Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Finds & Fall Colors

Pretty leaf from my maple tree.

Just HAD to go to the estate sale a few blocks from the house and these are the old hotel keys, sewing box, S&P, buffalo china dish, puppy and linen.

I just took this photo today..we still have fresh raspberries...YUM!! and Pretty!

Square angel food pan..haven't seen one before. Cool!

Pretty trees around town.

Loving these Christmas goodies...

More pretty fall colors...

Guess we will go to a sale or 2 tomorrow and also make room in the garage for my Jeep. Winter is coming.

Tomorrow is also OCTOBER! Yikes...

Happy Weekend!


deb :)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Recent Fall Swaps

I had a little Fall Swap and Lorena was my partner. You were to send 1 handmade item and then 5 other fall related treasures. Lorena is a wonderful artist as she made/painted the rose pumpkin in beautiful fall colors!

She also altered the photo box on the right and then added the other treasures. THANK YOU, LORENA!!! Her blog is Rose Chic Friends.

Of course she knows that I have a sweet tooth! This is the votive/tea light she made. I'm loving my new Fall Decorations.

I also did a Fall Tag swap that Sue had. My partner for that one was Chris at Perfectly Printed.

She included home made Salt Caramels that I did share with hubby. They were VERY GOOD! Cool bat made with folded paper.

Look at the FOUR tags she made for me. ( I only sent her 1) . 2 Halloween, 1 Fall and 1 Thanksgiving. She did a great job on adding so many cool embellishments!

This is the other side of the tags! WOW! Lots of charm. THANK YOU, Chris for sending me so many of your Great Tags!
I LOVE Swaps!!! Thank you blogging buddies!

Today I cleaned out my room at How Quaint. It's already for the next person.

Picked up Mack's ashes on Wednesday, that was sad :(

NOW, getting things priced for the new shop. I'll be there on Nov 1st! Coming up quickly.

You should see the fall leaves here! I'll show you some later this weekend! Just Awesome!!!

Have a great weekend.


deb :)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Fun Finds and Swap Stuff

Hubby and I went to an estate sale about 60 miles from home...and there was a Hobby Lobby in the I was able to do a quick "shop" and bought this H pumpkin for my Home!!! It was 1/2 off too!

Recent finds..thinking a Santa wreath is in order with all these heads!!

Short story about the stamp holder. Hubby HAD one at his office and "threw" it away..(He is clueless, sometimes" and I've wanted one for over a year. Didn't want to pay the prices I've seen around. We stopped at a small flea market and I found this one for...WAIT... FIFTY CENTS..., yep, .50 cents I guess waiting paid off!

Fun reflectors to put on the wreath with Santa(?) and other little things for some Christmas projects.

I did a one on one swap with Pearl...she has a blog, however, because of health issues she hasn't posted in awhile. These are the Fall goodies she sent me. Our swap was 1 altered matchbox and 1 altered BINGO card. Aren't the fabric pumpkins sweet :) Pretty leaf dish. I sent her one that
is smaller with fall colors.

Her large matchbox is a house. She also sent a small one with the kitty on it and then the Bingo card and ME card and a couple other fun papers. Thank You, Pearl!!! It's always GREAT to swap with you and I LOVE my TREASURES and you!

I LOVE Maple cookies. They seem to be around this time of year! I "try" to have 2 a day, LOL!! okay maybe it's 4...

I'll be at HQ most of this week, cleaning, patch painting and packing up my stuff... a little bittersweet..

Have a great week.


deb :)

Friday, September 23, 2011

JB Finds and Room at How Quaint

The above photos are from my room at How Quaint and it's my last month at this time. It looks a little empty now that I see the photos. I worked my shift today. Sunday after the sale I'll be packing up what is left...I'll miss the "girls"!

The next photo's are my finds from the Junk Bonanza. Love the vintage flowers to use for projects.

Door plate is from Linda's booth. The saying on the felt is what my Grandma would say and I just had to have that.

Sweet button cards and Christmas pins that I may use for "projects"!!!

Sorry that I haven't been visiting as I would like to. Between Mack, working at HQ and another shop and then next week having to clear out my space at HQ...It's a tad "busy" around here.

Happy First Day of FALL!!! My very favorite season!

Happy Weekend too!



