It's so unique!! THANK YOU, MELISSA!!!

Here are some of my recent finds! I'm still trying to purchase LESS!!! These are from the Flea Market that we went to on Sunday.

These are from a 2nd day sale and the division cards are in braille Very Cool! Stuff was still high priced on the 2nd day..
I'm getting ready for the bridal shower that is here on Saturday. It will look like "Tea" party with my pretty mix-match pink plates and such! I'll take pictures of the table :)

Have a lovely weekend..see ya Sunday!

Blogger won't let me spell check..FYI!! I'm not the best speller! Sorry!

Happy Treasure Hunting!


deb :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

PINK or BLUE ???? You choose!

Bought this pink bowling ball at the Flea Market on Sunday and it's fun to have in the garden.

I've hit 450 followers and have recently won 3 I want to share something with you! You can choose either the Pink gifts or...

Also bought this blue bowling ball on Sunday too!

.... or these Blue gifts. Both shirts are X-Large.
Just leave your color choice and names will be picked on Sunday. posting about this...Thanks!


deb :)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day with Blogger, Carol and Matchbox Swap

On Thursday Carol from The Polka Dot Closet and her Mom came over to my home before we did some thrifting/eating and having some FUN! I even "let" Carol come downstairs into the family room and I thought I heard her say.... "should I call the hoarder's show"..LOL!!! and that she Loves to Organize things...hmmm...I think she needed to stay an extra day to help me out! LOL!

Here we are "thrifting"! Carol needed some "smalls" for her booth in Florida. She was here in MN to pack up her Mom as she is moving to FL.

Of course we had to stop for lunch and "Patrick's" was the perfect place. It was nice enough to eat outside :) YUM!!!

We also stopped at a couple of garage sales and How Quaint. Went back to my home and had a little dessert and Carol showed me how to "LINK-UP" Thank You Carol! Oops...I forgot to show you the pretty linen she brought as well as a sachet and doggie playing cards...the linen is lavender and is perfect in my bathroom! I had a wonderful time and sure wish we had more time!

It's been a long few days! Granddaughter played in softball tourneys and they came in 3rd Place, had a baby shower today, worked Friday at HQ and today had to go back to HQ and pack up my "yard stuff"...

This lovey matchbox is from Victoria at Things I Learn From Bear. We did a one on one match box swap. The dragonfly pin is lovely! Can you see the little pearl legs she put on it! Just too sweet!

These are the little extras she sent. Lots of yummy lace to use and more...

These were inside the matchbox. You sure can get A LOT goodies inside those boxes! THANK YOU Victoria for the pretty matchbox and for swapping with me! I do love making those boxes!

This week is filled with many activities: Granddaughter on Monday, friend's home on Tuesday to help her organize her craft room and then she'll help me with my stuff, having a bridal shower on Saturday...and getting my Christmas In July ornie done and in the mail...and who knows what else will "pop-up" this week.

I'm off to read some blogs as I have been away from the computer for a couple of days!

Keep Cool!

Deb :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Easy~Peasy Craft and Good Mail

Easy ~ Peasy makeover...this Easter jar didn't sell so I change the front with a image to make it a "general" theme

It's at HQ and if it doesn't sale and you like to buy me!

I did work today at HQ and it seemed that people were in the buying mood :)

I received a nice package in the mail this past week from Debbie Kay at My Vintage Day Dreams.

She sent me all these goodies, just because! She was recently married and they are now on their honeymoon! THANK YOU, Debbie Kay! Sure made my day!

I'll share Sunday about the day with Carol from The Polka Dot Closet and a fun matchbox swap that I did. Love to makeover those matchboxes.

Happy Weekend!

Deb :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Inspiration Board, Sprinklers & China Closet

Yesterday Jackson Brown played in the sprinkler! He really LOVES IT!!!

Sweet Pea doesn't really care and Old Mack wants nothing to do with he is camera shy.

The house has a built-in china cabinet. With the weather too HOT to do was time to clean the cabinet and make it look pretty...See the little cottage house painting on the table, Twyla made that for me. She is an artist :) Thank You, Twyla. Now I just need to find that little cottage to live in.

Here it is all organized and the glassware that I haven't ever used...taken to the antique shop.

Also had the BUG to make myself an inspiration board that I've seen in your homes. Here is mine...

I sprayed painted over doilies and added lace trim and buttons around it and then...

LOADED it up with INSPIRATION!!! I don't have all of the "inspiration" pieces out as some are in totes for that season of decorating. I sure love looking at all the creative pieces.

Finally opened the windows yesterday and today. I'm thankful for AC,however I need fresh air!

This is the week to get my room ready for, I better get going!

Stay Cool!

Deb :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Shells, Shopping and Creating

Had a little "day" for myself and went to a garage sale, estate sale and antique stores. The large coral piece I bought before, the rest today, all for $1.00 ..SCORE!

So...I was playing around with them..I think I could take MANY photos of the coral. It's just so cool.

Finds from "shopping" today...

more finds from today....

and more finds...of course the little Bluebird butter dish and the blue pottery piece are my favorites:)

Sometimes a girl must create and I made these cards the last couple nights. I'm loving my new birdie"Spellbinder" which is a new "technique" for me. I'm so "behind with techniques". I also have a birdcage one that I used on a couple cards.

Summer is here and I'm enjoying the sun and warmth..Not so much our "state" bird: The Mosquito. They are very bad this year....not fun to be outside.

Tomorrow I'll be spending time with Grand daughter. Not sure what we will be doing.

Have a Great Weekend...


deb :)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Trader's Flea Market & Antiques Minnesota

Look what is blooming outside my pretty.

Saturday we went to the Trader's Market-Flea market. I was disappointed..not as many seller's and buyer's!

I only took a couple of photos. I never know if it's okay..

These are my few finds...

and this sweet paper doll.

The next photo's are my booth at Antiques Minnesota in Burnsville. I need to add more treasures..SOON!!

another angle..

and this AWESOME pottery piece that hubby has for sale. It's very unique and it's a water cooler! Our booth number is 2F40... Maybe you'll find something. If not from us, than from some other dealer as it's a large shop!

Hubby needs the computer..

Happy 4th! We are just staying home and relaxing!


deb :)

p.s. Thank you Paula, for my New and Awesome Banner!!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

4th of July ATC and Finds

I joined Twyla and Lindsey's 4th Of July ATC show. Here is mine. I found some vintage toys and put them on the card. Go here to see more ATC.. Thanks, Girls!!

Just a few finds from yesterday. Some from the antique store and garage sales.

Michael's had some great dollar I "HAD" to purchase them...

HAPPY 4th OF JULY!!! How Blessed we are to live in America!!!


deb :)