Sunday, August 28, 2011

Trinket Boxes and the Fair

I have another unexpected collection....look what happens when you clean the house :) The bird one above I purchased last year when I helped at the estate sale.

The one on the far left is from hubby a long time ago. The middle one is from my son with a note in it for one of my birthdays :) and the puppy one from a girlfriend...

This one is was purchased when we bought that huge coke collection and other treasures from an elder couple who were moving out of state. We also bought the Indian china cabinet. It was her Grandma if I remember correctly. It's pretty old. we go to the State Fair on Thursday and a MUST eat/have is the Cream Puffs! I always get the chocolate cream one...mind you, this is the first day of the Fair, and the chocolate maker isn't working...REALLY!!! SO, I settled for the white cream puff. It was GOOD

down to the last lick on the wrapper..............YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the Minnesota Gopher that is carved out of a tree...we were at the fair from 10-4 and left with tired feet. I also ate a new item, "crab fritters"...not very good. :( The Ice lemonade was very GOOD. I also brought home the best salt water taffy that they make at the fair. Didn't eat that much this year!It was a nice day with hubby.

Today worked out in the yard as the bridal bushes needed to be trimmed. Also started working on Halloween/Fall crafts. Is anyone having a Fall Swap???


deb :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Altered Hanky Box & Finds

Yesterday was "craft" day with Jeanne. Here is my altered hankie box. Sorry that I don't have photos of J's as hers are lovely. I made another one and it didn't turn out as "nice" as this one.

Just some recent finds...a complete BINGO game...

Sweet blue and white Pyrex bowls....

Little Reindeer planter :)
Had a nice day at the State Fair and will share about that later.

Tomorrow working at a occasional shop. Not sure about the rest of the weekend. Son's birthday is next Tuesday. He will be 32! WOW...I am getting "old"!

Happy Weekend and Treasure Hunting!


deb :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pin Keeps and WIn

While trying to clean up the family room and getting myself "organize" I realized I have a collection of Pin Keeps! Above has some from friends, swaps, I made the blue tin one and estate sales.

The bunny one is from a friend :) ~ the jar is from a swap and the little chair a giveaway win...

the tomato on the left is from my Home EC days in junior high school, so that one is an antique!!! So, there is my collection that I didn't realize I had! After digging around I found a couple more that didn't make the photos!! LOL!!!

Linda from Al A Carte had a giveaway and I won. She went to the Longest Garage Sales and picked out these gifts just for me!!!

A pretty linen, hankies, buttons on cards, doily and playing cards that I can use to make greeting cards with. THANK YOU, LINDA!!! Very sweet of you! I Love my new treasures!

The plans for the week are: Monday, Mall Of America with Grand: Tuesday, craft with Jeanne:

Friday, help out at an occasional sale and we may go to the Mn State Fair that starts on Thursday!

I can tell that summer is winding down and I hope we have a LONG Indian Summer!!

FALL is my Very Favorite Season and I feel a giveaway coming!


deb :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

August Room at How Quaint

Here is my room at HQ for this month and you can see the chandelier on the left. I think it turned out pretty nice...very "shabby" looking :)

awwww .... the Life Of Sweet Pea :)

Back to my room..have a little "school" theme on this side :)


Hoping for the best month ever!!!

It's a wonderful day today. Just a Perfect Summer Day!!! Thankful!!! Off to be outside and enjoy this day!


deb :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Altered Book and Weekend Finds

Carol from the Polka Dot Closet had a recent post about the altered books she made and is selling at the antique store where she has a booth.

So...I had to give it a try and it's fun and easy! Take an old book, rip off the spine and start the altering!! I made these 2 with stuff that I have. Carol has many awesome ideas and a great blog!Thank You, Carol for sharing your idea.


Today was a digger/packed sale and it was pretty good. Love the vintage cards...

Christmas treasures...


and bought this chandelier on Thursday at a garage sale..CHEAP!!! Already spray painted it and it's off to HQ for the sale next week!!
Have a blessed Sunday. I'll be getting my room ready for the sale at HQ the early part of the next week...Take care.


deb :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"WILD THING" ~ What a Ride!

Yes!!! I "DID IT"... I rode the Wild Thing at Valley Fair in Shakopee,MN yesterday! Here I am walking to the ride.

I'm on the top of the friend took this picture :)

The rest of the photos are from google! These pictures give you a Much better view!

I "laughed" the entire ride...I laughed so much, tears were coming down my was priceless!

Going UP...

Coming DOWN!!!!!!!!! This "drop" is 196 feet...Yikes...I kept my eyes open and it was a great view before the DROP DOWN!

Here I am..after the ride. The "photo" booth wasn't no great picture of me "screaming/laughing"... I would go again!

Facts about the ride: Wild Thing was built in 1996. Height is 207 feet. Top speed is 74 MPH

The ride is 3 minutes. Seemed quicker!!

Another "thing" I can cross of my "DO" list !!!


deb :)

p.s. I hope this inspires you to "DO" something that you wouldn't normally try/DO!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

SAVED from the thrift store/dumpster!!!

A couple of weeks ago a "friend" called and said that her MIL's estate sale was over and they needed to clean out the house..would I like any of the "leftover's" before they go to the thrift store or dumpster.. YES, I would!!! Here is a Wedding Scrapbook made many years ago..

It tells a story about LOVE...

and looks like it was a Wedding cool!

These just HAD to come home with me...

and all of THESE... LOVE the oval blue enamel pot and spoons..the electric clock works..

all THESE old books HAD to come home with me...

...and THESE too!!! Pretty cool stuff that was Saved from the dumpster and or thrift store! I love phone calls like that! Bummer...I did MISS the estate sale...don't know how that happened!!

I also picked up 2 small maple dressers for Granddaughter and 1 vintage one that needs to be painted.

Sweet Pea is a STINKER!!! She has escaped/dug under the fence 3 times yesterday into the neighbor's yard to get a "critter"... and on Monday she escaped out the front door and RAN almost 2 blocks away..crossed a busy street and Kailee and I were chasing her in our bar feet. Thankfully a nice guy pulled over to help us, and a few desperate prayers were prayed while running like I was on fire...Sweet Pea of course thinks it's a game! do I stop that thinking!

Today I can have the windows open..YES!!! I know most of you are having the heat & humidity like thankful for a "normal" summer day!

Stay Cool!

Deb :)