Tuesday, September 20, 2011

JUNK Bonanza Pictures

Linda and I at her booth. I did purchase a little something here and I'll show you on the next post.

Unique and strange, yet interesting and strange and yet cute...

BFF looking at some goodies...

It was a good day looking and shopping with my BFF at the JB. We were there from 10-ish to closing at 5PM. Long and nice girlfriend day.
Hubby fixed the computer and he is my HERO! It had the "blue screen of death", whatever that means, is now fixed.

I'm almost done getting my room ready at How Quaint. It's my last month there. I'll take photos tomorrow and post about my room and the finds at JB.

Thank you all again for the Kind comments about Mack.


deb :)

Sunday, September 18, 2011


I appreciate each and every kind and sweet comment about Mack!
Each of you are so supporting. This blogging community is amazing to me. God Bless Each of You!!

No comments, please.
I can't post any photos as we are having computer issues. I'll be back soon, I hope with photos of the JB and recent finds.

Friday, September 16, 2011

~ MACK ~ Good-bye Buddy

Mack's last day was Wednesday. Born Jan 14, 1998 to Sept 14, 2011. He loved my lipstick kisses!

He was given a cheese burger for a special treat. If I had any chocolate in the house, he would have had that too...and went on a nice walk with hubby.

It's very sad around here. Mack has been losing weight and just the past few days, other "things" have been happening and it was time to let our Mackie Boy go.

My hubby is having a hard time...

Mack was the first born from the litter of puppies we had 13 1/2 years ago. It was amazing watching those puppies come into the world. I've kept in contact with a few of the other owners from the litter. I know that Bentley, Rylee and now Mack are no longer here. Mack's dad, Harley is also gone. We had Harley until 8 years ago. He suffered from seizures.

We were with Mack until the end. We MISS HIM! Even with Jackson Brown and Sweet Pea here, the house seems quiet.



Friday, September 9, 2011

Fall Decor, 1st Day of School

I decided to put up a little Fall Decor. I'm liking the neutral tone on the mantle.

I also like the traditional oranges, browns, black, rust and wine colors.

This little guy was INSIDE my mail box! Aww..after I took him out he leaped away before I could get another pic of him.

First day of 3rd Grade. Aww...she is my "honey bunny".

The garage sale went well yesterday. Sold 4 radios and some "stuff". I'll do it again Saturday AM as there is an estate sale down a few blocks from us!

Wedding Saturday afternoon. My nephew. He is the first one on my side of the nephew/niece's that is getting married.

Sunday is Daughter's 30th Birthday!!!

Busy and Fun weekend. I hope yours is too!



Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fall Craft Table & Garage Sale Prepwork

Bought this planter at the local grocery store. Nice and easy outside fall decor.

I know I'm not alone having a work table that is LOADED :) I'm doing some Fall things as I'm having my own swap, doing a tag swap and an altered tin swap. FUN!!!

These are the before pic of the garage. I'm having ANOTHER garage sale on Thursday. What is wrong with me??! I am a hoarder!! There, I said it! I'm hoping that it all sells :) otherwise most of it will be donated as winter is coming and I'll be needing the garage for the Jeep!

If any of you MN gals want to come to my garage sale, email me and I'll give you my address.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes for my handsome Son!

Tomorrow I'll be in the garage, getting it ready. I'm digging thru the house for things! I hope you all enjoy tomorrow and don't "Labor" too much.


deb :)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

~ Fall Swap ~ Anyone ???

I've decided to have a FALL SWAP
Limit to 11 bloggers. Simple Rules:
1 handmade Fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving item (ask your partner)
5 other related Fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving items as per your partner's request.
Items mailed by Sept. 25th.
If you join this must follow thru!!! No Flakers allowed!!!
I prefer that you have an Active Blog and US gals only (sorry)
Please wrap you gifts up accordingly. Pretty, shabby, theme know!!!
Some suggestions: yummy votive candle, ceramic pumpkins, craft items related to the theme, candy treats, lines, stationary/tags that you made(?), ask your partner what she may like!
This Swap is open until 11 gals sign up or until Tuesday so I can get your partner's name to you.
You must email me at to be included. Please include your Name, Address, blog address.
Thank you!
Let's have some FUN!!!
deb :)